Powers and Perils

Mythology of the Lands

A Legend

In the time before form there existed a fertile spirit, a kind and loving force, a wife to the Wanderer, a giver of life. Her name was Danaan.

And as the infant time slowly crawled through the morass of formlessness, this spirit gave life to new spirits and she named them Dagda, Mathgen and Nuada.

The sons of Danaan were a strange breed. The clutches of formlessness stifled them. Danaan felt dreams of great beauty in their minds, dreams of a new thing foreign to all that was. She found these thoughts a treasure and sought the aid of the Wanderer to give them life.

And the Wanderer was a lord of peace. He looked into the minds of his sons. He saw the beauty and knew the danger. As he pondered their visions, another spirit sensed something of interest was about to grow and he slithered to the Wanderer's side.

The Wanderer regarded the foul presence at his side and, sadly, realized its touch, its knowledge, would be needed if his loving wife was to be satisfied. At that price he abandoned all thought of progressing further and departed, ready to wander anew. And before he flew, a new life came to Danaan and she was called Hecate.

Now the Eldest Serpent was enticed by the breadth of the things he felt in the Wanderer's mind. As Fate ordained, once enticed, his mind was not one to set loose the object of his desire. Subtly he wormed his way into the councils of Danaan's sons and became as one with them.

In the fullness of time the Cunning Serpent heightened the yearning of the children. Even Hecate, the pale young flower of Danaan's heart felt a stirring for the things her brothers dreamed.

The doting mother watched as her children waned with longing. In the absence of the Wanderer the Serpent came to her and told of a way to give life to her children's dreams. He spoke of a cold and violent spirit, a force who held the key to all they desired and left Danaan to consider his words.

And Danaan, above all things, was a mother. Even greater than her love for the Wanderer was her devotion to the spirits she gave life. For ages the Serpent's words burned in her heart, a brooding poison from which there was no escape. Gathering all her strength, she set out to face the foul spirit, the giant and demon Ymir.

The Serpent Kototh felt Danaan's decision. He smiled. Once she was well on her journey he took himself to the children and told them their mother was slave and captive of the evil Ymir. While Hecate set out to find the Wanderer the Sons of Danaan rode forth to battle on the heads of Kototh.

And Danaan found the frigid being whose name was Ymir. He was a vast creature, ancient and cold, a terrible force who felt her warmth and clasped it to him as a man deserts the snow for a warm woman's arms.

For an age Danaan was held in Ymir's cold embrace. She struggled but found all hope of escape beyond her. In time her four rescuers sallied forth to her aid, arriving at her side as her spirit twisted in the throes of childbirth.

Now Kototh was a wise spirit. Nothing had yet happened that was a surprise to the hoary serpent. As he saw Danaan's pain he knew the time was right to bring the dreams to life. Flinging the sons of Danaan toward Ymir he urged them to battle while he set himself as a beacon to hurry the Wanderer to their side.

And the sons used all of their might to lay the foul Ymir's hold on their mother and as their battle achieved frenzy its might gave birth to a new thing and it was called Light and Kototh beheld it with wonder and greed.

Ymir clasped Danaan to him with a hoary arm while the other battled the Whelps of the Wanderer. As their strength began to fade their loving mother surrendered the last of her power to them to insure their survival. Furious at the departure of his warmth Ymir threw Danaan aside and strode forth to reclaim what she had given.

Now the three headed Lord of Doom felt the coming of the Wanderer and knew it was time to strike. Throwing all his ancient might at Ymir he drove him back until he stood over what remained of the spirit Danaan.

And the Wanderer came forth to the scene of battle with the fair daughter Hecate at his side and he saw his sons weakened and Danaan among the fallen. Rage exploded from his heart, newborn and steaming. Power, blinding and potent, filled his soul as he strode forth to slay the foul Ymir.

And Kototh saw the fruition of the dream and smiled and he slid away from the approaching Wanderer and gathered the children to his side. As the Master of Magics cast his might the Serpent prepared the children to act.

And so the battle progressed. Ymir fell to his knees before the might of the Wanderer's frenzy. As he knelt, nearly one with the pale spirit Danaan, the Cunning Serpent led the children forth and their strength was added to the Wanderer's arm and Ymir and Danaan were cast forth into a spinning vortex of dark and light and from that vortex form was born.

And as form was given life it reached out to the formlessness and became one with it. Seeing the good that had been wrought, the Wanderer smiled. A moment later he felt a strangeness and knew Danaan was lost to him forever.

With tear filled eyes the Wanderer gathered the infant spirits of Danaan's demise to his breast and he called forth to his sons. To Nuada he passed the sweetest jewel and he named her Brigit and to Dagda he gave the most radiant jewel and she was named Rhiannon and to Mathgen, the youngest of the brothers, was given the last child whose name was to be Luchta.

And he ordered the brothers to cling to the children of Ymir and keep them from his sight and taking his four children to his side he set forth and began the work of creation in earnest.

And Kototh saw the gleaming world before him and his heart burned with lust for it and he slithered forward joining the All-Father and the Children of Danaan in the True World.

Excerpt from the Scroll of Time, circa 1003 Rogh'sa

Another Excerpt

And the gods looked upon the infant form and knew it was good and the Wanderer sat himself on the heights and did assign to each his place in the realm of form. Even unto the Serpent did he extend a place in this new realm.

As the ages passed form grew and the work of the gods gave birth to many wonders and Kototh looked upon the creations of the others and he knew jealousy. He looked upon the beauty of Rhiannon and he knew lust. In cunning he gave birth to the first race of things and called them Dragons. In lust he gave birth to Kotan and, in all faith, offered her to Dagda in place of Rhiannon.

Now Dagda was a noble god. His elder did place the sweet Rhiannon in his care and, moreover, he had found the awakening of love at the sight of her and so he declined the Serpent's offer.

And Kototh pressed his suit for he knew the child of Rhiannon would be a being of surpassing greatness and he yearned to have the child as he lusted to know the touch of the perfect goddess who would bear him.

And Dagda declined

Now Kototh knew anger. For an age he plotted his vengeance and gave birth to his court. With the completion of the vile Balor he again pressed his suit for Rhiannon with the might of his children and the power of the Firbolg at his side.

And Dagda declined and war was born

And now the Wanderer came forth and with Nuada unarmed and Balor caged did order the new child war to stop. As Brigit's new daughter Morrigan screamed her rage peace came to the land and the combatants returned to the halls of friendship.

In the fullness of time Rhiannon gave birth to Lugh, ending much of Kototh's desire for her. And the Serpent slid forth with birthing gifts for the new one and he did offer to stand as fosterer of the child.

And Dagda declined.

Scroll of Time: ibid

Legend Again

And the Nameless One saw the blight the gods gave birth to and he was not pleased and over the ages he welded the newly formed sons of his ilk together and he plotted the eradication of the cancer.

And valiantly the true sons of Entropy enticed the Eldest Serpent into partnership in their cause and together they gave birth to Armageddon and the power of the Nameless One roiled forth to shatter all that should not be.

Now among the Nameless Hosts were the leaders of a young thing named Chaos, beings who accepted form in order to destroy it. And they sat together, seven together, plotting the final blow as the might of Tehuti strode onto the battlefield.

For an age the valiant kings warred on the foul thing form. At last, the hoary Tehuti put an end to all war and did call a Convocation of Gods and the seven who were the Maskim considered their choice as their masters of the Elder Law rebelled against the interfering one.

And the Elder Law was savagely cast forth into the darkest Limbo and held there by Tehuti's might. Seeing his lords caged the lord Choronzon rose to fight anew and at his side the master of the Maskim Abaddon ordered a halt. When next the time came it would find Chaos prepared to slay the unwanted.

Elder Tome of the Black Sea - A'Korchu

Yet Another Legend

With the birth of form shape came to the power who was the Sleeper in the Egg and he too was born and the totality of his might brought light to the skies and he looked around at the rolling world and was disturbed.

And with a mighty yawn the Sleeper set a throne upon the egg and placed both on the fulcrum of eternity and, smiling, he slept and the powers gently rocked his throne.

In the fullness of time Armageddon came to the planes and the throne rocked with each mighty battle until finally the Sleeper could bear it no longer. And gathering his might about him he did stride forth to see what caused the waves of violence that so disturbed his rest.

And so Tehuti came to see the battles and he arrives as the hosts of Elder Law and Chaos stood ready to shatter the Elder and he saw the evil this would cause and knew anger.

And with a snarling roar that shook the heavens he bellowed let there be Order and so the fire of Law was set alight in the heart of Nergal's vile jewel.

And the fire burned forth and the jewel became pure, a beacon of order and life, a sun. And Kototh saw the blinding brilliance of his jewel and he tightened his hold on his prize.

Now, trapped within the burning sphere sat Metatron and all the power of the new Law and Labbiel bowed smiling to his Lord and set out to gain release for his liege.

And with tricks and jests Labbiel did tempt the Serpent into allowing his exit and with scoffing humor did he enrage the Eldest One into loosening his hold and as Labbiel warred with the furious serpent the force of Law burst forth and, as one, cast him from the heavens for all time.

Verses III - VII, the Book of Labbiel, 1713 Bhamotin

A Story

And so the Lords of Evil saw the broken, sundered realm as the Convocation was born.

And they reveled in the battered weakness of the Sidh and saw their way to battle on despite the will of Balance.

And the Queen Mailora did state a plan to their great ones and from their power and her loins did spring Man.

And the patrons of dark and nothing did enthrall their get forging a sword for the destruction of what remained of life.

And from on high the puissant Jariel saw greatness in the newborn and sought the Balance lord Gasnar Dem with Metatron's permission. From the pit that was her throne Mailora laughed.

And Gasnar Dem heard the word of Law and knelt before the foot of his master. An eon later he saw the price for what must be. With the Puissant Prince at his side, the Lifegiver sought the Queen of Pain. As all three found death, Metatron and Tehuti struck the dark children.

