Powers and Perils

Southern Lands

Wout Broere


Some History


One evening Baba's hunting party was fleeing a monster. As they stumbled into a ravine, a shining man appeared. After removing the beast with a wave, he said, "I will have a city. You and yours must build it here. It shall make you invincible."

Once he was sure of what a city was, Baba promised to oblige, as he had no wish to disappear like the monster. He sent his men to gather the families. Over the next few years, they brought more people to the ravine, willingly and otherwise. As white came to his hair, decades later, the city the man demanded was fact.

Baba lived another four years. Each season saw an increase in the size and power of his people. He gave blessings to the shining man and was pleased. On his death, his son Mucal took the throne. He named the city Klza'babwe. As his reign evolved, worship of the shining man waned. All honor passed to the great Baba. By Mucal's death, after 23 years in power, few recalled there had ever been a shining man. Baba was god.

His son K'lan took the throne and continued the deification. In his reign Baba and all those of his blood were viewed as gods. It was their right to rule, their right to have every wish fulfilled without question. Thousands of slaves were brought into the city in his reign, to expand it and provide amusement for him and those he blessed.

Nearing his death, he leveled the forgotten temple of the shining man. As he celebrated this, and began construction of the great temple of Empire, the god appeared. He was not happy. K'lan and his family, save for a single infant daughter, disappeared. As the people gasped, the man growled, "If you can not act with wisdom, do not act at all."

Placing the girl in a golden cradle, the man smiled, "While the child of the false slumbers here, all shall sleep at her side. Be damned." A mist fell from the heavens. Everyone it touched slumbered where they stood, sat or lay.

His curse kept the city chained for 1200 years. Nothing of want or time touched those who slumbered. They were frozen in sleep, helpless. Others entered during this time. All fell victim to the curse.

Finally, Zimmali warriors found the ravine. All were battered, exhausted and bleeding. The blood saved them from the curse. Amazed, they examined the city and found the palace. Seeing the gold cradle, one put the sleeping child on the floor and lifted it, intent on taking the treasure home. As he did, the girl cried and the city woke. Eight warriors died as Klza'babwe awakened.

The Girl

One of the first acts of the Warlord who took control when the city woke was to have the child taken into the plains. She was left for the hyenas and he took the throne. Fate did not accept his effort. A Zimmali chief found her. Despite the strangeness of the marks showing on her nude body, he was not one who would leave an infant alone on the grass. He placed her in the arms of his third wife, named her Kalar and called her daughter. The life of this fabled beauty brought the sacred blood to the Zimmali. Through her descendants, it continues to shine among them to this day.

NOTE - Since she became Zimmali, the eldest daughter of her direct line has been marked with the symbols she wore as an infant (cicatrisation). She is sacred to Zimmali and seen as something of a good luck charm.

The Pale Lord

Ali Lorca was a high caste A'ud warrior who lost his place in the desert for banditry. His accuser had strong connections in Kacili. A man alone had no chance against him. He rode south, coming to the city as a mercenary in the year 933 at the age of 27.

He soon saw the opportunity the civil war provided. Ali manipulated his hirer's, formed a powerful mercenary company and married N'zago, the heir of Kalar, who had both royal and Zimmali blood in her veins.

With the birth of his son, in 940, he was a power in the city. The bulk of the guard feared him or favored him. The Zimmali stood at his back. Over the next two years, he faced three opponents, shattering them all. In 942 he became Emperor.

On his death in 971 the army and tribes were his to control, without exception. All heeded his final command and voiced their loyalty to his heir Mahomet. Those who spoke without meaning it soon discovered the heir was as deadly as his sire when crossed.

Important Information

The Council

Mahomet ordered the council into being. The standard composition is 16 people from the tribes, two from each, and 16 from the city. The Emperor has absolute authority in selecting the members. The numbers can vary. Those he calls must become councilors and move into the royal enclosure. Once there they serve as he commands and advise him on policy. None are free to leave without armed guards and the Emperor's approval.

NOTE - The people chosen are generally the heirs of powerful chiefs, city leaders and guard officers. Emperors have been known to put beautiful women they are interested in on the council. Councilors are appointed and removed at the whim of the Emperor. There are no limits to his authority over them. Should one prove annoying, he is within his rights to slay them and choose another. Doing so without real cause, given the nature of the council members, can lead to problems.

Tribal Reps

One Zimmali (M), Three Zalazibabwe (2M, 1F), Three N'yetali (3M), Two Zigzaba (2M), One Hobali (F), Two each Kunni, Zuiassa and Niballa (6M).

City Reps

Three Guard (3M, one is Kacili), Six powerful city families (5M, 1F), Five powerful "suburban" families (5M), One Merchant (M), One Entertainer (F).

NOTE - The two women from the tribes are young (The Zalazibabwe member is 17. The Hobali member is 15.) They are present because the chiefs Ali wants a hold on have no sons of viable age. The woman from the powerful city family is being courted for addition to his wives. The entertainer is his lust object. She also has his ear as an advisor.


The areas inside the gold boundaries are the property of the city. The border areas are fortresses. The area near the city is composed of hunting grounds, fields and ranches, primarily. Only people with city blood, or soldiers in active service to the crown, may use these lands. Anyone else who does is committing a crime.

In other areas, tribal boundaries tend to be somewhat fluid except where there is a landform, i.e. river, hills, etc, that clearly defines the border. The tribes do not make a great issue of it except in times of famine. Such times are rare on the black plains.

The Areas



City - 30000, suburbs of city (within ten miles) 25000, lands in city area 40000, other - 23000


Most worshipped God - Adramelech

NOTE - The data above varies from Perilous Lands.

Fortress Information

NamePopulation God
Ft. K'Bab 1000(4000)(Meresin)
Ft. Marrani1200(5000)(Lucifer)
Ft. Havaka 1800(2000)(None)
Ft. Ro'Mabazai 3000(5000)(Belphegor)

NOTE - Armed forces are not included in the numbers above. They are as specified in Perilous Lands. The gods in parentheses are those favored by the current ruling elite in the area.

These fortresses are large villages on immense mounds surrounded by a trench and abatis defense system. The Emperor has considered stone fortresses. He considers the time required and expense to be more than such a change is worth. In his view, it is more important to complete the system (having a fortress every 60 miles on the Shurani border). That requires the construction of five more fortress communities (and convincing the affected tribes to give up the land for them and moving city people to the new areas).


Most trade that enters comes through Kirazan. The Emperor prefers using them as his clearinghouse. Trade that enters otherwise is taxed heavily. The primary entry points are Fort K'Bab and Fort Marrani.

Ro'babza is a major source for meat, food and various craft goods. It imports nearly all the metal it uses. There is little in the way of a mining industry in this nation.

NOTE - Other factors of the culture are as specified in Perilous Lands.

City Personalities

Ali a'Zimmala m'Baza Lorca - EmperorAGE48SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Ali has three goals for his nation - peace, prosperity and security. He is dedicated to fostering trade through Kirazan. He also intends to complete the fortress barrier to deter the Shurani from invading his realm. Beyond those goals, peace and enjoying life are his only interests. He is not an Emperor who will start a war with anyone.

C'tira Esnubali - Councilor, EntertainerAGE25SEXFemale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

C'tira is vain. Her greatest interest is her beauty and gaining things that enhance it and her comfort. Being the Emperor's mistress does that well. Ali is enamored deeply with her. This grants her power in the rare instances when she cares enough about anything other than herself to use it.

Abnar a'Zalazi ben Horad - General of the Royal GuardAGE47SEXMale
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA

Abnar came to Ro'babza as a slaver when he was 20. The party he was with was shattered. The Zalazibabwe took him as a slave. Five hard years later, raiders attacked their war chief. Abnar's action saved his life. He was granted freedom, an honor name and a place in the tribe. At the age of 29 the war chief adopted him after adventures and battle showed his power.

On Ali's ascension Abnar accepted a place in his guard. Seven years of service led him to his current rank, commander of the royal guard and General of the Barbarian Guard (He also counts as a Zalazibabwe war chief).

Abnar likes Ali and has little interest in personal power. His joys are battle, adventure and women. He has all he needs as thinks stand. Anyone who threatens the status quo is his enemy.

Maoud A'yetali - General of K'BabAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Maoud is not a bright man. He leads through stubbornness and physical ability. When he takes up his maul in battle there are few men who have a chance of standing up to him. His worship of the gods, like most city elite, is placation not devotion. He gives so they stay the hell away.

Fan ibn ben Shanar - Kacili, General of MarraniAGE49SEXMale
MDV17MEL6  EnL72HC35%
Mana Lvl14Casting77Mana Regen5

SPECIAL - MEL7/EL6 Summoning (Devils and demons only). This power is his gift from Lucifer. He may call that god's minions when he wishes.

Fan fled the desert at the age of 16 after being caught at a satanic mass by the forces of his tribe's Imam. He wandered for 25 years. During that time, he learned magic, mastered much of what is to be learned in the Sea of Tears and participated in the return of Lucifer to the true world. His reward for his act was to be sent to Ro'babza, where he quickly earned rank and power. He has been General at Marrani for two years. His worship of Lucifer is a central feature of his life. As chances arise, he seeks to extend the worship and influence of his god. Given a good chance, he may seek power and establishment of a nation loyal to Lucifer. Those who worship others in his area tend to run into trouble.

Asbala a'Zim m'Baza - Royal cousin, General of HavakaAGE37SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Positive Talent - Rhetoric (+4), Negative Talent - Swimming (-5), Climbing (-3)

Asbala is a talented warrior and a born politician. Ali assigned him to the post of General last year. He loves his cousin but he doesn't trust him enough to have a beloved man of royal blood in the city.

The General is pleased to be where he is. Battle, story telling and hunting are what he loves. He has the chance to do all three at Havaka. His troops adore him. The few who didn't are dead by his hand.

Bola a'Kun - General of Ro'MabazaiAGE52SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Bola is a hyperactive leader who has served in the guard for 35 years. He holds his post because of his ability as a general and because his uncle is a powerful Kunni chief. His worship of Belphegor is more than placation. The nature of the god appeals to him.

His relations with others are entirely dependent on their value to him. People whose existence serves his ends are treated well. Others are ignored, at best. Those who threaten what is his find out how much he can live up to the traits of Belphegor. Most of his troops heed him because he wins and they fear him. Few would shed a tear if he died. Even fewer have the courage to stand against him.

Basnakira - Bola's mistressAGE33SEXFemale
MDV12MEL5  EnL90HC46%
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL5/EL5 Choking Moisture as innate power

Basnakira is Shurani, a Kotasi woman. Raiders enslaved her at the age of 12. Had she remained free she would have been granted the chance to fly to Kototh. She is sure of it. She detests Ro'babza for stealing glorious death from her. She is also stubborn enough not to let hate damn her before she has vengeance. Her faith in the true gods, especially Kototh, is adamant.

The slave has Bola's ear and two children, both sons (10 and 6). Because she is of value to him, and they are his, he granted both freedom and adoption. He allows them to live with their dam until they are 16. At that time, they will enter the guard and make what they can of themselves.

As safely possible, Basnakira talks to Bola about the glory of her faith and people. He is aware of her power and has used it to eliminate enemies. Men he lends her to sometimes die in their sleep. She considers slaying them to be the most pleasant part of her "humiliation".

Basnakira is raising her sons to be proper Shurani, without Bola's knowledge. The day will come when they wield enough power to open the door for her people. On that day, she will be avenged. If Bola still lives, he will regret his use of her during days of torment before she lets him die.

Kaima'lira a'havora - Elder of wealthy HouseAGE37SEXFemale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kaima'lira's family married her to a powerful officer of the guard when she was 12. Eighteen years, and four children, later, plague struck her family's estate. Her parents and brothers died. So too did her husband and sons, who happened to be visiting at the time. Over the next week, the families of her brothers also died. She became the sole heir of her house and the wealth of her husband, a guard Colonel. She is the wealthiest resident of Klza'babwe and one of the most influential people in the empire.

Her secret goal is to control of Emperor and rule the nation. This has no chance of being realized while Ali rules. She is working with a secret society that wants to eradicate the Lorca dynasty. She is a selfish individual with sociopathic tendencies and a touch of megalomania. Her reign, should it come, will not be pleasant.

NOTE - Her daughters by the Colonel live. They are 15 and 7. Both are with a nursemaid and tutor at Fort K'Bab. They are being trained as entertainers, learning serving skills, etc. As each reaches the age of majority, sixteen in Ro'babza, she will be sold north as a slave. Kaima'lira has not seen either of them in three years.

Asar Gorean - Gigolo, wizardAGE30SEXMale
MDV19MEL11  EnL78HC27%
Mana Lvl13Casting131Mana Regen6

Asar is a native of Shestar. He was banished, at the age of 22, for dealing in dark magic and using women as slaves. Sheer luck allowed him to survive. He met Kaima'lira as he was starving and convinced her of his value. A few months later, he proved it by casting a spell to kill her family. She keeps him as her weapon and sometime toy. When he is not serving her, he has a tower on her lands north of the city. It is a den of vile magic. Four slave women live excruciating lives of torment and service there. He is happy. When his power makes Kaima'lira Empress, he will chain her to his will, life his dream of ultimate power and have vengeance on Shestar.

NOTE - In most Fomorian kingdoms a person that is banished is taken to the border. Once there, he is released nude and unarmed. If he sets foot on Fomorian soil again the penalty is death. The same fate comes if he does anything hostile to the soldiers who take him to be released.

Ysgala Ianayarda - Criminal MasterAGE51SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Physical power (9)

Ysgala began his career as a thug at the age of 11. He bullied his way into a position as the Lord of All Thugs by the age of 19. With that foundation established, he moved into prostitution and the drug trade. By the age of 30 he controlled both and was being paid tribute by the criminal guilds. He is the master of all crime in Klza'babwe.

Ianayarda prefers to live quietly on his estate on the river. His will is made known by his lieutenants. The only time, in the last ten years, when he is seen in the city is when someone defies his will and needs to die. He prefers to take care of such matters personally.

NOTE - The master is reputed to be a crude thug whose one talent is muscle. This is no longer the case. He has a large library at his estate, has read it all and speaks five languages. Few people in the nation match his knowledge or scholarship.

The Tribes



Population - 16000 (3200)

70% of the Kunni population (11200) lives on the river and coast or within ten miles of them. They make their living off the water, as fishermen, raiders and traders. The rest of the tribe is scattered in small bands in the rest of their tribal area. They live as hunters and gatherers.


Kunni have little to say about Zuiassa that is in any way positive. The tribes have fought over the river for centuries. They also detest, and fear, the Shurani. Any who are found on their lands are killed out of hand.


The Kunni worship spirits of the water. The otter is the most favored animal spirit. Members of the tribe who dwell on the river also worship Asrai, beavers and bears.


Kunni have little love for the Emperor or city people. They serve because he protects them from the Shurani and not doing so would cause a lot of trouble. If they had a viable way to ignore the demands of the city, they would start their own nation and be done with the other tribes.

Bastul a'Kun Fendaras - High Shaman, ChiefAGE60SEXMale
MDV17MEL10  EnL85HC30%
Mana Lvl12Casting108Mana Regen8

Bastul has never been north of the river. He detests city people and Shurani. As the elder of Kunni, he uses one to keep the other at bay. His only interests are his people and the otter.



Population - 22000 (4400)

40% of the population (8800) lives on the coast. Another 20% (4400) reside near the Shestar border. The remainder occupies the rest of Hobali lands. The coast dwellers survive by fishing, hunting and gathering. Those in the hinterlands are hunters and gatherers with some horticulture. The people near the Shestar border hunt. They also have begun using agriculture and learning something of civilization. Smugglers from Shestar have been known to deal with them.


Hobali hatred of Shestar was always legend. Given contact with Shestar traders, the growth of civilization and the passage of time, it is lessening. They have no major animosity toward the other tribes or the city.


Hobali tend to worship spirits of the earth and growing things (plants, trees, etc). Very few worship animal spirits. Some leave offerings for vily and other supernatural protectors.

