Powers and Perils

Notable Characters of the Sea

K'uo Tora Group

Fat Lan Ho - Lord of K'uo TangAge57
Mana Lvl17CastingNAMana RegenNA


Merchant (Most things) EL80, Fighting Dagger EL3, Scholar - Katai, Chunsa and Cerulean History EL70, Lemasan, Dawanan and Kingdom of East History EL60, Ceramics EL80, Drugs EL60, Actor EL8, Rhetoric EL8, Executioner EL7, Husbandry (Dogs) EL80, (Humans) EL70, Horses EL60


Fat inherited leadership of the group when he was 22. Since that time he has been a spider ruling his empire from an opulent lair. With his web of Agents, and strong ties to the Wu Wang, few people have the temerity to challenge him. Those who do usually meet him in person, wearing chains.

The merchant's great joy in life is manipulating people, garnering wealth and collecting items of note. His estate in Scaloo is a treasure trove. It also contains some of the most beautiful women in the world. He enjoys having "eye candy" walking the grounds.

Gioma Lan Ho - K'uo Tang HeirAge35
Mana Lvl15Casting60Mana Regen9


Two Weapon EL7, Dagger EL8, Sword EL6, Armorer EL65, Healer EL7, Herbalist EL60, Rhetoric EL5, Scholar - Crime EL56, Cosmology EL80, Trade EL60, Politics EL50, Thief EL40, Assassin EL4 (Silver Nail)


When Gioma was five the Duke of Scaloo was pressing Fat. After a war, Duke and Fat came to a treaty. Part of it made Gioma the Duke's fosterling. He remained in his house until, at the Age of 20, the Duke died and his heir released him.

Gioma's time there was a two edged sword. The Duke gave him the education proper for a nobleman in addition to training for the criminal trade. He also introduced him to a wizard and looked the other way when Gioma learned.

The negative is that the Duke abused Gioma. From the Age of six to fifteen he served the man's lust whenever the Duke asked it. That fact is not known to anyone.

When he escaped from Scaloo Gioma spent a wild four years traveling. After adventures that took him from Cerul to the Dark Lands, he returned to his father's estate. Soon after he was on the road again as the heir and chief enforcer of the K'uo Tang.

As a part of the second duty the Wu Wang initiated him into their arts. He hides the fact that he is a magician from them. If they found out, there is little doubt they would kill him. They sometimes deal with those who use magic. They never teach one their ways.

Gioma does not have his father's greed. In its place is a lust for power and a sense of fairness. His goal is to become the major power broker in Katai. He is organizing the K'uo Tang to serve as his power base. As Silver Nail, he is working to advance to the level of leadership in the Wu Wang also. He hopes to merge them into one monolith that he commands.

Within the limits of his planned destiny Lan Ho deals fairly with others. Where that is not possible, he squashes them like a bug. He is power driven but he is not an evil or vice ridden man. In fact, he is known for large gifts he has given the poor in the last few years.

NOTE - Gioma's main estate is in Tiansar province. He has two others, one in Scaloo and the other in Pamau. He also owns a hidden tower, for his magic, just over the border in the Cerulean Empire. His wife and daughter live in Tiansar. He has two mistresses in Scaloo and one mistress, with a son, in Pamau.

The Red Prince - K'uo Tang PirateAge38
Mana LvlNACastingNAMana RegenNA


Swords EL14, Two Weapon EL10, Navigator EL35, Seaman EL80, Repeating Crossbow EL7, Sap EL8, Martial Arts EL8, Poetry EL50, Scholar - Wine EL50, Art EL40, Noble Houses EL30


The real name of the Prince is Liu Joteng. His mother is a madam who owns a notable brothel in Tiansar. He does not know who his father is. He believes that he is the bastard son of the former Emperor of Chunrey. Those who sneer at this claim find out how good he is with his sword.

The Prince controls a fleet of twelve vessels. They are based in a hidden cove fifty miles west of Tiansar. He also commands a unit of fifty elite mercenaries. They serve the noble at a high price. Between jobs, they work as pirates and brigands under the direction of their Prince.

Liu is certain of his nobility. He lives the life proper for a ranking noble when at home. He is short tempered and will not accept any insult. He can be dealt with if you acknowledge who he feels he is. Otherwise he is death.

