Powers and Perils

The Mopazi

The Mopazi were a client state of the Nylasi Empire until 520SA. As their tribute they provided the Empire with fine craft goods. In the year 521SA they began to suffer from plague. When it ended (525SA) more than 40% of them were dead. Since this time they have suffered from slave raids and lost a great deal of their homeland. The Mopazi lose about 5% of their population each year to slavers, disease and the jungle. (Their birth rate barely stays even with this loss.)


The total population is 30,000. They have a 400 - member warrior society and can field 6,000 warriors.


The Mopazi trade spices and fine wood carvings. They are among the world's finest wood carvers. They most desire metal weapons from traders.


The Mopazi have an animistic and shamanistic faith. The main element of their faith is sky worship.

NOTE - The Mopazi warrior society is the Lion Claw Lodge. Its members wear a lion claw on their left hand and carry a club. Entry into the society is gained by killing an adult male lion in one - on - one combat.


The Mopazi are friendly and gregarious toward friends and strangers. They are vicious and unforgiving to their enemies. By choice they would be quiet and friendly craftsmen. Out of necessity they have become warriors and trackers as well.

Legal System

The Mopazi are ruled by the eldest member of each clan's Lion Claw Lodge. A council of these elders rule the tribe. In war the Lion Claw warriors lead the tribe into battle. Membership in this Lodge is an elite position that every Mopazi warrior wishes to attain.

Any enemy who the Mopazi catch is killed. Any stranger who knowingly violates a taboo, commits a crime or aids an enemy is killed. Friends who commit a crime, or strangers who do so unknowingly, are castigated for their immorality. If the crime is serious, or they repeat it, they are mutilated (nose - slitting) and banished. The judges in all cases are the members of the Lion Claw Lodge who are present. (Banishing a friend is a hated last resort among the Mopazi.)


The Mopazi consider the Ga'Nylasa to be friends.


The Izza and Ghazai are blood enemies of the Mopazi. The war between these tribes will continue until one side or the other is exterminated.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 170lbs

Favored Weapons

Club, Javelin, Spear

Earth Equivalent

The Ashanti, West African tribes

Other Notes

The Mopazi carry small bucklers and never use armor. Most warriors prefer to fight in the nude, clothing is little used in this culture. When clothing must be worn, they prefer woven cloth.

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