City People

The tribe did not appreciate the city taking land from them to build Fort K'Bab. Since they were paid, they have no power to take it back and goods flow to them from the fort, they accept the place.

Kesnari a'Ho Loran - Hobali War ChiefAGE44SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

In his early years Kesnari was a wild killer and brigand. At the age of 32, he enslaved a Fomorian woman. She changed his life. Within two years he was a true leader who cared for his tribe. At the age of 40 he became the tribal war chief. His village is the center of agriculture in the realm and is learning civilized ways rapidly.

Mara a'Ho Loran - Hobali War Chief's wifeAGE35SEXFemale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Mara is the daughter of a Shestar merchant. Kesnari looted her father's trade caravan while she traveled with it. She was taken. After months of abuse at his hands, including repeated rape, she fought through his hatred. In the years that followed, they came to love each other. Last year, after the birth of his third child (and first son) on her, she was freed and became his fourth wife. She is a powerful influence on him and the Hobali tribe.



Population - 13000 (2600)

The Niballa are traditionalists. They travel as small bands of hunters and gatherers. Most have no interest in altering the lifestyle that was always good enough for their fathers.


Niballa dislike Shurani. Many look down their noses at the change coming to the Hobali and honor an ancient feud with the Zimmali.


The preferred spirits of the Niballa are predators. They include lions, hyenas and other such creatures. Bands try to emulate their animal in life and will not harm one without great need.

City People

Niballa want nothing to do with city people. They deal with them when they must or when it grants a chance to slay Shurani.

Lamanza Nikoranar - Niballa High ShamanAGE78SEXMale
MDV18MEL13  EnL99HC48%
Mana Lvl11Casting136Mana Regen8

Lamanza is a lion shaman. He has been High Shaman of the tribe for 37 years. His person is one of the few things they hold to be sacred. He is the most rabid traditionalist in the tribe and often speaks against accepting any contact with whites of any stripe. He detests Fomorians and Kacili.



Population - 26000 (5200)

70% of the tribe's population (18200) lives on or near the river. They fish, engage in river trade and have some agriculture. 10% (2600) live in agricultural villages south of the river. The remainder (5200) are hunters and gatherers north of the river.

NOTE - A potlatch system operates among this tribe. Chiefs need to show their wealth each year by throwing a fete. Those who do not impress do not remain in power.


Prior to the construction of Fort Marrani the tribe had strong relations with Ma'helas. The tie has lessened now that the city people own the land on the border. They dislike the Emperor for the theft for a pittance of their "most valuable" land. Many are favorable to the people of Ma'helas and most fear the Shurani. Very few have any trust of Kacili who are new to the empire.


A fraction of the people worship balance as a result of their contact with Ma'helas. Most worship spirits that their legends say grant advantage in the fields or on the water. Profit is a large motivator for this tribe. Most are competent bargainers and merchants.

City People

The tribe holds a grudge over the construction of Fort Marrani. They also feel the city looks down on them, and other tribes, in favor of Zimmali. They give the city as little obedience as possible. Where the Zimmali are concerned, they give nothing. More than a few border clashes have occurred between these tribes.

Nara Tisnk'elati - N'yetali TraderAGE39SEXFemale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Nara was sold north when she was eight. She returned 20 years later with a troop of twelve foreigners and immense wealth. Since taking over the village where she was born, and repaying those who sold her, she has become a major power in the tribe. No one is richer, has more trade canoes or better lands than the trader Nara. The chieves she favors prosper and heed her when she calls. Those who anger her can end up bankrupt in a hurry.

Nara is a greedy woman who demands deference from others. She also cares about her people. She is the whip lashing her tribe toward civilization. The faster they learn and grow, the more profit she will have and the better off they will be (as she sees it).

NOTE - Nara's foreigners are from the Cerulean and Rogizini empires. Three can use magic. The other nine are deadly killers. She pays them very well and sees they want for nothing. All remain at her side to this day.



Population - 23000 (4600)

Historically this tribe has borne the brunt of raids from Kirazan and the desert. Their villages are fortified camps, with no less than a ditch and abatis protecting them. They are suspicious of foreigners and will react against them at the slightest provocation. This is especially true for those within 20 miles of the desert.

The tribe primarily survives by hunting and gathering. A small number of the people (15%) live in permanent villages. They have minimal agriculture and some ranching. Some are beginning to use the horse for farming, travel and warfare.


This tribe detests Kacili. Any who make the slightest misstep in their land face major trouble. They also have little interest in dealing with "camped Kacili" (the people of Kirazan) or "white invaders" (the people of Shestar).


The herds are important to these people. They tend to worship spirits tied to them. They never slay a herd animal without performing the proper placation ritual afterwards.

City People

The tribe gives required service and obedience, nothing more. When they have an Emperor who does not bear the taint of Kacili blood, and all Kacili in the guard are expelled, they will do more.

Gankor a'Zalazi Jizara - War ChiefAGE50SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Gankor is not smart by any definition. He is also not naïve. His two best talents are reading people and breaking them in half. Anyone who tries to lie to him had best be very good at it. He kills people who lie to him, always.

This chief favors cavalry, an end to the Kacili emperor and war to stop Kacili raids into the Black Plains. He has been known to answer such raids by leading raids of his own into the desert. He has a harem of eight Kacili women at his camp. He does not treat them well. Losses his family has suffered at Kacili hands make him utterly detest them.



Population - 10000 (2000)

This tribe was once powerful and numerous. That is no longer the case. Slave raids have cut their population in half. They survive by hunting and gathering. Their villages are set in places that can be defended or hidden. They are extremely paranoid and defensive toward strangers.


The tribe does not like the N'yetali. They hate Kacili and do not trust the people of Ma'helas. They support the city because its power is needed to keep them out of Kacili chains.


The people tend to worship spirits who are powerful in defending themselves or adapt at concealment. Some also worship gods of vengeance.

City People

As stated, they cater to the city to protect themselves. They have no love for them. If there was no Kacili threat they would give the Emperor as little attention as possible.

Amairalora - SorceressAGE64(21)SEXFemale
MDV19MEL12  EnL79HC68%
Mana Lvl13Casting141Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - She is a woman from another plain of existence. She ages one year for every three that pass. Her skin is dark blue, her eyes red and her hair is bone white. Many members of the tribe, especially in the east, worship her as a goddess. Her casting speed is two times normal BUT she can only cast elder magic.

Amairalora was born a princess. Rebels sent her out of her plane of existence. She arrived on the plains, nude and alone 31 years ago. A warrior took her into his home. Strange as she was, she seemed a young girl in need. Her sapphire tower now stands on the spot where his home stood. She is the adviser, protector and, for most in her area, goddess of Zi'gzaba.

The Sorceress views the people she serves as pets and toys. She protects them because they are hers and she requires their service, love and support. Her tower is guarded by her wards and twenty young warriors (selected by the shamans to serve and service her).

NOTE - The warriors are called the Blue Servants. They are no younger than 16 and no older than 30. All are skilled warriors and handsome men. She accepts nothing less. While in service they wear brief blue loincloths, carry their weapons and have a blue sigil marked on their chests. None of them will, or can, disobey any order she gives.



Population - 21000 (4200)

20% of the tribe (5200) lives on the river. They subsist by fishing and with light agriculture. Another 50% (10500) live within 40 miles of Klza'babwe. They have strong contacts with the city. Trade, ranching and hunting are their subsistence method. The rest of the tribe (5300) live as hunters, gatherers and ranchers elsewhere.


Zimmali tend to be arrogant. Most believe that all the empire is comes from their effort. Without them there would be no tribes, the city would never have been found, etc. Many are annoyed by the Hobali and N'yetali for failure to give due deference to their Zimmali betters. All are rabid supporters of the Lorca dynasty, as they have Zimmali blood in their veins and are descended from the holy. Zimmali have no fear of Shurikal. They have shown the hill fools are nothing. As a tribe, they favor total war on Shurikal and its utter eradication. Border skirmishes with the Kel are frequent.


Zimmali worship the elephant. Only elite warriors (members of Baba'elam, their warrior society) and shamans are allowed to slay one, with due ritual. Anyone else who does is flayed alive and left to be trampled by a herd of elephants (few live long enough for a herd to pass over them).

City People

Zimmali have strong ties to the city. They defend its rulers fanatically. They expect city people to honor them above all other tribes. They can be annoyed when this does not occur.


Only Zimmali warriors of undisputed ability can earn a place in this sodality. To enter, they must go to the Baba'elam camp, earn the right to test and then pass four initiation challenges. On doing so, they are marked with the elephant (a cicatrized design on their abdomen). The challenges test combat skill, stamina, survival and courage. Warriors have woken from a coma to find the elephant on them. The tests are not easy. There are currently 43 members of the sodality.

K'noram a'Zim Horai - Warlord of Baba'elamAGE41SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

The Warlord tells everyone he is a blood descendant of K'Bab. Given his known prowess, no one demands proof of his claim. He is a violent man set on glory. His time is spent assuring that only the best get into Baba'elam and raiding into Shurikal. He hopes to force war on the Shurani. Failing that, he plans to conquer them himself. He has no doubt he can.

NOTE - K'noram is married to the current heir of Kalar. Unknown to him, she inspires his actions as part of her plan to destroy the Lorca dynasty. Her goal is to take her rightful place as Empress.

N'jara - Heir of KalarAGE32SEXFemale
MDV13MEL7  EnL64HC55%
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL7/EL6 Inanimate Creation as innate power

As the heir of Kalar, N'jara always viewed herself as a goddess born. When her power came, at the age of 12, she knew she was right. While she directs her husband's ambition, she is working to overthrow the Lorca dynasty. When she succeeds she will sit as the first Divine Goddess of Ro'babza.

N'jara is known for her beauty, intelligence and temper. The few her know her well are also aware of her utter amorality. She has no limits when it comes to getting her way.



Population - 14000 Warriors (2800)

60% of the people (8400) live on the river and seacoast. They survive by fishing and gathering. Some engage in river trade also. The remainder (5600) are hunters and gatherers. They are a proud tribe who are not overly sophisticated.


Zuiassa dislike both Kunni and Hobali. They have good relations with Zimmali. Many still believe the people of the city are gods. They do whatever they can for them. All Zuiassa detest Shurani. Any who is found in their lands is killed out of hand.


The most popular animal spirit is the leopard. A number of the people also revere raptors (eagles, hawks, etc).

City People

Any visitor from the city is treated as a king. Whatever is asked of his hosts is given freely, if it is at all possible. If it is not, they are embarrassed. They will kill the asker to keep their shame from being known.

Zuiassa tend to be kind to a fault to friends and strangers. To enemies, and those who give them cause for anger, they are implacable killers.

K'masa Lorastamaz - High ShamanAGE47SEXMale
MDV21MEL16  EnL102HC23%
Mana Lvl13Casting193Mana Regen10

K'masa has been a leopard shaman since he was nine. A pair of double normal size female leopards always accompany him. He believes in city divinity and the might of royal blood. As those who want Ali's head have approached him, this presents a problem. It is his place to support the Emperor but he must also support those who oppose him. They are also city blood. He is pondering the dilemma. If he cannot resolve it, he will act to erase his shame.

Almar Goron - Fomorian merchantAGE40SEXMale
MDV16MEL8  EnL73HC20%
Mana Lvl12Casting87Mana Regen7
* -1 for obesity

Almar is a native of Shestar. He was banished from the land for immoral action and trafficking with slavers. A charge of sorcery and the use of demons could not be proven (so he still lives). After a few years in Port Doman, he established a trading center on the north bank of the river (where it meets the sea). In the eight years he has been there he has established a small fort and decent trade. He uses it to kidnap women for his use and sale in Port Doman. He is, in his view, a happy king making a fine living.

The troop of mercenaries working for him makes sure he stays happy. All are lechers and addicts. He is the only supplier of the magical drug they need. He is also the supplier of the flesh they want. All twelve would happily die for him.

Secret Societies

Three societies operate in Ro'babza. The first is Kelara Azul babana. It is working to slay the Emperor, provoke civil way and place the heir of Kalar on the imperial throne. It is a new society with some support in Zimmali, Zuiassa and Niballa. There are currently 23 members and a few hundred supporters. The leader is N'jara of Zimmali.

The second society is Baba mor'Kan. They also seek Ali's death. Their goal is to purge the empire of all Kacili and eradicate white influence in the realm. It has support in Klza'babwe, Zalazibabwe, Zi'gzaba and N'yetali and has existed since the formation of the Lorca dynasty. There are 192 members and a bit more than a thousand supporters. A council of warriors leads. The true leader is Kaima'lira a'havora.

The third society seeks change in religion. It is supported by Shurikal, outlawed and has no known name. Members are known by marks burned on their chests and arms. They operate as roving bandits and slayers, showing the tribes the power of truth and demanding payment to leave them alive. There are currently three gangs with a total of 41 members. They operate in Zimmali, Zuiassa and Zalazibabwe. Two of the leaders are Shurani. The other is Ro'babzan.

Vilnor Ironeyes - Zuiassa leaderAGE29SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Vilnor is a Sabai warrior. His gang has nine members. Three of them are Shurani. The others are Ro'babzan outcasts who have accepted truth (in exchange for their lives). He is a sadistic murder, thief and rapist. His gang bases in the Sabai hills and makes raids into Zuiassa to gain tribute, slaves and converts. Those where he raids give freely or die.

NOTE - Unlike many Shurani Vilnor is not fond of torture. He demands obedience. If he doesn't get it, he kills clean and quick. The bodies and burning huts he leaves behind are example enough for him. He has no desire to be "cute" about showing his might.

Ko Aliiuran - Zimmali leaderAGE37SEXMale
MDV17MEL9  EnL98HC27%
Mana Lvl12Casting100Mana Regen8

Ko is a Kel shaman. The primary god he worships is Kotarl. His gang has 15 members. Four of them are Shurani, seven are Ro'babzan criminals and four are Zimmali he has conditioned into rabid believers. When his gang comes they select a village, slaughter its defenders, chain its women and children then sack everything worth stealing. When that is done, they pick one of the female children, eat her and leave the bones to be found in the burning village. With them is a sign letting the rescuers know they must accept truth or die. The gang is feared and hated. They do not get converts, save for those who fall prey to Ko's power. The base is in the Kel mountains.

Xenie Lumizal - Zalazibabwe leaderAGE27SEXFemale
MDV14MEL8  EnL56HC31%
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Her touch can cause disease in a man (see Daoine Sidhe) when she wishes. She is MEL8/EL6 using this power. She also has MEL8/EL2 Pheromones as an innate power.

Xenie is a woman of the Topapa. Her abilities were discovered when she was 15. She escaped into the desert before the Imam could arrive to destroy her taint (and kill her). Her flight led her to the jungle where she was taken prisoner. The shaman who led the party noted she was nearly insane and a viable weapon. He perfected her over the next two years.

She was released at Port Doman. After a year, she had to flee the city. Her escape brought her to the plains. She took over a small Zalazibabwe village with her cunning, gifts and archery talent. She has led her gang of 17 from that hiding place ever since. Her followers believe out of loyalty to her. They are her men completely, all praying for nights when she chooses to honor them with her touch.

When her gang enters a village its people are given a chance to worship her and pay homage. Those who do so are not harmed. Those who do not, and fight the gathering of tribute, are tortured to death. (She rarely leaves any village struck without at least one new gang member).

NOTE - The Shaman's skill and magic convinced Xenie that she will be an avatar of Kotan. She is worthy of the worship of all mortals and may use any as she chooses. It is her right as one who will be divine. She lives up to the goddess as an ambusher and in her lust. She has also learned the Kotothi serpent tongue and is seeking to learn all she can about her "mother's children and subjects." Of her followers, nine see her as a goddess and seek the divine touch. The other seven are in love and don't care what they have to do to be with her.


As stated in Perilous Lands, Shurikal is a barbarian theocracy. The ultimate power in all walks of life is held by the Caste of Power, which resides in the city of Shurikal. The occupants of that city are:

63 The Caste of Power
3000 Other religious functionaries
2400 the elite Guard
7550 servants and slaves of the above (wives, children, whores, etc count as servants or religious functionaries depending on who controls them)


The owner of the city, occupant of the temple of the serpent and ruler of the nation is the Invincible Master. A council of 13 caste of power members advises him. They are those judged most powerful after him. He also has four aides he selects from younger elements of the caste. The remaining members of the caste serve in the temples, heeding his will and that of the council.