And with the divine merger souls were born and free will came to Man.

An abridged excerpt from the Tome of Ashur

Legend has it that the human race was created by Chaos. After more than a thousand years as its thrall and tool, the joint action of Law and Balance freed mankind from the yoke of Chaos. They gave man the ability to choose his place in the eternal wars. He was no longer a thing used at the whim of darkness and death.

Metaphysically, the human soul was forged from the essence of Jariel, Gasnar Dem and Mailora. In this way, man achieved the place Balance required. He had it within him to freely choose his place in the eternal struggle. He went from being the child and pawn of Chaos to the weight of the Balance.

NOTE - The preceding should give you some foundation of the divine history of the mythos. What follows are descriptions of the divinities and some miscellaneous details of interest.

The Gods

Danaan Contact Level - Try It!!
Mother Goddess of the Tuath, Consort of the Wanderer, the heart of existence and giver of form, Queen of Devotion and Night, the Unwilling Mistress, Heart of the Sidh.
Danaan was consumed in the creation of the True World. Her being and the essence of Ymir are believed to have been consumed in giving birth to light and form. How can the truth of this belief be known?
Ymir Contact Level - Ha, Ha, Ha
Demon of Eldritch Might, Spark of Form, Source of Light, the essence of cold, pawn of the serpent, Luster after Warmth.
See Danaan.

The Children of Danaan (The Tuatha)

Nuada Contact Level - 5
King of the Tuatha, the spirit of leadership, God of Influence and Charisma, the Royal Warrior, Lord of the Silver Hand, King who was and will be, Consort of Brigit.
Nuada manifests as a silver clad Elf warrior on a Sri E'poni. His left hand is silver. His right carries an axe.
Dagda Contact Level - 7
The Sweet Singer, Patron of Bards, Spokesman of Elysium, God of the Sword, he in whom birds find peace, Master of the Musical powers, Harpmaster, Consort of Rhiannon.
Manifests as a gigantic elf prince carrying a harp and wearing a glowing sword in a silver sheath. Often preceded by the arrival of songbirds.
Mathgen Contact Level - 6
Lord of Wizardry, Master of Elder Magics, Forrestal of the True World, Patron of those who seek knowledge, Consort of Luchta, Paramour of Brigit, Keeper of Power.
Manifests as a white-haired elf in grey robes. In one hand is a staff in the other a book.
See Neutrality
Brigit Contact Level - 5
The gentle flower, Goddess of Healing and Beauty, Patron of Fertility, Consort of Nuada, Mistress of Mathgen, Queen of the Elder Light.
Manifests as a pretty elf in a fine dress with flowers adorning her hair.
Rhiannon Contact Level - 5
Goddess of Flight, Patron of Birds, the essence of beauty, Goddess of the Elder Tongues, Consort of Dagda, the Radiant Queen.
A full manifestation of Rhiannon's beauty can be fatal to a mortal heart. She most commonly appears as a songbird when summoned.
Luchta Contact Level - 4
Patron of Craftsmen, the Divine Carpenter, Shaper of the Wood, keeper of the forest, Consort of Mathgen.
Appears as a tradeswoman in a carpenter's apron. Noted for her matter of fact nature and lack of pretense.

The Children of Brigit

Morrigan Contact Level - 7
The Dark-haired Rider, Goddess of War, Queen of Prophecy, Mistress of the Heroic Dead, Mistress of Finvarra, Daughter of Mathgen, Adopted daughter of Nuada, Queen of Magic and Sorcery, Patron of Heroic Warriors, the battle raven, Bane of Kototh.
Morrigan has three manifestations, depending on her purpose. She appears as a beautiful noblewoman, a washerwoman or a hideous gigantic hag dripping blood from her mouth and sword. She can also appear as a large, black raven.
Manannan Contact Level - 5
God of the Elder Seas, Patron of Sailors, bane of Tiamat, Lord of the Burning Spear, the lustful sailor.
Appears riding the back of a pair of dolphins carrying a trident that burns with eldritch flame. If summoned to the land he is ALWAYS hostile.
Yngvi Contact Level - 3
Maker of the Storm, Father of Lightning, Render of Silence, ruler of the rains, Patron of the Wind, the seeker of beauty.
Manifests as a young, muscular warrior with a blustery and boisterous nature. This god is far easier for beautiful females to handle.
Titania Contact Level - 5
Guardian of the Fay Path, Queen of the Faerry Sidh, the soul of twilight, Consort of Oberon, mistress of the glades, queen of the mists, True Daughter of Nuada.
Manifests as a gorgeous faerry woman six feet in height. Is dressed in a flowing gown and wears a diadem set with three radiant, flawless diamonds.

The Children of Rhiannon

Lugh Contact Level - 8
Son of Dagda, Creator and God of the Sidh, Master of All Arts, the shining one, the blessed heir, the power of the sidh, the doting father and generous son.
Lugh commonly manifests as an elf child 12 to 16 years of age surrounded by an aura of power. Like his mother Rhiannon, the beauty of his full manifestation would slay most mortals.

The Children of Luchta

See Neutrality
Numa Contact Level - ??
The doomed Queen, Consort of Lugh, the Radiant Lady, Queen of Beauty, the Imprisoned Mistress, the Eternal Victim, daughter of Mathgen.
Numa was the first member of the Sidh to fade. All efforts to summon her have failed. (She is Queen of the Sidh Heaven which, as everyone knows, does not exist.)
Figol Contact Level - 5
Master of the Wild Wood, the eternal Forester, Patron of Druids, Master of Divination, Lord of Justice, the Runemaker, Enemy of traitors, twin brother of Cernunnos the Lifegiver.
Manifests as an ancient druid carrying a staff and a scarred branch with wilted leaves.
Gwydion Contact Level - 6
Lord of Transmutation, shaper of existence, Lord of Cleverness and Guile, the clever prey, Prince of Elder Magics.
Even if summoned properly the god must be overcome before he will manifest. He changes shapes at will and flees. If he is caught he manifests as a laughing boy whose eyes radiate power.

The Grandchildren of Luchta

Criedne Contact Level - 3
Son of Gwydion, Patron of the senses, Lord of the Brazier, god of cooking, patron of epicurean delights.
Manifests as a corpulent elf in a smeared apron.
Diancecht Contact Level - 4
Son of Gwydion, God of Healing, Master of the Soothing Arts, Patron of Herbalists
Manifests as an elven healer with a herd sack and a sickle
Epona Contact Level - 4
Daughter of Figol, Handmaiden of Brigit, the Gentle Servant, Goddess of Fruit and Fertility, Beloved of Lugh, Guardian of Horses, Queen of the Sri E'poni
Appears as a gorgeous, nude woman on a Sri E'poni or as a Fay horse mare. On rare occasions appears as a servant woman carrying a basket of flowers.
Aster Contact Level - 4
Daughter of Figol, Consort of Daenn, Queen of the Sidh, Daughter of the Wood, the star of the Sidh, Lady of Mystery, the silent Queen.
Manifests as a stately elf matron in robes of mourning. Unless you are capable of telepathy summoning her is pointless. She cannot be compelled to speak.
Ogma Contact Level - 3
Son of Criedne, Grandson of Mathgen, Master of Satires, God of Eloquence, the biting tongue, Troubadour of Dagda.
Manifests as a bard. Is a very short tempered artist.

The Children of Numa

Daenn Contact Level - 6
The Hidden One, High King of the Sidh, Master of Concealment, Lord of the Secret Paths, Son of Lugh, Consort of Aster, the clever huntsman.
Daenn manifests in hunter's green with bow and sword. He is NEVER happy to be summoned.
Oberon Contact Level - 6
Son of Lugh, King of the Faerry Sidh, Consort of Titania, Master of the Sidh Arts, Ruler of the Knowe, Lord of the Mists, the eternal poet, calmer of the wild heart, Master of Rhetoric, bane of recalcitrant virgins.
Appears as a Faerry male about five feet tall wearing fine garments. When he chooses he appears as Puck, a mischievous prankster who adopts many guises.
See Neutrality.
Payan was delivered of Numa as a result of Paitco Sith, her grandson, holding her captive and raping a child into her. The following prophecy, issued by Mimir's daughters the Norns, and confirmed by Morrigan and Mathgen, is relevant.
All Hail Numa's third son
All Hail the Heightener and the Power
The true son
He who is the fate of his sire
All hail Payan
Tremble at his name

The Children of Aster

Finvarra Contact Level - 5
King of the Elf Sidh, the silver warrior, Master of Sidh Magics, bane of Mallen Trow, Warrior in the Wood, Son of Daenn, Fosterling of Dagda, Consort of Morrigan, King of Swords.
Appears clad in silver elven chainmail carrying a wand and wearing an ornate sword at his hip. He is generally mounted when he appears.
Paitco Sith
See Kotothi

The Children of Morrigan

Ull Contact Level - 3
The Supreme Archer, Lord of Speed, God of Sight, the unerring, Patron of Huntsmen.
Appears as an elf clad in fine robes and carrying a powerful bow.
Morain Contact Level - 3
Walker in the Mists, Mistress of the Final Song, the melancholy Queen, Illusion's Mistress, sometimes Consort of Diancecht, daughter of Finvarra, Queen of Souls.
She manifests as a form in the mist. No living soul, except perhaps her blood, have seen her face in millennia.
Donel Contact Level - 4
Prince of the Elf Sidh, Lord of Magics, the dark rider, patron and protector of champions, the brooding king, Son of Finvarra, Lord of War.
He manifests as a mounted young elf in black armor.

NOTE - The Sidh Gods are listed by family lineage because such relationships are relevant in their internal politics. Without exception, all Sidh Gods who descend from Lugh detest Paitco Sith and are, to some extent, afraid of the prophecy pertaining to Payan.

NOTE - For Mathgen's get the primary hate is Kotothi in general and Kototh in particular. The descendants of Nuada detest the Firbolg and Giants in general because of Nuada's loss at their hands. The most adamant in the hatred of Kototh, of all the Sidh Gods, is Morrigan.

