Powers and Perils

Encounter Charts (PnP V2)


This is my attempt at redoing the Random Encounter Charts based on the version 2 creatures file.

I tried to come up with methods and modifiers for avoiding or attracting encounters. The old system was pretty much listed in alphabetical order for the most part. This was fine but just a clumping of things. So I came up with 3 categories - Mundane, Moderate and Difficult. The Mundane creatures would be the everyday things like dogs, eagles and horses as an example. The moderate would be the next tier of fierce encounters that do not mean hostile just one step above. These might be things like the hippogriff or goblins. The difficult group are those who folks tend to avoid. These might include Dragons or Hydra. The issue is how does one decide which group goes where? I can only estimate their value based on what I read about them while I generated the terrain charts (which monsters were in which terrain for basic setup). The Referee is free to reform any or all of the charts. A novice group will have trouble with everything but Mundanes. But a elite group who can stare at a dragon and kill it will find Difficult the easy ones.

Once the groups are decided one must allocate the numbers to each creature. In order to emphasize each group I have determined a basic 1-50% (Mundane), 51-75 (Moderate) and 76-100 for Difficults. This reflects that based on the modifiers one can avoid or attract encounters. The more difficult creatures would be the high numbers. This isn't statically even but I think this system works.

I have added two new terrains - Grasslands and Tundra. I imagine the south west continent is full of grasslands. While the north is full of tundra/ice fields. So I wanted to add these two areas. I had to again guess what might be there.

Basic Encounter Chance Modifiers

These modifiers are for the Basic Encounter chance. This does not even go into the monster charts yet. This set of modifiers can all, none or some of them used. It is up to the Referee. The GM will determine if party is Avoiding or Encouraging the encounter. If this is not known then avoiding will be the default. If you are avoiding you subtract the modifier to get to the more mundane creatures. If you are encouraging then you add the modifier to increase your chance of harder monsters.

Normal Movement
is that movement mode in which the party is trying to get from one point to another point via some mode of transportation (foot, boat, flying, or mounted). There is no modifier for encounters in this standard mode of movement.
is the mode in which the party is hunting for food for survival. There is a 5% better chance of an encounter in this mode.
is the mode in which the party is actively trying to find or track something specific. There is a 10% better chance of an encounter in this mode (-10 to roll) due to the slowness of movement.
is the stationary mode in which the party is camped or resting in an area suitable for a camp. While camped because of the defensive way of camps there is a 5% chance less of an encounter (+5 to roll).
Ability to detect danger and avoid them. The Skill EL will determine the modifier. The higher the EL the less chance of an encounter UNLESS person chooses to ignore his skill for avoiding danger. Only applies to Forest encounters.
As with Forester but for the terrain they have skill in if in that terrain. The higher the EL the less chance of an encounter. May be combined with the Forester modifier.
Highest Tracker EL will determine the Modifier. This allows those who wish to have an encounter (-EL/10) or avoid an encounter (+EL/10).
Other Terrain related skills
Allows party with highest EL to avoid or increase chance of encounter in above terrains. With +EL/10 to avoid or -EL/10 to increase chance of encounter.

Method of TransportModifier Roll
Normal0 0
Hunting+5% -5
Searching+10% -10
Camped-5% +5
ForesterEL/10%EL/10 RU
SurvivalEL% EL
TrackingEL/10%EL/10 RU
HillsmanEL/10%EL/10 RU
MountainerEL/10%EL/10 RU
PlainsmanEL/10%EL/10 RU
SeamanEL/10%EL/10 RU
Other Terrain SkillEL/10%EL/10 RU
IntelligentInt/10%Int/10 RU

EXAMPLE - Sid is avoiding an encounter of pack of Kotothi creatures. He has EL43 in Forester, Forest Survival of EL8. so has a +4% and +8% for a total of +12% (+12 to encounter basic chance).

Monster Type Chart Encounter Modifiers

Once an encounter is determined optional rule is that Int can play a roll. To avoid less dangerous creatures you can use Int/10% (-Int/10). To increase chance of more difficult monsters then +Int/10% (+Int/10). But the GM The GM can even use the Basic Encounter mods as well if so desired.

Encounter Charts

A. Aerial Encounters

Day Night
CreatureHumanNoneCreatureHuman None
01-141516-10001-0910 11-100
Aerial Day Encounters
01-12Animals, Eagle
13-24Animals, Falcon
25-37Animals, Hawk
38-50Fire Snake
51-52Demons, Storm
53-54Elementals, Air
59-60Flaming Steed
61-62Giants, Storm (in lair)
68-69Jinn Races, Peri
74-75Vily, Aerial
76-77Ahuras, Ahura
80-81Chimearas, Chimana
84-85Dragons, Lun
86-87Dragons, Dragons
88-89Lis X
97-98Demons, Storm Dragons
99-100Seker X
Aerial Night Encounters
01-25Animals, Hawk
26-50Tonah, Bird form only
52-53Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
55Baobhan Sith
61-62Jinn Races, Peri
63-64Jinn Races, Ifret
65-66Jinn Races, Jinn
72-73Shadow Hawk
76Ahuras, Ahura
77Ahuras, Kerubim
78Akhkharu, Vampire
80Chimearas, Chimeara
82Demons, Imp
83Demons, Storm
84Demons, Storm Dragons
85Demons, Terrestial
86Demons, Iritxu
87Demons, Decay
88Demons, Disease
89Demons, Harab Serapel
90Dragons, Dragons
91Dragons, Elder
82Elementals, Air
98Soul Daiva
99Giants, Storm (in lair)

B. Badlands Encounters

Day Night
CreatureHumanNoneCreatureHuman None
01-0910-2021-10001-1516-20 21-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Badlands Day Encounters
01-02Animals, Antelope
03-04Animals, Cliff Bear
05-06Animals, Donkey/Burro
07-08Animals, Draft Horse
09-11Animals, Eagle
12-14Animals, Falcon
15-17Animals, Goat
18-20Animals, Hawk
21-22Animals, Leopard
23-24Animals, Lion
25-26Animals, Mule
27-28Animals, Ox
29-31Animals, Sheep
32-33Animals, Tiger
34-35Animals, Waste Lion
36-38Animals, Wolf
39-40Camel [Domestic, Draft]
41-42Camel [Domestic, War]
43-44Camel [Wild]
45-46Fire Snake
47-48Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
49-50Riding Horse II (Mustang)
51-52Fire Lions
53-54Giants, Earth
55-56Giants, Fire
57-58Giants, Hill
59-60Giants, Storm
61-62Great Ape
63-64Great Serpen
71-72Scorpion Beast
75Tower Lord X
76Anakim (Immortal)
78-79Chimearas, Chimana
80-82Demons, Storm Dragons
83Dragons, Dragons
84Dragons, Lun
85Dragons, Wyrm
86-87Earth Eater
Badlands Night Encounters Chart A
01-07Animals, Antelope
08-14Animals, Asp
15-21Animals, Cliff Bear
22-28Animals, Desert Lion
29-35Animals, Hyena
36-42Animals, Leopard
43-50Animals, Mustang
51Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
54Border Redcap
55Cu Sidhe
57Daoine Sidhe
58Demons, Disease
59Demons, Firehound
60Demons, Herab Serapel
61Demons, Imp
62Demons, Storm
63 Dirasa
65-66Fire Lions
67-68Fire Snake
70Great Ape
71-72Great Serpent
73 Lis
76-78Anakim (Immortal)
83-84Chimearas, Chimeara
85-86 Daive
87-89Demons, Storm Dragons
90-92Demons, Terrestial
93-95 Dragons, Wyrm
96-98Giants, Earth
99-100Giants, Fire
Badlands Night Encounters Chart B
01-08Animals, Steppe Pony
09-16Animals, Tiger
17-25Animals, Waste Lion
26-33Animals, Wild Cat
34-41Animals, Wild Dog
42-50Animals, Wolf
53Fata Sheen
63-64Scorpion Beast
70-71Trolls, Rock Troll
72-73Trolls, Troll
76-78Giants, Hill
79-81Giants, Storm
86-88Shadow Hawk
89-91Shadow Warrior
92-93The Kiana'shan
94-95Tower Lord X

C. City Encounters

Day Night
01-0405-4546-10001-0607-4041-100(If foreign or wealthy)
01-0405-6061-10001-0607-5051-100(If foreign & wealthy)

NOTE - Reduce human chance of encounter by 15 if a person is heavily armored or physically intimidating.

