Powers and Perils

The Ghiamem

The Ghiamem are descended from citizens of the Empire del'Nord who survived the Empire's fall by hiding in the forest. Over the years they have become barbarians. They are a violent culture, constantly at war with their neighbors. They survive by hunting and raiding.


The tribes in this group are the Ghomen (13,000), the Okmen (12,000) and the Yasumen (10,000). The total population is 35,000. They can field 7,000 warriors.


The Ghiamem subsist by hunting. They spend a great deal of time raiding and avoiding vengeance raids. They do not encourage traders in their land. They usually kill them.


The Ghiamem follow a perverted version of their old religion. It combines the practices of a civilized faith, and wizardry, with shamanistic practices. It is a strange, potentially dangerous, faith. Their shamans are rare and very powerful.


The Ghiamem, especially the Ghomen, are uncompromising and hostile. Even among their own kind, they are a cold people who invest little joy in the art of living. Most Ghiamem warriors are honorable. Relations between warriors are governed by a formal code of rights and responsibilities that vary with an individual's station. The higher his station, the more freedom of action a warrior has and the more obedience he is due.

Legal System

Each tribe is organized into locally-independent clans. Each clan chief is a hereditary ruler. These chiefs compete with each other to acquire the greatest reputations and wealth. The one who does so becomes the Great Chief and earns the right to lead the tribe in war. (Warriors aid in this because, in the eyes of the Ghiamem, the greater a warrior's chief is, the greater the warrior is.)

NOTE - The rituals of this system are not unlike the Potlatch customs of the Pacific Northwest.

In all criminal cases, the word of the clan's chief is law. In cases with magical implications the local Shaman, if there is one, helps the chief render his decision. The only limit to the power of a clan chief is the warrior's code and the will of the Great Chief of the tribe.




The Ghiamem hate, and are detested by, the Kameran. They raid the Assiran and the Fierazi, who return the favor with a vengeance.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 195lbs

Favored Weapons

Axes, Heavy Swords, Polearms

Other Notes

They are light haired and heavily built

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