Religious functionaries are under the command of the caste of power. They do anything any member of that group commands, without hesitation, unless a previous order from a higher ranking member makes obedience impossible. Maintenance of the temples and conducting daily rites is their responsibility.

The guard obeys their general and command officers. Those commanders are under the direct command of the Invincible Master. They are appointed, removed at his discretion and overseen by two members of the caste of power. When the master is strong, they are dependable fanatics who heed him alone. When he is weak, they can be praetorians, selling their allegiance to his future replacement. They are, like all Shurani, ruthless individuals who have no tolerance for weakness.

Caste of Power Positions

The thirteen have the following duties, according to rank:

1)Mayor of Shurikal
2)Chamberlain of the Invincible
3)High Overseer of the Guard
4)Low Overseer of the Guard
5)Overseer of Kotobo
6)Overseer of Morkel
7)Overseer of Sabai
8)Overseer of Kel
9)Overseer of Dirani
10)Overseer of Khab
11)Overseer of Kotasi
12)Overseer of Apina
13)Overseer of Kon

The Mayor of Shurikal is responsible for the city and the tent camp outside it. The Chamberlain relays the commands of the Invincible and oversees all temples. The overseers are responsible for the tribe. It is up to them to insure the people remain pure in their faith, secure the lands of the Invincible Master and, in all ways, operate as proper Shurani. Each is absolute in that tribe's lands, unless overruled by the Invincible Master.


The tribal army is commanded by a hereditary officer caste. The general in each area is the absolute commander of his troops. He is the member of that caste who all acclaim as the greatest of them all. The law requires him to heed the will of the caste of power. How he uses the army in doing so is his decision. Should his action lead to major friction with the adviser responsible for the area, he has the right to appeal to the Invincible Master. Whoever the master finds against is sacrificed on the altar of Kototh. As a general rule, the general and adviser try to work together to avoid facing this fate.

Caste Of Power

When the caste was first formed a small majority of its members were wizards. In the years since, wizard failure to retrieve the lost tomes, and loss of their best members in the effort to do so, has led to a major lessening of their influence.

The current rulers of the caste are the Shaman priests of Shurikal. The Invincible Master and ten of the council members belong to this group. Only three councilors are wizards. A large minority of the caste looks down on its practice as a "perversion of the purity of the gifts our Father (Kototh) grants." Unless there is a major change soon, the day will come when Shurikal outlaws the practice of wizardry entirely. It is a white perversion unfit for the minds of our Father's children.


Shurani, nearly without exception, are fanatically bigoted against all whites. They are considered to be weaklings, liars and fools fit only for torment and slavery. A white person who enters their lands, commanding anything less than invincible power, is committing suicide. He or she will be chained. If they are lucky, they will be killed.

If that person is found to be Fomorian, a quick death is NEVER granted. Their hatred of Fomorians is almost tangible. Any who are caught are subjected to perverse torture and slavery for as long as they can withstand it. Given Shurani mastery of such arts, it can take years to die. By the time they do they are physically shattered and utterly insane.


The people in the tent camp outside the city work fields and hunt to support themselves and the city. They also work massive gem and metal mines that are located near Shurikal. All the production of the mines is turned over to the Mayor of Shurikal. It is the property of the Invincible Master in its entirety. Anyone who is caught keeping any part of it is guilty of heresy. He is sacrificed on the altar of Kototh as a faithless son.


Great serpents and dae'ta koti often visit the city. They are sacred. Anyone who offers them harm, for any reason, is guilty of blasphemy. They are flayed alive and, before dying, are given to great apes to be eaten. Magic is used to insure they are alive as the creatures dine. Until one tears out their heart, the victim feels every pain as he is eaten.

NOTE - The rite is sacred. It is only used in the instance described above. Using it in any other way is heresy. It greatly affects the abilities of the person it is cast upon (as will be seen later). It is called the Rite of Markan. The affect of the curse, once cast on someone, is permanent. The only cure is to bathe in the water of Dark Knowledge, which lies beneath the god Kototh. Should someone manage to take that bath, it will drive him insane unless he rolls W/10 (RD) with no partial success allowed.


Females rarely achieve a position of power in Shurikal. Unless a woman's power, and blessing from Father, is unassailable and she is utterly ruthless there is no chance of her making it into the caste of power's leadership. This has been the case since the savage death of Kon'kie the White more than a century ago.


Shurikal - City -13013, other 17000, 2400 elite guard


The Invincible Master is as specified in the site book. The Mayor, Chamberlain and guard overseers are listed here along with the General of the Guard. The overseers of the tribes will be listed with the tribes they control.

Gorgan Rednail - Mayor of Shurikal, ShamanAGE49SEXMale
MDV17MEL11  EnL86HC38%
Mana Lvl11Casting113Mana Regen9

Gorgan was born Apina. He came to Shurikal at the age of eight and worked the mines. At fourteen he informed on a group of mine thieves. His reward was admission to the city and training as a shaman. He earned his tonah, a dirailla'ta, when he was eighteen. Over the next twenty years he worked his way up the ladder and into the caste of power. He is happy where he now sits and has no illusions that he is powerful enough to supplant the Invincible Master. He serves, does as he will with the people and reveres Kototh.

Kot Shavieren - Chamberlain, ShamanAGE61SEXMale
MDV23MEL15  EnL108HC26%
Mana Lvl15Casting211Mana Regen10

Kot was born a bastard in the tent camp. His father was a member of the caste of power who showed up now and then to abuse and rape his mother. At the age of seven, he took a dagger from him as he slumbered, castrated him and tortured him to death as he fought the bonds holding him. The Invincible Master enrolled him in the caste of power as a result. Kot's action showed the proper attitude and the master hated Kot's father. During 49 years as a Shaman Kot has tirelessly honed his power and violently rebuked those who dared think him weak because of his stature. He is a powerful man and total sadist who is wholly dedicated to the faith, especially the mysteries of the god Kotarl.

NOTE - He is the leader of a minority sect that practices cannibalism in their worship of Kotarl. They prefer dining on the Sidh. When such beings are not available, they eat humans. The prime selection, in their view, is a young female who is fertile and still virgin. The sect runs a force of gatherers who keep their larder stocked.

Kot sees the current Invincible Master as a proper ruler and power. He follows him. Should he be given cause to change his opinion, he will plan the demise of his master and assume the sacred throne. If this occurs, cannibalism will become law for the caste of power.

Bor Fire-eye - High Overseer, ShamanAGE45SEXMale
MDV18MEL12  EnL120HC39%
Mana Lvl12Casting130Mana Regen8

Bor is a Kon shaman. He earned the notice of the caste in battle. The Invincible Master granted him a place in it when he was 31. Since then he has risen to a position of leadership. He is a lecher and sadist with one overriding goal in life. That is the conquest of Aretad. He seeks the death of every male in that land and wants to place chains on all their females. He has a substantial harem of white slaves. All are female, Fomorian and scarred.

Nazor Heranzinke - Low Adviser, WizardAGE71SEXMale
MDV24MEL13  EnL54HC18%
Mana Lvl17Casting209Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - Nazor is permanently affected by a Dragon Skin rite he cast on himself at the age of 40. His appearance was 76 before he succeeded in that effort. The spell grants him a NAV of 6. Others he has attempted to cast it on have died.

NOTE - The rite's success is a function of mana level. Anyone with a level of 15 or less dies. Those whose level is higher roll Mana Level times three with no partials. If they make the roll, they get the skin forever and reduce appearance by 50% (RD). If not they die horribly.

Nazor is Shurikal's greatest wizard. He is fighting a losing battle to preserve the place and power of his kind in the nation. Fear of his ability is the only reason they haven't already been eradicated. His agents are searching the world for the Tome of Kototh. It must be found before he dies or the Shaman priests will destroy wizardry in the realm.

While his agents work Nazor is subtly recruiting support for his kind. When he has enough, or it seems all hope is lost, he will destroy the Invincible Master and take the throne. That final step on the road of power, the only road he cares to ever walk, will lead to him becoming the Living Dragon of Shurikal. He will make himself invincible.

Zinoral Sarkan - General of the GuardAGE51SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Zinoral loves one thing in life, the feeling of his weapon smashing the body of an enemy. He is a cunning man, a native of the city and a psychotic killer. He does what is best for himself, his officers and his master, in that order. (When the master is strong, of course, what is best for him is to obey). His palace in the city is opulent. He is a greedy and selfish man.

The Tribes



Population - 10000, warriors - 1800, army - 200

These lands are a major source of iron and copper. They are also rich in game and highly dangerous. From youngest to oldest, Apina are pragmatic killers. They have to be to prosper in their land.


Were it not for the peace of Shurikal, the Apina would conquer Dirani. They would have a better life with Dirani lands added to their own and Dirani whores to enjoy on the cold nights.


The tribes favored god is Shurikal. A strong minority also worships Gartun. Like all Shurani, their main god is Kototh.

Konorin Fesk - Overseer of ApinaAGE82SEXMale
MDV14MEL9  EnL100HC29%
Mana Lvl9Casting74Mana Regen7

Konorin is a member of the Kon tribe and a worshipper of Shurikal. He is, in all ways, a fanatic. It is his believe that any use of civilized ways is heresy against the gods. His laws insure there will be none. For example, one caught with books (and therefore reading) is blinded. One who wears woven cloth such as civilized people make must go a full year in the nude after being whipped into unconsciousness. Most Apina heed his will because he is the Overseer. Few will be upset when he dies of old age (or otherwise).

Kesnar the Raver - War Chief of ApinaAGE39SEXMale
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kesnar is quiet, sadistic and deadly in battle. His preferred god is Gartun. As a general, he leads by taking the point and cutting a swath through the enemy. He enjoys doing so. As War Chief, he is responsible for enforcing justice and overseeing the army in Apina lands. The laws of the overseer annoy him. It his belief that stopping fools from weakening themselves with civilized nonsense is a waste of his time. Being forced to travel incessantly enforcing laws he dislikes annoys him. If an accident befell the Overseer, Kesnar would not waste more than a minute seeking those responsible.

NOTE - Kesnar uses a spiked club in battle. It is WSB +2. The spikes are tipped with BL6 paralytic poison.



population - 16000, warriors - 2900, army - 300

Dirani has a number of gem deposits and decent hunting. The people also engage in river travel and fishing to survive. The mountains on their border with the Kotobo contain deposits of crystal and gold. Survival in their lands is hard but life can be quite pleasant. The worst monsters in the area spend the bulk of their time further south, in Apina lands.


Dirani are aware of Apina hatred. They have no time for it. Defending themselves against subtle Kotobo efforts to take their mountains, and the gold in them, is more important. So is finding a way to drive the white worms out of the plains they stole.


Most Dirani worship Kototh and Kotarl. A small number also worship Mallen Trow and Mab ac Kota.

City People

A minority here is wondering if the way of the city is what it should be. They want the Fomorians driven into the sea. The city has shown no interest in doing so for decades.

Amazd Dya'arshal - Overseer of Dirani, WizardAGE38SEXMale
MDV17MEL8  EnL45HC32%
Mana Lvl13Casting91Mana Regen3

Amazd is a native of the city and worshipper of Kototh. Earning rank on the council only to be sent into the sticks does not please him. He is seeking power and fame, enough to win his way back to Shurikal as Invincible Master. As he is intelligent, he realizes this will take some time. Since he has little will, he is not above taking chances to make the gains he needs.

He has the ear of the Dirani war chief and married his daughter last year. Sadly, he is utterly depraved in his use of females. Should the chief find out how depraved, there is no dealt he will be insulted. That would not be good for Amazd's health.

J'zarin Blackhand - War Chief of DiraniAGE60SEXMale
MDV9MEL6  EnL75HC52%
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - J'zarin's left hand is coal black. When he locks it on another person, flesh to flesh, it has the affect of Leeching MEL6/EL4. The affect drains energy and mana from his victim. It goes into his Strength. He can increase his strength up to 2x its normal value. The gain lasts 2 hours. Once this period ends, he loses one point per minute until his strength returns to its normal level.

J'zarin has been war chief for 30 years. He is not as nimble as he once was but is still the greatest warrior the Dirani have. He is also blessed by the gods and a smart leader. Not many of his people have any interest in testing their luck against him. He is known for his vile temper when crossed or insulted. People are very careful in how they speak to him.



population - 17000, warriors - 2800, army - 600

The mountains where the Kel dwell are wild and deadly. They are a hard, dangerous people as a result. They survive by hunting and gathering. They also mine gems and a few minor metal deposits in the area. Few of them have made much of an effort to find larger lodes. Survival is enough for most of them.


Kel has friendly relations with the Kon. They don't much care for the rest of their neighbors. They often raid into Ro'babza and sometimes, as possible, raid the Khab.


The favored god of Kel is Nebeth. Most of their larger villages have at least one great serpent in residence.

City People

A minority among the Kel dislike city interference. They believe that it is the right of the strong to master the weak. This given, the city should stand aside and let them conquer Khab and Sabai. It is their place to become the dominant tribe in the land. Only city law keeps this from being fact.

Za'kines Sarkan - Overseer of Kel, ShamanAGE44SEXMale
MDV16MEL10  EnL96HC48%
Mana Lvl11Casting99Mana Regen8

Za'kines is a worshipper of Kototh and the brother of the General of the Guard. His goal is to become Invincible Master within the next 20 years. He believes rule in Kel is the perfect place to make this happen. Driving them into victories against white worms and Ro'babzan weaklings will make him famous and greatly increase his power. Doing so with a female war chief will be even greater proof of his potency.

Kailin Z'zingo - War chief of KelAGE36SEXFemale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kailin is a worshipper of Nebeth and Kotan. She has an MEL8/EL4 Sword, modified for hit chance and damage. She is a master in its use (EL16). In every way she is the epitome of a Shurani warrior. She is cruel, sadistic, perverse and extremely arrogant. She has been war chief for three years, slaying three challengers to claim the honor. Twice since then she has faced other challengers and slaughtered them like sheep.

Four months ago she was called to Shurikal. After spending two weeks in conference with the Invincible Master, she returned with his command that she alone was to rule his warriors in Kel. Any new challenge would be seen as an act of heresy by the city.

NOTE - She is a bit less than four months pregnant.



population - 14000, warriors - 2800, army - 300

The mountains of Khab contain vast deposits of silver and gems. Its people are miners and hunters. Farming, fishing and other menial activities that are needed to survive are jobs given to slaves of this tribe. No true warrior would dirty his hands with such tasks.


The Khab are enemies of the Kel and the Kon. They have good relations with the Kotobo. They seek war on Aratad before the white worms can steal more land from them.


Khab favor the god Kotarl above all others except Kototh. His yearly festival is an orgiastic rite that features tribal wide cannibalism. Any elf or faerry they take is either sacrificed to Kotarl or eaten.

Hjasto Kasnalikama - Overseer of Khab, ShamanAGE53SEXMale
MDV15MEL8  EnL86HC20%
Mana Lvl11Casting80Mana Regen8

Hjasto's father is a city man. His mother is Khab. On his father's side his family has been in the caste of power since the death of Kon'kie the White. He counts himself as one of the elite and demands deference from those who are honored by his presence. When he does not receive it his response is violent, perverse and sadistic. He favors limited war with Aredan. His goal is to conquer the lands they hold on the west side of the river. As yet, he has not received support from the Invincible Master on his plan. When he does, the Khab will lead the offensive.

Lag Serpent-skull - War chief of KhabAGE32SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA
* Ap is 5 with the skull he wears, 55 without it.

SPECIAL - Lag visited the lower world at the age of 19. He returned with a helmet crafted from the skull of an immense serpent. It is impervious to any damage. If a deadly hit is scored on him there is a 50% chance it strikes the skull. If it does, he takes 1/3 of the damage scored as subdual damage and no physical damage. (The skull is permanently attached to his head. It cannot be removed by anything less than an EL10 Negate Curse spell).