The Dark Elder (The Kotothi)

Kototh Contact Level - 11
The Eldest Serpent, three-headed Lord of Doom, lord and father of races, the Jealous Spirit, God of Cunning and Wit, the lurking serpent, he who hungers for the sun, patron of theft, greed and trickery, Lord and Father of Dragons, Serpents and Worms, bane of birds, he whose jest is Death, Master of the Arcane, the midwife of form, receptacle of Dark Knowledge, quester after light, the Eldest Elder, Lord of Wild Growth and Choking Moisture, Partner in Chaos, walker in the three worlds, Reveler in Perversity.
Kototh's manifestations vary. In the Lower World he has his true form, a ten mile long three headed serpent. In the Middle World he is Atoth, a tall, thin wizard with the eyes of a serpent and three serpent rings. In the Upper World he is Otar, a single headed winged dragon some eight hundred feet long.

The Children Kototh

Kotan Contact Level - 3
Queen of the Daeta'Koti, Mistress of Black Might, the ambusher, Enemy of Dagda, daughter and mistress of Kototh, Seducer of Kotarl, Consort of Nebeth, the lusting Queen, Queen of the Kotothi Hells.
Kotan manifests as a beautiful woman with pale green skin. When hostile, or compelled, her true form, a triple headed Daeta'Koti, is exhibited. Her lust for, and hatred of, males, especially elves, is noteworthy.
Zuriti Contact Level - 5
The Eldest Dragon, true son of Kototh, Lord of the Elder Dragons, the hoarder, God of Eternal Hunger, the flame of Evil.
Manifests as an elder dragon more than 400 feet long.
See Law
Nebeth Contact Level - 4
The Great Serpent, King of the Great Serpents, Lord of Fascination and Slime, patron of the Dae'ta Koti
Manifests as a great serpent nearly a mile in length.
Laboth Contact Level - 3
Lord of Worms, eater of the earth, the hunger without thought, he who waits, ambition's child, Son of Tiamat.
Manifests as an earth eater miles in length

Lords Of The Created

Mallen TrowContact Level - 5
Lord of the Stones, God of Rock Trolls, King of Trolls, enemy of the wood, Eternal Nemesis of the Sidh.
Manifests as a gigantic troll in chainmail and cape armed with a spiked shield and battle axe. On the center spike of his shield is an elf skull. His cape is woven from faerry wings.

NOTE - The skull is that of Pwyll, the first son of Finvarra and Morrigan (a fallen Sidh God). He is among the forgotten.

Mab'ac'kotaContact Level - 3
God of the Troldfolk, patron of fishers, Lord of Torture, Perversity and Humiliation, reveler in pain, Patron of the Dance, master of Vengeance, jester to the Lord of Doom.
Appears as a large trold male with a trident and net.
Gywn Ap NuddContact Level - 3
Patron of the Hunt, God of the Goblins, Master of Deceit, the prince of liars, Lord of Ambition and Lust, the rapist, bane of dwarves.
He commonly appears as a shining prince in fine clothes. Unless his true form is forced on him, a gigantic goblin in armor, nothing he says can be believed.
Gartun Contact Level - 3
Father of the Great Apes, acolyte of Nebeth, Lord of Paralysis, corrupter of beasts, Enemy of Man.
Appears as a gigantic ape with a knobbed club. He also wears a bandolier and belt of gold.
Fusinian Contact Level - 2
King of the Spiders, Lord of Theft, the dependable assassin, servant of Kototh, the Doom Spider.
Manifests as a small man in leather wearing a score of daggers on his person or as a tiny spider.

Princes of the Pale

Kotarl Contact Level - 6
The great deceiver, perverter of civilization, Master of Dark Knowledge, Lord and Enemy of Civilized Man, Patron and Reaver of Wizards, the Dark Sorcerer, slayer of Cernunnos.
Manifests as a wizard in black robes carrying an engraved staff that is twisted with bands of blackness.
Utgard GerorContact Level - 7
Lord of the Mountain, Master of the Frozen Wastes, High Smith of Kototh, Lord of Wit, maker of the subtle thought, Patron and Father of Giants, reaver of the arrogant, Brother of Kototh.
Manifests as a massive mountain giant carrying an immense hammer.
Shurikal Contact Level - 5
Fosterling of Kototh, Master of Arcane Knowledge, the conqueror, he who revels in destruction, Patron of Barbarians, enemy of knowledge, Master of the Corrupt.
Appears as a large black warrior in waste lion skin carrying an ornate club with iron studs.
Paitco SithContact Level - 6
Lord of the Beguiled, Master and King of the Daoine Sidhe, Patron of blood seekers, the abducting son, Lord of Dark Magics, Patron of Evil Beasts, reveler in betrayal, the Corrupt Avenger, Nemesis of the Light.
Manifests as a fifteen year old elf prince in silver armor. He is never armed and always carries a staff.
Otthinar Contact Level - 2
Creature of Perversity, Master of Permanent Ills, merchant of evil, the Golden Slayer, Son of Kotarl.
Otthinar resists manifesting. If he is compelled to do so he appears as a small statue of a three-headed dragon. He must be forced out of this form before a word is spoken to him if the summoner wishes to be safe from his power.
Angueline Contact Level - 3
Queen of the Baobhan Sith, Flayer of Hags, Mistress of Paitco Sith, Goddess of Seduction, mistress of the tainted earth, the defiler, whore of the three-headed lord.
Manifests as a stunning Baobhan Sith in a diaphanous green gown. Her silver crown is topped with a throbbing ruby, a drop of the blood of Kototh.

The Grey Elder

Gods of the Elements

Domiel Contact Level - 7
Prince of Majesty, Lord of Fear and Trembling, God of the Elements, father of the elemental spirits, Patron of True Existence, Master of Cold, Father of Fire and Frost, lord of the north.
Manifests as an armored king with burning eyes. Looking into his eyes strikes fear into most mortals. He will only deal with those who can withstand his gaze.


Gea Contact Level - 7
The ancient earth, Mistress of Prosperity, Consort of Goibniu, Patroness of Just Vengeance, the essence of fertility, Goddess of Wealth, Mistress of Life, Nemesis of Tiamat.
Manifests as a voluptuous mother with immense breasts, one of which is always uncovered to suckle the earth.
Goibniu Contact Level - 6
Lord of the Smiths, God of Brewing, Creator of the Dwarves, master of the mountain, High King of the Wild Earth, Shield Brother of Domiel, enemy of man, Keeper of Hidden Treasures, Master of the Secret Paths, Lord of the Gnomes, father of Dvalinn, Consort of Gea.
Manifests as a crotchety old dwarf warrior drinking a flagon of ale. Always ready for battle.
Dvalinn Contact Level - 5
Patron of Artisans, King of the Dwarves, God of Metalcraft, the ultimate craftsman, Lord of Stubbornness, the Runemaster, Son of Gea and Goibniu.
Manifests as a dwarf craftsman dirty from the forge.


Girra Contact Level - 5
The ever burning one, Master of Elemental Fire, feeder on impurity, the Wrathful One, Son of Domiel.
Manifests as a giant composed of lava and flame.
Keiran Contact Level - 3
King of the Fire Lords, warrior in flame, the honest guardsman, Keeper of the Hoard.
See Fire Lords. His height is 18 feet.


Ben NezContact Level - 4
King of the Air, Lord of the Wind, master of prefatory birds, Father of the Hawk, patron of the hunt, the falcon of Domiel.
Manifests as a giant hawk.
Uriela Contact Level - 4
Queen of the Sylphs, Mistress of the Storm, rider on the winds, Patron of Birds, the cooling beauty, the Curious Lady.
See Sylphs. Appearance is 280.


Zu Contact Level - 7
The Immortal Serpent, Brother and enemy of Tiamat, Kototh and Utgard Geror, God of Elemental Waters, quester after knowledge, patron of Domiel, adviser of Mimir, Lord of the Flood, Guardian of Pure Waters, thief of the immortal tome, Lord of Capricious Wit, the prankster.
See water serpents and imagine one three miles long.
Manakel Contact Level - 4
The playful hunter, Lord of Aquatic Animals, Patron of the Dolphin, guardian of man at sea, Lord of the Friendly Current, enemy of monsters, the bringer of joy, Servant and friend of Zu.
Appears as a large sea otter with sapphire eyes and a ready smile.
Oannes Contact Level - 4
Goddess of Mer, Queen of the Undines, the sea witch, consumer of the unwary, the treacherous consort, paramour of Manannan, Consort of Dagon.
Manifests as a stunning undine with a radiant crown.
Dagon Contact Level - 3
The jealous king, Warlord of Mer, Master of Battles, Enemy of Men, Consort of Oannes.
Manifests as a bearded merman carrying a barbed trident.

NOTE - Dagon is vexed with the licentiousness of Oannes and his daughters the Undines. Because of this is he is nearly Manannan's enemy and rarely suffers any man to live. Fear of his reaction may be a reason why Undines are known to eat their lovers when they tire of them.

NOTE - No deity of the water can be summoned out of its element. It is impossible.

The Court of Dionysius

Dionysius Contact Level - 6
Lord of Vegetation, the roarer, maker of warm moisture, Patron of Civilization, Lord of Pleasures, Master of the Wilds of the Mind, God of Illusion and Masquerade, maker of vengeful horrors, the bull horned lord, Master of Eternal Life.
Manifests as a noble lord with fine garments bedecked with jewels. Two bull horns sprout from his head.
Bacchus Contact Level - 4
God of Wine, tempter to abandon, God of the Maenads, God of Inspiration and Ecstasy, the besotted son, Son of Dionysius.
Appears as a rotund man swilling wine and smiling happily.
Ceres Contact Level - 5
Queen of the Fertile Field, Goddess of Agriculture, mistress of the seasons, Mother of Taritu and Astarte, Consort of Dionysius, the fertile wife, Patron of Farmers.
Appears as a farmwife carrying a bushel of wheat in a cornucopia.
Bes Contact Level - 4
Protector of Dwarves, Guardian and Master of Sleep, author of kindly dreams, God of Music and Hilarity, Protector of men from evil spirits and dangerous beasts, Quieter of the Wild Thought, soother of pains, the midwife, sometimes Consort of Reya.
Manifests as a rotund beardless dwarf dressed in a loincloth. Always preceded by music and laughter.
Pan Contact Level - 3
Patron of Fertility, King of the Satyrs, master of the beguiling flute, Lord of the Goat, child of the forest, Son of Dionysius.
Appears as six foot tall satyr with golden pan flute.