NOTE - Liu honors his mother and insures she is protected and living well. He also dotes on his Dawanan wife and two children. He is the greatest of the K'uo Tang pirates.

Yan Hirama - K'uo Tang PirateAge29
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA


Axes EL11, Whip EL5, Horseman EL6, Seaman EL80, Navigator EL15, Executioner (Torture) EL25, Archer EL6, Brawling EL8


Yan's father was a Sarghut low chief. His mother was a high-ranking Katai woman taken as a slave in a raid. He was raised among the Sarghut until he was nine years old. In that year his father's band attacked Katai and met defeat. Imperial forces liberated him and his mother. In his case, he was not pleased.

The mother and son were repatriated to Ulliaou. Her five year effort to turn him into a decent nobleman of Katai was an abysmal failure. At the Age of 14 she signed him into the Imperial army as a cavalryman. Six months later he killed his training sergeant and deserted.

His flight from Imperial justice took him to sea. He came to enjoy that freedom. When he discovered piracy, he reveled in it. A year ago he killed the Captain of his vessel and made it his. Since that time, two other ships have joined his fleet.

Yan is often called the Devil. He is a red-handed bastard who cares nothing for anyone else. In most ways, he remains a Sarghut warrior in his mindset. His love of torture is legend and proving his physical superiority over enemies is life to him. The three women he has are owned. He uses them as he wishes when he wishes. They are things to enjoy not people.

Countess Amara Group

Amara Ita - Countess of ItaAge29
Mana Lvl13Casting60Mana Regen9


Navigator EL60, Eroticist EL10, Acrobat EL6, Two Dagger EL5, Throwing Dagger EL12, Gambler EL11, Scholar - Ocean EL50, Politics EL80, History of Gambling Arts EL40, Seaman EL25, Herbalist (Poisoner) EL48, Artist EL30


Amara is the fifth child, and only daughter, of the late Moa Chan. When she was eight her father earned the ire of certain Katai nobles. The result was a raid on his home. Her mother and three brothers died. She escaped by hiding in a offal heap for more than a day.

Over the next four years the pressure on the Chan fleet continued. The rest of her brothers died, as did the entire household of her father's only brother.

When she was thirteen Moa made peace with his enemy's heir, after hiring the assassination of the primary enemy. Amara was married to the heir's 15-year-old son to seal the treaty. She was not pleased but, as a dutiful daughter, she obeyed her father's will.

During the seven year marriage Amara's life had two faces. Her husband demanded that she master salacious arts for his pleasure and practice them whenever he wished. When he was at home she was little more than his whore.

When her husband was at sea, which in her view was thankfully often, Amara was cloistered. She could do what she wished to keep busy. As long as she did not leave her rooms, and no man saw her alone, she was free.

She used this time to study what she felt would be needed in the future. Through a slave she also came to learn of the I Chi. She was initiated into its circle of power at the Age of 18.

Over the next year, with magic and herbal poisons, Amara came to own the will of her husband. Her time of cloister ended. Within a year after his fall she ruled his house and was mistress of the forces who owed him fealty.

Three years later her father was taken in a failed raid on Pamau. The Duke executed him. She went to Chunrey, with all the force that would follow her husband, to enforce her right to inherit her father's fleet.

During the six months it took her to insure this she came to the attention of the Count of Ita. Seeing a clear advantAge, she began an affair. Four months later her husband died of disease. A week later the Count announced his intent to make her his third wife. She was 22.

The sole drawback of her position was the need of a noble's wife to give her husband children. She turned that to her advantAge by hiring a priest to convince the Count that seeing a woman while she was with child would weaken him to the point of death.

Once the Count was sold, she announced her pregnancy. He placed her in a fine estate on the coast protected by guards of her choosing. Weeks later the priest was found dead from eating a badly prepared poison fish.

While "pregnant" she had an open expense account and was never visited by her husband. She used three of these sojourns to massively increase the might of her fleet and her wealth. At the end of each, she handed a child to the Count. None came from her womb. She has never been pregnant and never wishes to be.