Lag met Kotarl in the Lower World. The skull was his gift. There is a 1% chance per day, additive, that it will rule his mind for a day. When it does, he will act in a manner that emulates that god and achieves his ends. At such times, he is the definition of perverse, cruel and diabolical.

EXAMPLE - Lag has not been affected for 23 days. His chance on the morning of day 24 is 24%. If he is affected, the chance on day 25 will be 1% again.

Lag very much wants the skull removed. As it is a divine gift, asking for help would be heresy. He has been known to lead war parties into Aredan, capture Fomorian priests and torture them to death when they fail to free him from the skull's hold on his soul. Given what he received from his god, his faith in him is wavering.



population - 8000, warriors - 1600, army - 200

The Kon control the largest expanse of quality arable land in Shurikal. Before the arrival of Fomorians they had twice as much. They suffered heavy losses to the Fomorian invasion. Without Kel support they might have been exterminated. Their lands are the best food producer and a good source of tin and copper.


Kon will be satisfied when every citizen of Aredan is dead or in chains. They owe a blood debt to Kel and hate Khab, for refusing to aid them like Kel did. Radicals among them want to exterminate all whites from the Southern continent.


Kon favors Kototh and his true son Zuriti. They revere all Elder Dragons. Those who are known in their lands receive worship and one virgin a month as their due. They are gods to Kon.

NOTE - Kon'kie the White was a wizard from this tribe.

Zuran Es'hja - Overseer of Kon, ShamanAGE29SEXMale
MDV23MEL11  EnL95HC27%
Mana Lvl17Casting177Mana Regen8

SPECIAL - MEL11/EL5 Psychic Hammer as an Innate Power. His range with this power is double that stated in the rules.

Zuran won his place on the council last year. He is the fastest rising leader in the Caste of Power. His ability is definitely a threat to the Invincible Master. He knows it and defends himself at all times. He plans to steal the throne at the first viable opportunity. He is cunning, humorously perverse and utterly sadistic toward his enemies. His presence in Kon is one reason war with Aredan is being delayed. Giving him a chance to enhance his reputation is not politically appropriate.

Masgan Devilheart - War chief of KonAGE59SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Masgan has been war chief for 24 years. He is known for utter ruthlessness. There is nothing he will not do to achieve his ends. No limits whatsoever stay his hand. He is also one of the most rabid haters of whites in the nation. He has stated that the only thing he wants from white worms is screams. He proves this truth with any who fall into his hands. Bargaining with animals is beneath him. Allowing one to touch him is far worse. He has them tortured, enjoys their screams and watches happily as they die.



population - 12000, warriors - 2400, army - 400

Kotasi make their way by fishing and with hunting and gathering. There is little in the way of metal or gem deposits in the area, with one exception. There is a large platinum mine near their border with Morkel.


The Kotasi hate Kunni. They have some friction with the Morkel. Much as they hate whites, they have little interest in shedding their blood to help Dirani and Kotobo destroy Aredan. They want war on Ro'babza and the conquest of Kunni. A great deal of Kotasi energy is spent surviving in their land. There are deadly forces present there. One works against Shurani, the other often preys on them. Survival is a challenge.


The great god is Kototh. Many also worship Paitco Sith, Mab ac Kota and other gods who command humanoid races. That worship is as much politics as reverence.

Ovan Soulclaw - Overseer of Kotasi, ShamanAGE35SEXMale
MDV17MEL10  EnL71HC19%
Mana Lvl12Casting104Mana Regen8

SPECIAL - Ovan's fingers are tipped with magical metal nails. When he strikes using them damage is 1D6+2 base AND any damage scored is taken as both lost hit points and lost energy. The attack rakes both soul and body.

Ovan is a former friend of Lag. They traveled together to the Lower World and met Kotarl. Ovan is quite pleased with the gift he received (the claws and knowledge that increased his MEL by 2). He is the dedicated servant of Kotarl in all ways.

Poltag Jewelcrusher - War chief of KotasiAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Physical Power (+8), dedication to developing Strength above all else.

Poltag is vain and arrogant. He sees his strength as proof he is a divine warrior. He sometimes calls himself "chosen son of Utgard Geror." He is cruel, sadistic and stubborn. Backing down from any challenge is beyond him. Accepting any slight from "mortals" is also. He is a bit insane. He is also a brutal rapist. When he chooses to honor a whore, man or woman, with his divine touch he feels it is fitting that they pay for the pleasure he gives. All are battered before he takes them.



population - 24000, warriors - 4000, army - 800

Kotobo is an area of wild mountains east of the city. Its people are hard and often crude. They revel in humiliating the weak, slaying white worms and proving they are the greatest of all Shurani. The area produces metal, gems, furs, high quality stone and other items of value. The primary subsistence mode is hunting and gathering.


Kotobo detest Aretad for taking the arable land on the west side of the river. They want the place conquered with as many whites as possible chained for lingering torture and abuse.


The tribe worships Kototh. Other Kotothi gods may be revered in small, private shrines. Only Kototh can be honored publicly.

U'tornas - Overseer of KotoboAGE36SEXMale
MDV16MEL8  EnL94HC30%
Mana Lvl12Casting85Mana Regen7

U'tornas is the newest member of the council. An unknown slayer murdered his predecessor, a supremely powerful shaman. The Invincible Master gave his post to U'tornas, his second cousin. The councilor is in Kotobo to keep them in line, doing nothing major without the express command of the Invincible. He is happy to comply. He enjoys the power of his position and is terrified of his second cousin. He does whatever it takes to keep things they way the Invincible wants them to be.

Isal Y'kelaraten - War chief of KotoboAGE45SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Isal is all Kotobo. He humiliates weaklings by using them as women. Some, like U'tornas, he uses in private only (out of fear of the Invincible Master's wrath). Others are put on public display, dressed and made up as whores. When war comes, he forms them up as a whore unit. Those who impress him in battle are removed from its rolls. The army uses the rest after each battle.

Beyond that vile trait, he is a greedy man and deadly warrior. His hoard is immense. One of the favors he demands of U'tornas is assuring it is safe with magic. In his time as chief, he has killed more than a hundred men.



population - 20000, warriors - 3500, army - 500

Morkel subsist by fishing, hunting and gathering. They have a number of small mines in their hills. About 50% of the population lives on the river. The rest is scattered through the hills.


Morkel hate Ro'babza. They have since the days of K'Bab. Anyone who talks for the conquest and humiliation of their enemy has their ear. They are wary of the Kotasi and friends with Kotobo.


Other than Kototh, Morkel worships Mab ac Kota, Gywn ap Nudd and Otthinar. They enjoy torture as an art form and revel in perversity. Some of their larger villages have trade with goblins and trold folk.

Dialarkenda Garnoril - Overseer of MorkelAGE67SEXMale
MDV16MEL13  EnL104HC42%
Mana Lvl9Casting106Mana Regen8

The Overseer serves Kotarl. He is not a power. He is, however, very experienced in his craft. The combination makes him a patient and stubborn individual. His goals for the Morkel are growth and the eradication of Fort Ro'Mabazai. If it takes him a decade, they will accomplish these goals. As he waits, he hones them as his god's weapon and revels in their perversity.

Gasnaric Blacktusk - War chief of Morkel*AGE36SEXMale
MDV8MEL4  EnL18HC23%
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

*Gasnaric's father is a high chief of the goblins in the northern hills of the area. He is as much a goblin noble as he is a Shurani warrior.

SPECIAL - MEL4/EL4 Flaming Death as fanatical power

NOTE - The Warchief has the greenish coloring of a goblin and short tusks on his jawline.

Gasnaric's father is a goblin king. He ranks as an elite goblin among that race. He has lived among humans for twelve years. His ability, and a bit of goblin perfidy (and magic) made him war chief two years ago. He works to strengthen human/goblin ties in the area. He also lives up to his nature as a goblin. See book three for details. His ability with rhetoric sways most of those he speaks to. Those who aren't convince face his weapons and, if needed, goblin vengeance. He is a strong chief and has the support of the Overseer.



population - 19000, warriors - 3500, army - 300

Sabai subsist by hunting and gathering. The area produces fur, herbs, gold and lead. 40% of the population (7600) lives within 20 miles of Shurikal.


The tribe dislikes Kel and hates Ro'babza. They believe all white males should be killed and all of their women should be chained as slaves for proper warriors. When the chance arises, they live up to this belief. Any white man they encounter is killed. All women are chained.


Other than Kototh the favored deities are Kotan, Nebeth and Shurikal, in ascending order. They consider the trappings of civilization to be signs of weakness. No true Sabai warrior uses them for any reason.

Yi'jeran Eagle-flayer - Overseer of SabaiAGE50SEXMale
MDV17MEL8  EnL85HC26%
Mana Lvl13Casting95Mana Regen7

Yi'jeran's god of choice is Laboth. He is a Kon native (not an overly popular one). He enjoys torture, watching mass slaughter and taking all an enemy has in a slow, painful and humiliating fashion. His hatred of whites is virulent. He dislikes Ro'babza because they are weaklings who let those with white blood lead their nation. He speaks for the conquest of both Ro'babza and Aredan.

Zi Deadeye - War chief of SabaiAGE38SEXMale
MDV12MEL8  EnL106HC57%
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -20 for his eye

SPECIAL - Zi has the Evil Eye. It can be used to paralyze, inflict disease or kill. He is MEL8/EL4 on paralysis, MEL8/EL3 inflicting disease and MEL4/EL2 on death. He must make eye contact to use the power. If it succeeds, the affect occurs immediately. Range and other factors are as specified for like spells. For Death, use Hand of Death for cost.

Zi has been war chief for eleven years. Many an older warrior, who challenged his ambition, looked him in the eye. They died on the spot or horribly from disease or torture. He is a sociopath. His only interests are gaining whatever his heart desires and having his pick of the world's women. His current harem, wives and slaves, has 21 members. He plans to triple it in the coming years. All of the wives fear him. All of the slaves are drugged into wanton whores.

He knows death will find him. He plans to leave an army of sons behind to avenge him when it comes. He currently has eleven children. As his time allows, he is working to make many more.



population - 242013, warriors - 27700, all army - 6000

Special Sites

1) Black Lake

Kotasi consider this area to be cursed and haunted. It has been since the reign of Shurikal. Few warriors go within sight of the lake without desperate cause and/or magical support. There are a number of legends about those who ignored such caution never being seen again.


On the birth of Shurikal Oberon was worried and greatly annoyed. He established a Fay fortress at Black Lake to monitor the vile actions of the immortal and protect the Sidh in the hills. The site is built in a small hill on the west bank of the lake. It is heavily warded and invisible to mortal eyes.


The hill preserves the Sidh in Kotasi, monitors Shurani action as possible and champions those who are oppressed by Kotothi whenever possible. With the passage of time, the strength of its defenders has waned badly. However, given the nearly divine level of many of its wards, it remains able to defend itself and harass locals. That is about all the current Queen does. She is not overly courageous.


82 Faerry, 11 Cait Sith, 4 Cu Sidhe, 6 Elves, 2 Humans


The hill is under nearly constant pressure. The Kotothi gods, especially Paitco Sith and Kototh, want it destroyed. The elite know this and are certain that anyone who succeeds in the act will be heavily rewarded. They attempt it regularly. Thusfar the defenses have stifled them. Since the current Queen took over, they have made some headway.

Falinda - Queen of Black HillAGE27(135)SEXFemale
MDV17MEL11  EnL40HC19%
Mana Lvl11Casting112Mana Regen4

* Faerry are the personification of Sidh power. One inch is added per two MEL (RU).

SPECIAL - MEL11/EL6 Foyson Theft as innate power

The Queen inherited the hill from her mother, who reigned for three centuries. Though she fostered with a Duchess in Avalon, or because of it, Falinda is not the power her mother was. She is more interested in singing, socializing and soirees. She has reigned since her mother was slain by a Daoine Sidhe prince four years ago. This Queen needs to be insightful, powerful and willing to sacrifice and seek combat with enemies. It is unlikely Falinda can develop those traits. She is gentle and pleasant. Becoming a harsh and demanding Mage like her mother is beyond her.

Falinda rarely leaves the hill. Most of its actions are left to her lover, the elves, Sidh animals and a scattering of her people. She counts on the wards to insure everyone is safe. They can only do so much when faced with a determined attack.

NOTE - Without vigorous action, the hill will fall within ten years. Falinda will be taken to Shurikal. After years of torment, the insane fragment left of her will be sacrificed to Kotarl. He will dine on her.

Mor Trent - Human, Falinda's loverAGE31SEXMale
MDV14MEL4  EnL72HC35%
Mana Lvl12Casting48Mana Regen3

Mor is a native of Donara. He came to the hill seven years ago with Falinda. Since that time, he has enjoyed her and worked tirelessly to protect the hill. In the last few months, after years of argument, he was allowed to learn Sidh magic. He loves his Queen and is dedicated to defending Faerry.

NOTE - As things stand, the Overseer will trap him in eight years. The result will be three months of torture and his death. Without his effort, and with the malaise his death will put the Queen in, the hill will fall.

2) Nasgora

Nasgora was born 635 years ago. Her father is the greatest Troll King of the Shurani Mountains. He left her in the cavern to die because she is Eld. She did not. Over the centuries she has made her cavern a fortress. It is a fabled place for Shurani, especially the Khab. Now and then the brave, or desperately needy, approach her home. Few are ever seen again. Those who are prospered from the journey. They also are more than warriors, both before their quest and after.


The entrance to the caverns is in the sidewall of a narrow ravine. A maze of tunnels runs through the mountain from that point. If it is followed properly, the traveler reaches an immense cavern with an underground lake in the center. Her palace is on an island in the center of the lake. Every step along the way to it is warded and mechanically trapped.


Nasgora has no overt purpose beyond survival for herself and her kind. She detests normal trolls. They are cowards and traitors in her eyes. She also has no love for Kotothi beings, except elite goblins and Dragons. Goblins have ability as artificers and some knowledge of magic. Dragons are as smart as she is. They get her respect for those reasons. Other "things" of Kototh that come to her need a good reason and must show deference. If they fail in either regard, they are dealt with harshly.


Nasgora has five children. Two are Eld and female. They remain with her in the cavern. The others are males kept in the palace dungeon. Their life is siring young on captured trolls, as Nasgora believes they are more likely to sire Eld than other trolls. The Eld population is Nasgora, her two daughters and 11 young, i.e. less than a hundred year old, Eld. The trolls present are her sons, nine female captives and eight children. All are magically collared and under the complete control of the Eld.

Nasgora has artisans and servants who serve her. They are five hobgoblins and twenty goblins. All live in a side cavern near the palace and are terrified of her power. However, they are also greedy for the wealth and knowledge she provides and loyal to her daughter Liatar. None will do anything against her for any reason. A young Elder Dragon (.7x normal size) lives elsewhere in the caverns. He is Nasgora's friend. They exchange visits now and then.

Her current list of pets is: Two Asrai (in the lake), one Besamar (in the palace), three Dzaliri (palace grounds), five Haunier (palace and palace grounds), one Jinn female, two Norggen (palace), one Simurgh (palace grounds), one Cadue elder, one Edali and one white otter (lake).

Her captives are: Six humans, two Faerry, one elf, two hobs, one Cailoa, one Zehani wolf, one Devil and one black mouse.


Nasgora is a GREAT Eld troll. She is building her race in the cavern she calls home. Her goal is to forge an Eld race before she passes. She is also dedicated to improving her arts, whatever that means to other creatures. Her outlook is quite Elder. What she has is hers. Leave her alone and she'll ignore you. Mess with her at your eternal peril.

Nasgora - Eld Troll Queen
MR14PR10SSNocturnal Omnivore

Nasgora is MEL20/EL10 with all Elder and General magic. She has five "divine" level craft skills. They are Jeweler, Locksmith, Metal smith, Architect and Weaver. She is also a mistress of the dancer's art and knowledgeable on many civilized arts. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. Her dedication to the future of the Eld adamant.

