Powers and Perils

Secret Societies of the Western Lands

Daughters of Lys (Jard)


Some thirteen years before the birth of the avatar a Baru priest in Slinoria saw omens of what was to be. Though the thought brought terror to his heart, he knew what the gods demanded. Letting no other man know, he woke his wife from her drugged existence and placed all his wealth in her hands. After years of making his life a living hell, she began building for the great day.

The daughters came into existence with the advent of the avatar of Az. While she ran free the daughter gangs, led by the wife of the Baru priest, endangered more than a few men in the empire. They also protected her from those who yearned to stifle the blossoming of her power.

Once the avatar was sequestered, the empire acted against the daughters. Their eleven leaders, including the Baru priest's wife, were captured, broken with magic and drugs and sold out of Jard as whores. Unfortunately, the society had thirteen leaders. The cult remains subtly active to this day.

NOTE - Three of the fallen leaders were raped to death before they reached market. Four of the others were found and smuggled back into Jard. The other four, included the Baru's wife, were lost forever.


The daughters of Lys are fanatical followers of the Court of Ahriman, especially Az and Lyssa. They believe the faith shows the ultimate power in existence is feminine. They celebrate this fact by taking men, driving them insane and sacrificing them to the goddesses. Performing that duty is their mission and joy. Few want greater power.


This society is strong in Slinoria (300 members), especially in the wharf district. They have powerful cells in Daevama and Lotan (150 members each). They are present in Olzama, Olnash, Oltora, Lysama and Ahris (50 members each) and have scattered support (180 members) in the rest of the empire and western Pasqul. The main temple is hidden in a deserted manor west of Slinoria.


Daughter covens kidnap men as reasonable opportunities arise. The victims are tormented, abused and kept as slaves in hidden locations. Most of the men they take die within five years after their capture. The daughters are not kind mistresses.

Once a year one man is sacrificed to Lyssa and another to Az. The one chosen for Lyssa is tormented mercilessly and driven completely insane. When it is clear his mind is gone, he dies on her altar (his brain is removed and cast into her sacred flame).

The sacrifice to Az is treated royally for a full year. He is pampered and given every pleasure a man could want. On the anniversary of the birth of the avatar, he is brought to the altar of Az.

After a long orgy, where he performs until exertion steals his senses, he is chained to the altar. The celebrants eat him alive in the name of Az. The bones are burned as the High Priestess delivers a chant honoring the perfection of Az.

NOTE - The leadership of Jard ignores this cult. They feel that a man weak enough to be taken deserves his fate. The temples only act if the cult kidnaps a priest. Beyond that, they accept it as a sad part of true faith.


Number Two, High Priestess of LysAGE34SEXFemale
MDV18MEL9  EnL88HC29%
Mana Lvl13Casting110Mana Regen5

To the faith this woman is Holy Lysam. Publicly, she is number 2, a wife of the Baron of Low Slinoria. She is descended from the youngest sister of Jad the Perfect. Her husband dotes on her. She owns him and rules the cult. She is a traditionalist with no greater ambition. When the avatar once more roams free, the daughters will be exactly as they were on her birth.

Holieta Kendor, Priestess in LysamaAGE27SEXFemale
MDV16MEL5  EnL106HC41%
Mana Lvl13Casting59Mana Regen6

Holieta is the wife of a timber merchant (age 41). He is often away on business. She believes in the divine fate of women. Her goal is to make Jard what it should be, a matriarchy where pretty boys serve the women who own them. They will remain strutting masters in public. Behind the scenes, all will bow to women.

She is working to dominate the cell at Lysama. Once that foundation is established, she will spread her belief. One of the first steps will be having Lyssa take her husband. She owns the brother who will become her son's guardian. When the man is gone, she will rule her household completely. It will no longer be necessary to hide her truth when her husband comes home.

Ladorian Telisca, Baron of Low SlinoriaAGE59SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Ladorian's older brother was humiliated in the last war. He left his life as a recluse and became Baron when his brother was sacrificed on the altar of Ahriman. Soon after, he sold his brother's harem and bought the two women his rank required.

The goals of life soon were set in granite. The first is to collect every tome he can about Jard history. The second is to obey his treasure, number 2. The drugs she has fed him since he bought her help greatly with the second goal.

NOTE - Ladorian has little influence. He is of common appearance, does not drug women and does not curry favor. As his realm is in the sticks, the elite ignore him as long as his taxes are paid. He and Lysam have three children (2 daughters age 7 and 5 and a son age 2).

NOTE - Lysam works hard to keep her husband healthy. His only legal heir is their son, who she is training to worship her goddesses. If Ladorian dies before the boy reaches adulthood, the empire will assign a guardian. That would be a problem.

Iema Adoria, Priestess in MorminAGE28SEXFemale
MDV23MEL10  EnL116HC38%
Mana Lvl18Casting168Mana Regen9

Iema is of Esqula and Jard descent. She makes her living as a dancer, actress and elite prostitute. A number of Senators and other notables pay for the privilege of sharing her time. Some have shared more. They are slaves.

The priestess controls a coven of twelve members in Mormin and Adula and has the support of the High Priestess responsible for the east. She believes that using men in the traditional manner is wrong. Her coven takes men, conditions them and releases them. They continue their lives, seeking wealth and power to serve their mistresses.

