Powers and Perils


Ba'ru occupies a strategic position on the Sea of Cholchara. It was founded as a trade outpost of the Thaliban Empire. In the year 932TH [399SA] Ba'ru became an independent county. Over the next 80 years, it took over smaller realms in its vicinity and, in the year 1013TH [480SA], its Count declared himself to be Maras I, King of Ba'rual.

During his reign (1010-1034TH [477 - 501SA]) Maras defeated Cholcharan invaders (1023TH [490SA]) with aid from the Zen'da, and allied with the Ser'manda (by marrying the sister of their Ga'sha in 1030TH [497SA]). After his death, his barbarian queen served as Regent (1034-1049TH [501 - 516SA]) until her three year old son was old enough to rule. During this period the Zen'da, especially the Ser'manda, became fond friends of Ba'rual and its citizens came to accept barbarians as honorable men. The friendship that developed during the reign of Marta Windwhistle saved Ba'rual when, in 1053TH [520SA], major raids were launched against the Marentian realms. Under Kerain I (1049-1071TH [516 - 538SA]) and his successors, Ba'rual served as a base of operations for the Zen'da. Ba'rual's army aided in the sacking of Cholchara and Asichi. She remained an active ally of the Zen'da until the invasions wound down around the year 1133TH [600SA].

From the end of this war until the year 1514TH [981SA] Ba'rual was a peaceful trade center. In that year, Ba'ru fell to L'p'nth. The nation resisted L'p'nthi rule until they were liberated by the Marentians. Once freed, Ba'rual joined in Marentia's war on L'p'nth. In the year 1522TH [989SA], their capital was sacked by L'p'nth. The next spring the Marentians retook it and, "in exuberation," sacked it themselves. After the sacking of Ba'rual, King Ghamal II of Marentia made the nation a tributary ally of Marentia. Since this status was imposed on them, Ba'rual has rebuilt their economy and prosperity has returned.

Their current monarch (Kier II) wishes to end the Marentian alliance, if he can do so without a war.


The capital of Ba'rual is Ba'ru (17,000). The nation has a total population of 85,000. Ba'rual's army consists of 400 constables, 800 Zen'da mercenaries, 800 Marentian foot and 2,400 trained militia. Her fleet consists of 9 small warships. Three Marentian warships are also based in her harbor.


Ba'rual's economy is based on trade with Marentia and the Zen'da. They have one of the finest arms industries in the world.


Ba'rual is a lawful land. They worship gods who enforce, aid craftsmen and defend honest merchants.


The citizens of Ba'rual are honest tradesmen. Trade are gruff, incorruptible, intelligent, honorable and literate people with little regard for personal comfort or luxury. They demand fair and honest treatment for all. When angered, they can be a stubborn, courageous and pragmatic enemies who will not admit defeat while a chance of victory remains.

Legal System

Ba'rual is ruled by its own dynasty. Because of their tie to Marentia, and a common tie to old Thaliban law, their legal code is almost identical to Marentia.


Ba'rual is the tributary ally of Marentia. They have strong ties with the Zen'da.


Ba'rual detests L'p'nth's faith. They have nothing to do with L'p'nth or anyone who trades with that nation.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 170lbs

Common Weapons

Scimitar, Dirk, Bows


Ba'rual's ancestors are, primarily, Zen'da barbarians and Thalibans. They are tall, well-built people with dark hair and high cheekbones. Many of their citizens have aquiline noses and exceptional strength.

Calendar (Solar)

The Thaliban calendar is used in Ba'rual. By its reckoning, it is the year 1633.

The Culture Book

Population Detail

The capital Ba'ru has 17.000 inhabitants. It is supported by two towns, Baste and Arut'An.

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