Powers and Perils

The Rizeela

The Rizeela are peaceful men well - versed in the ways of war. They prefer a life of hunting and farming but are always alert for the approach of enemies. In the past, they have fought many skirmishes with the Qa'indi and have provided invaluable assistance to Bhamotin in her wars against the Cerulean Empire.


The Rizeela tribes are the Rozola (32,000), the Azer (24,000), the Qazela (22,000) and the Kirzela (17,000). Their total population is 95,000. They can field 19,000 warriors.


The Rizeela prefer a barter system. Due to their ties with Bhamotin, they accept money (at 1/2 its normal value). They prefer an honest trade to cash.


The tribes follow Bhamotin's faith see Bhamotin). Historically, they have supported the Primate of Bhamotin when he asks for their aid. (8,000 warriors fought with Bhamotin in their last war against the Cerulean Empire.)


The Rizeela are fiercely independent. Nothing is more important to them than personal freedom and tribal independence. They resist efforts to deprive them of either with tenacious and sustained ferocity. As a people, they are almost impossible to enslave.

The Rizeela are aloof in their dealings with foreigners. Once they trust a stranger, this coolness melts and he is treated with brotherly concern and affection. With their own people, and friends, the Rizeela are kind and compassionate.

Legal System

Clan chiefs control the tribes. When it is necessary, for the common good, they enlist the aid of other clan members. At all other times each member of the tribe does as he wishes as long as his actions do not violate the laws of the Rizeela.

Shamans control the legal system. They decide all religious questions, decide when a law or custom has been violated, determine whether a violation is serious enough to punish and protect the tribes from the supernatural. The only punishment for crime among the Rizeela is death. When a person's total crimes, if he continues to offend, create enough guilt in the eyes of the Shamans, they order his death (regardless of the severity of the crime that "broke the camel's back"). The only crimes that warrant death for a first offense are murder, heresy or any tie to Chaos.


The Rizeela have a strong tie to Bhamotin. They trade with Marentia and Ba'rual.


The Rizeela detest the Cerulean Empire and L'p'nth. People from these lands are watched carefully when they are in this land. The penalty for any crime that they commit is death. (It is a capital crime to be Chaotic in these hills.)



Basic Characteristics


Favored Weapons

Bastard Sword, Sword and Bow

Earth Equivalent

Greek, Southern Italian

Other Notes

Most Rizeela carry shields in battle. Many of them are skilled archers. They rarely use helmets and often wear leather armor or ring mail in battle. Their common wear is woven cloth and leather.

Calendar (Solar)

The Rizeela use the calendar of Bhamotin (qv).

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