The Court of Odin

Odin Contact Level - 8
The All-Father, Lord of the Wolf, Patron of Scavengers, Master of Elder Magics, the Far traveler, God of Inspiration, he who makes beasts of men, bringer of frenzy, master of the Wild Hunt, Father of the Oak, Reaver of the Sidh, Lord of the Heroic Dead, King of the Aesir, the Wanderer.
Appears as a grey-robed old man with one eye. Often accompanied by a pair of ravens and/or mounted on an eight legged steed.

NOTE - Hatred of the Sidh, especially Lugh, stems from the fall of Hecate in Armageddon.

Frigg Contact Level - 3
Consort of Odin, Patron of Dutiful Wives, Protector of the Freehold, Mistress of Birth, the fertile Queen.
Appears as a noble wife wearing an iron tiara.
Thor Contact Level - 6
The Thunderer, patron of fishermen, Lord of Battle, God of Strength, Protector of Soldiers, the valiant son, God of the Storm, Champion of the Aesir, Bane of Utgard Geror.
Manifests as a red haired warrior in armor carrying Mjornir, his hammer. Noted for his belligerence and violent temper.
Loki Contact Level - 5
Fosterling of Odin, God of Fire, Lord of Ambition, master of the eldritch arts, Lord of Charisma, Father of Monsters, son of Utgard Geror, Nemesis of Thor.
Manifests as a sharp-tongued courtier wearing rings of power.
Tyr Contact Level - 5
God of Courage and Wisdom, Master of Battle, fosterer of the wolf, brother of giants, Master of Daring, giver of valor, Lord of Warfare and Guardian of Peace, Champion of the Elder Path, Patron of Justice.
Manifests as a warrior with a missing left hand. Wears the torque of a king and carries a mace.
Mimir Contact Level - 7
The thinking one, Warden of Knowledge, father of sweet water, Patron of the Asrai, Lord of the Water Spirits, dweller at the heart of the world, Keeper of the Eternal Secret, the eye-keeper, he who exacts payment, Lord of the Eternal Well, he who knows all, Patron and Mentor of Zu.
Does not manifest for anything. To contact him you must travel to his realm. There are no shortcuts.
Frey Contact Level - 6
Lord of the Vanir, God of the Fertile Earth, master of the sky, Patron of the Bereaved, Sword of Life, protector of the just, the noble king and faithful widower.
Manifests as a King in a chariot drawn by eight golden horses.

NOTE - Before Armageddon Frey had a sister and wife named Freya. She is one who fell in the battles and one of the Forgotten Gods.

The Gods of Law

Law's deities are of two basic types. The first are gods who came into being with Tehuti's creation of the sun. They are the pure essence of the alignment. The second is made up of Elder and other deities who joined Law in the battles of Armageddon and remained after the Convocation.

Though Metatron is the recognized Overlord of them all, the two groups are distinct. Each controls its own forces and has its own goals.

The Court of Law

Metatron Contact Level - 10
Father of Ahuras, lord of the hierarchs, spokesman of the host, chancellor of the heavens, Lord of Covenants, sustainer of man, the Liberator and Scribe, man's intermediary in the Heavens, the Eternal Judge, Lord of Order, Supreme Lord of Life, master of death, the pillar that is purity, Patron of the Enlightened.
Manifests as a pillar of flame of varying height and intensity. Rarely, appears as a royal scribe.
Sabbathiel Contact Level - 8
Lord of Repentance, Righteousness and Sanctification, soldier of the sun, Viceroy of Metatron, master of the heavens, Prince of Light, giver of patience, Marshal of the Host, patron of soldiers, God of Government, the loyal master, midnight warrior, Champion of the Law, Lord of the Morning.
Manifests as a perfect ahura with a flaming sword. (Effectively a fusion of Mithras and the Christian archangel Michael).
Gavreel Contact Level - 6
The Anunciator, bane of Nergal, Lord of Resurrection, God of Mercy, master of divine vengeance, Lord of the Blessed, giver of revelations, Lord of Justice, God of War, protector from insanity, the reconciler, Spokesman of Metatron.
Beautiful Ahura carrying a horn. Appearance is normally stern as each word he speaks is a thing of omen. Equivalent to the Christian archangel Gabriel.

NOTE - His word caused the banishing of the Seirim from Law. Some residual animosity may exist.

Labbiel Contact Level - 6
Healer of the Land, regent of the sun, overseer of the evening winds, God of Prayer, Lord of Love and Joy, Master of the Healing Arts, Lord of Science, Prince of Knowledge, bane of Kototh in the heavens, the Scoffing and Jesting Lord, reviler of evil, Patron of Laughter.
His manifestation is entirely capricious and often whimsical. It is not impossible for the unwary to succeed in summoning him and be unaware of his presence.

NOTE - Sabbathiel, Gavreel and Labbiel are the Great Ahuras. In most cases they run the court.

Lieutanents of Sabbathiel

Arcan Contact Level - 3
Rager against Chaos, the charioteer, Lord of the Kerubim.
Manifests as a gigantic, nearly maniacal, Kerubim. Uncontrollable if anything evil is in the area.
Ateuseul Contact Level - 4
Marshal of the Angels of Fury, Lord of the Amaliel, bane of the beasts of Chaos, the power who brings terror to terror's Lord.
Manifests as a bleeding, battered ahura whose eyes glow with the fire of hatred.
Sraosha Contact Level - 5
Lord of the Hafaza, protector of man, Lord of Obedience, God of Discipline, the undecievable and unsleeping Lord, Warrior against the Storms, bane of Aeshma Daeva, Warden of the Holy Paths, Reaver of Devils.
Will not manifest without major compulsion. If tried, any failure brings the caster to him. If you succeed, his presence can be felt, not seen.

Lieutenants of Gavreel

Isfahan Contact Level - 4
God of Rebirth, patron of the musical arts, Lord of Song, singer of the Gods, Redeemer of the Fallen, Master of Rhetoric, Son of Inanna.
Appears as a shining ahura clad in white. His every word is musical and compelling, a danger to sway any mortal mind.
Becaliel Contact Level - 2
Patron of Wives, enemy of Satan, Reaver of the Faithless, Solace of the devout, the giver of quests, protector of unwonted sinners, Patron of Urchins.
Manifests as a small female ahura in the soiled, tattered robes of an Urigallu priestess. Her red hair is cropped short in the style of a penitent sinner.

Lieutenants of Labbiel

Abraxas Contact Level - 6
The Mediator, prince of the Aeons, Lord of the Days, God of Healing, warrior against pain and illness, the soothing master, God of Healing Light, Lord of the Maskela.
Manifests as a healer seated on an ornate throne. Always accompanied by two Maskela of incredible beauty and power.
Arathron Contact Level - 4
Lord of Alchemy, God of Medicine, Master of Invisibility, patron of artisans, the left hand of knowledge, Patron of Science.
Unless compelled to show his person his manifestation is always invisible. When compelled, is an ahura wearing a golden crown and dressed in a smock.

NOTE - Except for Isfahan all the gods of this court are bound by the rule of purity. The highest standards of moral conduct, up to and including celibacy, are demanded. They do not demand the same from worshippers though they have been known to reward those with the will to abide by such a lifestyle. (Isfahan chooses to abide by the laws. He is not compelled to do so. The least rewarding to emulators of them is Labbiel. His is the dissenting voice on some of their demands.)

The Court of the Converted (Ashur)

Ashur Contact Level - 7
Lord of the Storm, God of the Wind, the avenger, Patron and enemy of Man, Servant of the Righteous, Guardian of the Tablets of Destiny, upholder of truth and justice, He who holds the fates of All, the Lawgiver.
Manifests as a king in royal robes with long white hair and beard. He carries the tablets of destiny in his arms.
Enki Contact Level - 7
God of the Waters, Lord of Immortal Wisdom, turner of the flood, Lord of Magical Knowledge, instructor in the arts of survival, patron of man, deliverer from demons, Father and Councillor of the Gods, the Dead and Undying Lord.
Only his voice answers any summons. He cannot be compelled to manifest physically.
Inanna Contact Level - 6
The Star of Lamentation, Courtesan of the Gods, patron of priestesses, Lady of Resplendent Light, Goddess of Battles, Mistress of Fertility and Sterility, lady of many charms, She who commands fear in Men, She who brings to life and sends to death, Mourner in the Winter, the questing goddess, the Warrior Queen, Lady of the Host, Beloved of Taritu.
Manifests as an armed warrior maiden carrying a glowing spear. Often arrives in a chariot pulled by the god Mushru.

Servants of Ashur

Vahagn Contact Level - 5
Son of Ashur and Allatu, God of Fire and Lightning, the realm warrior, Champion of Order, Lord of Might, patron of adventurous deeds, God of Invincible Power, the eternal warrior, bane of Ahriman, the Merciless Son.
Manifests as a blond warrior with eyes of light wearing silver and gold chainmail.

Servants of Enki

Yavishta Contact Level - 4
The Divine Blacksmith, artisan of the gods, Lord of Terrestrial Fire, teacher of the mechanical arts, Lord of Pleasure, Armorer of the Gods.
Manifests as a silver-haired man wearing an armorer's apron full of tools.
Cedalion Contact Level - 3
Lord of the Forge, servant and apprentice of Yavishta, the divine dwarf and eternal artisan, Master of Metals, seeker of perfection, Son of Bes.
Appears as a dwarf armorer sweating from his labors. Attracted by things that near perfection.