Nasgora is cunning and brilliant. She is a Mage level Elder wizard who has dedicated her life to pursuing knowledge and making her race the Eld, not Eld Trolls. Some of her tireless effort in seeking knowledge is geared toward research that will make that fact. Her attempts thusfar have failed. The fate she seeks is not something Kototh or Mallen Trow favor. Their might stands against her.


The animal form pets are just that. She keeps them because she likes their look and their presence helps defend her palace. She lets them enjoy their lives as they will. The Cadue is present because she respects its nature as a healing spirit and to provide healing when needed. She allows it use of a room in her palace for its clutch of eggs.

The Norggen and Simurgh are present as information sources. She enjoys speaking with them and learning what they know. The Jinn lady is a friend and dancing instructor/partner. The Besamar and Edali are friends, work partners, play partners and instructors in the arts she enjoys. They are friends, despite the arguments the Besamar and Edali have with each other.


143 years ago a Lich came to her cavern. She killed him and caged the mouse in a silver cage. It has been there ever since. She enjoys tormenting it now and then in humiliating ways. Most of that abuse is verbal.

The Cailoa is present until she agrees to serve one year as a dance instructor. She has refused. As a result, she has been imprisoned for seven years. The Zehani wolf is in a pen. He came to free the Cailoa four years ago and failed.

Forty years ago a sorcerer tried to take the palace. He summoned the devil. By the time it arrived he was dead. She caged the devil. He remains to this day. When he agrees to provide information she is sure it has, truthfully, she will free him. Until then, he is chained in a pit.

The hobs are present because she wants to improve her ability with their skills. Since they learned an elf and Faerries were present, they have begun teaching her. Both are sure she will release the nobles if they give her what she wants. They are wrong. What she wants to learn from the hobs is all that is keeping the other three alive.

In various ways, both Faerry and the elf denigrated Nasgora and, more importantly, her race. She has not and will not forgive them. She has sealed the magic of all three. Their only garment is silver chains. All are bewitched in a manner that makes it impossible for them not to obey a command given by an Eld Troll. They are slaves and have been for decades. As far as she is concerned, unless somehow convinced otherwise for a good reason, they will be for eternity.

The humans are a mixed bag. Three are Shurani warriors who came seeking treasure. She convinced them she is a goddess. They remain as her slaves, certain they walk the stones of heaven. One is a Fomorian woman Nasgora found. She was battered, nude and seconds from death. Nasgora took pity on her. When she was healed, Nasgora learned about her. On being informed she would stay and teach, the woman refused in an insulting manner. She has been nude in a cell ever since. Now and then, when they are good, she lets her servants play with the woman (including the goblins and hobgoblins). Nasgora allows her one chance a year to apologize and teach. She has refused for the last three years.

The other two captives are white men. The first is a Chaos wizard who attacked her. In the magic duel, he threatened Nasgora's friends and a daughter. She has seen that he is tortured daily. He has been for the last twelve years. He will be until he dies.

The final man came for refuge and a boon, with a troop of warriors on his heels. He is a craftsman and artisan. He is also good at dancing and singing. She grants him the freedom of the island in exchange for his service. That works for him. He is happy. (The man is also cursed. Should he set foot on the other side of the lake, he will suffer EL10 Flaming Death at once. The affect will succeed automatically. Since he only takes 21 hits, the odds of him surviving are not good.) Nasgora enjoys having him around.

Her Children

Nasgora's three sons are trolls. The eldest has the stats for an elite troll. The others are common trolls. Each has a suite in the dungeon. They are given captive troll women to rape and anything they ask for in the way of amenities. None are allowed to leave their suite. They are studs serving the future of Eld until she can find a way to change them into Eld males (she has had no luck thusfar). One of Nasgora's daughters is her blood child. The other was adopted after Nasgora rescued her from a feasting pack of Cu Sidhe. They are described below:

Liatar - Eld Troll AGE71
MR12PR4SSNocturnal Omnivore

MEL7/EL3 Elder and general magic. Two crafts - Armorer and cook.

Liatar is Nasgora's blood daughter. Her father was an elite troll who Nasgora laid with to gain some knowledge. When he demanded ownership of her, she made him a statue and returned to her cavern.

Liatar is more traditional than her mother. She honors the Kotothi, feels her mother's elder leanings are wrong and detests everything about the Sidh. However, she fears her mother. While Nasgora lives she will heed her will and do nothing that could anger her. If that means she must tolerate elder things and worse, so be it. Until her Mother is gone, or is no longer a power, she obeys. Her only other option would be to leave the cavern. She won't. There is too much there that will be hers sooner or later. (She also looks forward to torturing her bitch of a sister to death once Nasgora is gone).

NOTE - Liatar is the primary overseer of the Goblin and Hobgoblin servants. They see Nasgora when they are behind with a task, have earned a reward or need discipline.

Inaritin - Eld Troll AGE30
MR13PR6SSNocturnal Omnivore

SPECIAL - Inaritin has a solid bronze hand and a bronze foot. When she strikes with either the -3 NWI applies and she has a +2 WSB. She also has an amulet. It grants her MEL20/EL5 Protection and allows her to cast 20 mana points of Elder magic per day. (She thinks what she wants to do. If there is an elder spell that does it, or comes close, the amulet casts. It is MEL20/EL3). The amulet is part of her hand. It cannot be removed without taking the hand off.

Inaritin has four craft skills. They are ceramics, carpentry, metal smith and locksmith. She does well as a dancer but there is only so much one can do with a metal foot. However, she is a talented musician.

When Cu Sidhe has helpless prey cornered they like to eat them slowly and painfully. Nasgora came across a pack engaged in that joy. When she saw what they were eating, she slaughtered them. Her magic (and a nearby Cadue elder who is now her captive) saved the Eld troll girl, despite her missing hand and foot. Over the next ten years, as Inaritin grew, she found the means to correct her lack (with Edali aid).

Inaritin is devoted to her mother. She does everything she can to help her, learn from her and earn her praise. Without exception, anyone or anything that threatens Nasgora will feel the wrath of her daughter. She is more than intelligent and cunning enough to strike effectively. She is also very good at making and setting mechanical traps. (She likes Nasgora's Besamar and Edali friends and often speaks at length with the Simurgh. She doesn't trust her sister and considers her to be vile. Her philosophy is strongly elder. There is nothing Kotothi she has ever met that she likes.)

NOTE - Inaritin oversees the Cadue, Norggen, Simurgh and captives.


In the 113th year of his reign Shurikal built a temple to Kotan, in her aspect as the Mistress of the Kotothi hells, on Serpent point. His power, and that of the Shaman priest he named Sangu Mah, forged a link to those hells. Since his fall, the power of that link has blossomed. The temple priests are its slaves. The point has become Kotothi hell and the home for a large number of dae'ta koti, great serpents and other foul serpentine forms.


The main site is a large temple on the tip of the peninsula. It is made of veined red marble. In the center of its dungeon is an altar that serves as the focus for the hell link. That gateway will be shattered if the altar is defiled. Until it is, the realm will continue to be drawn closer to the Kotothi hells. Should the right woman come, it will be hell in fact. Kotan will possess her and stride out of the temple to work her evil in the mortal world.

NOTE - The woman needed for this is currently leading a secret society gang in Zalazibabwe. The Invincible Master (High Servant) knows this is possible and is intent on keeping her there.


The power of Kotan and, to a lesser degree, Nebeth resides here. Her goal is to walk the sands of the Middle World, take Shurikal's place in her father's temple and lead the Shurani. The resulting horror will shatter more than one culture and radically change the southern continent.


12 priests, 1 priestess, 43 humans, 89 Dae'ta koti (in six hills), 11 Great Serpents, a few hundred sprites and a scattering of other Kotothi creatures that serve Kotan. At night, tortured spirits can also be encountered.

NOTE - All of the humans present, including the priests, are insane. Within a few years, the only humans left will be the priests.


Kotasi have marked this area as taboo. Any who enter it are blasphemers. Now and then, they send criminals to face its torment. Most of those who face this fate are sent in response to a demand for tribute from the temple. Beyond that, they try to defend against it and forget it exists. It is a sacred and frightening place. Any blasphemer who succeeded in defiling the temple would be killed quickly and cleanly as thanks for his or her action.

Masima Greenscale - Human, PriestessAGE52SEXFemale
MDV18MEL14  EnL86HC24%
Mana Lvl11Casting141Mana Regen8

Masima dresses in a sheath of Dae'ta koti hide and wears a necklace of their fangs. She also imbibes the poison they inject with their fangs daily. It, and her fanatical dedication, makes her completely insane. She is a depraved lecher and cannibal. Any enemy who comes into her power is raped, abused, humiliated and eaten. As far as she is concerned, she is the Living Kotan until one with that birthright comes. She makes every effort to insure that no such woman will ever arrive safely. Masima enjoys being a goddess.

NOTE - Masima is the absolute ruler of the temple. All other priests heed her will without hesitation. The other humans present are guards, toys and captives. 27 are adult. The others are under the age of 16.

Pasqora Lethe - Human, Priest, WizardAGE49SEXMale
MDV15MEL10  EnL102HC34%
Mana Lvl10Casting89Mana Regen8

Pasqora is a native of Helas. He was caught engaging in Kotothi rites at the age of 32. He fled before he could be sent to Oblivion. In his flight, he discovered the point. Masima was taken with him. He was ordered to dye his skin black, shave his head and become a priest of the temple. He obeyed to save his life. In the sixteen years since that day, he has lost his sanity and come to enjoy his role as the personification of Nebeth.

Lethe is actively seeking the woman who can be the Living Kotan. Devotion is not his motivation. He dislikes Masima. On the days when he must be intimate with her in rituals, he hates her. He hopes to find a nice looking malleable piece of fluff to take her place, leaving all the power of the temple in his hands. He has not succeeded yet.

Isilissippur - Dae'ta Koti Queen
MR8PR15SSNocturnal CarnivoreBL18(6)

This serpent is Queen of all the Dae'ta Koti in the area. They heed her commands. In fact, she is Queen of all her kind in the Middle World, wherever she happens to be. The information above is her native ability as a Dae'ta Koti. She is also capable of shape changing (any Kotothi or unaligned reptile form or a human woman), fascination and suggestion. She is MEL12/EL6.

As far as the Kotothi in the area are concerned, especially her kind, she is the Overlord of this area. They tolerate the humans and the temple because she finds them amusing and the gods, to whom she has spoken more than once, desire the temple to remain where it is.


This is the area used by Abnaric Elgar in the raising of Kototh ritual. If that event becomes part of your campaign, let me know. I'll send you a description of it.


Sixty seven years ago the King of a goblin village that stood on this site summoned a devil, negotiating for profitable joint action against his enemies. A hob was brought in. They both enjoyed tormenting and raping her. Eight months later she died giving birth to a son. When the child was taken to his father, the goblin King, he smiled and killed him with a blast from his eyes. His father's chancellor, and enemy, kept the outraged nobles from slaying the boy and fighting over the throne. He placed the infant on it. The slayer of the weak claims all they held.

For five years his power shielded the baby and he ravaged the land, becoming immensely wealthy. On his fifth birthday, the boy said his first word. It was obey. Most of those present knelt. Those who didn't, including the chancellor, dropped dead on the spot.

In the last 61 years King Honuara has grown and become a power. The village of his father is no longer a village. He commands a city of goblin kind in the caverns beneath the mountains. The palace section contains his trove, harem and a menagerie of experimental children. He rapes anything female and humanoid to see what results, and whether it is of value. He has his elite rape other things for the same reason.

NOTE - The Devil the king was negotiating with was Belphegor. He was annoyed that a lowly thing like a goblin would summon him. More annoyed that the mote would think he could bargain as an equal. When they used the hob, he woke his might. The child bore the genes of mother and father. He was also imbued with the power of his godfather, Belphegor.


Honuara plans to be merge Chaos and the Kotothi in becoming the first goblin Emperor. The fact he is a hobgoblin is irrelevant. He is building his city, training an army and crafting a race of humanoids to serve as his guard. When all stands ready, he will prove his worth and conquer. Until it is, he is cunning and bides his time.


Twenty children of Honuara, 1300 goblins, 240 hobgoblins, 100 bugbears, 80 Cu Sidhe, a scattering of other Kotothi beings, 20 Sidh captives, 31 humans (8 friends, 23 slaves).

Sons of Honuara

Trowin - Half rock troll, half goblin
MR11PR6SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

The Trowin is afflicted by light. He takes +3 damage from magical light. He is not turned to stone by it. Though he is more clever, he retains the appetite, cruelty and viciousness of his mother's race.

Orlin - Half orchi, half goblin
MR11PR8SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

The creature is furred, odiferous, green and has a horn and tusks. Its horn is worthless. It is capable of Mana Sensing to detect humans at MEL2/EL2. It retains the lewd nature and appetite of its mother.

NOTE - Honuara fathered this child by transmuting a captured Orchi into a female then raping a child into her. Once the Orlin was born, he killed the Orchi to keep it from hunting him for centuries.

Sucob - Half succubus, half goblin
MR12PR4SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

Sucob is voluptuous, female, reptilian and wingless. Despite these facts, she is also beautiful. She does not have her mother's concealment or shape changing ability. She can cast seduction at MEL4/EL2. If it succeeds, the affect lasts until a Negate Curse spell removes it. She drains 1D6 energy each time she has intercourse with a male. Her IC is double with anyone who she has taken to her bed.

Baobug - Half Baobhan Sith, half goblin
MR11(28)PR4SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

Baobug drink blood. They do not have any powers of the vampire. Both are seductive green beauties that show little of the goblin in their appearance. They are very seductive and charismatic creatures.

Firbug - Half Firbolg, half goblin
MR12PR8SSNocturnal CarnivoreBL 

The Firbug has mangy hair, a disgusting odor, green skin and tusks. It has no powers and enjoys eating humans almost as much as it enjoys tormenting them.

NOTE - Twenty years ago Honuara encountered a female Firbolg. He persuaded her to lay with him, conceive a child and let him keep it. In exchange, he would help her reach Goidan. He kept his word. She kept hers. When she arrived on Goidan, she was slaughtered by a Druid ambush. Someone, who knows who, let someone know she was coming.

Hill Bug - Half hill giant, half goblin
MR11PR8SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

The appearance is a dwarf hill giant with the head of a goblin. Intelligent giants who see one will kill it at once. Its nature is as listed for Hill Giants.

Bug Ogre - Half ogre, half goblin
MR11PR6SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

The creature has the appearance of an immense goblin with fur. It has the nature of an ogre except they are fixated on Honuara. Whatever he commands they do. They slaughter anyone who threatens him.

Bug Sprite - Half sprite, half goblin
MR9(18)PR2SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

A crude mixture of sprite and goblin features. The creature does not fly well. It may not remain in the air longer than two minutes. They are mischievous beings who revel in torment and lust. Two are male. The others are female. The males use elf shot at MEL2/EL1. The females use Sleep touch. All six are sociopaths. Only their respect and fear of Honuara keeps them in line.


Two of the eight human friends are Chaos magicians. One is a Kotothi elder wizard. The other five are warriors whose potential, and cruelty, impressed Honuara. Three of the captives are being tortured for information. The other twenty, 16 of which are female, are toys.


Honuara is building patiently. While doing so, he is forging some ties with the local Shurani and other Kotothi forces in the area. In fifty to a hundred years, he will be ready to show his hand. The result will be horror, especially for the nearby Ro'babzans.

Honuara - Hobgoblin King
MR13PR4SSNocturnal CarnivoreBLNA

*I have doubled the CDF for a number of reasons. Attempting to slay Honuara would be a truly dangerous adventure (just to reach him). Once toe to toe, his equipment and magic make him deadly.

SPECIAL - Honuara has three "divine" attributes. He can kill with a look from his eyes (MEL15/EL8). He can give a command that slays anyone who fails to obey (MEL15/EL8) at once. He may speak with Belphegor to gain insight and ideas. This counts as an MEL15/EL8 Knowledge spell.

Honuara casts Elder magic at normal cost and Chaos magic at half cost. He knows himself as the son of Belphegor. He also works to strengthen his ties to the Kotothi gods, especially Gywn Ap Nudd. His goals are described above. He is utterly amoral, sadistic and manipulative in seeking them.