Iema lives in an elite manor on the bank of the river. A temple dedicated to Lyssa is hidden in the basement. Present there, at all times, are four slaves she keeps for herself and any she is conditioning for the cult's use.

NOTE - Three of the slaves are massive men she uses as guards and laborers. The other is a sweet, obedient man who is too pretty to let run free. She calls him "toy".

Iema has two children, a son (6) and a daughter (2). The daughter was sired by toy. The son is the child of a wealthy Pasqon merchant who is her slave. She is raising him to be a proper male (dominant, cunning and amoral while knowing it is his fate and duty to serve women).

Toy, Iema's Body slaveAGE20SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Toy is a sailor from Zandilor. Iema noticed him when he attended one of her performances at the Broken Faith casino three years ago. She had him happily purring in her bed well before midnight. He never returned to his ship.

As she trained him, Iema became infatuated. She also discovered that he reveled in being used. The more humiliating and risqu&eacture; her effort, the more excited he became. She decided to ignore the fact that he would be a perfect for Az. He is hers. He will never be anyone else's.


The cult has 1030 members. Most are the wives of commoners and peasants. They are ruled by 13 high priestesses who only meet for the yearly high festival (in Slinoria). The sacred lady with the most wealth is Lysam. Her orders are obeyed without question.

The Black Horsemen (Pasqul)


Each re-conquest of Adula and Mormin made Esqula repression of Jard citizens worse. Most Jard accept this and wait for their people to redeem them. Others do not.

The Black Horsemen were founded 317 years ago by a felon escaping from Jard. He saw the situation in Adula as a chance to profit while protecting himself from Jard hunters. He was partially correct.

The first raids of the band he formed were profitable. They also made his group notorious. As he did not refrain from doing things that were his signature as a criminal, the attention of the hunters was drawn.

Horam Jasdo led the hunters. He was a major in the guard and Mashmashu priest of Aeshma Daeva. When his force cornered the felon, Horam had an inspiration. The daiva he sent said, "You serve well. Come to your reward."

The felon was taken in a puff of smoke as his aides heard the panting of women and smelled fine fragrances. All who followed the felon came to know of the miracle. They became fanatics, seeking to excel as the founder did so they can be taken to heaven.


The Black Horsemen seek vengeance on Esqula and independence (in that order). A small majority wants to join Jard. The others, including most leaders, do not. Their goal is to have a nation. They see profit in being a buffer state between Jard and Pasqul.

The cultists worship Aeshma Daeva above other gods, because of the miracle. Being one with his nature is essential to become a leader.


The horsemen operate in Adula (70 members), Mormin (30 members) and Colora (110 members). Their major stronghold is in Colora, the forest east of those cities. It is the land of a non-city Senator who enjoys the perks he receives for supporting their cause. Only men can be members.


These men operate in groups of 2D6. Those who can afford it are mounted, armed well and armored. Others use what they can get. They raid isolated Esqula manors, settlements and caravans. As possible, they take captives. Profit and basking in the truth of god is what matters.

Aeshma DaevaContact Level - 7
The Fiend of the Wounding Spear, Lord of the Daivas, the dragon rider, Lord of Lust and Lechery, God of Anger and Revenge, Child of Chaos, Master of the Storm, First Born of Ahriman, Marshal of the Daivas.

A horseman never bridles his anger. If he is harmed he seeks vengeance. He is dedicated to lust and lechery. They are a cult where rape and other niceties are endemic. They sacrifice one woman a year, preferably an Esqula noblewoman, to Aeshma Daeva.

NOTE - At the sacrifice, the Daiva who comes sometimes takes some men. The horsemen see this as divine selection and a miracle.


Jad the Stableman, Rural ColoranAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jad has been the stablemaster at the Senator's estate for nine years. He has been the Master Horseman for six. The secret stronghold is eight miles from the Senator's home. The Senator frequently visits it with Jad.

NOTE - Jad's favorite diversion is to rape a woman while her husband is tortured to death in the same room.

Bartel Colora, Senator of ColoranAGE32SEXMale
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA

Coloran is a major source of quality wood. That fact makes it a Senatorial district. Bartel is a wealthy man. He is also a lecher. The harm the cult does means nothing as long as Bartel gets what he wants. He shelters their stronghold and donates a hundred gold a year. In exchange he gets to use any slave they have.

Tesh of Adula Wastrel, DrunkardAGE20SEXMale
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA

This man's family led the horsemen for hundreds of years. The profit made them wealthy landowners. Tesh cares nothing for that. What matters is carousing and drink.

He is noted for temper and seducing women. The wealth of his family has quashed major charges (two murders and the rape of four women). As long as they continue to do so, he won't hurt them. Now and then, to have some fun, he rides with the horsemen.

NOTE - Tesh has the potential to be an Avatar of Aeshma Daeva. It will happen if he tames a dragon and finds his Astaroth. Unless something changes, he will drink himself into a noose or gutter first.

Animal 9, SlaveAGE19SEXFemale
Mana Lvl14CastingNAMana RegenNA

This woman was stolen when she was fourteen. She is the daughter of the Senator of Esqula and has a special attribute (Supernatural Appearance). There is a standing reward of 50GC to anyone who returns her to the Senator.

When she was taken the horsemen planned to use her as the sacrifice. When he saw her, Jad collected someone else. She has been an abused whore ever since. Rare is the day when she is not raped at least three times.