Servants of Inanna

Taritu Contact Level - 4
The Dying Goddess, shield maiden and beloved of Inanna, mistress of Adonis, Lady of the Chase, patron of the flowering field, she who tempts stone to cry, the stalking beauty, Ambassador to the Neutral Courts, Daughter of Ceres, Goddess of Unselfish Loves.
Unbelievably gorgeous warrior carrying a spear and a glowing purplish shield. At her side are one or more reddish wolves that aid her in the chase.
Mushru Contact Level - 4
Father of the Mushrussu, Son and Enemy of Kototh, Lord of the Ravaging Flame, keeper of the sacred tongue, Guardian of the House of Inanna, patron of the good.
See Mushrussu then imagine something at least eight times as powerful.
Adonis Contact Level - 3
Son of Inanna, Lover of Taritu, the perfect jewel, God of Virility, Lord of Masculine Beauty, the prince reborn.
His manifestation is a threat to overwhelm anyone who is attracted by the beauty of a man.

NOTE - Ashur was Warlord of the Vanir before Armageddon. With the fall of his king, Enki, the betrayal of Allatu and the onset of Law, he passed the title to his son Frey and led those of his host who would follow into the service of Law. Including the damned and forgotten, his children are (from oldest to youngest): the twins Frey and Freya and Vahagn. The twins Inanna and Allatu are his grandchildren. The twins Taritu and Astarte are his great grandchildren.


The Maskim

Seven paramount gods rule Chaos, though not all of them rule their own court. They are, in order of importance:

  1. Abaddon *
  2. Ahriman *
  3. Choronzon
  4. Sammael *
  5. Nergal
  6. Aeshma Daeva
  7. Lilith

* Indicates the gods who rule one of the three courts of Chaos.

The Elder Law

This phrase signifies the major lords of Entropy. Little is known of them though it is clear that before their imprisonment most, if not all, of their might was spent attempting to destroy form. They were extremely powerful and the existence of form was anathema to them.

Only one of these gods is recalled. Even he is only called the Nameless or he whose name is forgotten out of need. You may consider him the equal or near equal of Tehuti in power. There were thirteen Lords of Entropy. One of them was Ahriman. Some minor servitors of the Elder Law were Choronzon, Ba-en-kekon, Az and others.

The Court of Abaddon

Abaddon Contact Level - 9
Lord of Death and Destruction, the destroying angel of Armageddon, demon of the Abyss, Personification of Hell, Master of the Alal, Lord of the Abashita, Chainer of Sammael, servant of the Elder Law, Speaker of the Maskim.
Manifests as a faceless black figure in dark robes. He is often mounted like an Alal.
Chronozon Contact Level - 6
Most High Lord of Chaos, Dweller in the Abyss, Lord and Essence of Terror, the cat of slime, fire of hatred, father of corruption, Stalking Panther of the Nameless.
Manifests as a gigantic feline dripping vile slime. A truly hideous sight.
Nergal Contact Level - 7
Marshal of the Maskim, Lion-headed Lord of Hell, God of the Dead, ruler of the summer sun, Master of Pestilence and Disease, God of War, patron of fever, Consort of Allatu, the Harvester, Lord of the Spear.
Manifests as an armored general with the head of a lion.

Servants of Abaddon

Duma Contact Level - 5
The Stillness of Death, Lord of Silence, Prince of Hell, minister of Abaddon, Marshal of the Alal, demon of Vindication.
Manifests as a thousand eyed man carrying a black rod that glows with power.
Rahab Contact Level - 6
The Personification of Death, Son of Abaddon, Champion of Destruction and Decay, Lord of Insolence, master of primordial waters, Bane of Life, slayer of all.
Manifests as death with sickle except wears iron gauntlets and eyes burn a fiery red. All who die feel his touch. He is death.

Servants of Chronozon

Chaos Contact Level - 4
The Beast, monster of Confusion and Disorder, Marshal of the Beasts of Chaos, servant of Chronozon, Defiler of all form.
The horror of his manifestation is indescribable. Insanity can result from summoning Chaos.
Ba-En-Kekon Contact Level - 4
Lord of Silent Terror, the soul of Darkness, Champion of Entropy, Bane of All Existence, Marshal of the Kekoni, Slayer of the Light.
Appears as a cloud of darkness which extinguishes all light.

Servants of Nergal

Murmur Contact Level - 6
Duke of Hell, Lord of the Necromantic Arts, teacher and master of philosophies, the Griffin Rider, the jeweled lord, Minister of Nergal.
Manifests as a noble mounted on a griffin. Eyes are black coals that burn the soul of those who meet their gaze.
Allatu Contact Level - 5
Queen of the Dead, Goddess of Hell, Consort of Nergal, Star of Damnation, the unforgiving Queen, patroness of Patricides, Bane of Families, Defiler of Taritu, Enemy and Sister of Inanna.
Appears as a glorious Queen riding a sedan chair carried by four Nergali. A beautiful and dangerous Goddess.
Namtar Contact Level - 5
Herald of Death, God of Disease, Lord of Pestilence, Master of Plague, the provider of death, he who crouches at Nergal's side, the destroyer of life.
Manifests as an ugly, twisted, winged hunchback of a demon. His entire essence is disease. Even his breath can lay the summoner low.
Servants of Murmur
Barbatos Contact Level - 4
Marshal of the Harab Serapel, Duke of Hell, Lord of Hidden Knowledge, master of tongues, Servant of Murmur, Patron of Evil Dreams, Master of Nightmares.
Appears as a large Harab Serapel or a thin scholar with the head of a raven.
Nilgeranthrib Contact Level - 3
King of Liches, Master of the Vile, breeder of man, teacher of Lichcraft, Patron of Evil Ambition.
Manifests as a pale lich in a jet black robe.
Nergas Contact Level - 3
Defiler of Man, the Born Lich, Bane of Neutrality, reviler of the good, Patron of the Damned, Son and Enemy of Cernunnos.
Manifests as a walking corpse in a burned and tattered shroud.

NOTE - Nilgeranthrib and Nergas are new additions. You may ignore their divinity if you prefer.

The Court of Ahriman

Ahriman Contact Level - 10
The Principle of Chaos, the Most Evil Mind, Father of Evil, patron of Death and Destruction, the universal enemy, Father of Aeshma Daeva, Lord of Az, adviser and Maskim Lord, Reaver of the Soulless, the self-created master, the fated king.
Manifests as a dark wizard with burning red eyes. His essence is thought and destruction.
Az Contact Level - 5
Consort of Ahriman, Demon of Disorder, enemy of reason and life, the insatiable force who must be satiated, Lady of Greed, Queen of Disorderly Motion, mother of daivas, the Weapon and Doom of Ahriman.
Appears as a bestial, hideous woman who is always in motion and always consuming something.
Aeshma DaevaContact Level - 7
The Fiend of the Wounding Spear, Lord of the Daivas, the dragon rider, Lord of Lust and Lechery, God of Anger and Revenge, Child of Chaos, Master of the Storm, First Born of Ahriman, Marshal of the Daivas.
He normally manifests as a fierce, spear-armed daiva on dragon back. Rarely he will appear as a handsome man in armor (most often when summoned by a female).
Mephistopheles Contact Level - 6
He who loves not the Light, principle of the Negative, Lord of Liars and Self-Destruction, Sword of Temptation, collector of souls, stalker in the night, Lord of the Heliophobic Demons, Corrupter of Life, master of eternal torments, Prince of Rhetoric, Overseer of the Pit.
See Heliophobic Demon.
Seth Contact Level - 6
Lord of Darkness, Marshal of the Storm, King of the Desert, the essence of earthly Chaos, Warrior against the Sun, the power perverse, Champion of Contention and Revenge, God of the Scorpion, Patron of the Desert Lion, God of the Serpent Women.
Manifests as a black king in a jeweled loincloth carrying a mace. His crown is carved from a single black diamond.
Adramelech Contact Level - 5
Enemy of Gods, the bearded peacock winged lion, Lord of Guile and Ambition, God of Malice and Mischief, King of Fire, the fiercest spirit, eater of children.
Manifests in the form specified above. He is angered is a child is not fed to him at once.
Vizranuh Contact Level - 5
God of Nothingness, Eater of Souls, the personification of hunger, the Negation of Existence, the demon death, Lord and Father of Soul Daivas, Minister and Avenger of Ahriman.
See Soul Daivas.

Lesser Servants of Ahriman

Meresin Contact Level - 4
Son of Aeshma Daeva, the boiling spirit, Marshal of the Aerial Powers, Lord of Thunder and Lightning, the meridian devil.
Appears as violent devil literally boiling from the heat of his own rage.
Astaroth Contact Level - 3
Queen of Lust and Perversity, Consort of Aeshma Daeva, the Shining Lady in Darkness, the doomed Queen, paramour of Allatu, Sister of Taritu.
Appears as a gorgeous woman robed in seductive black.

NOTE - When night comes to the place of her fall Astarte becomes Astaroth. When day returns she is again Astarte, a law goddess with the attributes below.

Astarte Contact level - 3
Goddess of Love, Patron of the Temple, Queen of Light, beacon of the devout, Sister of Taritu.

NOTE - Astarte was stolen in Armageddon and forced to be the consort of Aeshma Daeva. While Freya remains among the Forgotten, her schizophrenic identity must continue.

Mastema Contact Level - 4
Patron of Rapists, the embodiment of hatred, prince of evil, Lord of Hostility and Condemnation, the soul of rage, Patron of Injustice, the damning god, Defiler of the Innocent.
Appears as a barbarian warrior, berserk and lustful.
Lyssa Contact Level - 3
The Forgotten Mistress, Mother of Gods, Goddess of Mad Fury, Reaver of Man, Maker of the Inner Storm, tormentor of Astaroth, Mother of Aeshma Daeva.
Appears as a raving, all but rabid, woman in disheveled garments.
Slidranth Contact Level - 3
Bandit on the Silver Road, the Leech, Lord of Leeching Darkness, tempter of the powerful, Lord of the Frozen Fires, Patron of Evil Ends, Sorcerer of the Darkness.
Manifests as a red-eyed form incased in impenetrable darkness.