City Day Encounters
01-02Animals, Bull (Cattle) X
03-04Animals, Cow
05-07Animals, Cat
08-09Animals, Deer
10-12Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
13-14Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
15-16Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
17-18Animals, Donkey/Burro
19-20Animals, Draft Horse
21-22Animals, Eagle
23-24Animals, Falcon
25-26Animals, Goat
27-28Animals, Hawk
29-30Animals, Mule
31-32Animals, Ox
33-34Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
35-36Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
37-38Animals, Riding Horse III
39-40Animals, Riding Horse IV
41-42Animals, Sheep
43-44Animals, War Horses
45-46Camel [Domestic, Draft]
47-48Camel [Domestic, War]
49-50Camel [Wild]
51-56Demons, Disease}
57-62Anakim (Mortal) X
63-68 Kumiho}
69-75 Master}
76-77Akhkhara, Vampire*
78-80 Akhkhara}
81-82Akhkhara, Lamia*
83-84 Pseudothei}
85-100Other Animals**
City Night Encounters
01-09Animals, Cat
10-19Animals, Dog
20-27Animals, Deer
28-35Animals, Pig
36-43Animals, Wild Cat
44-50Animals, Wild Dog
51-52Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
53-54Anakim (Mortal)
55-56Demon, Decay
57-58Demons, Disease
59-60Demons, Hellhound
61-63Demons, Imp
64-65Demons, Terrestial
66-68 Ghost
69-71Jinn Racss, Jinn
72-73 Kumiho
74-75Shadow Hawk
76-77Akhkharu, Lamia*
78-79Akhkharu, Sucubus (Female)
80-81Akhkharu, Vampire*
82-83Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
84-85 Barquest
86-87 Devils
88-89Kejani Ki (Shadow Temple only)
90-91 Lalassu
92-93 Poltergeist
94-95 Pseudothei
96-97 Were-creatures
98-100Other Animals**
*The encounter is with the diurnal resting place of the creature. Thralls of the creature will be in the area near the master.
**Any other common animal found in a city.

D. City Margins Encounters

Day Night
01-0516-2031-10001-0910-15 16-100

NOTE - City Margins are FIVE miles, or the city population divided by 2000 miles (rounded up) of a city.

City Margins Day Encounters
01-02Animals, Boar
03-04Animals, Bull (Cattle)
05-06Animals, Cat
07-08Animals, Cow
09-10Animals, Deer X
11-12Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
13-15Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
16-17Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
18-19Animals, Donkey/Burro
20-21Animals, Draft Horse
22-23Animals, Eagle
24-25Animals, Falcon
26-27Animals, Goat
28-29Animals, Hawk
30-31Animals, Mule
32-33Animals, Ox
34-35Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
36-37Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
38-39Animals, Riding Horse III
40-41Animals, Riding Horse IV
42-43Animals, Sheep
44-45Animals, War Horses
46-47Animals, Wolf
48Camel [Domestic, Draft]
49Camel [Domestic, War]
50Camel [Wild]
51-54 Master
55-58 Shiroona
59-62Demon, Diease
63-66Anakim (Mortal)
67-70The Brown Man
71-75 Anari
76-78Druga X
79-81Kumiho X
82-84Lis X
85-87Pseudothei X
88-90Trazire X
91-93Vrykalakas X
94-96Other Animals***
97-100Closest Terrain***
City Margins Night Encounters
01-05Animals, Cat
06-10Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
11-15Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
16-20Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
21-25Animals, Deer
26-30Animals, Hyena
31-35Animals, Pig
36-40Animals, Wild Cat
41-45Animals, Wild Dog
46-50Animals, Wolf
51Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
52Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
53 Anari
54Demons, Disease
55Demons, Imp
56-57 Dead
58 Dirasa
59 Herensuge
60-61 Ghost
62-63Jinn Racss, Jinn
64 Lis
65-66 Poltergeist
67-68Shadow Fox
69-70Shadow Hawk
71The Brown Man
72-73 Tonah
74-75 Were-creatures
76Akhkharu, Lamia*
77Akhkharu, Sucubus (Female)
78Akhkharu, Vampire*
79 Alu
80Anakim (Mortal)
81 Asura
82 Daive
83Demons, Iritxu
84Demons, Decay
85Demons, Terrestial
86 Devils
87 Druga
88 Edimmu
89 Kumiho
90 Lalassu
91 Lich
92 Lunafey
93 Pseudothei
94 Qutrub
95 Rakshasha
96Soul Daiva
97 Trazire
98 Vrykalakas
99Closet Terrain**
100Other Animals***
*The encounter is with the diurnal resting place of the creature. Thralls of the creature will be in the area near the master. This can include wild animals as well.
**Reroll on the closet terrain to the city margins.
***Any other common animal found in a city.

E. Desert Encounters

Day Night
01-0607-1516-10001-1617-25 26-100
Desert Day Encounters
01-04Animals, Antelope
05-06Animals, Boar
07-08Animals, Cliff Bear
09-10Animals, Donkey/Burro
11-12Animals, Draft Horse
13-15Animals, Eagle
16-18Animals, Falcon
19-21Animals, Goat
22-24Animals, Hawk
25-26Animals, Leopard
27-28Animals, Lion
29-31Animals, Mule
32-33Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
34-35Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
36-38Animals, Sheep
39-40Animals, Waste Lion
41-42Animals, Wild Dog
43-45Animals, Wolf
46-47Camel [Domestic, Draft]
48-49Camel [Domestic, War]
50Camel [Wild]
51-53 Blancara
54-56 Griffin
57-60 Hippogriff
61-63Jinn Races, Peri
64-66 Lis
67-69 Master
70-72Shadow Hawk
73-75Tower Lord
76-78 Basilisk
79-82Demons, Disease
83-85Dragons, Dragons
86-88Dragons, Lun
89-92 Elefan
93-96 Roc
97-100 Wyvern
Desert Night Encounters
01-05Animals, Antelope
06-10Animals, Asp
11-15Animals, Bear
16-20Animals, Deer
21-25Animals, Desert Lion
26-30Animals, Hyena
31-35Animals, Leopard
36-40Animals, Waste Lion
41-45Animals, Wild Dog
46-50Animals, Wolf
51Akhkhara, Vampire Worm
52 Barquest
53Border Redcap
54 Bouba
55Dark's Serpent
56Demons, Firehound
57Demons, Imp
58Fata Sheen
59-60 Gargoyle
61 Gartula
62 Gwyligi
63 Haunier
64Jinn Racss, Jinn
65Jinn Races, Peri
66 Lis
67 Nar'morel
68Scorpion People
69 Sernemu
70Serpent Women
71Shadow Hawk
72 Te'sla
73 Tonah
74 Basilisk
75 Charontes
76 Daive
77 Dalhan
78Demons, Disease
79Demons, Herab Serapel
80Demons, Heliophobic
81Demons, Terrestial
82Demons, Iritxu
83Dragons, Dragons
84Dragons, Surge (Devil)*
85Dragons, Wyrm
86 Devils
87 Dirasa
88 Div
89Fire Lions
90 Fusin
91Giants, Fire
92 Herensuge
93 Lich
94 Lunafey
95 Osnada
96 Qutrub
97 Rakshasha
98Scorpion Beast
99 Spriggans
100 Wyvern
*Surge is special rare encounter that should be given in his main desert. So the Referee will have to reroll if outside that desert or come up with a reason for him to be in current desert.