NOTE - She is listed for two reasons. First, saving her is a possible adventure. Second, should he meet her, Tesh will be overwhelmed. She has the potential to be his Astaroth.


The cult has 210 members. Ninety come from families with long ties to the cult. The majority of these are leaders and wealthy. The rest are new recruits. Most are criminals, peasants or laborers.

The Left Hand (Zandilor)


The Left Hand has existed since the year 1313. It has always had thirteen members. The laws all swear their soul to insure this will never change.

Membership in the hand is secret. If any non-member learns someone is a member, he is obligated to kill the person. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The Left Hand operates from a secret castle in the mountains of Zandilor. They live the lives of princes. Whatever they desire is there for them.

Every thirty nine months they go to a scrying pool in the sacred nave at the base of the castle. Their elder casts a rite. A moment later all see a person, creature or thing. Whoever finds, and kills, this target wins the lot for the term.


The winner wins two things. First, he becomes elder. Second, he can ask anything of each member. He cannot request that the person suicide or resign. Beyond that, there are no limits.

NOTE - Winners who demand too much have trouble when the next lot comes along.


The original 13 who formed the hand were servants of Manu. In building the castle and nave, they dedicated all to fate, forging powerful wards and automata to protect their dream. Those they were called to strike were things Manu needed removed from the balance.

The hand no longer has such a dedicated rationale. The members are in it for sport and adventure. They also enjoy living at the castle while they await the next lot. Most hear of it through association with a balance faith.


The castle is located fifty miles northwest of Marcus.


The first task of a member is to find a replacement for himself. That person takes his or her chair when he is killed or dies of old age.

When chasing the lot, each member acts alone. There is no cooperation. Once he kills the target, or someone else does, his or her ring glows green. The survivors return for the ascension ceremony (and to pay the winner).

Member Benefits

Each member has his suite, work or exercise room and stable. He is allowed to house ten retainers. His heir must be one of them. How he administers his suite is no one else's business.

Members have a yearly stipend of two hundred gold coins. This is paid out of castle resources. Select merchants from Marcus are responsible for making runs to the castle to see to the society's needs. If the member wishes more than his stipend, he spends his own money.

IMPORTANT - The castle is secret. A non-member who stumbles on it, except the merchants, never leaves. He or she remains as a servant. If they refuse, or attempt to escape, they die.

NOTE - The personality of the members varies. Their ability and loyalty to the Left Hand is what matters. Who and what they worship, or do for fun, does not. The current 13 are 5 balance, 1 law, 2 chaos, 1 neutral, 2 elder, 1 Sidh and 1 who couldn't care less about gods.


Hos Tenfoot, Elder of the Left HandAGE38SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Hos is an Aleor. He worships the Elf gods, especially Donel. The last lot called for the death of an ogre. He happened to know where the thing lived. It was an easy trip and kill for him. Since his victory he has spent most of his time hunting, drinking and laying the women of his suite. Personal satisfaction is what matters to him.

Amara Ulora, Left Hand MemberAGE32SEXFemale
MDV23MEL11  EnL115HC44%
Mana Lvl17Casting162Mana Regen 8

Amara is from Pasqul. She has ability with all four elements but specializes in the powers of the earth. Her preferred divinity is Gaea.

She has a large bone to pick with Hos. What he demanded when he won the last lot, her first, was that she bear his child. Though she loves her 19 month old daughter (Tina), he must pay.

She will not win the next lot. The time needed to avenge herself on the Elder, and enjoy his humiliation, will make victory impossible.

Uvil Elokakis, Left Hand MemberAGE64SEXMale
MDV20MEL13  EnL62HC20%
Mana Lvl13Casting155Mana Regen4

Uvil is a Jard sorcerer who was driven out for heresy. He detests the court of Ahriman and embraces Lucifer. He is an exceedingly evil man who has been a member for 19 years. If he had more talent, he would be dangerous.

NOTE - Uvil's method of hunting is to go to his manor in the south, divine where the enemy is and send a demon after it. He has yet to succeed in this endeavor.

Tomas Orelia, Member of Left HandAGE51SEXMale
MDV17MEL6  EnL75HC48%
Mana Lvl14Casting80Mana Regen2

Tomas is from Zandilor. He has been a member for 14 years. Before Hos' victory, he won the lot three times in a row. He is an extremely talented worshipper of Poteh. He is also somewhat absent minded and whimsical.

NOTE - Tomas has only been casting magic for six years. Before he decided to learn, because of his age, he was a soldier/adventurer. He has an innate power. It is Creation, from Astral Powers (MEL6/EL6).

Mara Nuve (Harn)


A somewhat demented and certainly greedy merchant of Jard descent founded this society 93 years ago. The name means "New Sea" in the Aratad tongue Harn uses.


The founder of the cult saw no reason why pale filth should be the only ones to prosper from the sea. When he said as much to White Laird, he was exiled from the city with a sword and the clothes on his back.

With great difficulty, he made it to his villa east of the city. Three years later, he had a cadre of dependable mercenaries and the cult was founded. Six months after the death of White Laird, he launched the Red Star, Mara Nuve's ship. He died of a heart attack soon after the first load of slaves and goods got home (the three slave women with him at the time were executed for murdering him).

The cult's members plan to wash away the foreign laws of the land in a wave of truth. They are also dedicated to enjoying themselves and making a profit. All worship the court of Ahriman.


The villa of the founder is located on the coast fifty miles east of the city of Harn. A walled village, as much a slave training academy as anything else, surrounds it.