Amara is a hedonistic woman driven by her love of power and wealth. There is no limit to what she will do to get them, protect her position or stifle an enemy. She is currently the only wife of the Count. The two senior wives died after her first "pregnancy". A plague claimed them and all their children.

To appease the I Chi, Amara is working to control Ita as a prelude to gaining power in Chunrey as a whole. She has begun a plan to gain the friendship of the Chunsa Emperor. Once she has, the Count will die. She will be named regent for her eldest son (a five year old).

With that position in hand, she will be one of the land's notables. This will make her welcome at court at any time. Arranging to become the Emperor's mistress, and future Empress, will not be difficult once this is fact. That success will satisfy her and the I Chi.

Zia Chi Qon - Scholar and slaveAge37
Mana Lvl15Casting128Mana Regen7


Herbalist (Poisoner) EL80, Dancer EL6, Eroticist EL8, Scholar - Cosmology, Chunrey, Katai and L'p'nth History EL60, Psychology EL50, Smuggler EL40, Thief EL8, Executioner (Torture) EL50, Rhetoric EL6


Zia was born in L'p'nth. She came to Katai at the Age of eighteen, beginning service as an Agent for her nation. She made contact with the I Chi after a few months and became a member. Two years later she was chained for sedition in Ci'jian and sold as a slave. Both the I Chi and her mistress in L'p'nth ordered her to accept this fate.

During two years as a slave she did well as an information gatherer and poisoner. With the death of her master, she was vended to a new house. Amara's husband bought her to instruct his new wife in salacious arts. She did that and much more.

Zia has been Amara's overseer in the I Chi, mentor and confidante for fifteen years. She remains at the estate Amara is sent to when her times of seclusion come. She is the ruler of that place and enjoys everything she ever dreamed to have from its throne.

Zia is greedy and lecherous. She will do anything for Amara. Anyone who is a threat to her "protégé" faces quick and deadly attack, often before Amara is aware they are a danger.

Amara is Zia's key to luxury, salacious excess and power. She will not let anyone or anything tarnish her. To date, any attempt to do so has been fatal.

Zia has had four children in her fifteen years as Amara's slave. All but one are slaves at Amara's estate. They are:

Ama - 13 year old daughter

Kord - 11 year old son

Han - 5 year old son

Liu Ti - 2 year old daughter

NOTE - Han is one of three children Amara gave to the Count. Given the deaths from disease in the Count's family, Han Amara Ita is his heir. His other children, both daughters, came from pregnant women who were taken in pirate raids. When the children were born their mothers were killed. They are two years old and four months old.

Biust - SlaveAge30
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA


Hand to Hand EL6, Mace EL12, Servant EL20, Sailor EL45


Twelve years ago Biust left Ocedan on his first voyAge as a Kingdom of the East sailor. After a month at sea the vessel he served on ran afoul of Amara's flagship. In the battle Biust killed four men, including Zia's lover. He has been her property and sex slave ever since.

After a few years of service, Zia lightened her painful hold on the man. She also introduced him to an addictive recreational drug that greatly enhances his ability to satisfy her. He loves her.

As things stand, Biust is her personal body servant and guardsman. There is nothing he will not do for Zia. Because it is her will, he will also do anything for Amara. He has accepted his lot and is happy. He is addicted to both the drug and Zia's use of him.

NOTE - Biust is half Fomorian and half Coasa. He is the father of Kord, Han and Liu Ti. He is aware of that fact. None of his children is. He is just their mother's big toy to them. As she has been known to ride him around the estate, and otherwise use him in their presence, they cannot see him as more.

An Interesting Fact

Zia recently found out that Biust has an identical twin brother. She wants to add him to her stable. Having a matched pair of giant studs appeals to her. As yet she has not been able to arrange the abduction.

The twin brother is the bouncer in a tavern on the Ocedan wharf. He also fights in events for prizes and is a member of the Ocedan city militia. His name is Lomo.

Loa the Bold - Pirate CaptainAge27
Mana Lvl16CastingNAMana RegenNA


Swords EL8, Navigator EL60, Seaman EL80, Merchant - Drugs, Gems, Humans EL65, Two Weapon EL5, Swimming EL4, Actor EL5


Loa is one of the most successful pirates in Amara's fleet. He is a native of the wharfs of Chunrey. Amara gave him his first command two years ago, after he spent a few weeks at her estate proving his "qualifications". He is a money driven politician who can hold his own in a fight. He is also intelligent and pragmatic. Being Amara's sometimes gigolo doesn't bother him. She is a beauty and it speeds his rise to the top.

