Powers and Perils

Shestar (The Fomorian Empire)

The Kingdom of Shestar was founded in the year 52FO [253SA], as part of an agreement with the Nylasi Empire. When that Empire fell, Shestar exterminated its southernmost tribe. Since this atrocity (314 - 320FO [515-521SA]) they have warred on Kirazan (361FO [562SA]) and been humiliated in battle by Ro'babza (558FO [759SA]).

Since their defeat by Ro'babza, Shestar has maintained a defensive posture and tried to increase its economic and military power. They have also gained a respect for the black nations that surround them, without losing sight of their historic goal-the conquest of the plains as far as the Shurani mountains.


The port city of Shestar (13,000) is the capital. The total population of the nation is 90,000, 40,000 of whom are free blacks with full citizenship. Shestar has abolished mistreatment of the black race and slavery, except as a criminal punishment.

Shestar's army has 800 footmen and 400 elite cavalry. They can call 2,400 foot militia and 2,400 horse militia for war. Shestar's fleet has 15 warships, all small vessels intended for scouting, messenger service and raiding.


The economy is based on ranching (horses and cattle). Most other resources are imported. Few distinctions are made, on the basis of nobility or race, as to a person's access to wealth. All are free to prosper if they can.


The chief god of Shestar is Inanna. They also worship Ashur, Vahagn and Enki.


The people of Shestar are energetic, humble and kind. Most of them are reserved in dealing with strangers but loyal friends once their trust is earned. Many Fomorians in Shestar feel a deep guilt over the extermination of the Nylasa. They try to give blacks a fair chance and help them when they can as a means of repaying their "national debt."

Legal System

The King of Shestar is an absolute ruler. Fomoria's justice system relies on evidence collected by its royal constables, without torture, and magical interrogation by the presiding judge (a priest of Enki).


Shestar has strong trade ties with Kirazan. They support the other Fomorian kings, especially Fomoria and Aredan.


The Ga'Nylasa dislike Shestar. Ro'babza does not trust them. Shestar feels that Port Doman must change and is working to force such a change to come about. (There is strong sentiment in this nation for annexing Port Doman.)



Basic Characteristics

Weight 185lbs

Common Weapons

Swords, Spears, Polearms


The Fomorians are of the same stock as the Kolari, Shandar and Goidanese. Their appearance is a composite of these groups. The Fomorians of Shestar have interbred with natives. Most of them are mulattoes, though they do not vary in size. Their appearance is a composite of the standard Fomorian appearance and the Shurani.

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