Powers and Perils

Special Sites of the Western Lands

1) The Fulcrum

An area Northwest of Torama in Pasqul is shown as a red dot with a brown border. It has a plains area to its north. This site is unique. It can be everything from humorous to deadly, depending on where one travels and the day of the month. A sect of savants in Zandilor calls it the Fulcrum.


A great convocation was agreed to by the reigning powers. It ended Armageddon. The gods stood on this land when they accepted and signed the Convocation of the Gods.

Since that time, this land has been dedicated to the agreement. Each alignment has its place. Most gods have a time of dominance in his or her alignment's realm. All do as their nature demands.

The central point of the area is the realm of balance. In the heart of its tower is a portal that leads to the palace of Ahura Mazda, where the convocation is stored. Balance gods do not share times of dominance. The Zehani Elder Azuliarakentamad rules.

Divine Dominance Chart
2BrigitZuritiLokiRo'beall AshurAhriman
3MorriganKotanUrielaMarinaInannaGoddess in Black
5TitaniaPaitco SithZuCassielVahagnAllatu
6YngviGartunKeiranHerneSabbathielAeshma Daeva
9RhiannonKotarlBen NezAduaAteuseulBa-en-kekon
11Math/BrigitUtgard GerorCeresSeirimAbraxasDuma
12Oberon/TitGywn Ap NuddDvalinnShamirArathronMephistopheles
14Fin/MorPaitco SithOdin/FriggPayanBecalielSammael
18GwydionUtgard GerorThorShamshielMushruMeresin
23DaennShurikalBacchusMinor GodsEnkiApsu
24OberonGywn Ap NuddGoibniuIsisVahagnLemashtu
25FinvarraMallen TrowGoibniuSeirim2+3Chaos
28Daenn/AsterMallen TrowValhalla*Herela6,10+15Az

* The Elder area is the sacred hall of Valhalla on that day. Spirits loyal to the court of Odin and any force of that court may be there.

EXAMPLE - A party enters the area on the 23rd day. The dominant gods are Daenn, Shurikal, Bacchus, any number of the minor Neutral Gods, Enki and Apsu. Consult the description of those gods to see what that means for possible encounters, etc.

When the 24th day comes, beginning at midnight, the powers change. Oberon, Gywn Ap Nudd, Goibniu, Isis, Vahagn and Lemashtu are dominant and the encounters reflect that. If you are in the Sidh area, the encounters change from Elven beings to Fay creatures. The Chaos area changes from wild sea and islands to land suitable for vampires.


The 200 square miles of this mountainous area contains plateaus and valleys connected by deep ravines and caverns. Each alignment has a home site for the dominant force. A manifestation of the god or gods ruling is present. He, she or it is not alone.

EXAMPLE - Day 13

On day 13 Dagda and Rhiannon dominate the Sidh area. The other gods in power are Shurikal, Girra, Cernunnos and his wives, Isfahan, Sin and Az.

The home site of the Sidh area is a magnificent elf hill. Shurikal sits in a bone-littered cavern. Girra's site is roiling lava. Cernunnos and his wives are in a sacred grove. Isfahan's site is a small temple. Sin's is a palace sized bordello.

At midnight of day 14, Finvarra's fortress replaces the hill. Shurikal's cavern becomes the palace of Paitco Sith. Odin's palace replaces the flaming sea of Girra. The crystal palace of Payan stands where the sacred grove was. A small shrine replaces the temple of Isfahan and a dark cavern inside a steaming volcano replaces the bordello.

NOTE - The changes occur in an instant. When they do, fit the party to the new site. For example, if they were chained to a bed in the palace of Sin they may find themselves teetering on a precipice looking down at lava. If they were nude and battered on the bed, they are still nude and battered.


As a general rule, only encounters that fit the dominant god are present. Near area borders, encounters with that force or neighbors are possible. On Law/Chaos borders, Shadow may also be encountered.

