Powers and Perils

The Fomorian Empire

This Empire contains ten kingdoms and a principality. Each King is descended from one of the ten original leaders who led Fomoria's rise to civilization. The Prince is descended from a general who strengthened Fomoria's holding in Port Doman. Each group uses the same legal code, worships the same gods and speaks Fomorian.

Inter-Kingdom Attitudes

Theoretically, these kingdoms form a single Empire. Due to the diverse areas that they are in, the distance separating them from each other (and the Fomorian homeland) and the attitudes learned over the centuries-this is not the case.

The table below rates the strength of the tie between the various Fomorian groups. A rating of 1-3 indicates hostility, ratings of 4-7 indicates good, relatively neutral, relations and an 8-10 shows that they are solid allies (in the view of at least one of the groups). Where the rating given for a nation's attitude toward itself is less than 10, this indicates that the nation controls hostile subject minorities of some power.

The East44483*444454

*The current ruler of this kingdom is hostile to the Fomorian system. He sees no reason why he, the King of the most powerful kingdom in the Empire (as he sees it), should be forced to kowtow to Fomoria.

INFLUENCE - The Popularity rating can be used to determine the level of influence that various kingdoms have. A rating of or higher means they are influential. Ratings from 55 to 64 mean that they are respected. Ratings below 55 indicate that they have little or no influence.

SUPPORT - The degree that the nation can count on other nations for support. The (Attitude Rating - 3) x 5 is the percentage chance that one kingdom will aid another. Where the attack on a kingdom poses a threat to the other kingdom, the (Attitude - 1) x 10 is the support chance. If the attacking force is an enemy of the other kingdom the determined support chance should be increased by 20, i.e. 30% becomes 50%

EXAMPLE - Atler is attacked by the Kolari. This does not threaten Xan or the Islands. The chance that Xan will help is 25%. The chance that the Kingdom of the Islands will help is 5%.

In another example, Atler is attacked by the Korchi. The chance that the Kingdom of the Islands will help is 30%. The chance of aid from Xan is 50%.

NOTE - If a kingdom's attitude toward another kingdom is 3 or less it will never aid that kingdom unless it is threatened itself.

Calendar (Solar)

It is 899 in Fomoria. Their calendar dates from the Rising of the Spirit of the Lake and Enki's gift of law to the people of Fomoria. The calendar is viewed by some as a sacred record of their covenant with Enki.

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