Two miles further west is a cove with a large cavern. The Red Star is based in the cavern. The warehouse, ritual center and training camp for members are located here. The location of both places is secret. Any member who gives up either pays with more than his life.


The existence of the cult is known throughout eastern Harn and rumored in the west. Any red citizen who is spoken for by an existing member can join. Those who make it through initiation and training become members. Those who don't end up in a slave market.

To pass, a person must:

  1. Be red and male.
  2. Show potential during initiation.
  3. Prove they are one with truth on the final night of initiation.
  4. Exhibit the proper attitude toward the pale.
  5. Accept the royal line of the cult as the masters of life and spokesmen of truth.
  6. Show talent with weapons, seamanship and controlling slaves at the end of training.

The sponsoring member hoods initiates of the cult some thirty miles away from the cove. They are then led to the cavern. Once there, all possessions and garments are taken. When the hood is removed, they are surrounded by darkness, shackled and nude. Those whose response to this is terror or rage fail. They are slaved.

For the next two days, without rest, they are questioned, tested physically and commanded to perform certain actions. If they fail to comply, or do not accomplish what is asked, they are enslaved.

On the final night of initiation they are given a magical drug. If they show reverence for the true gods, and hatred of the pale, they are allowed to train as members. If not, they are slaves.

Once a man is accepted for training, he learns under the direction of his sponsor. If he shows the attitude and talents needed within twelve months, he becomes one with Mara Nuve. If not, he is enslaved.

The cult has about a hundred members in the area around the villa. Another forty work the Red Star. Three hundred more are found in the rest of the nation, mostly in the east. Of these, eighteen live in the city of Harn.

NOTE - The male descendants of the merchant lead this cult. Their eldest is King. The cult's goal is to end white dominance in Harn and place their leader on the throne.

In doing so, they plan to enslave every white citizen and anyone who refuses to embrace truth, i.e. the court of Ahriman. They'll also end obeisance to the mountain dwarves and build a wealthy empire.

Their current plan is to kidnap Lara the Beautiful and her children. Once they do, a takeover can begin. When the true king is on the throne, all whites are in chains and the temples of the false gods are purified, Lara will sit as the pleasure slave of Mara Nuve. Her children will be slave meat in Jard.

Beyond this grandiose plan, the cult operates by raiding isolated farms and villages. They also send the Red Star to raid and trade. Their primary trade partner is the Lemasan sector. Once a year they trade at Oltiera.


Lars Fanzul, King of Mara NuveAGE57SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Lars was a lecherous wastrel most of his life. Two years ago his elder brother died and he became King of Mara Nuve. He has some talent as a merchant and with rhetoric. He cares about being bowed to and getting what he wants. When Elmer is not in port, his selfish greed runs unchecked (the operation against Lara is his idea. He wants her and the throne, in that order).

Elmer Fanzul, Captain of the Red StarAGE38SEXMale
MDV16MEL4  EnL97HC49%
Mana Lvl14Casting42Mana Regen6

Elmer first went to sea at the age of nine. He has been a member of the Red Star's crew ever since. Eight years ago his father named him captain. He puts up with Lars because he loves the sea and his uncle's foolishness has not harmed Mara Nuve. If it does, Lars will die (Elmer has made sure he knows that fact).

NOTE - Elmer learned a bit of sorcery three years back. He dabbles in it now and then. His father enslaved the priest Mara Nuve uses. Most of the reason he learned magic was caution. If the man gets uppity, he'll have a weapon.

The Captain is not a worshipper of Ahriman. He supports the faith because it unites Mara Nuve. Beyond that, he couldn't care less. What he cares about is power, Mara Nuve and his whore, in that order. Anyone who dares harm them is his enemy. His enemies die if they are of no other use to him.

Aboam Derkanda Mara, Nuve Sangu MahAGE68SEXMale
MDV17MEL11  EnL82HC20%
Mana Lvl11Casting100Mana Regen6

Aboam was a rank 6 Ashipu priest of Ahriman working to bring truth to the benighted savages of the jungle when the Red Star raided the village he was in. When he recovered from the onslaught, he was nude and chained in the hold of the ship. That was 41 years ago.

The Red Star brought him to its base in Harn. As a sailor was about to abuse him, the Captain noted Aboam's tattoo. He took him out of the cave and offered him a place in Mara Nuve. It was clear that he joined or died.

Aboam has served the cult for forty years. He insists that members call him Sangu Mah. Elmer calls him priest. He has a solid friendship with Lars, a very usable king. Elmer is watching him.

His goal is to be the power behind the throne of Lars and, soon after his ascension, the guardian of his heir. For that to be so, Elmer must die. The problem is, he hasn't found a way to get the Captain that is safe enough. He truly fears Elmer.

White Lita, Elmer's whoreAGE22SEXFemale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

This child was taken from the area of Cern (in Arman) by Zandilor slavers when she was six. She was a slave training and serving in Zandilor for ten years. At the age of 16 she was sold to a Jard merchant. She spent three years in the empire as a drugged whore.

Elmer came across the woman at a party while he was in Jadora learning magic. He rode her then, like many others. The next night, he snuck back into the home of his host and stole her.

On the flight to his ship, and the trip back to Harn, he battled to keep Lita alive. Withdrawal from the drugs was killing her. He succeeded. In doing so, he built a bond. She is his alone forever.

