Powers and Perils

The Rhuselska

The Rhuselska are a peaceful people who defend their land against any invader. Periodically, population pressure forces them to migrate. The last time that this occurred, it led to the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Empire del'Nord. They are a dangerous people who prefer to live in peace.


The tribes in this group are the Rhuselska (28,000), the Miriska (23,000) and the Moeska (15,000). The total population is 66,000. They can field 13,000 warriors.


Barter is the rule in this land. Some tribesmen trade in Novarask. Those who do reserve their best furs for trading in that city. The people survive by hunting. Where it is possible, they have permanent villages and have taken the first steps toward forming an agricultural society. The most civilized tribe of the three is the Miriska.


The faith centers around the worship of a holy range of mountains located in Rhuselska lands and an island across the water that is said to be the home of the gods. Their faith is shamanistic.


The Rhuselska are kind and generous stoics. As friends, they are jovial, helpful and considerate. During war they are cunning, tenacious and dedicated to victory at any cost. As long as an enemy is in their land they never completely surrender. They are a stubborn people who are willful and highly pragmatic.

These people dread the supernatural. Their morale can be shattered when magic is used against them. Magic - users in this culture are rare and dreaded individuals. The "cowardice" of the Rhuselska when faced with a magical threat is the only reason that Novarask exists. Without its magic it would have fallen centuries ago.

Legal System

The tribes are hereditary chiefdoms. They are ruled by a council of three chiefs chaired by the chief of the Rhuselska. When a chief dies, one of his sons or brothers is elected to replace him by the warriors of his tribe. If the chief has no male relatives a new royal line is elected and the new chief marries all of the women of the old royal line. Each chief is the absolute ruler of his tribe. During war the chief of the Rhuselska is the paramount chief of the three tribes.

NOTE - Each chief commands a warrior society, equal to 1% of the tribe's population. It serves as a tribal police force and the chief's personal guard.

Penalties for crime are mutilation, servitude and death. The chief sets the penalty as he sees fit. It is not subject to appeal.


The Rhuselska tribe trades with the Ipanza and Novarask. The Miriska and the Moeska trade with their neighbors, where possible.


The Rhuselska view the Novarischi as invaders. They would love to destroy them but fear their magic. Given a way to defeat, or bypass, these magics they would destroy The Crystal City.



Basic Characteristics


Favored Weapons

Axe, Mace or Club and Polearms

Earth Equivalent

Great Russian

Other Notes

Rhuselska warriors use shields, leather armor and helmets. In war the use of banded ring and scalemail is common. When they are not armored, they wear homespun cloth and furs.

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