The Court of Sammael

Sammael Contact Level - 7
Lord of Chaos in the Air, Grand Vizier of the Lands of Woe, the Evil Prince, Sovereign of Sin, demon of anger, Marshal of the marching hosts, the poison angel, God of Defiance, Lord of Rebellion, Patron of Treachery and Courage, the eloquent king, merchant of souls.
His manifestation is quite variable. It generally works to delude and/or bribe the summoner.
Lucifer Contact Level - 7
Lord of Pandemonium, Emperor of the Lands of Woe, Prince of Demons, master of hell, Patron of Arrogance, Master of Ambition, Lord of the Fallen, son of the morning, the Light-Bringer, Eternal enemy of Metatron and Sabbathiel, Master of Devils, God and Patron of Sin, Prince of rebels, the fallen son.
Manifests as a supremely handsome ahura. Must be forced to adopt his true form, a burned, disfigured devil.

NOTE - Recently returned from captivity in the outer planes. A victory for Chaos (though Sammael may not agree) with the secret aid of Balance.

The Lords of Hell

Belzaboul Contact Level - 5
Chief of Demons, Prince of Devils, servant of Lucifer, Lord of the Flies, master of insects, God of Decay and Corruption, Lord of the Pseudothei, the Envious Spirit.
Manifests as a corpulent devil or a fly.
Belial Contact Level - 5
The Great Deceiver, Lord of Deceit, God of Infamy, Patron of Evil and Sin, master of perversion, Child of Ahriman, Chancellor of Sammael, Grand Duke of Hell.
Manifests as a smiling courtier in fine robes. He is always ready to help the summoner.
Mammon Contact Level - 4
God of Greed, Lord of Wealth, Duke of Hell, giver of pain, Master of the Flayers, Supreme Judge of Hell.
He manifests as a devil wearing gold and jewels.
Rhadamanthus Contact Level - 3
Lord of Tortures, Judge and Duke of Hell, Tormentor of the Damned, general of the hosts, the Flayer.
He manifests as a horse headed devil in chainmail.
Belphegor Contact Level - 3
God of Ingenious Invention, the inspiration of the damned, Master of Manipulation, Chamberlain of Pandemonium.
He manifests as a disheveled demon carrying a scroll and some tools.
The Goddess in BlackContact Level - 5
Queen of Black Magics, Patroness of Witchcraft, the terror of the tomb, Goddess of Ghosts and Edimmu, Watcher of the Gallows, mistress of untimely death, defiler of the kindly arts, Enemy of Love, Lady of suicides, Patron of Cannibals, Queen of Power.
She manifests as a dark figure robed in black and is often preceded by the stench of the tomb.
Sin Contact Level - 4
Princess of Hell, misleader of man, Goddess of Evil, daughter and mistress of Sammael, Patron of the Deadly Seven, Patron of Human Sacrifice, the Evil Queen, Leader of Hell's Hounds, the defiler of innocence,
She manifests as a voluptuous young girl and tries to seduce the summoner. Must be forced into her true form as a beastly demon.

NOTE - Sin and the Goddess in Black merged with Hecate to defile her. If you retain Hecate as a Chaos God, instead of Neutral, do not use either of these goddesses.

Lilith Contact Level - 6
Maskim Queen, the Night Hag, Mother of Man and Demons, the immortal enemy, Mistress of Vampiric Spirits, the screech owl, Enemy of Infants, Queen of Incubi and Succubi, Bride of Sammael, Mother of Sin, Goddess of the Immortal Evils, the kiss that ends all, the eater of life, Mistress of the Seven Dukes.
She manifests as a hideous hag, a screeching owl or a gorgeous woman, depending on her intent.
The Sub-Court of Lilith
Princess NaamahContact Level - 5
Mother of Demons, Daughter of Lilith, Seducer of Life, Princess of the Succubi, mother of Aeshma Daeva, Mistress of Lucifer and Sammael, Goddess of Unnatural Lust, the bloody mistress, the irresistible flower of Doom.
She manifests as the most beautiful woman the summoner can imagine. If she is not forced into succubi form all is lost.
Lemashtu Contact Level - 4
Lord of the Seven Dukes, Master of the Akhkharu, Consort of Lilith, the blood-seeking Lord.
Manifests as an Akhkharu nine feet in height.

NOTE - The other Akhkharu who, with Lemashtu, form the seven dukes are all CL2. They are - ZARANA - the Soul Shaker, DRIANA PROBAN - Perpetual Servant of Lilith, Courtier of Lust, SANQUI - the drinking Sword, BLARAS - the Black Count, MELIN - the Skulker, and MARSLAN - the Insatiable Stalker.

Moloch Contact Level - 4
Lord of the Incubi, Master of Damnation, quester in darkness, Patron of Perverse Evils, God of Human Sacrifice, Defiler of Infants, Lord of Black Knowledge.
He manifests corpulent and pale with blood dripping from his fangs. MUST be fed an infant when summoned.
Shevold Contact Level - 3
Duchess of the Succubi, the irresistible, Seducer of the Gods, Bane of Adonis.
Manifests in the manner given for Princess Naamah.
Ti'vanContact Level - 3
Consort of Moloch, lady in the shadows, Collector of Sacrifices, stealer of infants.
Manifests as a compelling matron.
Sier Contact Level - 4
Queen of the Lamia, Consort of the Seven Dukes, the bloody Duchess, drainer of man, the White Lady of Doom.
She manifests as a pale lady in a white shroud surrounded by cloying, sweet scented mist. Any male who risks summoning her is in danger.
Mou'lan Kri'gairContact Level - 2
Handmaiden of Lilith, the prophet of blood, intermediary of the Faithful, founder of the L'p'nth Mysteries.
Manifests as a Katai courtesan covered with blood.

NOTE - The Court of Sammael are primarily fallen Law gods, those damned by Law and their descendants.

The Court of Tiamat

Tiamat Contact Level - 7
Sister of Kototh, Mother of Gods, the Eternal Sea, enemy of man, the Serpent Ocean, eater of the Land, Lady of Shipwrecks, Patron of Mer, harvester of sailors, reviler of the Moon, Mistress of the Heavens.
She manifests as a monstrous serpent miles in length. May not be summoned out of water unless the summoner is in the Upper World.
Apsu Contact Level - 4
Consort of Tiamat, God of the Depths, Master of the rites of the sea, Lord of Subterranean Waters, Master of the Watery Dead, reaver of the skies, and spinner of the waves.
Manifestation as for Poseidon without the trident.
Kingu Contact Level - 4
Son of Tiamat, Lord of the Myrmidons, Marshal of the Seas, the boat-breaker, God of Deadly Waters, the wave warrior, Destroyer of Man, Enemy of all mammals.
Manifests as a hideous merman with a trident.
Tiella Contact Level - 5
Daughter of the Raging Seas, the Sea Hag, treasurer of Ocean, Consort of Kingu, mistress of monsters, Goddess of Powers, Lady of the Elder Seas, Mistress of the Watery Realms, Keeper of the Watery Dead, collector of might and beauty.
She appears as a gorgeous undine. Must be forced into her true form, a corpulent and revolting hag.

The Gods of Balance

Tehuti Contact Level - 14
Supreme Master of Balance, the Eternal Sleeper, Spokesman of the Gods, keeper of the divine record, inventor of science, literature and wisdom, Lord of Invention, the measurer, Patron of Form and Existence, creator of the powers, Invincible Master of the Astral Paths, preserver of the dead, Lord of Time, Master of the Unalterable Laws, Judge of the combat of the Gods, Lord of the Sacred Words, the spirit of truth and Master of Eternity.
He does not manifest. The attempt to compel it would be suicide.
Ahura MazdaContact level - 10
Lord of Balance, Judge of Man, Lord of the Convocation, Commander of Truth, he to whom no thing can lie, the ruling mind, God of Thought, Champion of the Lesser, Warden of the Elder Law, far-seeing Lord of Might.
He manifests as a King on a glowing silver throne.
Manu Contact Level - 10
The personification of Fate, architect of Destiny, Master of the Eternal Triad (Manu, Zehanpuryu'h, Jehudiel), Author of the Tablets of Destiny, brother of Omael, shadow watcher, Overseer of the Neutral Courts.
See Zehani
Zehanpuryu'hContact Level - 8
Master of the Rites of Balance, dispenser of judgment, Weigher of the Balance, the Sword of Fate, Patron of Divination, the Eternal Master, True Son of Tehuti.
Manifestation is as for Manu except he carries a sword of Astral Might.
Jehudiel Contact Level - 7
Lord of the Celestial Spheres, recorder of the eternal planes, Lord of the Eternal Veil (impenetrable blackness separating the planes of the true world from all others), Herald of the Edicts of Fate, writer on the veil, Guardian of Existence.
Does not manifest. Efforts to summon him bring Zehanpuryu'h instead.
Soqed HoziContact Level - 8
Lord of the Merkabah, Prince of Astral Fire, the sword of Balance, Marshal of Balance, the Fist of Tehuti, Lieutenant of Time.
He manifests as a giant Merkabah with bow drawn and ready.
Poteh Contact Level - 9
Lord of Oblivion, Master of Forgetfulness, God of Forgotten Knowledge, collector of things lost, Reader of Fate, Lord of the Unknown, Knower of the Unknowable, the eternal void, Warden of the Forgotten Well, dweller beyond the veil, Master of the Planes, Keeper of the Unalterable Law.
Poteh appears as a large robed man. He cannot be compelled to appear but may choose to do so. He may also choose to bring the summoner to him in his tower.
Omael Contact Level - 6
Perpetuator of Life, multiplier of the species, Master of Fecundity, Weaver of Destiny, brother of Manu.
Manifest as a gentle old man in a farmer's robe.
Sarameya Contact Level - 6
Master of the Astral Winds, the eloquent gambler, protector of heroes, Messenger of Tehuti, Warden of the Stones, Lord of Boundaries and Limits, patron of animals, Lord of Fraud and Theft, God of Travelers and Commerce, watcher on the roadway, patron of shepherds, he who is swifter than thought, Patron of Spies and Assassins, partner of Poteh, Harvester of Ills.
His appearance is equivalent to the Greek god Hermes.