Lita has a Zandilor outlook. She sees that Elmer is the only one shielding her from a horrible life. She also sees his affection. With both facts added to the fact that he saved her life, after risking it by stealing her, she serves him with passion. She might consider loving him, were it a slave's place to engage in frivolity.

NOTE - Lita is sterile. The combination of the Jard slave drug, and a rite in their temple, insured that fact. Now that she is aware, she has all the knowledge and skill one would expect of a high class pleasure slave. Her talents as an eroticist, dancer and acrobat are especially noteworthy.

The Champions of Man (Aleor and Arman)


Two hundred and fourteen years ago an Elf count came to the farm of Albert Ten. He demanded a feast for himself and his retinue, which was his right. Albert explained that he had barely enough to get his family through the winter.

When Albert woke the next morning, his farm was smoldering ash and his family was gone. Looking into a trough, he saw the mark of the banned on his cheek. He screamed with rage, driving his sanity from him.

Albert began a campaign of vengeance against anything elven. Luckily, a few months into his mad effort, he encountered a man who agreed the time for change was at hand. He convinced Albert to fight for the future with wisdom and end his rampage. On the day Ten nodded in agreement, the Champions were formed.


The cult works for an end to human obeisance to Sidh beings. In their eyes, the Sidh make a place as Man's equal or take its place as an inferior. Man is the future. It is not his place to bow and scrape to the past.

The Champions seek an end to elven dominance in Aleor and the unification of Aleor and Arman under the cult. They are loath to embrace evil in pursuit of this goal but there are those who will if it speeds victory.


The Champions of Man have a bit more than 2000 members in both countries. They are based in the hills 55 miles NE of the elf hill in area 4 (on its border with area 5). This "fortress" is a cavern system that extends for miles underground. The distribution of their followers is:

6100(20)4(Arman) 300(30)
The number in parentheses is the number of fighting men. The rest are the families of those warriors.


The cult operates in two manners. First, as chance allows, they raid elf settlements. The places are looted and the men killed. Young women or children they can take safely are enslaved.

Second, they do what they can to recruit members. This is done by approaching people elves offend, breaking men out of prison or otherwise gathering whoever they can.

The Champions operate in a cautious and calculated manner. They kill any member who acts without permission in a manner that draws attention to them. Those who give up secrets of the cult are not so lucky. After a few months of torture in the caverns, their pleas for death are answered.


Balam, Ten Lord of ChampionsAGE43SEXMale
Mana Lvl 10CastingNAMana Regen NA

Balam replaced his father as Lord three years ago. His stubborn nature and right arm, in addition to descent from Albert, grant him the right to rule. With rare exceptions, he heeds the advice of the Councilor. It is tradition and he honors tradition (he also likes the old woman). Balam resides in Narbeall area 1 most of the time.

Aemmalin Kasilorkis, Councilor of TenAGE91SEXFemale
Mana Lvl 17CastingNAMana RegenNA

A plague struck the village when Aemmalin was 23. She was the only member of her family who survived. With that tragedy, she was forced to accept the role as Councilor. If she hadn't it would have passed from her family forever.

During the 68 years that she has held the post Aemmalin has advised four lords. She also dedicated herself to garnering the wisdom to do the job well. At this point, she has probably forgotten more about lore, cosmology and the magical sciences then most people know.

The Councilor has no interest in promoting violence, or having a role in it. She does her duty as her family always has. When the Lord states his will, she advises him as to his wisdom. The final choice remains his and will as long as she sits her chair. She mostly resides in area 4.

Lor Kasilorkis, Aemmalin's HeirAGE51SEXMale
MDV24MEL13  EnL96HC27%
Mana Lvl 17Casting170Mana Regen5

Lor is the youngest of Aemmalin's five children. He is also the only one still alive. He loves and respects his mother. He is also getting tired of waiting for her to retire or die.

He learned the elemental arts in Zandilor thirty years ago. Since then, he has expanded his ability to include wizardry and sorcery. He is dedicated to the quest for knowledge and power, in that order.

As a man, Lor is entirely consumed by his appreciation of logic and reason. Most of his intellectual resources, and time, have gone into developing his intelligence. His other abilities suffer as a result but he is what he wants to be, a truly brilliant man.

NOTE - Lor thinks it is time to begin eradicating elf rule. When he sits as Councilor, he will ask for the beginning of the final campaign. His beloved wife, who Aemmalin ignores at all times, supports him in this plan.

Jiji Kasilorkis, Lor's WifeAGE40SEXFemale
MDV15MEL9  EnL79HC30%
Mana Lvl 10Casting79Mana Regen 4

Jiji is a Cimor. She was a priestess initiate when slavers took her to Zandilor at the age of 17. After eight years of lewd hell, Lor bought her, came to love her and set her free. They married the day he returned home. During their time together, he has taught her a lot, including the magical arts.

NOTE - Jiji, secretly, is a worshipper of Kotan. She has spoken with the goddess. When she succeeds in arranging Lor's success, and the eradication of Elfheim, Kotan will make her a Queen.

Her main hurdle is convincing her husband that Aemmalin must be retired. She would kill the old woman but it would ruin everything if Lor discovered her hand in such a thing. She and Lor primarily reside in area 7.