Nerid Pirates

Asnola Cornice - Nerid CaptainAge33
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA


Brawling EL9, Seaman EL80, Battle Axe EL12, Miscellaneous Throwing EL5, Other Axes EL7, Shield EL6, Navigator EL35


Asnola first went to sea at the Age of seven. He killed the Captain of the vessel he currently owns thirteen years later in a drunken rAge.

When he is sober Asnola is a decent man. His wife, mistress and six kids love him. When he celebrates, or otherwise gets a load on, he is lewd and violent. Crossing him when he is in his cups can be fatal.

Many citizens of Nerid take pride in Asnola being a ranking pirate. He has contacts with the elite of Nerid society and is a blood relation of the Duke. There isn't much he can't get from them if he asks. He isn't the brightest pirate in Nerid. He is one of the most dangerous.

Faoud Lodema - Rogizini AdmiralAge43
Mana Lvl17CastingNAMana RegenNA


Daggers EL5, Navigator EL40, Merchant - Humans EL58, Wine EL40, Perfume EL45, Smuggler EL30, Throwing Dagger EL4, Rhetoric EL11, Vintner EL36, Perfumer EL40


Faoud is a House Mullabi merchant. He ran the district in east Musci Emirate. His wines and perfumes bombed badly, losing the house a lot of money. Being assigned to Nerid was both a punishment and his chance to redeem himself. He has used that chance to live a life of luxury and collect a harem of slaves for himself. He keeps the best of what his vessels take and ships the rest to the Empire. There is no limit to what he will do to preserve the heaven he has forged for himself in the last ten years.

Martin Gorlic - Salaqi AdmiralAge54
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA


Navigator EL50, Seaman EL70, Swimming EL5, Swords EL8, Daggers EL9, Archer EL6, Marine Architect EL40, Gambler EL5, Scholar - Salaqi History and Religion EL80, Assassin EL4, Mathematics EL60


Martin inherited the admiralcy from his father 18 years ago. The Gorlic family is descended from the admiral that brought the Salaqi fleet to Nerid after the Rape of Salaq. They are, and always have been, dedicated to their nation's independence and gaining vengeance on the Donarans (among others).

Gorlic has connections with the Sea Star Society and the Codari. His fleet has been known to support both. He is a stubborn, emotionless man. He will soon pass command of the fleet to his eldest son and concentrate on building Salaqi strength in Nerid.

Jasnor Gorlic - Salaqi CaptainAge35
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA


Navigator EL55, Seaman EL80, Swords EL10, Two Weapon EL7, Daggers EL8, Archer EL6, Marine Architect EL50, Gambler EL5, Eroticist EL2, Artist (Painter) EL30, Scholar - Salaqi History EL80, Rhetoric EL5


Jasnor has served the fleet since he was five. For the last eight years he has been captain of his own vessel and a task force Commodore. He enjoys the sea. He likes hot women, gambling, goideli wine and killing Donarans more. He doesn't let those vices interfere with his duty.

Marul Tresh - Salaqi CaptainAge41
Mana Lvl18CastingNAMana RegenNA

INNATE TALENT - Seaman (11)


Seaman EL91, Navigator EL80, Hand to Hand EL9, Heavy Swords EL10, Other Swords EL12, Shield EL10, Jeweler (Evaluate Gems) EL80, Scholar - Botany, Herblore, Horses, Ranching, Agriculture, Horticulture EL60, Smuggling EL55, Assassin EL5


Marul came to Nerid at the Age of 17. The Codari stole him off the gallows after he was convicted of the murder of a particularly heinous Donaran Count. Given the torture the Donaran executioners inflicted, only his immense stamina let him survive.

During the last few days of the journey the boy was whole enough to move around. He showed talent as a seaman then. The Codari Major who brought him got him a job with the Salaqi fleet.

In the 24 years since that day, except for three years he took off to study at Ticasi, he has become the most infamous and deadly pirate in Nerid.

