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Non-Player Character Generator

The P&P NPC Generator simply generates a file of Non-Player Characters (NPC levels, not PC level characters) with their basic needed stats. The software and documentation was written by Scott Adams.



One day while doing some work on a P&P game I'm running currently I needed some npcs done up. I could've used the good tables to generate them but would've taken alot of paper work to write down so I did this program up in a few minutes and this is it. This is for the P&P Rpg system only however I suppose it could be used for other games if they use similar stats.

What it does

It simply generates a file of Non-Player Characters (NPC levels not PC level characters) with their basic needed stats.

How to run the program

Supply two parameters to the program

  1. Number of npcs to generate
  2. Filename (with extension) to save the npcs to

For example pnpnpcg.exe 14 bandits.npc

(Note: Dos 8+3 limit not LFN format but could be renamed later)


Doesn't do them however you can simply add the MEL to the file by doing a d10 or d20. If there is enough demand however I can add in that ability automatically.


The number of npcs can be up to 2.4 million. However that is a large LARGE file. I think I did 1 million npcs one time just to see it was around 14 megs halfway through :)

100 npcs generated takes only about 5 seconds on my 350 K6-amd. Town.npc are those 100 npcs and is only 29k for comparison of size and speed.

The output

There is a standard display I have done. If there is enough demand maybe I could add in a template ability so you can design your own format for output. Since the output is a strictly text (ascii) file you can edit it however.

Sample output is like:

NPC #1
 Str:17 Sta: 8 Dex: 1 Agi: 8 Int:16 Wil: 3 Elo:13 Emp: 7 Con: 2
 SB:+1 StB: 0 DB :-1 AB : 0 CB :-1 Ap :12
 CEL: 4   CEP: 581   OCV:5 DCV:3   Combat EL:2   MR:10
 EnL:5   Dodge Value:0   MDV:3   DTV:0   CDF:1   Sex:Male
 HPV: 7
Npc # - the npc number First line are the 10 attributes. Normally you only need half of those for combat situations however I did all ten. This assumes Human stats for gender. Second line are the bonuses and appearance Third line is combat info CEL, CEP (this matches) OCV/DCV and combat EL (simple d10) and Movement rate. Fourth line is energy level, dodge value, MDV..etc Sex - 75% chance of male and 25% of female change if need be. Fifth line is the hit points by itself so you can edit it through damage. Notes is for armor, weapons and other things you might want to add.

All stats are done by the book. Aside from Combat EL (d10), sex (the formula above, and CEP random (d1200).

Future Considerations

Only if the demand is needed or I have a need for it :)

Sample files

  1. Town.npc - town of 100 folks
  2. Bandits.npc - Some bandits for a combat situation

Version Information

version 1.00.00 - Initial release
version 1.00.01 - Fixed Runtime #200 Pentium bug (should be :))

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NPC Generator for MS-DOS

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