Kotan's Plan

Once the Duke is dead and Elfheim is in ruins, Kotothi might returns. Jiji will become a Worm Queen in service to Nebeth. For eternity she will give birth to worms and eat anything that cannot escape her maw. Her first treats will be her husband and two children. (And the whole time, she will recall her human existence perfectly.)

Eliminatum (Zandilor)


A somewhat fanatical priest of Arathron founded this cult forty years ago. It was his belief that true service to the will of god demands proper morality, selfless action and an end to the mystic distractions demons bestow.

To achieve this sacred end, man must dedicate himself. He must purge the sins of the flesh from his being and seek to do only that which is good. He must also eliminate the mystic powers that keep him from reaching the road of truth that only Arathron offers.


The goal of this cult is two fold. First, its members are committed puritans. As possible, they act to eliminate the sybaritic excesses plaguing mankind. They also seek to aid their fellow man and cure those who are ensnared by sins of the flesh.

The second goal is to eliminate all that is mystic. They destroy magical items, kill any magicians who will not purge themselves of taint and, as possible, eradicate what they consider to be "unclean" (any magically empowered being that is not aligned with Law).

Sadly, achieving the second goal requires that some brothers access powers that must be no more. This is accepted until the gifts Arathron allows eliminate the need for all time.

Operation and Location

The cult is based out of the temple of Arathron in Iverian (40 members). This location is used for the good works they do to aid people that are not criminal. They have two other bases.

The first base is a large merchant vessel (30 members) that travels between Iverian and Zandilor on a regular run. It possesses a large secret hold. That facility is used for the incarceration, and healing, of those who are ensnared by the flesh. Examples of those who qualify for such treatment are drunkards, addicts, prostitutes, risqu&eacture; dancers, bawdy singers, authors of sensual texts, etc. They remain on the vessel until they are cured. As needed, they receive incentive laden classes, i.e. torture, to speed the change.

The second base is the cult's true stronghold. It is a secret castle in the high mountains occupied by 120 dedicated brothers. These men concentrate on eradicating mystic contagion and convincing benighted wizards to set aside evil.

An additional 30 brothers roam the world, in groups of three. They serve as missionaries and the leading edge of the effort to eliminate taint. Their life is doing good for those in need and slaughtering monsters. Few have the strength for this calling. The total membership of Eliminatum is 220.


Pau Denlaris, Primate of EliminatumAGE75SEXMale
MDV26MEL20  EnL136HC36%
Mana Lvl 16Casting290Mana Regen 8

Eleven years after he secretly founded Eliminatum, Pau became Sangu Mah of Arathron in the nation of Zandilor. Since that time he has expanded the resources of his cult. His goal is to eliminate magic and the supernatural from the world. Until he succeeds, using the might Arathron allows him, as a priest, is essential.

More than a few people whose livelihood he threatens hate him. He is rarely seen without four extremely competent armed guards. Twelve men guard his villa at all times. It is the home of his wife (54), a married daughter (23) and his youngest son (15). The daughter's husband is Captain of Pau's guard. He also has a son (29) who is a priest of Enki in Zandilor. They rarely have anything to say to each other.

Elain Kastila, Captain of the PurityAGE39SEXFemale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana Regen NA

At the age of 15 Elain was a prostitute in Zandilor. Pau kidnapped her. After months of "retraining" at his hands, she came to understand the vileness of a sensual life. He accepted her as a soldier of the cult. She served at the mountain stronghold for the next fifteen years.

With the launch of the Purity, she became its Captain. It is her duty to show victims of the flesh the folly of their ways. She embraces that duty fanatically, and loves teaching classes. (A bit of a sadist)

Harlon Tauzin, Seneschal of the MountainAGE53SEXMale
MDV23MEL13  EnL82HC30%
Mana Lvl 16Casting174Mana Regen 5

Harlon is a native of Jard. He came to Zandilor 32 years ago as a magician in search of power. He found Pau, a small cell and months of "instruction". When it ended, he was a member of Eliminatum and lay priest of Arathron.

The Seneschal has an abiding love for science. His castle has more than a few rooms dedicated to its pursuit. It also has more than a few for eradicating mystic taint and providing for the host of brothers under his command.

Should Pau die, Harlon is his designated successor. He is virtually unknown in the cities of Zandilor. He is also not nearly as pragmatic and patient as Pau. The cult will be more proactive if he becomes its leader. There are a number of places he will burn to the ground.

Salima Tauzin, MissionaryAGE19SEXFemale
Mana Lvl 11CastingNAMana RegenNA
* Supernatural Strength

Salima's father was a Pasqul elementalist. Her mother was a tavern whore in Iverian. Both came to the notice of the cult when she was two months old. Her mother died of withdrawal during her "training". Her father returned to Pasqul after his cure. Since then, he has recanted. His last name was Javin.

Harlon raised Salima as his daughter. His instruction, the castle and the way of the cult are just about all she has ever known. She has no idea that he is not her real father. Neither is she aware of her mother's fate. Harlon told her the woman died in childbirth.

She is a kind, curious woman who adores her father. For the last year she has worked with a mission team in Arman. She enjoys helping others, especially children, and revels in slaying monsters. When the monster is something nearly human, like an elf, she has problems with the duty.

NOTE - Though she believes, the pin holding Salima faithful is love for her father. Should the truth be proven to her, a major backlash is probable. At the very least, she would stop worrying about avoiding sins of the flesh. She is virgin and has never touched any intoxicant.

