Powers and Perils

Map of Ba'ru

  1. Royal Palace
  2. Great Market
  3. National Monument (in memory of the sacking of Ba'Ru in 1522TH)
  4. Market Halls
  5. City Council
  6. Guildhouses: (A. Armorers; B. merchants; C. carpenters; D. masons; E. weavers & tailors; F. jewelers & goldsmiths; G. herbalists & healers; H. producers of alcoholic beverages; I. butchers; J. fishermen & seamen)
  7. Temple of Metatron
  8. Temple of Sabbathiel
  9. Temple of Arathron
  10. University complex (A. faculty of law; B. faculty of theology and philosophy; C. faculty magica; D. faculty of arts; E. faculty of sciences)
  11. Post of the Constabulary
  12. Military Barracks
  13. Shrine of Ben Nez
  14. Ba'Ru Palace (city palace of Xaras, duke of Ba'Ru)
  15. Baste Palace (city palace of Phenubia, countess of Baste)
  16. Arut'An Palace (city palace of Pal Gilliz II, count of Arut'An)
  17. Bath houses
  18. Inn, cheap
  19. Inn, good
  20. Inn, fine
  21. Fine hotel
  22. Festhall
  23. Cemetery

Mathijs Tuynman

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