F. Forest Encounters

Day Night
01-1011-2526-10001-2021-25 26-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Forest Day Encounters
01Animals, Antelope
02Animals, Auroch
03-05Animals, Bear
06-08Animals, Boar
09Animals, Bull (Cattle)
10Animals, Cow
11-13Animals, Deer
14Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
15Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
16Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
17Animals, Donkey/Burro
18Animals, Draft Horse
19-21Animals, Eagle
22-25Animals, Falcon
26Animals, Goat
27-29Animals, Hawk
30Animals, Lion
31Animals, Mule
32Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
33Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
34Animals, Riding Horse III
35Animals, Riding Horse IV
36Animals, Sheep
37Animals, Tiger
38Animals, War Horses
39-41Animals, Wild Cat
42-44Animals, Wild Dog
45-46Animals, Wolf
47Animals, Zehani Wolf
48 Argol
49 Blancara
50Bush Warrior
51 Cadue
52 Centaur
53Cu Sith
54Dae'ta Koti
55Demons, Disease
56 Dryad
57 Edali
58 Elefan
59Fay Horses
60Fire Lions
61Fire Snake
62 Forestals
63Great Ape
64Great Serpent
65Great Spider
66Green Lady
67 Lis
68 Master
69 Minotaur
70 Nakinal
71 Orchi
72 Pegasus
72 Satyr
73Serpent Women
74 Shiroona
75Sidh Boar
76Tower Lord
77Vily, Forest
78Ahuras, Vereghina
79Anakim (Mortal)
80Anakim (Immortal)
81 Anari
82Demons, Storm Dragons
83Dragons, Dragons
84 Druga
85 Ents
86 Firbolg
87High Vily
88 Kumiho
89 Leon
89 Naga
90 Omari
91 Pseudothei
92 Seirim
93Soul Son
94The Brown Man
95 Trazire
96Tree of Souls
97 Vrykalakas
98-100Wood Nymph
Forest Night Encounters Chart A
01-06Animals, Antelope
07-13Animals, Bear
14-19Animals, Boar
20-26Animals, Cat
27-33Animals, Deer
34-40Animals, Hyena
41-45Animals, Leopard
46 Athach
47 Boabhan
48Baobhan Sith
49 Besamar
50Blood Wolf
51 Bugbear
52Bush Warrior
53Cait Sith
54 Centaur
55Cuca Queen
56Cu Sidhe
57Daeta A'Miri
58Dae'ta Koti
59Daoine Sidhe
60Demons, Disease
61Demons, Imp
62 Dirasa
63 Dryad
65 Elf
66 Ents
67 Faerry
68Fata Sheen
69 Fauns
70Fay Horses
71Fire Lions
72 Forestals
73 Fusin
74 Gartula
75Anakim (Mortal)
76Anakim (Immortal)
77 Anari
78 Barquest
79 Daive
80Demons, Iritxu
81Demons, Storm
82Demons, Storm Dragons
83Demons, Terrestial
84 Devils
85 Div
86Dragons, Wyrm
87 Druga
88Giants, Forest
89Giants, Storm
90 Gwydi
91 Gwyligi
92 Hags
93 Haunier
94High Vily
95 Kejan'po
96 Kumiho
97 Labbrila
98 Larshee
99 Leon
100 Lich
Forest Night Encounters Chart B
01-07Animals, Tiger
08-14Animals, Wild Cat
15-21Animals, Wild Dog
22-28Animals, Wolf
29-35Animals, Zehani Wolf
36-42Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
43-49Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
50 Goblin
51Great Ape
52Great Serpent
53Great Spider
54Green Lady
55 Hob
56 Hobgoblin
57 Lis
58 Ogre
59 Orchi
60 Minotaur
61 Mir
62 Pegasus
63 Poltergeist
64 Satyr
65 Searbhani
66Serpent Women
67Shadow Fox
68Shadow Hawk
69Sidh Boar
70 Sprite
71 Tonah
72Trold Folk
73Trolls, Wood Troll
74Tower Lord
75 Unicorn
76 Whispers
77 Zombie
78 Lunafey
79 Manticore
80 Midge
81 Molani
82 Naga
83 Nar'morel
84 Nebora
85 Pseudothei
86 Omari
87 Qutrub
88 Romati
89Scorpion Beast
90 Seirim
91Shadow Beast
92Soul Son
93The Brown Man
94The Kiana'shan
95 Trazire
96Tree of Souls
97Vily, Forest
98 Vrykalakas
99Wood Nymph
100 Zshar-ptitsa

G. Grasslands Encounters

Day Night
01-0910-1516-10001-1819-23 24-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Grasslands Day Encounters
01-02Animals, Antelope
03Animals, Auroch
04-05Animals, Bear
06-07Animals, Boar
08-09Animals, Bull (Cattle)
10-11Animals, Cow
12-13Animals, Deer
14-15Animals, Donkey/Burro
16-17Animals, Draft Horse
18-19Animals, Eagle
20-21Animals, Falcon
22-23Animals, Goat
24-25Animals, Hawk
26-27Animals, Leopard
28-29Animals, Lion
30-31Animals, Pig
32-33Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
34-35Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
36-37Animals, Riding Horse III
38-39Animals, Riding Horse IV
40-41Animals, Sheep
42-43Animals, Tiger
44Animals, War Horses
45-46Animals, Wild Cat
47-48Animals, Wild Dog
49-50Animals, Wolf
51-52 Argol
53-54 Blancara
55-56 Centaur
57-58Cu Sith
59-60 Elefan
61-62 Firbolg
63-64Fire Lions
65-66Fire Snake
67-68Great Ape
69-70 Hippogriff
71 Master
72-73 Pegasus
74-75 Tonah
76-79Demons, Storm
80-83Demons, Terrestial
84-88Giants, Forest
89-92Giants, Storm
93-96 Hydra
97-100 Shiroona
Grasslands Night Encounters Chart A
01-06Animals, Antelope
07-12Animals, Bear
13-18Animals, Boar
19-24Animals, Cat
25-30Animals, Deer
31-35Animals, Hippopotamus
36-40Animals, Hyena
41-45Animals, Leopard
46-50Animals, Lion
51 Athach
52 Besamar
53Blood Wolf
54-55 Bouba
56The Brown Man
57-58Bush Warrior
59-61Cait Sith
62-64 Centaur
65Cuca Queen
66Cu Sidhe
67-68Daeta A'Miri
69-70Dae'ta Koti
71-72Demons, Disease
73-74 Faerry
75Fata Sheen
76-77Demons, Iritxu
78-79Demons, Storm
80-81Demons, Terrestial
82-83 Devils
84 Dirasa
85 Div
86Dragons, Wyrm
87-88 Druga
89-90 Dzaliri
91-92 Fusin
93-94 Gartula
95-96Giants, Forest
97-98Giants, Storm
99 Gwydi
100 Haunier
Grasslands Night Encounters Chart B
26-28Animals, Mule
29-31Animals, Ox
32-34Animals, Tiger
35-37Animals, War Horses
38-40Animals, Wild Cat
41-43Animals, Wild Dog
44-46Animals, Wolf
47-50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51-52 Fauns
53Fay Horses
54-55Fire Lions
56-57Fire Snake
58-59 Goblin
60-61Great Ape
62-63Great Serpent
64-65 Hobgoblin
66 Lis
67-68 Minotaur
69 Orchi
70 Pegasus
71-73 Tonah
74-75 Zombie
76 Herensuge
77 Hydra
78 Kumiho
79 Labbrila
80 Larshee
81 Leon
82 Lunafey
83 Manticore
84 Matapone
85 Midge
86 Mir
87 Nar'morel
98 Nebora
89 Omari
90 Pseudothei
93 Qutrub
92 Searbhani
93 Shachihoko
94Shadow Hawk
95Soul Son
96-98 Sprite
99 Vrykalakas
100 Zshar-ptitsa

H. Guardian Encounters

There are no base encounter chance for this table. It may be used by the Referee to assign a random guardian to a treasure that he has created, or to select a guardian of his choice. (If the Referee chooses to select a guardian, he may also use the Treasure Relevant Creature list in Book Four).