Her Team Members

Jaric Kilarian, MissionaryAGE31SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana Regen NA

Jaric is in his fifth year as a missionary. The other two members of the last team he worked with died in Cimor. Disease and his wounds almost claimed him as well. He is the team leader and a native of Zandilor. Working with Salima is a test of his discipline (he lusts for her).

Balin Truezil, MissionaryAGE23SEXMale
MDV13MEL5  EnL87HC46%
Mana Lvl10Casting43Mana Regen6

Balin is half Armani. He was raised by his mother in Pasqul. He never knew his father. His talents in magic are limited to Earth Elementals and Earth Powers. This is his first mission as a missionary. He has been a member of the cult for three years.

NOTE - Should he find his father in Arman Balin will kill him.

Ten Unique Individuals

Jovan Trench, Gambler (Esqula)AGE31SEXMale
Mana Lvl14CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jovan is a sickly, charismatic man and a talented gambler. He also has an Innate Power (Theft MEL6/EL3). He enjoys taking everything an adversary has then allowing the person to play a final hand. If he or she wins, he returns everything. If not, they become his slave. He truly enjoys the game when the loser is a vigorous, arrogant man or a beautiful woman. The man faces utter humiliation. The woman finds herself used often until another interest sways his attention from her.

NOTE - Jovan rarely keeps a slave more than two months. Those he likes are set free. The others are sold in Jard.

Maiita Hirlorus, Entrepreneur (Travels)AGE26SEXFemale
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA
* Heavily scarred

Maiita is from Tolneg. When she was 16 her family's farm was raided by a band of men led by a sorcerer. Her parents and both brothers were killed. She was raped, savaged with a dagger and left for dead. She did not die.

Since her recovery Maiita has traveled as a merchant. She will sell anything and deliver any message anywhere. Doing so pleases her, makes her money and gives her a cover in her search for eleven men she intends to kill slowly. She is a very good merchant and a deadly woman.

NOTE - Despite her early trauma, Maiita enjoys sex now and then. When she makes an arrangement with a man (Ap50 or more) one of the prices for her service is likely to be him spending a night in her bed.

Borin Longarm, Hunter (Arman)AGE44SEXMale
Mana Lvl3CastingNAMana RegenNA

Borin has some intelligence. Sadly, his liabilities nearly negate its impact. He has almost no will to speak of and a genuinely kind personality. He began his career as a hunter and sometimes soldier when he was 14. For the first 20 years, he was often the butt of jokes. More often he was misled and used.

Ten years ago, he came across a farmstead that was under attack by a host of trolls. His axe cut a bloody swath through the monsters. As he fell to his knees and passed out, arrows from inside killed the last troll.

Borin woke in a hayloft. He was nude save for the bandages on his body. As he blushed, a tiny girl walked over to him. He asked, "Give a man some clothes." She smiled, "No," and began working on his wounds.

A month later he was in shape to leave. As he headed into the wood after a big meal, the girl caught him. She was carrying a travel pack. Seeing his frown, she shrugged, "I am a young woman from a forceful line, sweet giant. You shall be my lover. I have made up my mind to it."

He laughed and kept going, trying to lose her. After hours of effort failed miserably, he bellowed for her to leave. She musically laughed, "Only in death, sweet giant. Be a good boy and accept your fate. You shall be mine." They have been together ever since.

NOTE - As noted, Borin is gentle and kind. There is one exception. He loves Aila. If anyone harms her, he will go frothing at the mouth berserk. When he loses his temper to this degree, the only person who has a chance to calm him is Aila. Unless she does, he will batter anyone or anything aside until he kills the target of his anger.

Borin and Aila live in the forests west of Cern. They travel from them at times. Mostly they remain at their cabin, hunt and enjoy each other.

Aila Fistora, Half-Elf, Borin's LoveAGE27SEXFemale
MDV16MEL7  EnL64HC27%
Mana Lvl12Casting75Mana Regen3

The trolls attacked Aila's family three days after she returned from learning magic from her mother, an Elf countess. Without Borin's intervention, they would have overwhelmed the men at the farm long before anything could be done to stem the hideous tide. She would have been eaten by the filth, or worse.

In caring for Borin, Aila came to enjoy his personality. She was also intrigued with his appearance and fascinated by his immense size. She choose to make him her man. She also decided it was her place to defend him from those who would take advantage of his nature. Anyone who seeks to use her man earns her ire, which can be deadly. She is an adequate Sidh magician and a deadly archer, among other things.

John, Mercenary (Travels)AGE52SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana Regen4*

* Number of invulnerability hit points that regenerate each day at midnight when he is not at full strength. Each night that regeneration is required he loses 4 points from EnL.

John is a native of Zaldor. He got his first guard job when he was eleven. Since then he has traveled the world as a mercenary, serving in three different armies and seeing as many places as any man in the Western Lands.

He is not a physically imposing man. He does, however, have an advantage. He has EL6 Invulnerability against any physical attack. Makes him a bit harder to kill than the average man is. This fact tends to make him a bit arrogant but he is not stupid. He won't put himself in a wringer with his showing off or bragging.

Balora Grendor, Strange (Jard)AGE18SEXFemale
MDV10MEL2  EnL33HC29%
Mana Lvl10Casting18Mana Regen1

Balora has been a magnet for the supernatural. She was born with a pair of Special Attributes. The first is a fanatical Law power that combines the affects of Knot Untie and Open Prison. No bonds or shackles, magical or otherwise, can hold her. The second is fanatical Chaos that combines the affect of Chaining and Weaken.