MEL15/EL8 Magic Chainmail, MEL15/EL8 Magic Sword, a collection of rings, talismans and amulets that he uses depending on the challenges or threats he expects to face.

6) Ancient Elf Fortress

This fortress is more than two millennia old. It was sealed 830 years ago after the action of Payan against its defenders made it untenable. The magic present keeps it defended and potentially formidable. Shurani have been seeking a way to break in and destroy it for centuries. Most elves have written it off as a loss.

Should someone it accepts come and be accepted by the fort, its powers and resources will be his or hers to command. They are immense. (Unless others support the holder, those powers won't save him from the hell that comes when it opens).



City - 21000 (Kirazan), Fort Qast - 4000, other - 69000

The vast majority of the population is composed of mulattoes. Significant breeding has occurred with the original inhabitants of the area and Ro'babza. 15% of the population in the city (3150) are Kacili blood. 75% (15750) are a mix of Kacili and native races. The remainder (2100) are pure blood descendants of the original inhabitants and Ro'babzans.

In rural areas, 10% (7300) are Kacili, 70% are mulattoes (51100) and 20% (14600) are blacks of the original tribe or Ro'babzans.

NOTE - Fort Qast is within sight of the ruins of the Sand Claws main temple. A part of its commander's duty is to insure that no one enters the grounds of the fallen temple. Anyone found there is automatically fined 5000 gold and put in chains.


The only god tolerated in this nation is gold. Any effort to engage in religious activity is a crime. The driving force is wealth. The Emir is an autocrat ruling a plutocracy. Doing so requires tact, wealth and more than a bit of amorality.


Kirazan is noted for its crafts. The major arts and mercantile endeavors are organized into guilds. They are the ultimate power in the area they govern and a power in the city. Losing their support can doom the reign of an Emir very quickly.


The army is 2400 foot, 800 cavalry and 800 city constables. They are divided as follows:

Emir's Own200 foot, 100 cavalry (under the Emir's command*)
The Hill Guard 200 foot
The Plains Brigade 1200 foot, 400 cavalry
The Desert Brigade 800 foot, 300 cavalry
Kirazan's Own 800 constables (600 foot, 200 cavalry, all militia)

*The Emir is the titular leader of all forces, by law. In fact, his ability to lead them varies with his relationship to the leaders who command. While he is strong, they obey. Should he show weakness or poverty, they may not.

Emir's Own

This unit has two tasks in peace. The first is protecting the palace and the Emir's family. The second is collecting taxes from traders who operate in the city markets. During war the cavalry serves as his guard in battle. The foot remains in Kirazan with the constables to protect his property and build the war chest.

The Hill Guard

This unit patrols the hill areas, especially the road to Shestar. 100 are stationed in towers on the road. Five units of 20 patrol the rest of the area.

The Plains Brigade

The unit is responsible for maintaining peace in the plains, collecting taxes and keeping an eye on Ro'babza. Its command center is located at Fort Qast.

The Desert Brigade

The unit operates in the plains areas bordering the desert. They watch the Kacili, respond to raids and maintain peace. They also monitor the trade road leading into the desert.

Kirazan's Own

The unit administers the law and defends the city.

Achmed ben Kiraza - Emir of Kirazan, MulattoAGE27SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -1 for obesity

Achmed became Emir, on his father's death, three years ago. The bulk of his time is spent on the crafts he enjoys, gambling and his harem. He gives attention to politics as needed (and is generally not pleased to do so). The day to day rule of the city is in the hands of his Grand Vizier. That arrangement worked for his father. He expects it to work for him also.

Uzman ibn Koresh - Grand Vizier, KaciliAGE61SEXMale
MDV23MEL11  EnL72HC20%
Mana Lvl17Casting173Mana Regen8

Uzman has been Grand Vizier for 27 years. He is a Balance wizard who was driven out of the desert for his beliefs. This given, he has little love for "wild" Kacili. Any who steps a toe over his line lose that toe.

In addition to being Grand Vizier, Uzman is also a powerful merchant with strong connections to the city's major guilds. He is a draconian individual who is fair, unless there is some reason why fairness is not politic in a given instance. He serves Kirazan, his Emir and profit, in that order.

N'gola Shamizar - Merchant Prince, MulattoAGE50SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Shamizar runs large caravans through the desert to the Rogizini Empire. He is Kirazan's most successful, trader on this route. His senior wife is the daughter of the Topapa Emir. Another is a daughter of the Emir of Maoun. He has powerful contacts, a strong mercenary force and immense wealth. There is nothing he will not trade for a reasonable profit (the more vile or dangerous an item, the greater the profit needed to be reasonable). The main items he trades are finished goods and slaves.

NOTE - N'gola is wanted on a number of Kidnapping charges in Shestar. Given his wealth (read bribes), value to Kirazan's economy and lack of damning evidence against him personally, Uzman has declined extradition.

Fatima Galliera - Kacili, Entertainers GuildAGE35SEXFemale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA
* +2 for skill as Acrobat

Fatima was born a slave in the desert. She was sold to a Kirazan merchant at the age of 14. He put her into exhausting, harsh and often lewd training for the next three years. The course of study left her jaded and one of the world's finest entertainers (and courtesans). At the age of 19 Fatima performed for the Emir. Within a week after doing so she became his Mistress. This gained her freedom, rank in her guild and power. During the years she gave birth to two daughters by him. On his death, the new Emir banned her and her children from the palace. Fatima uses her contacts, wealth and, as needed, body to control a consortium of legitimate city guilds. She also has influence with the thieves' guild. She is a powerful woman with an axe to grind against the Emir. This will remain so until her daughters are recognized as Achmed's sisters.

NOTE - Her daughters are Ali (age 14) and Serena (age 9). Ali lives in Shieram. She is seen by her slaves, tutors and four armed guards. Her home is a large manor south of the city. She is said to be a "strange" child. Serena lives with her mother.

Ali Galliera - Kacili, Daughter of FatimaAGE20*SEXFemale
MDV12MEL6  EnL36HC39%
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

*The data above is her stats when she returns to Kirazan in six years.

SPECIAL - Supernatural Agility (+10), Shape Master (MEL6/EL3)

While in Shieram Ali was trained as an entertainer and eroticist. A hired wizard also taught her how to use her ability. Her household treated her as a Princess. She is a bit wild and certain that she deserves to have whatever she wants when she wants it.

Kenda Jasnoral - Mulatto, Kirazan's OwnAGE51SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kenda commands the city constables. He has for the last 13 years. His wealth is nothing remarkable. He lives in a house on one of the city's main avenues, not a palatial estate as one might expect. Unlike his predecessor, and most people in the city, honor and honesty mean more to him than money. He has four sons (29, 20, 11 and 6) and two daughters (19 and 13). The elder sons are constable officers.

Yestoram Asnikulor - Native, Hill GuardAGE37SEXMale
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA

Yestoram was born in the hills and has never left them, save as his duty demands. Achmed appointed him to command the Hill Guard two years ago. He does the job well with one exception. He believes the laws against religion are asinine. Except for taking bribes from worshippers he finds, he does nothing to enforce them. He has a sizable manor and large estate near the road. Like most of those in his tribe, he worships the leopard. He is noted for a glib tongue and fiery temper.

Ajorin Hazeinerana - Mulatto, Plains BrigadeAGE44SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - TALENT - Plus Horsemanship (+4) and Rhetoric (+3)

Ajorin entered the brigade at the age of 17, against the wishes of his father. After 20 years of service, including five victories in riding championships that made his family a lot of money, his father forgave him. He used his influence, as one of the nation's leading ranchers, to get Ajorin promoted. Three years later, on the ascension of the new Emir, he became commander of the brigade.

Ajorin has little love of combat, certainly not at close range. He is, however, a brilliant leader who cares about his soldiers. When he must fight his campaigns feature lightning attacks and brilliant ambushes. While the initiative is his, he is hard to best. When he is forced on the defensive, he is only adequate. He is a verbose, humorous man who is adored by his troops and carefully watched by the Emir (his popularity is a threat).

Maoud ibn ben Nask - Kacili, Desert GuardAGE58SEXMale
MDV14MEL7  EnL61HC42%
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL7/EL5 Sand Wall (Desert Powers)

Maoud was born in Kirazan. At the age of 19 he served as a caravan guard into the Kacili desert. An Imam discovered his gift and demanded that he train in the faith. He sneered. The caravan was lost as they fought free of the enraged locals. On his return to Kirazan Maoud was judged responsible. The fine beggared his family. He entered the Desert Guard to redress his error and gain vengeance on Kacili. Seventeen years ago he became its General.

Maoud has a rabid hatred of "wild" Kacili. Any man who steps over the line is arrested. Women who do so feel his chains. When called to war on them, in responding to raids or otherwise, he strikes hard, takes prisoners and gathers all the loot he can find.

He is driven by hate, greed and his love of slaving Kacili women. He is one of the leaders of the Slavers Guild in addition to being General. His home is an immense palace on the lake north of the city. More than a hundred female slaves, at various levels of training, are always in residence. He uses that palace as his brigade command center.

NOTE - The General has a group of eight personal servants and bodyguards. He uses them on missions in the desert, as he chooses. They are primarily sent to eliminate people who are a threat to Kirazan and kidnap special women to be his slaves. They are well paid, hedonistic and deadly bastards.

Bobal - Mulatto, Assassin, ThiefAGE32SEXFemale*
MDV16MEL4  EnL112HC58%
Mana Lvl14CastingNAMana RegenNA
*+2 for Assassin EL.

Bobal is believed to be male. Only a few members of the inner circle of the crime consortium know her true sex. The consortium is made up of leaders of the assassins, thieves, whores and pickpockets.

SPECIAL - Bobal's mother was human. Her father was a Heliophobic Demon. She has his large coal-black eyes, hairlessness and immunities. She takes double damage from magic light attacks and adds 4 to all rolls in the light. She can use Hand of Death at MEL4/EL3 and any Chaos spell at MEL4/EL2. (Her abilities cannot increase without training as a wizard. Thusfar she has not had any.)

Bobal's grandfather was a hedge wizard. He summoned a great demon, offering his daughter in exchange for service. The demon killed him. After raping his daughter, he offered her a year of service. Since her choice was service or death on the spot, she accepted. Twelve months later, Bobal was left on a doorstep and the demon took her mother to hell. The note left with her was clear. As she prospered so would the selected parents. If she fell, they would die slowly in hell.

The chosen parents were low ranking members of the assassin guild. They raised her as best they could. When her talent came, she was admitted to the guild as their son. By the age of 18 she was a leading member. Seven years later she led the group and began working on the consortium. It took form two years ago.

Bobal is venal. She is also deadly, amoral and calculating. She has a psychotic hatred of women with beautiful hair. When she finds one, and fails to fight the urge, she has her chained and shaved bald. If that isn't possible, she is killed. Given her position, and protection payments made by the guilds, she is one of the three wealthiest people in the nation. Wealth and power are life to her. Other pleasures, such as her consort, are things she uses as she sees fit and can dispense with without regret.

NOTE - Bobal dwells in the basement of a ruined temple east of the city. Her secret home is opulent and secured with clever traps. The grounds above it are run down and shattered.

IMPORTANT - Bobal knows the nature of her father. They have met more than once. She sees no reason to hold anything against him. As a rule, she is drawn to Chaos (as the personality above clearly shows). She has a hidden shrine to Mephistopheles in her home.



The Dorman family, then Fomoria's most powerful merchant house, began trading with the natives of eastern Aredan in 360. The leading merchant in that effort was the eldest son of the house. Over the next four years he built trade stations and made personal contacts with the natives. Most of this was done against the wishes of his father. Aiding savages at a major expense to his house was not something of interest to pater.

In 365 Alistair Dorman's father died of a heart attack. He spent the bulk of that year dealing with the loss and consolidating his inheritance. That done, he returned to Aredan. He found three villages he frequented in ruins. Among the people lost was a woman he loved.

Alistair spent an exorbitant sum recruiting mercenaries and colonists. The soldiers came from all parts of the islands. The vast majority of the colonists were sharecroppers from the fertile zone on Fomoria.

In 366 he led a raid on the Kon. Two hundred slaves from the tribe he was friends with were liberated. One was the woman he loved. He married her, by the rites of Inanna, in the year 367. In that same year, shiploads of colonists arrived and he began building the city of Aredan (named after the local tribe, the Areza).

From 368 through 379 Alistair repeatedly drove back attacks from the Kon, expanding his hold on the eastern side of the river in the process. From 380 through 385, he spent the last of his family fortune on fortresses to secure his hold and formulated a constitution for the realm. The High King proclaimed him King of Aredan in 387.

Alistair died in battle in 391. His son Aris succeeded him. This king made the fusion of native and Fomorian fact, while converting the natives to the Fomorian faith. By the end of his 36 year reign, the majority of the citizens were mulattoes.

In 430, Alistair II, his grandson, did two things of note. He married the daughter of the King of Ashudan and established two forts on the eastern side of the river after driving the Dirani and Kotobo out of the fertile lands there. His reign was a time of constant war. Given Ashudan's support, Aredan survived the test. When he died in the year 449 his hold on the new land was stable.

The nation remained relatively stable until the rise of Shurikal. With his assumption of power, the hill tribes began major raids on Aredan. That pressure continued until Shurikal's death at the hands of K'Bab the Conqueror, more than 250 years later. By this time, the realm was battle hardened and nearly bled white.

Since the fall of Shurikal pressure from the hills has abated to some extent. It is rare for a year to pass without a raid of some kind. Thankfully, it is also rare for the raids to be made by armies that number in the thousands. Aredan is recovering, prosperous and vigilant.


Aredan is an agricultural nation. Its most important trade partner is Ashudan. They provide the majority of the food required by those islands in exchange for goods they need. They also have some trade with Ma'helas and, on Ashudan vessels, Ro'babza and the other Fomorian kingdoms (excluding Port Doman).

NOTE - 137 years ago the heir to Aredan visited Port Doman. While on the town, he was foully abused. The port's Prince said, "a darkie has to expect such" when he reported the crime. On his return home, Aredan made trade with Port Doman illegal. It remains so to this day.


AREDAN - 14000 (1100 Fomorian, 800 Native, 12100 Mulatto

OTHER - 76000 (1800 Fomorian, 2200 Native, 72000 Mulatto

The realm strongly encourages mixed marriage. People who wish to marry within their own group, whether Fomorian or native, pay a heavy tax and church fees to do so. Those who wed in the approved manner pay nothing. The Kingdom pays the church fees for them.

NOTE - The fees and tax make it impossible for anyone except the wealthy or powerful to marry within their group. They have been a feature of this realm since the reign of Aris I.


Aredan's army is composed of 1,600 footmen, 400 cavalry, 800 horse militia and 3,200 foot militia. The militia is primarily drawn from the fertile areas of the realm. That area is divided into 12 districts. Each is responsible for fielding and equipping 250 militia. The remaining 1000 comes from the city and the fortress villages.

The regular army is allocated as follows:

Aredan 400 foot, 100 cavalry
Senla 200 foot, 100 cavalry
Coralar 200 foot, 100 cavalry
Shendan 300 foot, 100 cavalry
Dorman 500 foot

The nations fleet, five triremes and a mix of small craft, bases at Aredan and Senla. It is rare for the triremes to go up river. Doing so is only risked during a major emergency.

Marcus Dorman - King of AredanAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Marcus is a warrior king who would rather be a farmer. He assumed the throne at the age of 28. Since that time, he has been tireless in the service of his people. Eight years ago he beggared the treasury building schools in the city and villages. Every boy over the age of eight is required to attend. All must be able to show the completion of 18 months of training by their 15th birthday. Those who cannot are placed in military training prisons to complete the required education. All students receive basic education and the beginnings of military training at these schools. His goal is 100% literacy and insuring that every man in the land is a trained soldier.