Guardian Possible Encounters
RollResultSSCommon Settings*
01A'EquinN/ASacred Area, Temple
02A'moraInTCommon Area
03Ahuras, Ahura N/ASacred Area, Temple
04Ahuras, Kerubin N/ASacred Area, Temple
05Akhkharu, ImmortalNigUnderground Shrine
06Akhkharu, Lamia NigEnclosed Area, Temple
07Akhkharu, Sucubus (Female)NigEnclosed Area, Temple
08AlalN/ATemple, Open Shrine
09-10Animals, Zehani Wolf NigCave
11ArgolDayOpen Area
12AsuraN/ASacred Area, Temple
13AthachN/AEnclosed Area, Cave
14BarquestNigAny settings
15Beasts, Corruption N/AEnclosed Area, Temple
16Beasts, Disorder N/AEnclosed Area
17Beasts, Fiery Hate N/AEnclosed Area
18Beasts, TerrorN/AEnclosed Area, Altar
19Beasts, Kekoni (Darkness)N/AAltar
20BeithirIntLake, River
21BoubaNigCave, Corridor
22CharontesN/ATemple, Cave, Altar
23Chimearas, Chimana DayOpen Area, Temple
24Chimearas, Chimeara NigOpen Area
25Cuca Queen NigLake, Rivers
26Cu SidheNigDaoine Sidhe castle
27Cu Sith DayForest, Elf/Faerry palace
28DaiveN/ACave, Enclosed Area
29Daoine SidheNigSacred & Enclosed Areas
30-31The Dead N/ACemetary, Ruin
32Dark's Serpent NigDesert Cave, Ruin
33-34Demons, DecayN/ACrypt, Masoleum
35-36Demons, Disease NigAny setting
37-38Demons, Fiery SpiritN/AAny setting
39-40Demons, Firehound NigAny lightless area
41-41Demons, Herab SerapelN/AAny setting
42-43Demons, HeliophobicN/AAny lightless area
44-45Demons, Hellhound N/AUnderground, Roadway
46-47Demons, Iritxu NigAny setting
48-49Demons, Nergali N/AUndergroumd, Temple
50-51Demons, Storm N/AOpen Area
52-53Demons, Storm Dragons IntOpen Area
54-55Demons, TerrestialN/AAny setting
56DevilsNigAny setting
57DivNigSacred Area, Temple
58Dragons, Dragons DayCave, Ruin
59Dragons, Elder NigCave, Ruin
60Dragons, Lun DayCave, Ruin
61Dragons, Wyrm IntAny settings
62-63DwarfNigDwarf city, Underground
64EdimmuN/ABarrow, Crypt, Mausoleum
65-66ElfNigForest, Grove
67Elementals**N/AAny setting
68-69FaerryNigForest, Grove
70Fata SheenNigForest, Grove
71FirbolgNigAny wooded area
72Fire LionsN/AAny setting
73-74GriffinDayCave, Temple
75GwydiIntSacred Area, Temple
76GwyligiNigAny lightless area
77HydraN/ACave, Temple, Swamp
78Kejani KiN/AAny lightlnss area
79Kejan'poN/AAny lightless area
80Kiana'nirN/AAny lightless area
81KumihoN/AAny lightless area
83LarsheeNigEnclosed Area, Ruin
84LeonIntAny setting
85LichNigEnclosed Area, Altar
86ManticoreNigAny setting
87MasterDaySacred Area, Temple
88Mer People, Merman IntUnderground, Water
89Mer People, MermaidNigUnderground, water
90MolaniNigAny setting
92NagaIntAny setting
93-64PoltergeistN/AAny lightless setting
95Sentinel BeastN/AAltar, Temple
96TatzlwurmIntAny setting
97Tower LordN/ATower, Castle
98VrykalakasIntCemetary, Ruin
99-100ZombieNigCemetary, Ruin
*Areas where the creature specified is most likely to be serving as a guardian, if any setting is listed there are no restrictions.
**Elementals that are found as guardians will be activated by violation of a ward on the area. They will be in a container as specified in the Elemental section.

I. Hill Encounters

Day Night
01-1011-2526-10001-2021-30 31-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Hill Day Encounters
01Animals, Auroch
02-04Animals, Bear
05-07Animals, Boar
08Animals, Bull (Cattle)
09Animals, Cliff Bear
10Animals, Cow
11-13Animals, Deer
14-16Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
17-18Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
19-20Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
20Animals, Donkey/Burro
21Animals, Draft Horse
22-24Animals, Eagle
25-27Animals, Falcon
28-30Animals, Goat
31-33Animals, Hawk
34Animals, Leopard
35Animals, Lion
36Animals, Mule
37Animals, Ox
38Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
39Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
40Animals, Riding Horse III
41Animals, Riding Horse IV
42-44Animals, Sheep
45Animals, War Horses
46Animals, Waste Lion
47-50Animals, Wolf
51 Abnari
52 Afanc
53 Argol
54 Athach
55 Blancara
56Demons, Disease
57 Edali
58 Elefan
59 Firbolg
60Fire Lions
61Giants, Hill
62-63Great Ape
64Great Serpent
65-66 Griffin
67-68 Hippogriff
69 Lis
70 Leon
71 Master
72 Nakinal
73 Orchi
74 Shiroona
75Vily, Hill X
76 Anari
77Ahuras, Vereghina
78Anakim (Mortal)
79-80Chimearas, Chimana
81Chimearas, Chimeara
82Dragons, Dragons
83-84Dragons, Lun
85Dragons, Wyrm
86 Druga
87-88Giants, Earth
89-90Giants, Storm
91-92 Omari
92 Roc
93-94Soul Son
95-96 Tatzlwurm
97 Trazire
98The Brown Man
99-100 Wyvern
Hill Night Encounters Chart A
Roll Result
01-07Animals, Antelope
08-15Animals, Boar
16-22Animals, Cat
23-29Animals, Deer
30-36Animals, Hyena
37-43Animals, Leopard
44-50Animals, Lion
51Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
52 Aatxe
53 Athach
54 Boabhan
55 Besamar
56-57Border Redcap
58-59 Bugbear
60-61Cait Sith
62-63Cu Sidhe
64Demons, Disease
65 Dirasa
66-67 Dwarf
68-69 Elf
70Fata Sheen
71Fay Horses
72Fire Lions
73 Fusin
74 Gargoyle
75 Gartula
76Anakim (Mortal)
77 Anari
78 Daive
79-80Demons, Terrestial
81 Devils
82 Druga
83Dragons, Wyrm
84Dragons, Dragons
85 Dzaliri
86-87Giants, Earth
88-89Giants, Fire
90-91Giants, Hill
92-93Giants, Storm
94 Haunier
95 Herensuge
96 Kejan'po
97 Kumiho
98 Labbrila
99 Larshee
100 Lich
Hill Night Encounters Chart B
Roll Result
01-07Animals, Pig
08-14Animals, Tiger
15-21Animals, Waste Lion
22-28Animals, Wild Cat
29-35Animals, Wild Dog
36-43Animals, Wolf
44-50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51 Goblin
52-53Great Ape
54-55Great Serpent
56 Gwydi
57 Gwyligi
58 Hags
59 Hob
60-61 Hobgoblin
62 Tonah
63Jinn Races, Ifreet
64 Lis
65 Leon
66-67 Ogre
68 Orchi
69-70Trolls, Rock Troll
71-72Trolls, Troll
73True Sidhe
74-75 Zombie
76 Lunafey
77-78 Manticore
79 Midge
80 Mir
81 Pseudothei
82-83 Poltergeist
84 Omari
85 Qutrub
86 Rakshasha
87 Romati
88 Searbhani
89-90Shadow Hawk
91 Spriggans
92 Tatzlwurm
93Soul Son
94 Trazire
95The Brown Man
96-97 Whispers
98-99Vily, Hill
100 Vrykalakas

J. Jungle Encounters

Day Night
01-1011-2021-10001-1516-20 21-100
Jungle Day Encounters
01-07Animals, Antelope
08-14Animals, Asp
15-22Animals, Boar (x2)*
23-30Animals, Crocodile
31-37Animals, Eagle
38-45Animals, Lion
46-50Animals, Swamp Buffalo
51-52Daeta A'Miri
53-54Demons, Disease
55-56 Elefan
57-58Fire Snake
59-61Great Ape
62-63Great Spider
64-65Leon X
66-67Lis X
68-69 Molani
70-71Naga X
72-73 Nakinal
74-75Serpent Women
76-79 Bouba
80-83Dae'ta Koti
84-87 Dirailla-ta
88-90Dragons, Dragons
91-93Dragons, Wyrm
94-97 Seker
98-100Tree of Souls
Jungle Night Encounters
01-06Animals, Anaconda
07-13Animals, Asp
14-20Animals, Boar (x2)*
21-26Animals, Crocodile
27-32Animals, Hippopotamus
33-38Animals, Hyena
39-44Animals, Leopard
45-50Animals, Tiger
51 Aatxe
52Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
53-54 Bouba
55-56Bush Warrior
57-58Daeta A'Miri
59Demons, Disease
60 Dirailla-ta
61 Dirasa
62-63Fire Snake
64 Fusin
65-66Great Ape
67Great Serpent
68-69Great Spider
70-71 Leon
72 Lis
73Serpent Women
74-75 Tonah
76-77Dae'ta Koti
78-79Demons, Terrestial
80-81Dragons, Dragons
82-83Dragons, Wyrm
84-85 Gartula
86 Kejan'po
87-88 Labbrila
89-90 Molani
91-92 Naga
93-94 Nebora
95 Seker
96 Shachihoko
97Soul Son
98The Kiana'shan
99-100Tree of Souls
*The Jungle Boar is twice the size of the normal creature. Modify the listed AHP, CV and S by 2. All other factors will remain the same unless the Referee wants to reduce the speed, A or D or wants to increase its DTV.