Marul has no wish to lead a fleet. He wants his ship and the privacy of his estate. Anyone who intrudes on either answers to him. He has a Salaqi wife (Age 34) and three children living there with him.

Simeon Bitte - Donaran PirateAge33
Mana Lvl15Casting109Mana Regen8


Jeweler EL80, Herbalist EL60, Armorer EL60, Scholar - Chaos Cosmology EL50, Demonology EL80, History of Sorcery EL45, Toxins EL60, EL5 Mace, EL5 Fighting Dagger, EL65 Navigator, EL30 Seaman


Simeon's mother was a Samma valley wine merchant. When she inherited her father's holdings, she decided to make her fortune by taking them all to Djanesborg by caravan. The profit to be had was immense.

The pretty young woman's caravan ran afoul of No'reas raiders in the Puessen lands. Everything she owned was stolen. After being forced to watch everyone else die, she was taken as their whore.

After three months of torment the woman, now pregnant, escaped from the raider camp. Two weeks of danger, and narrow escapes from being recaptured, brought her to a Caldan blockhouse on the road. She was indentured because she was penniless but she was safe.

Eighteen months later, with her child at her tit, the woman stole a horse and headed south. Six months of adventure brought her to Dirllar. She sold the horse for enough money to get her a stake. After three years running a small shop in the warrens, she had enough money to join a caravan headed to Donara.

Simeon first saw Donara, at Fortress Mordara, when he was six years old. It was a night he remembers well. While he slept, his mother stole a horse and left without him. He was left in the streets of Mordara alone.

Describing the next five years of his life as hell would be faint description indeed. He wandered, doing what he had to stay alive.

At the Age of eleven, while running with some stolen food, he was stopped cold by a spell. The caster took him as his apprentice and virtual slave. Eight years later, Simeon was a wizard and his master was a corpse. Nineteen year old, hateful, eyes set on his goal, he headed south to the Samma valley. He had a woman to find.

His journey took Simeon to the city of Pelara. There he chanced to come to the attention of Salin. They made an arrangement. He entered the service of the nobleman. A month later he watched as his mother's nude and screaming body was thrown onto a ship headed for Clima. She would be sacrificed to Belial on her arrival.

Over the next three years Salin trained Simeon to serve as an Agent and enforcer. After two years in that duty, he gave him training for the sea and assigned Nerid to him. His goals are to make money for Salin, win influence in Nerid and lay a foundation for Salin to take the city-state over, as he did Chiros.

Salin is the only man Simeon acknowledges as his mental superior. He is arrogant to the extreme and entirely amoral. There is no limit to what he can do to accomplish his ends. Hurting others in doing so is not something he avoids. He enjoys doing it, especially if the victim is a woman.

Bas Blackhide - Donaran PirateAge25
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA


Sword EL14, Shield EL12, Hand to Hand EL8, Seaman EL50, Navigator EL25, Singer EL6, Throwing Dagger EL11


Bas' father is a Donaran count. The man spent 15 years as the Donaran legate in Gom. While there he was given a Nylasa slave woman by a Gomese notable. He succumbed to her charms. The result of their illicit union was Bas.

The man was recalled to Donara when Bas was thirteen. Knowing the boy's appearance would damn him at court, he paid a Gomese friend to care for him and sold his mother.

The friend, a less than respectable individual, kept his word to the Count. He taught Bas everything he knew about fighting and surviving with steel and wits. After four years, he put Bas on a merchant ship with two silver coins in his pouch. It was clear to the boy that there was no need for them to meet again.

After a few years at sea a pirate ship took the ship Bas worked on. Bas impressed the men. They gave him a choice between joining the pirate trade or dying. He signed up. A year later he came to Nerid for the first time.

Five months ago the Captain of the vessel Bas served on retired from the trade. He had his four mates fight to see who would get the ship. Bas won.

Blackhide is interested in combat and adventure. The other elements of the pirate trade mean little. If the chance arises, he will meet his father and find his mother. He isn't going out of his way to make either happen.