During the day law might rules. She is a pious woman driven by the virtues of justice, mercy and morality. At night, depravity and viciousness claim her. She seeks perversity and uses her might to insure it. Her nature is lewd, conniving and cruel. Neither person is aware of the other. She is a total schizoid.

At the age of 15, another factor was added to the mix. The Mashu Mah of Meresin decided the child must live to serve. He cast a curse that strikes anyone who harms her and had her smuggled into Pasqul. (Anyone who damages her is subject to MEL13/EL7 Lightning Showers.)

Balora is currently a confused indigent traveling near Zaldor. Most mornings she wakes with things she knows are not hers. She tends to donate such things to a good cause and continue making her living, as possible, as a serving maid or waitress.

She begins each night angry, because she never manages to hold on to the gelt she stole or acquired the night before. Hers is not an easy life.

NOTE - By her 21st birthday one of Balora's personalities will prove itself dominant. When this is decided, the other will sublimate. She will become the one person, either a champion of Law or Chaos, all the time. Whichever she has the most success with in the years to come will be who she becomes for the rest of her life.

Groznor Ironarm, Dwarf KingAGE39(390)SEXMale
MDV18MEL10  EnL111HC68%
Mana Lvl13Casting130Mana Regen8

Groznor is the consort of Shelam. He rules a dwarf city with 140 warriors. He is a noted warrior, armorer and rune master. He also has some competence as a brewer. The majority of his time is spent at his city. When the urge strikes, he leaves and visits Shelam or strikes out on an adventure of some kind. He is entirely driven by the needs of his kind and doing what he finds pleasing.

Eirol Whitehand, Elf OutcasteAGE34(681)SEXMale
MDV21*MEL12*  EnL69HC37%
Mana Lvl15Casting163*Mana Regen6*

*Eirol's power is sealed. Until he redeems himself with the Lord of Elfheim, he may not cast magic or gain any benefit from it. His MDV is 15 and any beneficial spell cast on him automatically fails while this remains so.

Eirol was always an arrogant noble. Centuries ago, while serving under the banner of Elfheim, that arrogance earned him the ire of the Duke. He defiled a farmer, destroyed his farm and sold his family to other humans as slaves. This led to the Champions of Man and has cost many elves their lives.

Until he redeems himself in the specified manner, Eirol is banned from associating with elves. He is also shorn from the benefits of mana in all its forms. This eliminates his ability as a magician, prevents any spell from aiding him and seals his innate power (Slay the Tame).

NOTE - The Duke's curse ends when Eirol travels a year in the company of a virgin human female then eats the heart of a Troll king that he slays while she watches. Should he let the woman he travels with die, or should she fail to remain virgin, a century must pass before he can try to redeem himself again. Once he is redeemed, it will be his duty to justly resolve the Champions of Man problem. He is currently seeking a female companion.

Tominian Telaga, Scholar (Pasqon)AGE68SEXMale
Mana Lvl16CastingNAMana RegenNA

Tominian is a master scholar. No man in the western lands knows more about zoology, legend lore, Pasqul history and Jard History. He is highly regarded for having knowledge of most things and noted for the Telaga zoo.

His goal in life is to learn everything. He has made a substantial dent in achieving this impossible task. Sadly, the sedentary nature of that life has ravaged him (thus his reduced MR). When he must travel further then from one room to the next, he rides in a sedan chair.

The scholar is an exceptional information source IF he can be convinced to share his knowledge. Given his acerbic nature, that is not always easy. His favored god is Zu. Like that god, he is rarely willing to share anything unless there is something in it for him.

NOTE - Telaga was the only heir of a major merchant house. He sold the enterprises when he inherited. He is worth slightly less than a hundred thousand gold, more than enough to fuel his quest to know and finance his zoo.

The Telaga Zoological Gardens

The zoo has a permanent staff composed of eight elementalists, one wizard, twelve guardsmen and twenty scholars. It is located behind the immense manor he calls home.

Its public area contains animal exhibits from around the continent. There is also a private area. Telaga houses all manner of creatures there, from dragons to imps. His favorite exhibit is a very nice looking pair of faerries. The main duty of his wizard is to make sure the exhibits in the private zoo remain there.

Now and then, he finances a gathering exhibition. They are given a list of beings he wants for the zoo and sent to get them. All are brought to the zoo alive. The party's pay is always exorbitant, if they succeed in filling the order.

Jolira Bendoril, Assassin (Zandilor)AGE38SEXFemale
Mana Lvl14CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jolira is the chef at an elite hotel in the city of Zandilor. She is also one of the deadliest freelance assassins in the nation's history. People seeking her services deal with her cousin, a notorious smuggler, or a herbalist she is friends with. The minimum payment to hire her is 10 gold. If the mission takes her out of Zandilor, the cost is much more. She will NOT work in Jard or accept more than three contracts per year.

Ailan Bendoril is her husband. He is a poor gambler who runs a second rate weapons shop. Since he is also the father of her five children, is devoted to them all and is faithful to her, he is still living (despite the burden his losses inflict on the household). He is the only reason she is still an assassin. She needs the money to redeem his losses and keep her family going.

NOTE - If she were offered a deal that made her more money than even Ailan could lose, she would accept, regardless of what it called on her to do (even if it meant she had to go to Jard).

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