The Gods and their Courts

Three major Gods rule. They are all ancient forces whose natures, to a degree, have changed with their alignment. They are Shamshiel, Hecate and Eblis. Together they form the Neutral Triad. The following delineates their nature and that of gods owing fealty to them.

NOTE - Many scholars believe this is a growing alignment. Metaphysicians say the elements, especially the Earth, are being swayed from current allegiances. Some other alignments are believed to be worried by the growth of the upstarts. Many deities of Chaos and the Dark Elder oppose this group.

Essential Nature

The Neutrals, for various reasons, act out of self-interest and in a generally defensive or protective manner. Today's friend can be tomorrow's enemy when dealing with many of them.

The Court of Shamshiel

Shamshiel Contact Level - 7
Lord of the Seirim, seducer of mankind, the disintegrating Master, Lord of Weaponcraft, Teacher of Finery and Cosmetics, the master warrior, Patron of War, protector of kings, Keeper of the Garden of Delights, the twelve winged Lord of Battle, Warlord of the Triad.
He manifests as an old warrior in grey armor or as a twelve-winged ahura with blazing eyes. Shamir or Forneus always precede his arrival.
Marina Contact Level - 4
The Eternal Mother, patron of childbirth, Protector of the Helpless and the Innocent, the she-wolf, Queen and Patroness of Love, Consort of Gods and men, the salvation of the damned and shelter of the defiled, Consort of Niall, adopted sister of Taritu, the perfect flower.
She appears as a beautiful woman in a flowing sensuous dress. On the rare occasions when she appears as a silver wolf battle ensues always. Is among the most benevolent of the neutral deities.
Shamir Contact Level - 4
The Black Twin, Patron of Warriors, the Disintegrator, Guardian of the Grey Paths, Champion of the Seirim, Bane of dark evils, Speaker of Truth, reaver in the night, patron of mercenaries, Lord of the Anakim, Son of Shamshiel.
He manifests as a large man in black armor bearing a black sword with pulsing white runes. It is said no mortal sees his face without being changed or slain.
Maor Contact Level - 1
The eternal swordsman, Fosterling of Morrigan, student of Shamshiel, avenger of dishonor, Patron of Gamblers and Rakes.
Manifests as a warrior in leather armor. One hand holds a sword, the other a deck of cards.
The SeirimContact Level - Varies (2-5)
Teachers, Seducers and Lords of Various arts.
The Seirim, including Shamshiel, are fallen Ahuras. All are strong warriors whit an interest in humanity, especially its women. All are masters of one or more skills in addition to their power as warriors. Exael and Forneus are the most powerful after Shamshiel. There are 400 members of the Seirim.

Court of Hecate

Hecate Contact Level - 8
Goddess of the Moon, mother and mistress of hellhounds, the Invincible Queen, Giver of riches, victory and wisdom, Queen of Magic and Sorcery, driver to insanity, Mistress of Poltergeists, the howler, Queen of the Triad, Patron and Nemesis of Wizards.
She manifests as an old woman with a frayed shawl or as a two-faced deity in regal robes. In the second case, the left side of her face is twisted and insane. The right is gorgeous and perfect. Eerie howling always precedes her arrival.
Payan Contact Level - 5
King of the True Sidh, the ice warrior, Patron of the Dutiful, the high archer of the Knowe, Marshal of the Wild, Reaver of the Serpent, the avenging husband, brother and uncle of Finvarra, Warlord and apprentice of Hecate.
He manifests as an albino elf in black leather armor. Carries a jeweled elf sword and a lacquered black bow.
Hecuba Contact Level - 4
Queen of the Hellhounds, daughter of Hecate, champion of Vengeance, Protectress of Guardsmen, the tracker.
She manifests as a three headed hellhound, The faces are stern, rabid, and loving. The one that speaks says much about her feelings at the moment.
Reya Contact Level - 2
Courtesan of the Gods, Handmaiden of Hecate, Goddess of Beauty, the enticer, Patroness of Impossible Quests.
Appears as a perfect, voluptuous blond woman in iridescent silver.
Kalinda Contact Level - 1
Queen of the Moon's Faerry, overseer of the Midge, daughter of Oberon, the moon blossom.
She manifests as a wingless faerry. The vigor of her appearance, and power, varies with the phase of the moon.

The Brothers Rochana

The brothers are Kaprie (the elder) and Loran (the younger).

Kaprie Contact Level - 2
The dutiful consort, Patron of Students, Master of Patience, arbiter and king, Scholar and Warrior.
Kaprie appears as a tired man in dusty clothes carrying a scroll and a bastard sword.
Loran Contact level - 2
Avenging Hound of the Moon, the forgotten one, Patron of Selfless Heroes.
Loran is dressed as a Kameri knight with a glowing great sword. Neither is a deity without true power.

Court of Eblis

Eblis Contact Level - 7
Father of the Jinn Races, warrior in the desert, enemy of man, Most High King, Lord of Smokeless Flame, Grand Marshal of the Hosts, Lord of the Wastes, Master of the Ifreet, King of the Triad, blood enemy of Seth.
He manifests as a gigantic Ifreet in fiery armor.
Cassiel Contact Level - 4
Lord of the Jinn, dragon rider, bane of man, God of Solitude, Patron of Hermits, Son of Eblis, Master of the Sudden Thunder, warrior in the wind.
He manifests as a furious Ifreet mounted on a dragon.
Jassien El'cassinContact Level - 3
King of the Middle World Jinn, Master of Jherabad, Son of Cassiel, Marshal of the Ifreet, Lord of the Desert Wastes, reaver of scorpions.
Appears as a snarling Ifreet riding a whirlwind.
Ai'jira Contact Level - 2
Queen of the Jinn, Mistress of Cassiel, defender and judge of the Jinn, Patron of the Capricious, keeper of the city, Patron of Courtesans and Entertainers.
Manifests as a large jinn woman wearing silk and jewels.
Ty'ana Contact Level - 5
Queen of the Peri, Lady of the Cooling Rains, mistress of the fertile wind, Guardian of the Righteous Path, Hidden Protectress of Man, Patroness of the Jinn, Consort of Eblis, keeper of the eternal gardens, Mother and enemy of Cassiel, Bane of evil in the desert.
A pleasant goddess who manifests as a gentle faced Peri carrying flowers and wearing them in her hair.
Persira Contact Level - 2
Daughter of Ty'ana, Patroness of Travelers, Goddess of the Vines, Protectress of Tradesmen, defender of man in the desert, Princess of the Peri.
Her manifestation is like Ty'ana except she has grapes, not flowers.

The Court of Cernunnos

Cernunnos Contact Level - 5
Master of the Wheel of Life, Lord of Nature, the Horned One, God of the True Forest, Legate of the Triad, Lord of the Oak, Guardian of the Innocent, patron of animals, giver of virility, King of Power, the Undying One, Patron and Lord of Life, Keeper of the Hidden Realms, bane of Kototh.
He has three manifestations. In the Upper World he manifests as an old druid with empty power filled eye sockets and surrounded by a corona of silver power. In the Middle World he manifests as Herne or as a handsome man with silver streaks in his black hair.

NOTE - One of the Forgotten, his essence was scattered through existence (primarily to the Sidh Otherworld). A portion of it was within the great mage Abnaric Elgar. His might, and efforts, allowed Cernunnos to be reborn in fusion with Abnaric. At his height, Cernunnos had a CL of 8. Elgar's power sufficed to be a 3 on that scale. Thus, the new beginning of Cernunnos is a 5.