Quinn Silverblood - Aratad PirateAge36
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA


Archery EL13, Throwing Dagger EL10, Fighting Dagger EL11, Two Weapon EL11, Acrobat EL10, Navigation EL60, Seaman EL40, Gambler EL8, Rhetoric EL10, Musician EL14


Quinn's mother died giving him birth. She was a farmer's daughter in the hills east of Shiben. On her death his father took him home. He was an elf warrior. Quinn lived with the elves until he was nineteen years old. He left then with a bit of a cloud over his head. He seduced the wrong man's daughter.

Quinn spent four years learning his way around the mortal world. At the Age of 23 he discovered the sea. Two years later he began his career as a pirate, after he was STRONGLY suspected of stealing from an important cargo.

Three years ago he met and seduced Lana. They joined the Nerid fleet together. Since that time they have blazed their way around the Gulf of Salaq.

Quinn is a charismatic man with an infinite zest for life who takes great joy in playing jests on others. He is also more than a bit of a rake and has had more women than he can remember. When Lana discovers a new one, he and "the harlot" pay for his infidelity.

Lana Torchbearer - Aratad PirateAge32
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA


Brawling EL7, Sword EL10, Fighting Dagger EL8, Navigator EL50, Seaman EL60, Cooking EL40, Servant EL40, Singer EL6


Lana was born into slavery in the city of Araou. Her mother was from Novholm. She was trained as a house slave until the Age of 14. When she was being taken to the market to be vended a band of robbers attacked the caravan. She escaped her chains during the confusion. She bears the scars from doing so on her wrists and ankles.

Limping down a road days later, Lana was met by a white haired old man in leather armor. Because he lost a daughter ten years before, he took pity on her. She was on the back of his horse a month later when he left the Rogizini Empire and entered Bhamotin.

During the next five years Lana did what she could to help the old mercenary who adopted her. In doing so, she learned to fight and survive from him.

When she was 19 he was killed in a battle against Cerulean border troops. She barely escaped their pursuit. After a year of wandering, making her living as she could with her sword, Lana found herself in Sivas. Impressing a bastard in a tavern there got her a billet on a pirate vessel. She has served the black flag ever since.

Lana is a dour and taciturn woman. The one bright point in her life is Quinn. She dotes on him and will kill anyone who tries to harm him or take him from her. She is five months pregnant with his child. Because of this, she is building a home on land and looking for a trustworthy captain to take over her ship.

Ravon the Bear - Aratad PirateAge32
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

INATE TALENT - Mental Invulnerability


Seaman EL80, Heavy Swords EL14, Brawling EL8, Navigator EL10, Shield EL5


Ravon isn't the brightest light in the universe. In fact, he is a bit dim-witted. Few people have the temerity to jest about that fact because he is stronger than some walls and becomes insanely violent when he thinks someone insults his intelligence.

That fact is the reason he is no longer in Aratad's fleet. A young officer insulted him. He left after breaking the boy in more than one place. He became a Nerid pirate a few years later, after stealing a ship with the aid of his companion and first mate.

Weasel - Aratad PirateAge33
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA


Swords EL13, Throwing Dagger EL12, Acrobat EL6, Gambling EL5, Navigator EL40, Seaman EL60, Horseman EL9, Shield EL12, Scholar - Magical Arts EL20, Culinary Arts EL40, Clothing EL30, Jeweler (Evaluate Gems) EL50, Archery EL10, Brawling EL8, Thief EL60, Dancer EL9, Musician EL3, Rhetoric EL7


Weasel makes a point of not telling anyone his real name. Not even Ravon knows it. It is clear from his accent that he is a high station person. When he met Ravon, he was cheating at cards in a dangerous tavern. He would have died there without Ravon's bulk at his back.

That disaster led to a need to flee Rhozad as quickly as possible. Weasel convinced Ravon and a few others in need that stealing a ship was the way to get it done. They snagged a penteconter and headed to sea. Since Ravon was the only one who knew anything about ships at the time, he became the Captain.

After the near catastrophes on the way to Nerid, Weasel made a point of learning some navigating. Ravon's "talent" for it almost got them killed four times.

In the years since the men have formed a good team. Few men can match Weasel's speed and deadliness. None who can match up against Ravon's bulk. There aren't many people who risk angering Ravon or his first mate.