K. Lower World Encounters

The Lower World is a twilight world of great peril. The Tables that follow are divided up into the The Elder Lands, The Pale of Kototh, and the Elemental Kingdoms. The Elder Lands are ruled by the Sidh & other Elder Races. The Pale of Kototh is governed by Kototh, his children and the races that they have spawned. Elemental Kingdoms are areas composed of pure elements, and is populated by Elementals and creatures that are tied to the dominant element of the area. For further details see Book Three section 1.3. The last Region is Other Regions. This is the area between realms or areas where creatures have been taken into this area by other forces.

CreatureHuman None
01-2425 26-100
Lower World Encounters
The Elder Lands
01-02 Alfar
03-04 Afanc
05-06 Anwora
07-08 Asrai
09-10 Barquest
11-14 Besamar
15-18Cait Sith
19-22 Centaur*
23-26Cu Sith
27-30 Dwarf*
31-32 Dryad**
33-34 Dzaliri
35-38 Elf*
39-42 Faerry*
43-46Fay Horses*
47-48Fata Sheen
49-50 Gwydi
51-52 Hags
53-54 Haunier
55-56High Vily
57-60 Hob
61-62Jinn Races, Ifreet
63-64Jinn Racss, Jinn
65-66Jinn Races, Peri
67-68 Larshee
69-70 Naga
71-74 Peist
-75-76 Satyr
77-78 Searbhani
79-82Sidh Boar
83-84 Simurgh
85-88 Tonah*
89-92 Unicorn
93-96 Vily
97-98 Whispers
99-100Wood Nymph
Lower World Encounters
The Pale of Kototh
01-02 Bouba
03-04Baobhan Sith
05-07Border Redcap
08-10 Bugbear
11-13Cu Sidhe
14-15 Cuca
16-17Cuca Queen
18-20Dae'ta Koti
21-23Daoine Sidhe*
24-25Dragons, Elder *
26-28Earth Eater
29-30 Fauns
31-32 Firbolg
33-34 Gartula
35-37Giants, Earth *
38-40Giants, Fire *
41-43Giants, Forest
44-46Giants, Frost
47-49Giants, Hill
50-52Giants, Mountain *
53-54Giants, Sea
55-57Giants, Storm
58-60 Goblin
61-63Great Serpent
64-66Great Spider
67-68 Grundwergen
69-70 Herensuge
71-73 Hobgoblin
74-75 Midge
76-78 Minotaur
79-80 Nebora
81-83Sprite *
84-86Trolls, Eld Troll
87-89Trolls, Rock Troll *
90-92Trolls, Troll *
93-95Trolls, Wood Troll
96-98Trold Folk *
99-100 Wyvern
Lower World Encounters
Elemental Kingdoms
Roll Result
01-24Elementals, Earth
25-48Elementals, Fire
49-73Elementals, Water
74-77Elementals, Air ****
78-100Elemental Creature ***
Lower World Encounters
Other Regions
01-02 Abnari
03-04Anakim (Mortal)
05-06 Boabhan
07-08 Elefan
09-10 Ents
11-13 Forestals
14-15Green Lady
16-18 Leon
19-21 Lis
22-23 Lunafey
24-25 Matapone
26-27 Nakinal
28-29 Nar'morel
30-31 Romati
32-33 Seirim
34-35 Shiroona
36-38True Sidhe
39-41 Argol
42-44 Cadue
45-47 Edali
48-49 Labbrila
50-52 Master
53-55White Otter
56-59 Asura
60-63Fire Lions
64-66Omari X
67-68 Daive
69-70Dark's Serpent
71-73 Dead
74-75 Druga
76-78 Gargoyle
79-80 Gwyligi
81-82 Kumiho
83-84 Lich
85-87 Manticore
88-90 Poltergeist
91-92 Qutrub
93-94Soul Son
95-96Tree of Souls
97-100 Zombie
*Races so marked can control realms as organized kingdoms which include secondary creatures as allies and servants.
**These are the Hamadryads, double the values listed for the Dryad, including magical values. Hamadryads are supernatural tree spirits. They are not humanoid though they have Humanoid form. They are tied to a specific tree, if it dies they die. Until it dies, they cannot die. All can use MEL10/EL8 Insubstantiabilty to enter in, and exist in, their tree. All Hamadryads are female.
***A creature that is innately capable of using the element in the area that the encounter occurs in. In all cases the creature's EL is increased by 2 when he is in an area that is composed of his element. For more details see Book 3 table for an example if needed.
****No Air Elemental inhabit the Lower World unless the Referee makes special provisions for them in his game.

L. Mountain Encounters

Day Night
01-1011-2526-10001-2021-30 31-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Mountain Day Encounters
01Animals, Auroch
02-04Animals, Bear
05-07Animals, Boar
08Animals, Bull (Cattle)
09Animals, Camel [Domestic, Draft]
10Animals, Camel [Domestic, War]
11Animals, Camel [Wild]
12-14Animals, Cliff Bear
15-17Animals, Deer
18-20Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
21Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
22Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
23Animals, Donkey/Burro
24Animals, Draft Horse
25-27Animals, Eagle
28-30Animals, Falcon
31-33Animals, Goat
34-36Animals, Hawk
37Animals, Lion
38Animals, Mule
39Animals, Ox
40Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
41Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
42Animals, Riding Horse III
43Animals, Riding Horse IV
44-45Animals, Sheep
46Animals, War Horses
47-49Animals, Wolf
50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51 Abnari
52 Anari
53 Argol
54 Athach
55 Cadue
56Demons, Disease
57 Druga
58 Edali
59 Elefan
60 Firbolg
61Fire Snake
62-63Great Ape
64-65Great Serpent
66-67 Griffin
68-69 Hippogriff
70 Leon
71 Lis
72 Nakinal
73 Orchi
74 Tatzlwurm
75Tower Lord
76Ahuras, Vereghina
77Anakim (Mortal)
78Anakim (Immortal)
79-80Chimearas, Chimana
81-82Chimearas, Chimeara
83-84Demons, Storm
85Demons, Storm Dragons
86Dragons, Dragons
87Dragons, Elder
88Dragons, Lun
89-90Giants, Earth
91-92Giants, Fire
93-94Giants, Mountain
95 Roc
96 Seirim
97-98Vily, Mountain
99Vily, Aerial
100 Wyvern
Mountain Night Encounters Chart A
01-07Animals, Antelope
08-14Animals, Boar
15-21Animals, Cat
22-28Animals, Deer
29-35Animals, Hyena
36-42Animals, Leopard
43-50Animals, Lion
51Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
52Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
53 Anari
54 Athach
55 Boabhan
56 Besamar
57Blood Wolf
58Border Redcap
59 Bugbear
60 Bouba
61Demons, Disease
62 Druga
63-65 Dwarf
66 Dzaliri
67Fata Sheen
68Fire Snake
69-70 Gargoyle
71 Gartula
72-73 Goblin
74-75Great Ape
76-77 Aatxe
78Anakim (Mortal)
79Anakim (Immortal)
80-81Chimearas, Chimeara
82-84Daoine Sidhe
85-86Demons, Fiery Spirit
87-88Demons, Iritxu
89-90Demons, Storm
91-92Demons, Storm Dragons
93-94Demons, Terrestial
95 Devils
96Dragons, Dragons
98Dragons, Wyrm}
99-100Giants, Earth
Mountain Night Encounters Chart B
01-08Animals, Pig
09-16Animals, Tiger
17-24Animals, Wild Cat
25-32Animals, Wild Dog
33-41 Animals, Wolf
42-50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51-52Great Serpent
53 Gwydi
54 Gwyligi
55 Hags
56 Herensuge
57 Hob
58-59 Hobgoblin
60 Lunafey
61 Leon
62 Lis
63 Midge
64 Mir
65 Norggen
66 Ogre
67 Tonah
68Tower Lord
69-70Trolls, Rock Troll
71-72Trolls, Troll
73 True Sidhe
74-75 Vily, Mountain
76-77Giants, Fire
78-79 Giants, Mountain
80-81Giants, Storm
82 Labbrila
83 Larshee
86 Pseudothei
87 Romati
88-89 Searbhani
90 Seirim
91-92Shadow Beast
93-94Shadow Hawk
95-96Shadow Warrior
97-98 Spriggans
99-100 Tatzlwurm

