Powers and Perils


Prior to 1570AK [104SA], A'Korchu was one of the world's most powerful Empires. During their Dark Age (1570 - 2005AK [104-539SA]) they suffered reversals to the Fomorians, lost part of their Empire and fought several civil wars. In 2005AK [539SA] A'Mura the Builder seized the throne. His reign (2005 - 2174AK [539-708SA]) reunited the nation and made A'Korchu a power again. This resurgence was aborted when A'Mura was killed by his cousin, Admiral A'Asu (2174AK [708SA]). During the reign of A'Asu the Cursed (2174 - 2221AK [708-755SA]) the military ruled the land, much to the chagrin of the temples, and major invasions of Fomoria and Dirllar ended in defeat. In 2221AK [755SA], before rebel armies could tear him out of the palace, A'Asu committed suicide. In the civil war that followed (2221 - 2267AK [755-801SA]) both sides unleashed great magics and almost destroyed the home island. Thirteen Emperors ruled the land during this period, all died a violent death within five years of taking the throne.

In the year 2267AK [801SA], A'Chori the Great killed his uncle and became Emperor. In the next three months he exterminated his enemies, relatives and major supporters to consolidate his hold on the throne. During his reign (2267 - 2557AK [801-1091SA]) he restructured Korchi society and proclaimed himself to be God Emperor (proclaimed in the year 2354AK [888SA] during the Festival of Death), reasserted Korchi power in the west and won major victories in Goidan, against the Fomorians and in Djanesborg. He died in his bed and was succeeded, peacefully, by A'Chori II (4023AK [2557SA] - present). Under this ruler the nation has continued to reclaim its power and is currently co-dominant, with Fomoria, in the Western Sea.

NOTE - The Korchi royal dynasty is half-human, long-lived, usually brilliant and often insane. In them flows the essence of the Beasts of Chaos.


A'Korchu's Empire is united by the sea. Its main island has six cities, Korchu (105,000, the capital), Ereshka (40,000), Habanu (28,000), Nergu (20,000), Lammas (17,000) and Urmu (15,000). The main island's total population is 900,000.

There are four major colonies, each with a city. They are Chau (22,000), on the island of Chau (colony total = 100,000), Lamalallu (14,000), a fortress city on the Kolar Peninsula (colony total = 50,000), Tomanu (11,000), in the swamps northwest of Dirllar (colony total = 40,000) and Baobhanu (8,000), on the island of Goidan (colony total = 33,000). The total colonial population is 223,000.

The Empire also controls fifteen small islands that serve as religious centers. They are Chora (5,700), A'Dumi (4,500), Sichi (1,500), Aspani (1,300), Azai (1,000), Tatai (900), Balos (900), Aslaa (800), Atille (700), Rahai (600), Kisu (600), Bai (500), Abala (500), Chaza (300), and Mur (200).

The total population of the Korchi Empire is 1,143,000.

The Korchi Army consists of 16,000 footmen, 24,000 militia, 4,000 Royal Guard (2,000 foot and 2,000 horse) and 4,000 fanatical Temple guardsmen (400 of whom are griffin riders known as the Korchi Deathwing). The navy contains 140 warships, 50 trireme size or larger. All warships and guard forces are controlled by the God Emperor. The other forces are controlled by provincial and colonial governors.

NOTE - Each city on the main island is a provincial capital. Colonial cities are colonial capitals. Each has a governor. The governor of Korchu controls 6,000 footmen and 12,000 militia and is the hereditary marshal of the Empire (a lackey of the God Emperor). The other provincial governors control 400 footmen and 2,000 militia each. The colonial governors control 1,600 footmen and 500 militia each. The small islands are garrisoned by 1,000 footmen of the temple guard, dispersed to cover all of them. In general, there is one guardsman per twenty citizens on these islands.


A'Korchu is self-sufficient. It despises its neighbors and excludes itself from trade with them. The Empire is a wealthy industrious and totalitarian realm that lives for conquest and the conversion of "savages" to the wonders of the Korchi faith.


A'Korchu worships the court of Abaddon, especially its master. Their religion is steeped in ancient traditions that demand human sacrifice and strange ritual practices.


Most Korchi fear and respect authority, if their master is also their better. They are amoral, calculating and deadly in seeking personal gain. In the upper classes, despite the reforms of A'Chori, advancement by murder is common. The higher a person's station, the more amoral he is, the harder he is to reach and the more he is concerned with increasing his own power. The only common goal for the Korchi is the pursuit of POWER. In this society, it is a definite advantage to be a sociopath.

Legal System

The God Emperor, aided by the temple priests, rules all. His family and the priesthood are the elite. In their eyes all other classes are expendable. They are under no obligation, other than that which pragmatism demands, to treat inferiors fairly or allow them any advantages. The non-noble classes live by a rigid system of class duties. Low-born citizens are little better than slaves. What rights they have are entirely at the sufferance of their master.

All crimes in A'Korchu are punishable by death. Depending on the severity of the crime, the penalty varies from a simple spearing to ritual sacrifice. Presiding judges can set a penalty other than death if they choose to do so. When they do, the penalty selected is usually worse than death.


None, although the Nethagen sometimes have friendly relations with the Korchi


Fomoria, Dirllar, Djanesborg, Goidan, the Kolari, and the Fierazi



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Short Sword, Bow, Dirk


The Korchi are a unique and ancient people. They tend to be dark-haired with pale complexions and light-builds. Pure-blooded Korchi are often albinos.

Calendar (Lunar)

It is the year 2566 in the Korchi calendar. Their reckoning of time is based on the cycles of the moon. The calendar dates from the foundation of the first dynasty in the year of the Black Moon. In this year, Mo'kar Man'su came to power through rites of dark magic, forming a blood alliance with the Beasts of the Abyss during a lunar eclipse. His descendants, the royal line of A'Korchu maintain a blood tie to these forces to this day.

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