Ilitia Dorman - Queen of AredanAGE26SEXFemale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Ilitia is Dirani. She fled into Aredan at the age of 14. Over the course of five trying years, she made her way to the city. She made a mediocre living doing craft work and serving in taverns. At the age of 21 Marcus noticed her. A year later she became his Queen. She detests the Kotothi faith. There is no limit to what she would do to end it forever. Her time is spent doing all she can to build Aredan for the day it is strong enough to conquer Shurikal (beginning with her former tribe).

NOTE - Ilitia has two children, a daughter (Kaizinda, 4) and a son (Aris, 1). In giving birth to Aris she almost died. She cannot have another child. She is seeking a magical cure to correct this problem.

Synthar Roman - Fomorian, GeneralAGE43SEXMale
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA

Most Shurani boys could defeat Roman in a duel. He is not a warrior or talented with weapons. He is, however, an experienced leader and military scholar. There are few men in the ten kingdoms who are as knowledgeable on the subject of warfare.

Synthar emigrated to Aredan at the age of 27. He has served at the palace and in the army ever since. He has held command at Fort Dorman for the last two years. He calls it a stimulating challenge.

Penn Tenish - Mulatto, GeneralAGE50SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Penn commands Fort Shendan. His family comes from the hills seven miles north of the fort. He is committed to assuring that not one inch of their lands is defiled by wild Shurani. As chance allows, he seeks chances to harm that enemy. As a General he is not brilliant offensively. However, defensively, he is a true devil.

Tenish is committed to the traditions of his people. He accepts Fomorian ways on the surface because it is best. Behind the scenes, he, like many in his tribe, continues Shurani traditions of strength and vengeance.

Comarian Dalorus - Fomorian, GeneralAGE71SEXMale
MDV20MEL9  EnL92HC35%
Mana Lvl15Casting122Mana Regen7

SPECIAL - Comarian has an exceptional influence affecting him. At the age of 30 he was touched by divine power. Through it, he came to know death would come at the age of 100. Until that time he would not show the passing of the years. He is 71. His body is 30. He is immune to Death Powers and any other spell using the power of death.

Comarian commands Fort Senla. He retired in Aredan after 32 years as an Ashipu priest of Ashur. In the 21 years since his arrival, he has earned an important place in the nation. Six years ago he was named General of Fort Senla. Though he is not the most inspirational of leaders, he is more than competent. His strategies are generally brilliant. He only runs into problems when they don't work as he planned.

Jilagagora Tesnatoral - Native, GeneralAGE52SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jilagagora commands Fort Coralar. He is not a great leader but has been successful in battle. He tends to take the point, find the enemy's leader and slaughter him. Given his size, and ability with a great sword, the strategy tends to succeed. The general is quiet and not overly bright but he reads people well. Those who try to fool or lie to him painfully regret it.

NOTE - The Tesnatoral family owns one of the few iron mines in Aredan. They also have immense tracts of farmland. The family is exceptionally wealthy and intent on remaining pure blooded. They have come to like white people. They just don't want to marry any of them.

Bilius Tolmar - Fomorian, AdmiralAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Bilius came to Aredan last year. He was recruited to be Admiral after serving 20 years as an officer in the Fomorian fleet. His final command in that service was Captain of a Ma'chela. He is not impressed with the outdated triremes he commands but, as he is paid well and enjoys the climate, he makes do. He tends to be arrogant and self-righteous. Despite those flaws, he is a skilled officer.

NOTE - Bilius recently married the 23 year old daughter of the Duke of Xaghan, a noted beauty and exceptional entertainer. He is happy.

Effil Tolmar - Fomorian, Wife of AdmiralAGE23SEXFemale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Effil was a wild child. She often slipped her guards and ran loose in Xaghan's more disreputable areas. This led her to fall in love with a thief. Five months ago, the Duke's constables arrested him. In questioning, they discovered his guilt and his relationship to Effil. The guilt was damning.

Effil accepted marriage to Bilius to save her love from being dropped nude and unarmed in the Shurani hills. She was wed; he was given a one way ticket to the Cerulean Empire. As she vowed, she is the Admiral's wife, nothing more or less. Her child by her love will be born in four months.

NOTE - The vessel carrying the thief landed in Nomal. Five guards began taking the thief overland to the Empire. He escaped and is making his way overland to Dechat. If he does not become aware that he has a son with Effil, he will never return. Should he find out, he will find a way to steal her and the boy. In that case, he will adopt the boy and sell her as a slave in Decha.



The judgment is mixed where Lomar Chian is concerned. Some few him as Fomoria's greatest merchant and statesman. Others see him as a freebooter with a silver horseshoe up his ass. Whatever the case, he is the founder of House Chian, which is the largest merchant house in the Fomorian Empire and is largely responsible for the existence of Ashudan and the Kingdom of the East.

NOTE - The first King of the East was the nephew of Lomar Chian. Lomar founded Ashudan, in 339, as he returned with half the trade fleet and holds full of booty. It was necessary to maintain communications with the east and press the Lemasans.

During the next seven years, Lomar established himself on Fomoria, built his house and sent colonists to Ashudan. In 346, he returned with an immense fleet and founded Xaghan. That done, he moved on to participate in the Great Lemasan War (where he lost his life in 351).

With Lomar's death, his son Torus took over the family business. He used Ashudan as his base for operations in the East and Ma'helas. The result was massive profit. In 366, he aided the Dorman movement into Aredan. The result was the establishment of a new Kingdom and the death of one of his house's major competitors. On his death, in 391, House Chian was a major mercantile power and Ashudan was growing rapidly.

On assuming control, his son Laris moved his base back to Fomoria. While he was enroute, the High King named the Admiral of Ashudan King (in an effort to cut into the house's growing power). Though it had no impact on House Chian, it did change the direction of Ashudan. They became a kingdom instead of the wholly owned property of the Chian's. Laris accepted that, continued his operations in the area and expanded the family's business into other lands.

In the years since, Ashudan has grown into a prosperous and beautiful nation. It remains an essential provisioning stop for trade and is one of the main lynchpins maintaining the integrity of the ten kingdoms.


Trade is king in Ashudan. Much of its arable land is in fine estates that are little used for farming. The remainder has some crops and orchards. The capital has extensive markets and numerous craft houses. Xaghan is not as cosmopolitan. Its southern forest is the major source of fleet timber. The mountains produce gems, high quality stone and a small amount of workable metal (tin and copper primarily). Fort Novan is a fleet base with some agriculture and the beginnings of a city. Djaja has small villages and fine estates. Its major industry is the temple of Enki. Quequar has a village with a rudimentary port and a number of settlements in the mountains. Gems and silver are produced there. Tariti is a religious enclave wholly owned by the temple of Taritu. All of its citizens are associated with that faith.


The following altered details apply:

Fort Novan8002200
Djaja 1500
Tariti 500
Total Population 103000


The Constabulary

This force is under the control of the judicial system. It is deployed as follows:

Ashudan 300 foot, 3 ships
Xaghan 200 foot, 2 ships
Fort Novan200 foot, 1 ship
Quequar 70 foot, 1 ship
Djaja 30 foot, 1 ship

The Royal Legion

Deployment is as follows:

Ashudan 5 triremes, 10 other vessels, 1000 elite foot
Xaghan 3 triremes, 7 other vessels, 1000 elite foot
Fort Novan 7 triremes, 13 other vessels, 400 elite foot
Total 45 vessels, 2400 elite foot


The nation has a secret force of 20 highly trained and competent operatives. They deal with internal difficulties and problem situations before they boil over into a war. The force is commanded by the Prime Minister, who also pays them. Their official name is Royal Security.

Cultural Note

Ashudan is noted for its cleanliness, markets and the excellent condition of its citizens. Despite the disproportionate wealth, the Kingdom goes to great lengths to provide for the need of all its citizens. Anyone who makes an effort can find a decent life in this land. Those who don't end up on Djaja or Quequar if they are not banished from the nation. In general, the banished are sent to Port Doman. Slavery is illegal in Ashudan. Anyone who brings a slave to these islands loses ownership if the nature of the relationship is discovered. Indentured creditors do not count as slaves. They may be owned as thoroughly as any slave until the terms of the unfulfilled contract are complete (the same rule applies in Fomoria and other kingdoms of the empire).

Agorn Harel - King of AshudanAGE57SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Agorn II has held the throne for 22 years. He is a kind man who is more than a bit effete. His primary interests are theater and the dance. He is also highly religious. He generally gives offering to Enki and Inanna on a daily basis. In his mind, the foulness war is unworthy of Ashudan. The Prime Minister's most important job, as the King sees it, is to insure Ashudan remains free of its taint.

Davod Harel - Prince of AshudanAGE32SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Davod does not have his father's gentile nature. He has served as a Captain in the royal fleet for the last seven years. He favors a proactive response to potential problems. If something or someone is seen as a growing threat, the proper action is to stifle that growth. While his father reigns he only acts on that belief as his orders allow. Once he takes the throne, Ashudan may become more aggressive.

Torus Chian - Prime MinisterAGE50SEXMale
Mana Lvl16CastingNAMana RegenNA

Torus is the younger brother of the leader of House Chian (Ro Chian). He runs the family's business in Ashudan, Aredan and points east. He has held his current post for nineteen years. Prior to that he ran a trade fleet serving the Goidan/Kolar peninsula area. He came to Ashudan after his actions in the north earned him the enmity of the Governor of Nergu (and a medal from the High King). He is married to the eldest daughter (Lara, age 38) of the Duke of Xaghan. They have three children.

Torus is a cultured and ebullient man. His equitable nature is notable. So is the core of steel within him. He will go to lengths to prevent difficulties and find compromises. When doing so is impossible, or a detriment to Ashudan or his family, he is capable of draconic action. Those who leave him no choice tend to meet his ambassadors soon after.

He is a talented merchant and orator. No one in the Kingdom, including the King, has a third of the wealth he enjoys. His current net worth is over 500 thousand gold. He keeps enough of his income to allow for slow growth (1-3%) of that wealth each year. The remainder is donated to good causes, in Ashudan and elsewhere. On the average, his bequests total no less than 5000 gold coins each year.

NOTE - His son Ro (18) is an officer in the navy. His eldest daughter Leann (15) is an apprentice merchant for House Chian. His youngest Jean (13) is an acolyte in the temple of Enki.

Lara Chian - Duchess of XaghanAGE38SEXFemale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Lara assumed the throne as regent for her 12 year old brother after a situation with her younger sister led to her father's heart attack and death. She will retain the position until her brother is 21. She is a charismatic woman who enjoys the arts, especially temple dance. She also has a foul temper but rarely holds a grudge. Her prime concerns are the welfare of Xaghan and the future of her family. Unlike most of her class she has little interest in the worship of Enki. Inanna is her goddess.

NOTE - Lara favors joint action with Aredan against Shurikal. Lessening the power of that race is essential to the survival of her people, as she sees things. Victory would also improve conditions in Aredan and increase her family's profits from that kingdom.

Fallon Horman - EntrepreneurAGE32SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Fallon is a resourceful man who is devoted to the Fomorian way of life. He is also greedy. As a proper Fomorian, he never breaks his word. However, he is very good at making his words seem to say something other than their true meaning. He is a conniver, manipulator and commercial success. He is also, as yet unproven, a slaver, smuggler and criminal who has strong ties with the merchants of Port Doman. He runs two hotels, a fleet of merchant vessels and two passenger liners. More than one pretty female passenger has been "lost at sea" after booking passage with his ships.

Alvois Turnab - Chief ConstableAGE54SEXMale
MDV18MEL11  EnL128HC58%
Mana Lvl12Casting125Mana Regen9
* -1 for obesity

Alvois is an Urigallu Lama of Enki. He has served as Chief Constable of Ashudan for 11 years. He is responsible for the justice system in the islands and has command of the constabulary forces. He generally works with the King and the Prime Minister in performing this task. However, the law of the land makes his word final where law enforcement is concerned. He is the supreme legal authority of the Kingdom. When his decision goes against the will of others, he is stubborn enough to stay his course.

NOTE - Alvois lives in a priest's cell in the temple of Enki. His salary, and any other money he gets, is given to the temple. He has no wish to garner wealth and little interest in sex. He is nearly impossible to corrupt.

Trent Noran - Baron of NovanAGE41SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Trent spent eight years as an "Ambassador". When Torus Chian got the King to work toward the upgrade of the island, he got Trent the title of Baron as a reward for his service. He has held that post for seven years and is doing well. He is a tireless worker with a great deal of experience. He is also a cold blooded killer. When someone earns death, killing is easier then stepping on a bug for Trent.

NOTE - His wife softens his somewhat psychotic tendencies. He married her three months after becoming Baron. They were introduced by Torus. She has given him two sons (ages 6 and 3).

Mara Noran - Wife of BaronAGE33SEXFemale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Mara Noran is the bastard daughter of a Goidanese woman Torus worked with in Goidan. She was found under a foul curse in Baobhanu. Once freed, and, the priests think, cured, his brother Ro sent her to Torus. After a year working for him, he introduced her to Trent. They were married. She is dedicated to Torus and loves her husband. Nothing will get her to let Trent's slayer mood throw away their future or stain Torus.

NOTE - Torus suspects Mara is his daughter. It is not impossible. Since her mother is dead, he has no way to know for sure.

The Curse

Mara was compelled to hunt people with red hair, rip their throats and drink their blood. Nothing else had meaning for her. She was found nude, emaciated and maniacal. The curse is not cured. It is in remission. If she is exposed to Chaos magic during the dark of the moon it will return more strongly than ever.

Lo Feng Borman - Mine OwnerAGE46SEXMale
MDV15MEL10  EnL82HC32%
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -1 for obesity

SPECIAL - MEL10/EL6 Shadow Sculpting as Innate Power

Lo Feng is the bastard of Devilhand Borman, a Fomorian pirate. He was born in a coastal village in Chunrey, nine months after Borman's vessel looted it. He was abused as a child. At the age of 10, he ran off to sea. For the next fifteen years he made a career as a pirate in one of the nastiest of Chunrey's pirate fleets.

At the age of 26 he tired of the nautical life, and having to slay innocents and people who called him a half caste. He gathered all he could steal and sailed his vessel to the west seeking a new life. After a trying adventure, in which he lost half his crew and gained his power, he found Quequar. He sank his ship and moved all that was left to him into the mountains. Soon after, he discovered a mine and built a small village. He has been there ever since.

NOTE - Feng has one permanent creation. The EnL cost to him is 35.

Anhita - Feng's CreationAGE11(25)SEXFemale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA
* The EnL is limited to 35 and the HPV to 28 because she is Feng's creation. As her INT level is 7, no other limits apply.

During his freebooting career Lo Feng saw a priestess in the forests of the north whose beauty claimed a part of his soul. Over the years he tried to win her, then steal her. His efforts failed. He became obsessed with desire and learned everything he could about the lady. At the age of 25, he led a major raid on her temple, to claim her and gain treasure. She died defending it. His heart shattered.

Lo is raising Anhita as his daughter, not a lust object. He is spending immense sums on her education and seeing she wants for nothing. Though there is little rational sense, he sees this as returning the life he stole. Other than this obsession, he is a kind man with the steel spine of a killer. She is a quiet woman who adores her father without reservation.

NOTE - On the age, she has been extant for eleven years. Her physical appearance is that of a 25 year old woman. It will be as long as she lives.



In the year 253 Baris Hallan entered into an agreement with the Nylasi Empire. He agreed to supply them with goods and an outlet for their materials. He also gave their ruler 40 gold coins. In exchange, the Empire granted Fomoria rights to the lands south of the river and hills in perpetuity.

With the laying of the cornerstone of Shestar, Hallan was proclaimed its first King. He brought in colonists and a 200 man mercenary unit from Port Doman. Under his leadership, and that of his successors, the nation grew and maintained relative peace with the Empire (because they knew they had nowhere near enough strength to conquer them).

When the Nylasi Empire faced plague and civil war, Jovan III saw his chance. He sent all his strength across the river and into the hills. His goal was to cut a swath through the subhumans and link Shestar with Port Doman. He did not succeed. He did exterminate an entire Ny'lasa tribe trying (515-521).

