Powers and Perils

Aredan (The Fomorian Empire)

Aredan was founded with the aid of local natives in the year 167FO [368SA]. It quickly came under attack from Shurikal. Over the centuries Aredan has resisted continual raids from the Shurani Mountains and has developed a militant society.


The capital of the nation is Aredan (14,000). The total population is 90,000. Most of Aredan's people are mulattoes, descended from both Fomorian and native parents. Aredan's army is composed of 1,600 footmen, 400 cavalry, 800 horse militia and 3,200 foot militia. Their fleet has five triremes.


Aredan is an agricultural nation. Their economy is supported by harbor fees and the sale of grain. They import metals and finished goods and are dependent on sea trade for their continued survival.


The people of Aredan worship Lawful gods of fertility, war and the sea. Their main gods are Ashur, Enki and Inanna.


Aredan has a military reserve system that includes all males between the ages of 16 and 30. Because of this training, their men are disciplined and proud with exceptional personal honor and courage. They seldom give their word to anyone. Once it is given, it is not broken. Behind the icy façade that they show strangers, they are a warm and compassionate people. When faced with a physical threat, they are professionals who kill when they must and take pride in their ability to defend themselves.

NOTE - Because of centuries of warfare, and the resulting manpower losses, only 35% of Aredan's population is male. They happily accept competent fighters as immigrants.

Legal System

The King of Aredan is an absolute ruler. The sentence for all crimes is as specified for Fomoria. Once guilt is proven, the sentence stands regardless of the wealth or power of the felon.


Ashudan is a strong supporter of Aredan. The other Fomorian kings also tend to be allies.


Shurikal has been at war with Aredan for centuries. The native population of Aredan were Shurani peoples. Shurikal will not rest until they have them and the rich plains they live on. Aredan despises Port Doman's society and has nothing to do with them.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 185lbs

Common Weapons

Swords, Spears, Polearms


The Fomorians are of the same stock as the Kolari, Shandar and Goidanese. Their appearance is a composite of these groups. The Fomorians of Aredan have interbred with natives. Most of them are mulattoes, though they do not vary in size. Their appearance is a composite of the standard Fomorian appearance and the Shurani.

The Culture Book

Population Detail

Aredan has an urban population of 14,000 in one city (Aredan). This city is supported by three towns:

Senla[Aredan-23] 2,030

In addition, there are three fortress towns:

Ft. Janiss[Aredan-2222]1,540
Ft. Konban[Aredan-11222]1,200
Ft. Diraban[Aredan-5555]1,640

The remaining population is broken into 200 villages with an average population of 325 each.

Total population is 90,000.

NOTE - The original map of Aredan detailed one city and three forts. This information assumes that each "fort" is a fortress town.

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