M. Plains Encounters

Day Night
01-0708-2021-10001-1213-20 21-100
Plains Day Encounters
01-03Animals, Antelope
04-05Animals, Boar
06-07Animals, Bull (Cattle)
08-09Animals, Camel [Domestic, Draft]
10-11Animals, Camel [Domestic, War]
12-13Animals, Camel [Wild]
14-15Animals, Deer
16-17Animals, Donkey/Burro
18-19Animals, Draft Horse
20-21Animals, Eagle
22-23Animals, Falcon
24-25Animals, Goat
25-28Animals, Hawk
29-30Animals, Lion
31-32Animals, Mule
33-34Animals, Ox
35-36Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
37-38Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
39-40Animals, War Horses
41-42Animals, Wild Cat
43-44Animals, Wild Dog
45-47Animals, Wolf
48-50Domestic Herd *
51 Argol
52 Blancara
53-54Dae'ta Koti
55-56Demons, Disease
57 Elefan
58 Firbolg
59-60Fire Lions
61-63 Griffin
64-66 Hippogriff
67 Master
68-69 Pegasus
70-72 Te'sla
73-74Lis X
75 Omari
76-80Dragons, Wyrm
81-85Dragons, Dragon **
86-90Earth Eater
91-95Giants, Storm
96-100Vily, Aerial
Plains Night Encounters
01-04Animals, Antelope
05-08Animals, Boar
09-12Animals, Deer
13-16Animals, Hyena
17-20Animals, Leopard
21-24Animals, Lion
25-28 Animals, Tiger
29-32Animals, Waste Lion
33-36Animals, Wild Cat
37-40Animals, Wild Dog
41-46Animals, Wolf
47-50Domestic Herd *
51 Border Redcap
52Demons, Disease
53 Demons, Imp
54 Druga
55 Dzaliri
56 Faerry
57 Fata Sheen
58-59 Fire Lions
60 Fusin
61-62 Hob
63 Lis
64 Midge
65 Omari
66 Poltergeist
67 Ogre
68 Orchi
69Shadow Beast
70-71 Shadow Fox
72Shadow Hawk
73 Te'sla
74The Brown Man
75 Zombie
76Dae'ta Koti
77 Dalhan
78Demons, Iritxu
79Demons, Storm
80 Demons, Storm Dragons
81 Demons, Terrestial
82 Dragons, Wyrm
83 Devils
84 Dirasa
85 Div
86 Giants, Earth
87Giants, Storm
88 Haunier
89 Herensuge
90 Kumiho
91 Larshee
92 Lunafey
93 Manticore
94 Matapone
95 Nar'morel
96 Osnada
97 Pseudothei
98 Qutrub
99 Rakshasha
100 Vily, Aerial
*A herd of domestic animals. The Referee will determine the type of creature and the number present in the herd.
**Dragons encountered this way are hunting. No Dragon can be encountered in its lair in the plains. The same does not apply for Wyrms.

N. Roadway Encounters

Day Night
01-0607-3031-10001-1213-20 21-100

NOTE - These encounters occur on the road itself.

Roadway Day Encounters
01-03Animals, Cat
04-06Animals, Cow
07-09Animals, Deer
09-11Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
12-14Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
15-17Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
18-19Animals, Donkey/Burro
20-21Animals, Draft Horse
22-23Animals, Eagle
24-25Animals, Falcon
26-27Animals, Hawk
28-29Animals, Mule
30-31Animals, Ox
32-33Animals, Pig
34-36Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
37-39Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
40-42Animals, Riding Horse III
43-44Animals, Riding Horse IV
45-46Animals, Sheep
47-48Animals, War Horses
49-50Animals, Wolf
51-58 Alal
59-66Anakim (Mortal)
67-74 Druga
75-81 Master
82-88 Trazire
89-96Other Animals *
97-100Closest Terrain**
Roadway Night Encounters
01-03Animals, Cat
04-07Animals, Deer
08-11Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
12-15Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
16-19Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
20-22Animals, Lion
23-26Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
27-30Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
31-33Animals, Riding Horse III
34-37Animals, Riding Horse IV
38-41Animals, Wild Cat
42-45Animals, Wild Dog
46-50Animals, Wolf
51-53Demons, Disease
54-57Demons, Hellhound
58-61Demons, Imp
62-64Shadow Hawk
65-68 Tonah
69-71 Trazire
72-75 Zombie
76Akhkharu, Vampire
77 Alal
78 Alu
79Anakim (Mortal)
80-81Demons, Iritxu
82-84Demons, Storm Dragons
85-87Demons, Terrestial
88 Devils
89-90 Dirasa
91 Druga
92 Kumiho
93-94 Lunafey
95 Pseudothei
96 Qutrub
97-100Closest Terrain**
*The encounter is with the diurnal resting place of the creature. Thralls of the creature will be in the area near the master. This can include wild animals as well.
**Reroll on the closet terrain to the roadway.

O. Ruins Encounters

Encounters that occur in ruined population centers that are no longer inhabited by large concentrations of people.

Day Night
01-0708-1516-10001-1516-20 21-100
Ruins Day Encounters
01-04Animals, Asp
05-08Animals, Cat
09-12Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
13-16Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
17-20Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
21-23Animals, Donkey/Burro
24-27Animals, Draft Horse
28-31Animals, Goat
32-34Animals, Hyena
35-38Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
39-42Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
43-46Animals, Riding Horse III
47-48Animals, Riding Horse IV
49-50Animals, Wolf
51-54 Anari
55-58Daeta A'Miri
59-62Demons, Disease
63-67Great Ape
68-71Great Serpent
72-75Tower Lord
76-78Dragons, Dragons
79-81Dragons, Elder
82-84Dragons, Wyrm
85-87 Firbolg
88-90Giants *
91-95Other Animals****
96-100Closest Terrain***
Ruins Night Encounters
01-04Animals, Asp
05-08Animals, Cat
09-13Animals, Dog I (Domestic Dog)
14-17Animals, Dog II (Domestic Dog)
18-21Animals, Dog III (Domestic Dog)
22-25Animals, Goat
26-29Animals, Hyena
30-33Animals, Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)
34-38Animals, Riding Horse II (Mustang)
39-42Animals, Riding Horse III
43-46Animals, Riding Horse IV
47-50Animals, Wolf
51-52Border Redcap
53-54Daeta A'Miri
55-57 Dead
58-60Demons, Disease
61-62Demons, Firehound
63-64Demons, Hellhound
65-67Great Ape
68-70Great Serpent
71-72Tower Lord
72-75 Zombie
76Akhkharu, Lamia
77Akhkharu, Vampire
78 Anari
79 Charontes
80Dae'ta Koti
81 Dalhan
82 Daive
83Demons, Decay
84Demons, Herab Serapel
85Demons, Heliophobic
86Demons, Storm Dragons
87Demons, Terrestial
88 Devils
89Dragons, Dragons
90Dragons, Elder
91Dragons, Wyrm
92 Edimmu
93 Ghost
94 Gwyligi
95 Nebora
96 Osnada
97 Poltergeist
98 Qutrub
99Soul Daiva
100Closest Terrain***
*The giant that is native to the surrounding terrain is encountered.
**The encounter is with the diurnal resting place of the creature. Thralls of the creature will be in the area near the master. This can include wild animals as well.
***Reroll on the closest terrain to the ruins.

P. Sea Encounters

Day Night
01-1112-2526-10001-2223-25 26-100

Use Chart A for normal trade routes in the ocean or coastline. Use Chart B when thrown off course or lost.

