Powers and Perils



A Zenda barbarian woman. Deceased.

Djamas ach Nu'ar

Djamas is an average length Ba'ruan native, but stands out because his face has been misshapen at birth, leaving him with a deformed face. Son of a Ba'ru tradesman, Djamas started to trade scimitars from Ba'rual to the Rogizini Empire early. He quickly realised that a rather large part of his profits ended up in the tax collector's pockets and he started to evade taxes. This way, he managed to accumulate a handsome fortune, but was ambushed by a pack of rogues on the way back to Ba'ru on his last trip and lost most of his ready cash. Instead of getting a loan to buy scimitars in Ba'ru, he decides to go treasure hunting.

Djamas is accompagnied by a Firesnake and a bodyguard named Harry.

Djamas died in a fight with the Bumai. His bodyguard Harry was sacrified by the Bumai, the firesnake went to live with Zigz'ag.

Fox Felicitas

Qadistu Ma'Dama Fox Felicitas, Lady of Ertone or just Fox is a priestess of Metatron, the main Law deity in Ba'ru and surrounding countries. She is working hard to better her rank within the church and feels that battling the powers of evil that threaten the country is a good way to do that. Given the fact that she is a herbalist-healer as well as capable of wielding the magic derived from Metatron, she is a welcome addition inthe group. The other players just have to put up with the constant prayers and make gracious donations to Metatron and her representatives in the Lands, the church. Fox is accompagnied by a giant wolf and it seems she can talk with the animal. She also has a special connection with her god, as she can bring the dead back to life as if they had never died. (Yes, an EL9 innate Ressurection is a powerfull spell.)

For her help in fighting the vampires that threaten Ba'rual she has been granted the stronghold Ertone and it's surrounding lands. She plans to build a monastry there.

Gahni Guhni

A Ba'ruan native, who always introduces himself as a 'harmless seller of spears'. Deceased.


Harry is the name given to an increasingly large number of followers, hirelings and other persons who are to some minor degree thought of as cannon fodder. They just have to stand in front when we meet an Elder Dragon or something. It is a habit derived from an old campaign, where we had a NPC named Harry. While sailing some inland sea, the following situation developed:

Robert: Do you think there are sharks here?
Antraya: Harry, do jump overboard, would you?
Harry grabs his axe.
Antraya: Harry, don't be such a bore.

Harry didn't jump ship in the end, and we never found out about the sharks, but since then we seem to have an awful lot of NPC's named Harry.

Maslo Gilles

Son of one of the dukes of Ba'rual and one of the key players in the campaign. Ever the political animal, Maslo has married a Zenda princess for purely political reasons. She turned out to be a lot less ugly than everyone had expected.

Owen Twistfield

A magician. Deceased.


We don't know much about Thalan, except that he is one of the long-time group members and effectively our only fighter. He has recently been promoted to Baron, after having destroyed his predecessor who turned out to be a vampire.


Zigz was a Law magic user by training. He wasn't very good at the beginning of the campaign. When we were exploring some underground complex he fell from a rope bridge and disappeared in the dark sulfur and smoke ridden bowels of the earth. Everyone presumed he had fallen to his death. Left in the dark without a magic user the rest of the adventurers fled and returned to base camp. Two days later a broken man crawled to the camp. It was Zigz and he was a better magician than ever. We welcomed him back and went on adventuring. From that moment on things got bad, really bad.

(Unknown to the players Zigz'ag had been offered a second chance at life in the Middle World and unsurpassed magical powers by the Chaos god Baal, in trade for his eternal soul. Now we had a fanatical Chaos Wizard to deal with in a very law-oriented country.)

Zigz is finally dead now. We hope.


A thief. Zlotti is accompagnied by his very strong brother Harry. The other group members always have to pay his fines, because he seems unable to leave other's possesions alone, especially when the law is near.

Wout Broere