Weasel is an acerbic and witty man. He enjoys fine wine, gourmet food and elegant women. There are few men in Nerid who have his refined sense of the social graces. When he has money he only uses the best of everything.

NOTE - Weasel was the only son of a Baronet in northern Aratad. He despised his father and ran away from home at the Age of 12. He met a wizard and served him for a month. He left that service for a job with some entertainers. Three years later he entered the cavalry. He deserted after less than two years and began living as a gambler and thief. His real name is Lamorian Respalin.

Enora Averg - Nerid MoneylenderAge35
Mana Lvl12Casting49Mana Regen5


Moneylender EL60, Scholar - Cosmology EL80, Economics EL75, Metallurgy EL55, Daggers EL5, Sap EL6, Husbandry (Tiger) EL40, Healer EL4, Jeweler EL 70


Enora is a cousin of the noted merchant Jai Averg. She is also a graduate of the university at Ticasi and an Elder Wizard with past ties to the Elf Sidh.

On leaving university nine years ago she decided that Nerid was a fine growth market. With a loan from her cousin she opened up shop on the wharves. Once her magic, and a brace of pet tigers, taught the thieves to hunt elsewhere she established herself.

Enora owns the title on four pirate ships (1 Salaqi, 1 Donaran and 2 Aratad). She also owns three taverns and a dock. There are currently some seventy pirates on the wharves who are in debt to her.

She has two schedules for debt payments. Those who annoy her pay on time with interest or forfeit their collateral. Those who are nice to her, especially handsome men, are given the time they need to pay ... if they stop by her estate when she calls.

Enora is a kind spinster who is a bit lecherous. She is also a businesswoman in every sense of the word. She gets every coin she is due, in money or trade. When she doesn't, the laggard debtor pays dearly.

NOTE - In addition to her tigers, Enora has four guards working for her and eight collectors on retainer. If needed, she can also call her cousin. His network has offices throughout the Sea of Tears. Her estimated fortune is around a thousand gold coins.

Shazi Pirate Group

Harul of the Grey Fire - Shazi PirateAge46
Mana Lvl13Casting120Mana Regen11

INNATE TALENT - Shadow Weaver


Assassin EL6, Navigator EL60, Seaman EL80, Scimitar EL12, Shield EL8, Herbalist (Drugs) EL76, (Poison) EL50, Merchant (Gems) EL50, (Humans) EL40, Gambler EL9


Leadership of the fleet is hereditary. Harul was the third son of the Admiral. This given, he entered the Silver Shadow Society at the Age of 13. When he was 20 his eldest brother was killed at sea. At the Age of 26 his other elder brother died of plague. He was called to the fleet. Four years later his father died in his bed. Harul became Admiral of the Black Fleet. He has served well for 16 years.

Harul is a crafty pragmatist. The centerpoint of his life is tradition. As that marker allows, he enjoys the game of life and revels in besting others. When needed, he can take a life without so much as a blink.

Movar the Potseller - Lord of the Silver Shadow SocietyAge60
Mana Lvl19Casting228Mana Regen11


Throwing Dagger EL13, Assassin EL13, Acrobat EL12, Sword EL9, Herbalist EL80, Jeweler EL80, Survivals EL13, Horseman EL10, Archery EL13, Two Weapon EL9, Merchant (Ceramics) EL80, (Drugs) EL80, (Pottery) EL80


Though they are revered in their homeland the society is a secret organization. Members are only known to each other, in general. Movar was born into the society. His family has been leading participants for 16 generations. He began his active training at the Age of five. At the Age of 19 he earned rank as Agent and priest.

In the 41 years since that day he has shown his ability without fail. He has been the Lord of the Society for the last twelve years. Without exception, his word is law to the Silver Shadow Society.

Movar is an entirely rational man who is not ruled by emotion in any way. He will do what he feels is best for the Society, his family and himself, in that order. Whatever that means to anyone else, he serves his duty as a man as he sees it. He is skilled in Shadow magic (EL9). He also has some minor ability with Chaos and General arts.