Sea Day Encounters Chart A
01-02Animals, Crab
03-04Animals, Eel
05-07Animals, Jellyfish
08-10Dolphins #
11-17Fish #
18-20Medium Whales
21-22Large Whales
23-25 Orca
26-28Ocean Turtle
29-30Penquin ***
31-33Sea Birds #
34-35Seals #
36-38 Shark
39-40 Squid/Octopus
41-42 Stingray
43-44Walrus ***
45-47Water Snakes
48-50Water Serpent
51-54 Dolaura
55-58Elementals, Water
59-62Giants, Sea
63-66Giants, Storm
67-71Mer People, Merman
72-75 Naga
76-77 Bloodsucker
78-80Demons, Storm
81-82Demons, Storm Dragons
83-84Dragons, Dragons
85-86Dragons, Sea Dragon
87-88 Garshon
89-90 Kraken
91-93 Nymph
94-95Other Elemental*
96-97 Slyph
98-99Sea Dragon
100 Wyrm
Sea Night Encounters Chart A
01-04Animals, Crab
05-08Animals, Eel
09-12Animals, Jellyfish
13-16Dolphins #
17-21Fish #
22-25Medium Whales
26-29Large Whales
30-33 Orca
34-37Seals #
38-42 Shark
43-46 Squid/Octopus
47-50 Stingray
51-52 Cuca
53-54 Dolaura
55-56 Garshon
57-58 Lis
59-62Mer People, Merman
63-66Mer People, Mermaid
67-68 Naga
69-71Other Elemental*
72-75Red Shark
76-77Demons, Iritxu
78-79Demons, Storm
80-81Demons, Storm Dragons
82-83Dragons, Dragons
84-85Dragons, Sea Dragon
86-87Elementals, Water
88-89 Bloodsucker
90-91Ghost Ship
92-93Giants, Sea
94-95Giants, Storm
96-97 Kraken
98-99 Shachihoko
100 Wyrm
Sea Day Encounters Chart B
01-02Animals, Crab
03-04Animals, Eel
05-06Animals, Jellyfish
07-08Dolphins #
09-11Fish #
12-13Large Whales
14-16Large Fish
17-18Large Whales
19-21Medium Fish
22-23Medium Whales
24-25Monster Squid
26-27 Orca
28-29Ocean Turtle
30-31Penquin ***
32-33Sea Birds #
34-35Seals #
36-38 Shark
39-40 Squid/Octopus
41-42 Stingray
43-44Tiny Fish
45-46Walrus ***
47-48Water Snakes
49-50Water Serpent
51-52 Bloodsucker
53-55 Dolaura
56-57Elementals, Water
58-59Giants, Sea
60-61Giants, Storm
62-65Ghost Fleet
66-73Mer People, Merman
74-75 Naga
76-77Demons, Storm
78-79Demons, Storm Dragons
80-81Dragons, Dragons
82-83Dragons, Sea Dragon
84-86 Garshon
87-88 Kraken
89-91 Nymph
92-93Other Elemental*
94-95 Slyph
96-97Sea Dragon
98-100 Wyrm
Sea Night Encounters Chart B
01-03Animals, Crab
04-07Animals, Eel
08-12Animals, Jellyfish
13-16Dolphins #
17-20Fish #
21-24 Medium Whales
25-28 Large Whales
29-32 Ocean Turtle
33-36 Orca
37-39Seals #
40-43 Shark
44-47 Squid/Octopus
48-50 Stingray
51-52 Cuca
53-55 Dolaura
56-58 Garshon
59-61 Lis
62-64Mer People, Merman
65-67 Mer People, Mermaid
68-69 Naga
70-72 Other Elemental*
73-75Red Shark
76Demons, Iritxu
77-78Demons, Storm
79Demons, Storm Dragons
80Dragons, Dragons
81Dragons, Sea Dragon
82Elementals, Water
83 Bloodsucker
84 Elecran
85-86Ghost Ship
87-88Ghost Fleet
89-90Giants, Sea
91-92Giants, Storm
93Kraken (x2)**
95Small Kraken
96 Wyrm
97-98Water Snakes
99-100Water Serpent
*Any Water or Air Elemental in P&P
**The Kraken is twice normal size. See Kraken.
***Cold Climates, coastal areas only if not re-roll
#Can determine the size or roll randomly below
 (Roll 1d10)RollSizeRoll Size

Q. Swamp Encounters

Day Night
01-1213-2021-10001-2021-25 26-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B
Swamp Day Encounters
00-05Animals, Boar
06-09Animals, Crocodile
10-14Animals, Deer
15-18Animals, Eagle
19-22Animals, Falcon
23-26Animals, Hawk
27-30Animals, Leopard
31-34Animals, Mule
35-38Animals, Swamp Buffalo
39-42Animals, Wild Cat
43-47Animals, Wild Dog X
48-50Animals, Wolf
51-53Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
54-56Daeta A'Miri
57-58Demons, Disease
59-61Fire Snake
62-63Great Serpent
64-65 Molani
66-68 Peist
69-71Serpent Women
72-75White Otter
76-77 Afanc
78-79 Asaghi
80-81 Asrai
82-83 Athach
84-85 Beithir
86-87Dae'ta Koti
88-89 Dirailla-ta
90-91Dragons, Dragons
92-93Elementals, Water
94-95 Firbolg
96-97Fire Lions
98 Hydra
99-100Water Nymph
Swamp Night Encounters Chart A
00-10Animals, Crocodile
11-20Animals, Deer
21-30Animals, Hippopotamus
31-40Animals, Leopard
41-50Animals, Swamp Buffalo
51-52 Bugbear
53-54Bush Warrior
55-56Cait Sith
57-58 Cuca
59Cuca Queen
60-61Daeta A'Miri
62-63 Dirasa
64-65 Faerry
66Fata Sheen
67-68Fire Lions
69-70Fire Snake
71 Fusin
72-73 Goblin
74-75Great Serpent
76-77 Afanc
78-79 Asaghi
80-81 Asrai
82-83 Athach
84-85 Barguest
86-87 Boabhan
88-89Baobhan Sith
90-91 Beithir
92-93Cu Sidhe
94-95Daoine Sidhe
96-97Dae'ta Koti
98-99 Dirailla-ta
100Dragons, Dragons
Swamp Night Encounters Chart B
Roll Result
26-10Animals, Tiger
11-20Animals, Waste Lion
21-30Animals, Wild Cat
31-40Animals, Wild Dog
41-50Animals, Wolf
51-52 Hob
53-54 Hobgoblin
55-56 Lis
57-58 Molani
59-60 Peist
61-62Serpent Women
63Shadow Fox
64Shadow Hawk
65-66 Sprite
67 Tonah
68-69Trold Folk
70-71Trolls, Wood Troll
72-73Water Panther
74-75White Otter
76-78Elementals, Water
79-80 Grundwergen
81-82 Harboul
83-84 Hydra
85-86 Kumiho
87-88 Manticore
89-90 Midge
91-92 Naga
93-94 Nebora
95-96 Shachihoko
97-98 Simurgh
98-100Water Nymph

R. Tundra Encounters

Day Night
01-1011-2021-10001-2021-25 26-100
Tundra Day Encounters
01-06Animals, Crab
07-12Animals, Auroch
13-19Animals, Polar Bear
20-26Animals, Wolf
27-32 Penquin
33-39Sea Birds
40-46 Seals
47-50 Walrus
51-55 Beithir
56-60 Firbolg
61-65Giants, Frost
66-70 Master
71-75Tower Lord
76-79 Argol
80-82Dragons, Dragons
83-85Dragons, Lun
86-88Dragons, Snow
89-100Closest Terrain *
Tundra Night Encounters
01-06Animals, Polar Bear
07-11Animals, Waste Lion
12-16Animals, Wild Dog
17-22Animals, Wolf
23-38Animals, Zehani Wolf
29-34 Penquin
35-40Sea Birds
41-45 Seals
46-50 Walrus
51-54 Beithir
55-56Blood Wolf
57-58 Charontes
59-60 Dalhan
61-63Demons, Disease
64-66 Lis
67-70 Naga
71-73Tower Lord
74-75Trolls, Ice Troll
76-77Demons, Herab Serapel
78-79Demons, Iritxu
80-81 Devils
82-83Dragons, Sea Dragon
84-85Dragons, Snow
86-87Giants, Frost
88-89 Kumiho
90-91 Osnada
92-93 Pseudothei
94-95 Tonah
96-97Water Panther
98-100Closest Terrain *
*Reroll on the closet terrain to the tundra.

S. Underground Encounters

CreatureHuman None
01-2122-25 26-100
Roll 1D2
1 - Chart A
2 - Chart B

NOTE - There is no real Day or Night underground.

