Powers and Perils

Notes on the Origin of Perilous Lands

Goidan and Fomoria

Based on the geography, Goidan is Ireland, A'Korchu is the British Isles and Fomoria is Atlantis. its position is derived from certain readings of Plato and other sources. The name Fomorian is drawn from the Celtic mythology of Ireland, it being a precursor race to the Children of Danaan. In this case, Fomoria is an ancestor, with Kolari tribes, to the Goidanese who evolved on 2/3 of the island. The Armagh are immigrants from a western continent that was never published except to note Lemasan trade ties with the western side of it..

The precursor race that resulted in the forging of Goidanese from the stock were Kotothi giants called the Firbolgs. They are also drawn from historical legend lore.

Richard L. Snider