The final battle was waged by shamans, old men and children (7 on the map). All were slaughtered, from septuagenarians to infants. After that atrocity, his army continued into the hills. They met more resistance than they could master and withdrew to the current western border.

Jovan's son Daric took the throne in 549. His continuing probes into the hills failed. In 562, they led Shestar to war with Kirazan. It was a short, bloody contest that ended his ambitions to be a conqueror. He did not have the wealth or strength needed for the task.

For the next two centuries Shestar worked on increasing its might and wealth. In 753 Baris V took the throne. Certain his kingdom was now invincible, and no longer carrying about conquering the land between him and Port Doman, he attacked Ro'babza. The resulting battle was an utter humiliation. Baris died in battle. A third of the host was killed or wounded. All of the survivors were forced to march home nude and unarmed. Jason I, Baris' general and second cousin, assumed the throne. His first act was to build a fortress on the Ro'babzan border. Ten years later, another stood on the road to Kirazan. During his reign, (759-793) Shestar stayed on the defensive.

With the ascension of his son, Jason II, that policy was locked in stone. Until such time as the nation could field an army at least equal to its opponent, there would be no military adventures. The nation concentrated on growth and, looking back on all they did, knew shame. Jason's reign (793-851) changed the character of Shestar forever.

On the ascension of his son, Erras, a mulatto, that fact was certain. The time of bigotry and irrational ambition were over in Shestar. They would move forward in achieving the nation's manifest destiny when they had the strength to surely prevail. Not before. With that change in attitude, they have become a peaceful society in most respects.


The city of Shestar has a population of 14000 (5000 Fomorian, 6000 Mulatto and 3000 Black). Their rural population is 76000 (11000 Fomorian, 28000 Mulatto, 37000 Black). There are also slave gangs composed of criminals of all races (2000). The total population is 92000.

NOTE - The slave gang members lost their citizenship with their conviction. It will return on their release. All others above are full citizens.


Shestar can field 2400 foot militia and 2400 horse militia for war. All are trained. Their standing army is allocated as follows:

Nylasi Marches (North of River)100 foot
Shestar 200 foot, 200 elite cavalry
Fort Baris 300 foot
Fort Jason 200 foot, 200 elite cavalry


The navy has 15 vessels. All are penteconters or smaller warships. They are used for scouting, messenger service and, rarely, launching raids. Their maintenance is not a high priority for the Kingdom. About half of them are truly seaworthy at any given time.


Ranching and agriculture are the lifeblood of Shestar. They have some of the finest herds in the southern continent. This is especially true of their horses. They have a strong trade relationship with Kirazan. That, and serving as an alternative to a stop at Port Doman, keeps the economy on its feet. They do little to develop what resources may lie in the hills. Part of the reason is lack of manpower. The rest is guilt for the atrocity. Few of their citizens have any interest in living in the blood stained hills. (They give that land to immigrants as a rule.)

IMPORTANT - Shestar has abolished mistreatment of the black race and slavery, except as a criminal punishment. The law covers every citizen equally, for good or bad. No racial bigotry is tolerated.


Shestar has a tense relationship with Port Doman. They are seeking to affect change in the principality. Their words fall on deaf ears. They have strong ties with Aredan and a solid trade relationship with Ashudan and Fomoria. Their relations with the other kingdoms are relatively negligible. They have no animosity against any, except the Kingdom of the East (for its attitude and bigotry).

Baris Hallan - King of ShestarAGE69SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -50% for degenerative arthritis. He will lose 1D6 from his C each year. When it reaches 0 or less, he will die.

Baris has had an uneventful reign for the last 34 years. His primary interests are husbandry, healing and reasoning with Domanese merchants. He does the first two well. He is not so good with the third. He tends to get annoyed at their vile attitude. He has been suffering from his disease for three years. It leaves him in near constant pain (since he refuses to seek magical aid to combat the agony).

NOTE - Baris fathered five children, all daughters. On his death, as agreed by the High King, his eldest will take the throne.

Adelain Pall - Princess of ShestarAGE31SEXFemale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Adelain is a noted horsewoman. She is married to the Admiral of Shestar's fleet. They have two daughters (ages 9 and 4). She carries little for the nation's founding goal of conquest. Making Shestar a happy realm with justice for all is what matters. She is a kind, eloquent and thoughtful woman. As time allows, she helps those who work to show Port Doman truth. It is something she gives little emphasis as she feels they are beyond redemption, unless force gives them no option.

Simeon Pall - Admiral of ShestarAGE39SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Simeon's family emigrated from Musira when he was eight. Until the age of 16 he helped with the family fishing business. At 16 he joined the fleet. Eight years later, his valor against raiding natives earned him a commission. At the age of 29 he made Captain and was noticed by Adelain. On his marriage to her, months later, he was promoted to Admiral.

The Admiral gained his position because he is the consort. Since being given that gift, he has shown his ability. He is a competent officer and hell on wheels with a mace in battle. Were he not such a quiet man he would be a great Admiral. As it is, he does well with what he has. He is insightful, pleasant and unassuming.

NOTE - Pall has a magic mace. It is +6 for Hit Chance and +3 WSB.

Pagala Nzetzka - Black, RancherAGE43SEXMale
MDV12MEL5  EnL61HC43%
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL5/EL2 Animal Talk (Horses only)

Pagala has an immense ranch in the plains around Fort Jason. More than 2000 of Shestar's finest horses reside there. He has a fine manor but most nights he can be found sleeping with his herd. It is said that he likes horses much more than he does people.

Whatever the truth of this, Pagala has a strong voice with the blacks of Shestar. He is a direct descendant of their ancient chiefs, the most successful of any of them and, in many eyes, touched by the gods. Most will take his word as god's truth if he chooses to state it. (This fact leads other elements of society to cater to him to some extent. He accepts the gifts promising nothing. It isn't his place to stop someone from being nice to him.)

Faoud Girard - MerchantAGE57SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Faoud's father was Shestar's ambassador to Kirazan. His mother was the eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant. When he was 17 both were killed by native raiders. He inherited the family estate west of Fort Baris and a bit more than 700 gold. In forty years since that day he has built it into a commercial empire. He is the most successful trader with Kirazan and points north. He also owns extensive property around Shestar and Fort Baris.

Girard is driven by greed and personal hatred of the people who killed his parents. He acts against the Ny'lasa whenever he can get away with it. As chances allow, he enslaves those he can and sells them in the north.

Javine Hjazil - Mulatto, Fort JasonAGE34SEXFemale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Javine is an attractive woman physically. In all other ways, she comports herself as a man. At the age of 18 she managed to join Shestar's army, after defeating five men who challenged her "foolishness". Since that time, she has risen through the ranks rapidly. She is an adequate general and a devil with a sword in her hand. She has commanded Fort Jason for the last three years (on the suggestion of Adeline). She does it well, though her advances annoy some of the prettier women there.

Bolis Tavin - Fort BarisAGE42SEXMale
MDV19MEL8  EnL82HC17%
Mana Lvl15Casting112Mana Regen7

Bolis began his career as a soldier in Fomoria. At the age of 24 he was assigned to guard a law wizard. During the next four years, he learned bits of magic from that man. He is not overly talented but he gets by when he has to. Bolis is dedicated to Shestar's social goals. He is a kind man with a generous heart. That nature does not apply where his duty is concerned. Those who seek to act against the good of Shestar or violate its laws find him an implacable enemy.

NOTE - Bolis knows general magic and six Law spells with a BMC of 5 or less. The referee can decide which they are.

Special Sites

(7) - Uznarya

This ancient village was the site of Shestar's final battle in the extermination of a Ny'lasa tribe. As the last of the women and children fell, the dying Great Shaman of the tribe spoke a curse on the Fomorians. Its power lives to this day.

During the night this area is alive with restless spirits, animal spirits and other dangers. Any white, Fomorian or otherwise, who is in the area at night is attacked by these forces. He is also subject to attack by an EL3 Vengeful Horror. Should he prevail, and remain in the area, the next night he faces an EL4 Vengeful Horror. This continues until he is dead or defeats an EL12 Vengeful Horror.

Curing The Curse

The power of the dying curse is tied to the drum of the dead Shaman. It is buried in a ravine in the heart of the area, in a mass grave containing the Shaman and the skeletons of 200 women and children.

The grave must be opened. Once it is, the drum must be found and purified for Law. This ends the curse until the next full moon. If the Shaman and the other bodies are given a decent burial before then, the curse dies forever. If this is not done, the dead tribe's fallen, wherever they may lie, rise as undead slayers of the white. From smallest to largest, the skeletons slay until they are destroyed and burned to ash by fire.

NOTE - Adventurers seeking the drum in the grave are subject to attack by some of the skeletons and animal spirits. Finding it under such conditions is not an easy task.

Flag Symbol

The yellow and blue symbol in the mountains denotes a special site. It was the home of Honarolean Lucanza. The site rests on a plateau. It is warded by potent planar and temporal magic. It consists of a field area, a small village and a tall tower. The tower is the home of Lucanza's heir and the focus of the area's magics. The following rules apply:

  1. The magics warding the area are all MEL26/EL13.
  2. The area rests in a planar interstice. No one who carries a weapon or a magic item with law or chaos power can enter the interstice and see the area. They will see a featureless plateau. Any one with them, who is not carrying such items, is subject to affect by Planar Travel. If the effort succeeds, they enter the interstice.
  3. People who were not affected, who sleep in the area, are subject to affect by the spell. If it succeeds, they wake in the area and the offending items they carried remain in the Middle World. If it fails, they wake after nightmarish slumber with a throbbing headache.
  4. People can freely leave the area of the spell once they are drawn in. When they do so, they are subject to affect by a temporal ward. Those who are affected return to the Middle World at the point when the final ward was created (487 years in the past). Those who aren't wander into the spectral, real but not real, reality of the interstice with no way to return to Lucanza's area. Since this place is not physical there is no food or water to be found. They will find a magical means to escape or die.

The Village

The village is named Honora. It has a population of 103 (32 men, 55 women, 16 children). Forty of those present (5 men, 32 women and 3 children) have been there since the wards were cast. The rest have stumbled in over the centuries or were born there.

Honora is not subject to the passage of time in any way. No one in the area ages. All are subject to the law of the realm, which is enforced by eight iron golems left by the Mage and a number of potent wards.

NOTE - There is an exception built into the spell. Newborn infants age until they reach the age of seven. When this occurs, they no longer age physically. The village has a few seven year olds who have lived for centuries.

Save for the weapons carried by the golems, as an irremovable part of their design, there are no weapons in the village. The attempt to create a weapon, or thought of using any tool as a weapon, is a violation of the law. It will lead to a visit from a golem or worse.

The magic of the area provides for those in residence. When one hungers, he thinks of what he would like and it appears. The same applies for any other need he has. It does not function if the desire is something of a magical nature, a weapon, requires the production/acquisition of a living entity or is in any way associated with Law or Chaos.

The tower is the home of Lucanza's granddaughter. It may only be entered with her explicit permission. Anyone who attempts to enter secretly, or against her wishes, is subject to Astral Ills at MEL26/EL13. If affected, he automatically has an EL13 Plague.


Honora was created as an eternal refuge, and prison, for the Mage's granddaughter. She is a bit challenged and strange. The original people in residence were household servants and individuals that she told her grandfather she wanted to have with her.

Breaking the Spell

Method 1

Should the granddaughter die the spell will end. The village, and everyone in it, will appear in the past.

Method 2

There is a powerful altar in the tower. If a mage of sufficient talent reaches it, and successfully dispels three major wards, the spell will fail. Everyone will appear in the time the caster is native to without adverse affect of any kind. The MDV of the wards is 39. The golems attack anyone who attempts to alter the magic on the altar. Unless extremely strong fighters protect the mage, he will be pate long before he can negate anything.

Iron Golem

All of the Golems have the forms of female Bouba. The MR rules as stated give it a 54(71) MR. I don't think so. I have altered it above. For the stats, I took the normal Bouba values and added EL*2. Finally, I added EL/2 (RD) to CDF to determine the final CDF.

NOTE - INT is NA because the golems operate on a set of rules and cannot be reasoned with. They act as their rules demand. Whether the action is rational is irrelevant to them. Think analog robot. A condition exists that requires them to act or it doesn't. There are no gray areas.

Mirami Lucanza - "Queen" of HonoraAGE15*SEXFemale
MDV15MEL6  EnL77HC39%
Mana Lvl12Casting66Mana Regen5
*This is her apparent physical age. She has been alive for 502 years.

SPECIAL - +5 Desert Survival, EL80 Tongue of the Desert, MEL6/EL6 Elder Magic, +3 Entertainment arts and Eroticism.

Mirami's mother was a Jinn Duchess who lost her sanity during years of confinement in a bottle. When Mirami's father raped her, she killed him and fled. Honarolean was ordered to hunt her seven years later because of atrocities she was performing. In slaying the Jinn, he discovered his granddaughter and saw she was twisted horribly (by his standards). Over the next eight years, she blossomed and so did her strangeness. He saw there was no hope of her leading a proper life. He made Honora for her and left, counting her among the dead.

Mirami is schizophrenic and has almost nothing in the way of a short term memory. Her personalities are:

  1. Catatonic - She does nothing.
  2. Lethargic - She sits, says little and does squat.
  3. Combative - Goes out of her way to start arguments and is physically violent. She will not use magic while under this personality.
  4. Gambler - Does anything she can to take a risk, win a wager, etc.
  5. Erotic - Her only interest at such times is sex. She will do what she must to get all she can. That includes compelling men magically.
  6. Exhibitionist - The entire purpose of being is to show off her talent and body. There are no limits to what she will do to accomplish this.

NOTE - Roll 1D6 to see what personality rules every hour. If you leave her presence for more than ten minutes, reroll. To get to the point where she may remember you, spend at least three hours a day in her presence for no less than thirty days. (Good luck with that).

IMPORTANT - Mirami has a psychosis. She becomes a psychotic killer if she sees a weapon in the hand of a living person. This flaw supersedes her schizoid personalities until she kills the weapon holder. While affected she is cunning, diabolical and utterly sadistic.


Mirami is tied to the altar in the tower. While it remains as it is, she cannot leave Honora. Any effort to do so puts her back on her bed in the tower. Should she somehow manage to escape before this occurs, she loses 1D6 energy per day until she returns. Failure to return before her EnL reaches zero kills her.


The Mage cast protections on Mirami. Anyone who does physical harm to her is subject to MEL26/EL13 Damage Reversal. Should she be knocked unconscious she will revivify. If she is killed, she resurrects. Additionally, anyone who harms her physically is subject to attack by the Golems. Their orders in such a case are to kill.

Why Bother

Honora is a treasure trove, given four centuries of providing whatever things people decided they wanted. It is also an exquisitely beautiful village with talented citizens. Returning them to the Middle World would earn gratitude and immense reward. If you managed to cure, and impress, Mirami in the process, it offers much more.

The Cure

Mirami's insanity is maintained by a divine level curse. That spell cannot be negated. It remains in force until a nude man, who is not motivated by self interest, bathes her sleeping body with wine while she lies on a field of jasmine. Once the curse is gone, an effort can be made to deal with her mental issues. Doing so would take time, tact and, possibly, magical intervention but it is not impossible. If someone does succeed in curing her, she will be grateful. He will have her love for life (if he wants it).

Sim Tovanes - Potter, WizardAGE34(291)SEXMale
MDV21MEL13  EnL88HC38%
Mana Lvl14Casting172Mana Regen7

Sim is a native of Port Doman. He stumbled into Honora, in flight from a band of Nylasi warriors seeking vengeance for his depredations against their women. After learning the benefits of the village, he stopped trying to escape. He has a fine manor, makes stunning pottery and has studied tome after tome of non-magical lore. He is happy. When times come when he gets to ogle Mirami, or ride her, he is more than happy. He acts against anyone who tries to shatter his paradise or cure Mirami. If they won't accept his help escaping, without changing the altar or her, he will work out a stratagem to kill them. He likes everything just the way it is.

Richard L. Snider


Map of Southern Lands

Map of the Southern Lands at higher resolution and with textured landscapes.

Design: Wout Broere

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