Underground Encounters Chart A
00-10Animals, Asp
11-20Animals, Bear
21-30Animals, Cliff Bear
31-40Animals, Crocodile
41-50Animals, Leopard
51 Aatxe
52Akhkharu, Vampire Bat
53Akhkharu, Vampire Worm
54 Anari
55 Boabhan
56Baobhan Sith
57 Bouba
58 Bugbear
59 Cadue
60Cait Sith
61 Cuca
62Cuca Queen
62Cu Sidhe
63Daoine Sidhe
64 Dead
65Demons, Firehound
66Demons, Hellhound
67 Dirasa
68 Dwarf
69 Edali
70Fata Sheen
71Fire Lions
72 Fusin
73 Gargoyle
74 Goblin
75Great Ape
76Ahuras, Vereghina
77Akhkharu, Immortal Akhkharu
78Akhkharu, Succubus
79Akhkharu, Vampire *
80 Alu
81Anakim (Immortal)
82 Charontes
83Dae'ta Koti
84Dark's Serpent
85Demons, Fiery Spirit
86Demons, Heliophobic
87Demons, Iritxu
88Demons, Subterranean
89Demons, Terrestial
90Demons, Tuchulcha
91 Devils
92 Dirailla-ta
93Dragons, Dragons
94Dragons, Elder
95Dragons, Lun
96Dragons, Sea Dragon
97 Dzaliri
98 Edimmu
99Elementals, Earth
100Elementals, Fire
Underground Encounters Chart B
01-09Animals, Tiger
11-18Animals, Waste Lion
19-28Animals, Wild Dog
29-39Animals, Wolf
40-48Animals, Zehani Wolf
49Great Serpent
50Great Spider
51 Griffin
52 Gwyligi
53 Herensuge
54 Hob
55 Hobgoblin
56Mer People, Merman
57Mer People, Mermaid
58 Midge
59 Minotaur
60 Ogre
61Serpent Women
62Shadow Worm
63 Tonah
64Trolls, Eld Troll
65Trolls, Rock Troll
66Trolls, Troll
67True Sidhe
68Water Nymph
69Water Panther
70White Otter
71 Zehani
72 Zombie
73 Ghost
74Giants, Earth
75Giants, Mountain
76Giants, Fire
77 Gorgon
78Hydra (in lair)
79 Kejan'po
80 Kiana'nir
81 Lalassu
82 Lammashta
83 Larshee
84 Leon
85 Manticore
86 Mushrussu
87 Naga
88 Nebora
89 Norggen
90 Poltergeist
91 Qutrub
92Sentiel Beast iin lair)
93 Shachihoko
94Shadow Warrior
95The Kiana'shan
96Vily, Forest
97Vily, Hill
98 Vrykalakas
100 Wyvern
*If the encounter takes place during the day then the creature is in repose. He will be guarded by human thralls at this time.

T. Upper World Encounters

Day and Night do not really apply in the Upper World. When adventures in the Upper World occur, the Referee selects the encounter based on the metaphysical area the party is in, AND what, if anything, they have attracted through their actions In all cases, unless the Referee chooses to create special situations, only Supernatural forces of the alignment that controls the Region that the party is in will be encountered.

The table below lists the creatures that can be encountered in the Region that are detailed on the map in section 2 (Book Three).

CreatureHuman None
01-15None 16-100
Upper World Encounters
The Blessed Lands Lawful Spirits, Ahura, Edali
The Soothing Realm Maskela
Throne of Justice Amaliel, Ahura
Throne of Light Kerubin, Ahura, Angels of Fury
Realm of Lawful Fire Hafaza, Mushrussu, Ahura, Dragons
Realm of Judgement Hafaza, Amaliel, Angels of Fury
Tower of Retribution Ahura, Kerubin, Vereghina
Celestial Thrones Ahura, Kerubin, Flaming Steed
Realm of the Alfar Alfar, Fay Horse, A'mora, Anwora, Dzaliri, Larshee, other Sidh creatures & races
Elder Fires Fire Elementals
Peri Land Peri, Ifret, Jinn
Shadow Lands Shadow Warriors, Kejani Ki, Kejan'po, Kiana'nir, Shadow Beast, Shadow Fox, Shadow Hawk, Shadow Worm, The Kiana'shan
Balance Marches Merkabah, Zehani, Asaghi, Dragon, A'Equinn, Zehani Wolf, Asura, Cailoa, Seker, Sentinel Beast
The Abyss Beasts of Chaos, Endukuggu, Nindukuggu
Realm of Darkness Kekoni, Heliophobic Demons, Dark's Serpent, Alu, Lalassu
Lands of Death Alal, Lammashia, Disease Demons, Harab Serapel, Charontes, Lammashta, Endukuggu/Nindukuggu
Realm of the Dead Dead, Nergali, Ghosts, Decay Demons
Lands of Woe Ghosts, Terrestial Demons
Court of Lilith Immortal Akhkhara, Incubi, Succubi
Realm of Dark Destruction Alal, Helliophobic Demons, Firehound Demon, Flayers Demon
Empire of Fury Storm Demons, Dragons, Storm Dragons, Elder Dragons, Dragon, Fentil Devil
The Demon Plains Decay Demons, Demon Steed, Harab Serapel, Imp Demons, Iritxu Demon, Tuchulcha Demon, Devils
Land of Souls Soul Daiva
Land of the Evil Mind Any Supernatural force of Chaos, Firbolg
The Fiery Hells Hellhound, Fiery Spirit
Tower of Silence Kekoni, Lalassu

U. Waterways Encounters

Day Night
01-0910-2526-10001-1819-25 26-100
   Roll 1D2
   1 - Chart A
   2 - Chart B

Referee will roll a 1D10 after determining that there is an encounter. If the roll is 1-5 then roll on the surrounding terrain. On a 6-10 roll on the table below.

Waterways Day Encounters
01-05Animals, Auroch
06-11Animals, Crocodile
12-17Animals, Deer
18-23Animals, Eagle
24-28Animals, Falcon
29-33Animals, Lion
34-38Animals, Wild Cat
39-44Animals, Wolf
45-50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51-52 Afanc
53-54 Bouba
55-56 Athach
57-58 Centaur
59-60Cu Sith
61-62Demons, Disease
63-64 Elefan
65-66 Master
67Mer People, Merman
68-69 Molani
70-71 Peist
72-73Serpent Women
74-75White Otter
76Ahuras, Maskela
77-78 Asrai
79Chimearas, Chimana
80-81Dragons, Dragons
82Dragons, Wyrm
83-84Elementals, Water
85-86Fay Horses
87-88 Firbolg
89Giants, Sea
90-91Giants, Storm
92 Hydra
93 Mushrussu
94 Roc
95-96Vily, Water
97-98Water Nymph
99-100 Zehani
Waterways Night Encounters Chart A
01-10Animals, Anaconda
11-20Animals, Crocodile
21-30Animals, Deer
31-40Animals, Hippopotamus
41-50Animals, Hyena
51-52 Asrai
53 Athach
54-55 Boabhan
56 Beithir
57-58 Besamar
59-60 Bugbear
61-62Cait Sith
63-64 Cuca
65Cuca Queen
66Cu Sidhe
67Cu Sith
68Demons, Disease
69-70 Fauns
71-72Fay Horses
73 Gartula
74-75Great Spider
76 A'Equin
77-78 Afanc
79Ahuras, Maskela
80 Asaghi
81-82Baobhan Sith
83-84Chimearas, Chimeara
85-86Demons, Storm
87-88Demons, Storm Dragons
89Demons, Terrestial
90 Devils
91-92 Dirasa
93Dragons, Dragons
94Dragons, Wyrm
95Dragons, Sea Dragon
96 Dzaliri
97-98Elementals, Water
99 Grundwergen
100 Harboul
Waterways Night Encounters Chart B
01-12Animals, Leopard
13-25Animals, Wild Dog
26-37Animals, Wolf
38-50Animals, Zehani Wolf
51-52 Goblin
53-54 Hob
55 Lis
56Mer People, Mermaid
57 Midge
58-59 Ogre
60-61 Orchi
62-63 Pegasus
64-65 Peist
66Red Shark
67Serpent Women
68-69 Sprite
70 Tonah
71Trold Folk
72Trolls, Troll
73 Unicorn
74-75White Otter
76 Hydra
77 Kraken
78 Kumiho
79 Labbrila
80-81 Leon
82-83 Lunafey
84-85 Manticore
86 Naga
87-88 Nebora
89-90 Omari
91 Shachihoko
92 Simurgh
93Soul Son
94-95Vily, Water
96-97Water Nymph
98-99Water Panther
100 Zehani

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