Ro'beall Contact Level - 4
The Black Queen, blood mistress, Queen of Power, Patron of Loyalty, Protectress of the Devout, Consort of Cernunnos, the avenging star, the punisher, enemy of Kototh, daughter of Morain.
She manifests as a large, perfect Baobhan Sith dressed in a seductive black silk dress girded with silver and iron chains. Notably stern deity, especially to her servants.
Miryan Contact Level - 3
The White Lady and Lusting Queen, Mistress of the Silent Act, Protectress of Lovers, the sweet assassin, Teacher of the Erotic Arts, Consort of Cernunnos.
She manifests as a sidh-like beauty wearing translucent white silk girded with a jade dagger belt. In the sheath is a white handled dagger. In her hand, oft as not, is a braided whip.
Lisan Contact Level - 2
The Dark Flyer, guardian of the Lis, Speaker to the Sidh, the selfless Queen, Consort of Cernunnos, Sometimes Servant of Morrigan.
She appears as a faerry princess some four feet in height. Dressed in fine clothes and a black cape and often accompanied by 1D3 Lis.
Marlet Contact Level - 1
Protector and Queen of the Nar'morel, the warrior Queen, Consort of Cernunnos, the desert cat, Lady of Subtle Magics.
Manifests as a perfect Nar'morel female with a magic wand.
The White One (Patera)Contact Level - 2
The Avenger of Cernunnos, Master of Justice, Invincible King of the Nar'morel, Lord of War, Keeper of the Nar'morel Hell, Protector of Marlet.
Manifests as a perfect white Nar'morel armored in black leather. He never carries weapons.
Abair Contact Level - 3
The Twin in Red, Warder of the Forest Paths, Patron of the Righteous, protector of the gentle arts, bane of the evil dead, Prince of Power, the hound of justice, Son of Cernunnos and Marina.
Appears as either a warrior in flaming red armor or a simple forester. Few who see the first manifestation survive it.
Isis Contact Level - 2
Queen of the Abnari, Blue Goddess of Healing, patron of children and lovers, the healing touch, the Star of Devotion, Consort of Kel, Lady of the Faithful.
Manifests as a blue woman with flowing black hair and a golden gown. A tiara of stars crowns her head.
Basscarr Contact Level - 2
Eternal Messenger of Cernunnos, Champion of the Hidden Realms, guardian and avenger of the created, patron of merchants and Armorers, Consort of Sheena.
Manifests as a warrior in gold armor carrying a great sword.
Sheena Contact Level - 1
Heart of the Hidden Realms, Queen of the Hammori, Patroness of passion and luxury, Protector of the Generous, the great spender, Consort of Basscarr.
She manifests as a beautiful woman in silver and jewels. Noted for her generosity. Her summoning ALWAYS attracts the attention of greater powers in the court.
Trajan Contact Level - 2
Patron of Lechers, Lord of the Neutral Heavens, the dreamer, Student of Cernunnos, Consort of Herela, God and Goddess of the Blessed.
Manifests as a young male wizard or a female sorceress. Both are beautiful. He/she is noted as a lustful being.
Herela Contact Level - 3
Queen of Pain, Mistress of the Neutral Hells, Queen of the Trazire, the black assassin, Daughter of Cernunnos, Consort of Trajan, the stern lady.
She manifests as a handsome woman in black leather. Always has at least six bladed weapons from darts to swords.
Eila (The Black One)Contact Level - 2
The Magician of Night, Lord of Pleasures, the silent slayer, Master of Games and Might.
Eila dwells in the Middle World. When summoned, he appears robed as a Kacili Emir if he is beneficent. If not, he is dressed as a Nar'morel and will make every effort to kill the summoner.

The Court of Life

See Cernunnos
God of the Forest, the hunter, protector of animals, Guardian of Nature, weaver of dark and light, Lord of the Forrestals, the Just Avenger.
Manifests as a man in deerskin robes carrying a spear and wearing a stag's head.
Bahram Contact Level - 3
Lord of Animals, Master of Shapes, patron of healers, Guardian of the Wild, Protector of the Helpless, God of Shamans, Overseer of the Vily.
Manifests in unpredictable forms. Any animal is possible. If hostile the form chosen is a beast of prey.
Anara Contact Level - 2
Queen of the Vily, Goddess of the Anari, Protectress of the Wild, Consort of Herne, the silent archer, Patron of Lost Souls, the mediating avenger.
Manifests as a high Vily riding a gigantic tiger.
Mata Contact Level - 3
Patron and Protectress of Widows, Patron of the Dutiful, Goddess of Herbs and Healing, Lady of the Horse, Guardian of the Matapone, Princess of the Matin, keeper of the natural laws, sometimes consort of Cernunnos, the Solitary Queen.
She manifests as a sad woman in a common gown carrying an herb basket.
Naizin Contact Level - 1
Daughter of Cernunnos, Servant of Mata, Lady of the Matin, Goddess of the Shiroona, the Star of Mercy, Patron of the Merciful.
She appears as a girl of 14 in a frilly, white gown. Always accompanied by 1D3 Shiroona.
Kel Contact Level - 2
God of the Horse, Protector of the Morana, Son of Cernunnos, Arbiter to the Sidh, Consort of Isis, the unwilling wizard, Champion of Hopeless Odds, the self-effacing Master.
Commonly manifests as a winged Sri'Amora.
Niall Contact Level - 2
The Grey Wolf, patron of spies, protector of Shamans, Guardian of Virtues, the vengeful hunter, fosterling of the wolf, Consort of Marina.
Manifests as a grey wolf with burning silver eyes.
Tamela Contact Level - 2
Lady of the Fauns, Keeper of Anduin, Goddess of Fertility, Protector of the Living Forest, Acolyte of Cernunnos in the wood.
Manifests as a pale faerry dressed in brown and green. In her hands are a forrestal's staff and a sickle.

NOTE - Forces of the Court of Life are part of the Court of Cernunnos. They are powers resident in the Middle World, in various places. Herne rules. Due to balance's unalterable laws, his Contact Level in the Middle World is restricted to THREE.

The Fallen

A number of Gods died in the battles of Armageddon. As they are gods, and thus immortal, they can be reborn. Some already have been. The list of the redeemed includes Pwyll, Cernunnos, Herne, Adua, Isfahan, Adonis and Lucifer. A partial listing of the attributes of others who may one day be returned by wise and valiant action are:

Elder and Sidh

Courtesan of the Gods, Goddess of Love, War and Wealth
Slayer Aeshma Daeva
Lord and Father of Simurgh, Father of Knowledge
Slayer Lyssa, Belphegor
God of the Hounds, Lord of Force, the Lightning Eyed
Slayer The Black Hecate, Belial, Mammon
The hammer Lord, King of the Vily, Guardian of Life
Slayer Mastema, Adramelech and Zuriti
The white virgin, Goddess of birth, initiation, death and rebirth, She who turns the circle of heaven, sister of Gwydion.
Slayer Kotarl, Mallen Trow
Goddess of storms and water, Lady of youth and beauty, Queen of vitality and violence.
Slayer Tiamat

NOTE - Numa and Morain are considered to be fallen though their power is still felt in explicit ways. If the way is found, both can be reborn to their full power.


King of the Firbolg, Son of Kototh, Enemy of Lugh
Slayer Lugh (Imprisoned not slain)
God of War, the slaying Giant, Marshal of Utgard Geror
Slayer Nuada and the White Hecate
Reaver of the Dead, Tormenter of the Damned, Father of Poison, the seven heads of Doom, Serpent of Hopelessness, the dour slayer, Lord of Hydra.
Slayer Labbiel


Redeemer of Man, the Puissant Prince, Lord of Incantations
Slayer Mailora, Tehuti
Powers as above. If reborn, CL increases by 3.
Slayer Allatu, Nergal and Sammael
The Warrior, Lord of the Morning, God of Soldiers, Bane of Ahriman
Slayer Az, Murmur and Mephistopheles


The Elder Law
See above
Slayer Tehuti, Ahura Mazda (Imprisoned)
Ama Gorin
The defiler, Father of the Vile, Seed of Perdition
Slayer Sabbathiel, Gavreel
The Essence of Nothingness, Negation of Form, Bane of Thought
Slayer Arcan, Sraosha and Ateuseul
The laughing Queen, Patron of Torture, Mother of Man, Queen of Pain
Slayer Gasnar Dem, Metatron


Gasnar Dem
Lord of Conciliation, Master of Wit, Reader of Dreams, Lifegiver
Slayer Jariel, Mailora, Tehuti, Metatron


Relative Divine Strength

Should you wish to compare the power of the gods, square the Contact level listed for them. A CL3 god has a relative power of 9. A CL7 god has a relative power 49. To figure the chance that one god could pound another, look at it as an odds ratio with the rating yielded being a HPV for divine combat.

The MEL of a god is ten times the contact level. A full god, CL 4 and up, can pretty much do as he chooses in his area of power unless another god stands in opposition to him. His Mana Level is 100 points per CL.

Another way to handle effective MEL for gods would be different and possibly more reasonable from a campaign standpoint. The MEL would be (CL squared)+12. Potential EL is half of MEL RU. If a HPV" compatible with the mortal world is needed, it can be calculated as (CL squared) times TEN plus 30. Thus a CL2 god would have a HPV 70, a CL7 god a HPV 520.

Areas of Influence

The titles of the various gods delineate the areas they have influence in and indicate the kinds of powers that they can provide or employ. As to interfering, they generally only do so when summoned by a sorcerer or seeking to acheive a set goal. In the second case, personal interference is rare. Operating through mortals or magic-users they are patrons of is most common. The Convocation penalizes overt interference.

Convocation of Gods

There must be some sort of covenant or tie that keeps the gods themselves from coming down and capping your ass if you get too big...they must resort to champions or lesser avatars, of which they do not have an unlimited supply (as seen in nearly all fantasy stories I know of, otherwise the heroes would die as soon as they flipped off the first god.

The Covenant is called "the Convocation of the Gods." It is a treaty mediated by Balance which ended the Armageddon that sundered the True World into three parts and nearly shattered existence. All divine forces that operate in the worlds now are signatory thereto or affected by it. Dangerous forces that would not agree to it (primarily the Elder Law) were imprisoned outside the three fragments of the True World by Balance. Another faction that refused, the Kotothi, suffered restrictions to the Lower World as their presence was essential to maintaining Balance.

Who/what defines or enforces this covenant? What limits are there on the powers that be in their impinging of the middle world?
Tehuti, the God of Balance, formulated the Convocation. It is enforced by the Triad of Fate, led by Manu, and the Balance alignment as a whole.

Some of the basic features of it are:

  1. Each divinity is allowed the realm their power deserves. To a great extent, maintenance and growth of said power will be proportional to the worship and service given to the divinity by mortal life.
  2. All may, within reasonable limits, react to insults, affronts and assaults against their nature, house and areas of power.
  3. Should a God or Goddess use DIVINE power outside his or her realm, his opposition is allowed the use of a like amount of power outside his or her realm without restriction.

    EXAMPLE - Dagda decides the presence of an Elder Dragon near the sacred grove of Lower World Elysium is not appropriate. In anger, he destroys it with a blast of divine power. We will call that a 50 point attack. As a result, sometime at his choosing, Kototh may freely use 50 points of divine power as he sees fit.

  4. Use of limited amounts of divine power through a servant, follower or champion is permitted as long as said MORTAL acts as he chooses under the divinity's direction. As long as he or she has a degree of free will, this exception is allowed.
  5. Direct combat between divine forces is prohibited. Only battles of servants created under rule 4 will be allowed.

The above are some of the basic laws of the Convocation of the Gods. Hope they clarify things a bit.

Richard L. Snider