Ali ben Shazi - Emir of ShazistanAge33
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA


Merchant - Humans, Drugs, Spices, Cloth, Metal, Antiques, Wine EL60, Scimitar EL6, Axe EL5, Executioner EL50, Rhetoric EL11, Seaman EL30, Horseman EL4, Scholar - Anatomy EL60, Torture Methods EL50, Eroticist EL6, General EL80, Military Architect EL60


Ali inherited the throne four months ago. For the twelve years before then he served six years in the Imperial army and commanded the Shazi army for five. He is not overly spectacular as an offensive general. On the defensive he is a devil. Few officers stand a chance against him unless they have overwhelmingly superior forces at their disposal.

The Emir is working with his partners to upgrade the army and defenses of the island. He has no dream of an independent realm. All he wishes is to insure that no fool of a Rogizini Emperor thinks to make a name for himself by assailing the people of his realm. Shadow and piracy will continue forever in Shazistan. He shall make sure of it.

Other than this obsession, Ali has a few other interests of note. He is a sadist who truly enjoys the art of torture. He also applies his sadistic bent to his overwhelming lust for women. He has 2 wives and 16 courtesans. All tremble when they are called to him. The people of Shazistan consider him to be the finest and most manly Emir in the last three centuries.

NOTE - His women are a collection. Each is the finest representation of a type. He is always on the lookout to fill in gaps in his menAgerie (as he calls his harem) and replace those there with more perfect specimens. He has a four-man unit whose sole job is to search the world for excellence and bring it to his fortress.

Kora ben Harul - Shazi PirateAge29
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA


Brawling EL10, Axes EL11, Archery EL10, Swords EL10, Two Weapon EL7, Navigator EL40, Seaman EL80, Acrobat EL5, Armorer EL30, Ship's Carpenter EL30, Naval Architect EL20, Scholar - Naval History EL30, Sexual Practices EL40, Assassin EL0, Thief EL30


Kora is known as Kora Redmane. Enemies call him Kora the Bastard behind his back. He is the acknowledged eldest son of the Admiral of the Black Fleet. His mother was a Goidanese slave Harul owned. On his birth Harul had Kora tested by the Silver Shadow society. When the magic showed the sire, he claimed his son as his own.

During the first eight years of his life Kora was trained for future membership in the Society. When his father was called to the fleet that ended. He has walked the decks of ships since he was nine. Kora greatly prefers that calling to life as an assassin.

Kora is a physically oriented man with many interests. Perhaps the greatest of them is driven by his lust for women. Given his position in the black fleet, he has many opportunities to experiment where that interest is concerned. He has a high station mistress, owns three pleasure slaves and often makes the tavern circuit when he is in port. It is likely that his father will compel him to marry the mistress in the near future.

Harul ben Harul - Shazi PirateAge25
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA


Shield EL11, Scimitar EL11, Daggers EL11, Hand to Hand EL10, Navigator EL80, Seaman EL60, Merchant (Humans) EL20, Throwing Dagger EL11, Scholar (Shazi History) EL60


The second son of the Admiral is called Harul Bright-Eyes. He is a brilliant man with a short temper and little patience. As the eldest son of one of his father's wives he believes he is heir to the fleet by right. Because of this he detests his brother Kora. One way or another he plans to be Admiral of the Black Fleet when his father dies. Until then, he builds his fortune as a pirate and slaver. He has two wives, four children by them (all daughters) and a notable mistress.

Lillian - Mistress of HarulAge22
Mana Lvl12Casting40Mana Regen11


Herbalist EL50, Healer EL5, Dancer EL10, Eroticist EL10, Acrobat EL5, Miscellaneous Throwing EL8, Cosmology EL40, Rhetoric EL4, Thief EL40, Swords EL3, Archery EL5


Lillian is a neutral witch, a peasant girl who never touched a weapon. She fled Marentia when her nature was discovered. Shazi pirates took the boat she was on. She came to the attention of Harul when she was nude in the slave pens of the Black fleet. He bought her. She has been his mistress ever since.

In the last ten months, she has also been in love with him. She has been working to improve herself for him. It is her wish to do everything she can to give Harul what he wants, both from her and from life.

Lillian is a stubborn, ambitious woman who cares about other people. She also has a vindictive streak. There is little limit to what she can do if she feels it is best for her love. She is three months pregnant with Harul's child. The baby will be a son.

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