Powers and Perils

The Rogizini Empire

This empire is one of the most ancient in the world. At its height, it controlled the lands from the western borders of modern Gom through most of modern Bhamotin and all the way to the borders of Dechat. In the past millennia, the empire has suffered major reverses to Gom, Bhamotin, Clima, Fomoria and the Cerulean Empire. They have had major victories, the conquest of the pirates of Shazizan (1462 - 1464RE [349-351SA]), and have defeated Clima in minor naval skirmishes.

The empire is in a period of decadence which has lasted for 800 years. The emperor is weak. The emirs are virtually independent. Except for the power of the imperial army, and the people's devotion to the royal house, the empire would have split into nine different nations long ago.

The current emperor, Maoun LXXVII, is 63 years old. He is an old lecher with little interest in the affairs of state. His heir is a 22 - year old, somewhat retarded, man whose only interest is the army. The true ruler of the realm is the Emir of Acghiza, the emperor's Grand Vizier. He gives the emperor and his heir the "playthings" that they like best and rules the nation while they take their pleasure.


The seat of the Imperial family, and capital of the nation, is Rogh'sa (81,000). The other cities, each the capital of an Emirate are Acghiza (51,000), Tilal (30,000), Maoun (25,000), Musci (21,000), Shiazi (19,000), Shiea (17,000), Araou (14,000), Zirinava (12,000) and Assin (11,000). The province of Rogh'sa has 6 rural citizens per city dweller. The other provinces have 8 rural citizens per city dweller. The total population of the nation is 2,367,000.

The army is divided into three groups. The Imperial Army contains 1,600 elite footmen, 400 elite cavalry, 4,000 footmen and 2,000 cavalry. The elite forces are the Royal Janissaries. Their sole duty is to protect the person of the emperor. The entire Imperial Army is based in Rogh'sa. It is commanded by the Grand Vizier (under appointment by the emperor to serve in his stead).

The Army of Rogh'sa is commanded by the heir. It has 800 footmen and 200 cavalry, all bedecked in fancy uniforms and carrying beautiful weapons. They are incompetent as a fighting force.

NOTE - The heir's two elder brothers were poisoned in the years 2206RE [1093SA] and 2211RE [1098SA] by his father and the Grand Vizier respectively. As an option, the heir can be a cunning man who realizes that his only hope for survival is to pretend that he is harmless and stupid.

The regular army of each Emirate has a strength equal to 10% of the city population. All cities, including Rogh'sa, can levy a militia force two times this size. The composition of regular forces is 40% foot and 60% cavalry. The militia is 80% foot and 20% cavalry. The total strength of the Emirates, including Rogh'sa's militia is: 56,200 militia, 12,000 cavalry and 8,000 footmen. The total strength of all Rogizini armies is 85,200.

The fleet is divided among the various nobles. The eight fleets of the Rogizini Empire are as follows:

EmirateWarshipsTrireme Or Larger
Imperial*40 7
Acghiza25 10
Shiazi25 5
Tilal14 3
Assin11 2
Musci9 2
Maoun5 0
Araou5 1
TOTAL134 30

*Commanded by the cousin of the Grand Vizier, under appointment by the Emperor.


The Rogizini Empire is noted for fine craftsmanship, luxury goods, exquisite spices and poor - quality metal goods. The river basins of the nation are irrigated, agricultural zones. The hills produce good quantities of most metals and high - quality stone. The Empire imports textiles, slaves, drugs and forged metal. (Rogizini weapons are beautiful items that are effective but fragile in combat. To simulate this increase the WSB for all Rogizini weapons, except bows, by 1 and decrease their fatigue value by 2.)


The religion of this land, especially among the elite, is hedonism. The Rogizini worship gods who promise pleasure and power to their followers. Most of the gods worshipped are chaotic.


The Rogizini are dedicated to the pursuit of wealth and sensual pleasure. They are cunning, treacherous and undependable as a rule. The higher the station of the individual, the more pronounced this is.

The unifying factor in this realm is the reverence of the lower classes for the royal family. Commoners will fight fanatically for the Emperor. In all other cases, when a Rogizini must fight, he fights for personal survival and easily surrenders if doing so will not endanger his life. When possible, a Rogizini warrior would rather stab an enemy in the back then face him in honest combat. (Missile weapons are greatly favored in this land.)

Legal System

Legally, the Emperor is omnipotent; his word is sacred. This power has eroded in the last 500 years due to a string of incompetent and insane rulers. The current Emperor does not concern himself with governing the realm. This is left to his Grand Vizier. The only duty that most Emperors retain is command of the Imperial army and fleet. Everything else is in the hands of the Grand Vizier and local rulers. Short of armed force, or cunning political action, the Emperor is virtually powerless.

Death is a minor punishment in this empire. It is awarded in cases where imprisonment or slavery would not profit the empire more. For major crimes that are especially heinous, or that effect the powerful, the penalty is Torture for Life. (The criminal is confined in a cell. Until the day that he dies, he is tortured, allowed to heal and tortured. The torture does not end until he dies a natural death. The record duration anyone has lasted under this sentence was the assassin of a reigning emperor's son in the year 780. He lasted 23 years before death freed him. His executioners were the best in the land.)


The Empire is friendly toward the Cerulean Empire and Dechat. They have trade ties with the Kacili and employ Kacili warriors as mercenaries (especially in guard units).

NOTE - Major nobles use Kacili mercenaries as the core of their personal guard. They are more dependable than Rogizini soldiers.


The Rogizini detest the Robari. They consider Gom to be a rebel nation and hate Bhamotin and Vahear with a passion. Finally, they have an ancient feud with Clima over the small islands that lie between them.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Scimitar, Daggers and Bows


The Rogizini peoples, in the main, have sun - darkened skin and brown hair. Most are long - legged and agile. Rogizini dancers can be exceptional.

Calendar (Solar)

It is the year 2213 by the Rogizini calendar. The calendar is one of the most widespread calendars in the world. It is used by the empire, Gom, Ja'xon, Dechat, No'mal and the western Cerulean Empire. The calendar was created by Maoun the Conqueror, Emir of Rogh'sa and founder of the Rogizini Empire. It, like many of his policies, is a revered sign of imperial divinity in this land.

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