The contention between the areas depends on the gods. Where the gods are violent enemies the areas engage in conflict. Surviving the might used will be difficult.

EXAMPLE - Day 14

The dominant gods are Finvarra/Morrigan, Paitco Sith, Odin/Frigg, Payan, Becaliel and Sammael. Law is attacking Chaos. Elsewhere, Sidh and Neutral war on Kotothi. The Elder do nothing or raid the Sidh, depending on Odin's mood. If the party is VERY strong, they enjoy the conflict. If not, they need to find sanctuary or get the hell out of dodge.


AzuliarakentamadZehani Elder
* Zehani are immune to poison, disease and plague.


Eight foot tall, grey-cowled, humanoid. His face is cloaked in impenetrable blackness. He exudes magic. Any mortal who stands within ten feet of him has a chance to be affected by MEL4/EL2 Fate. He is the Zehani elder.


This Zehani oversees the Fulcrum of Balance, wards the cornerstone and oversees the portal to the palace of Ahura Mazda. He uses Balance spells at MEL36/EL18. Any spell that fails on him kills the caster. All other rules are as specified for Zehani.

NOTE - The statistics above give an idea of the potency for divine manifestations. Compare the CL to determine how much stronger or weaker to make the manifestation. In example, Kototh would be more than 2x as powerful as this Zehani.

The Cornerstone of Convocation

This is the fulcrum because the sacred altar that serves as the focus and cornerstone for the convocation is located in Balance's tower. If anyone destroys or defiles that artifact, the convocation ends. Everything stemming from the divine disappears. A new Armageddon begins almost at once. (There would not be many humans that would survive that conflagration.)

The Throne Of Omael

The fertile field north of this area is the Throne of Omael. It bustles with life and is warded by animal nature balance creatures.

Somewhere in this zone, its location changes daily, is a shimmering pond with a small shrine. This is the focus of Omael. Touching it is said to insure perfect fertility for a lifetime and grant power. Defiling it destroys the shield the life in this area grows behind. The desert would claim it, the guardians would disappear and most life would die.

The Grant

Legend has it that the shrine grants one wish when touched by a selfless soul. The basis of what this means is that any request is possible if someone finds the focus and touches the shrine.

The legend also states that the unworthy touch at great risk. This meaning is also simple. If the person asks too much or is selfish, Omael curses him. The nature of the curse, and how to cure it, is up to the referee. It can be anything. (Omael does not take life when it is avoidable.)

Jagnul the Damned, Jard MageAGE120SEXMale
MDV24MEL17  EnL65HC25%
Mana Lvl15Casting227Mana Regen8

Jagnul found the shrine ninety years ago. On touching it he demanded to be the most perfect of Jard men. The shrine chose to curse him for this, in its way.

His wish was granted, beginning with an immediate increase in appearance. It also added a many-faceted curse. First, Jagnul has an incurable stutter. He must roll Will divided by the number of phases required to cast a spell successfully. On a partial success, his effort is abysmal. If he rolls failure, he loses his memory for 2D6 days.

The second facet compels daily travel in a random direction. He must continue in the direction determined for the entire day without variance for any reason. If that leads him to impassable terrain, he must find a way to pass or wait there until a new day allows him to move in a different direction.

The final facet demands kindness toward animals and generosity to women. He must do whatever he can to help animals on his travels. Should a woman ask him for something, he must give her whatever she wants.

While the curse is in affect, he cannot eat meat. The thought of doing so makes him bilious. Being offered it by someone will enrage him. He may do as he wishes with the murderer who makes the loathsome offer.

The means to break the curse is simple. Without coercion of any kind, he must ask a man native to Jard to beg for permanent transmutation into a beautiful woman. If the man does, and the spell succeeds, the curse is broken. When that happens, Jagnul becomes the perfect man he asked to be and may do what he wishes (the first thing he will do is fight the age that hits when the curse dies).

NOTE - While cursed Jagnul remains thirty. When the curse is broken, he ages one year per minute until his actual age is reached. If he cured himself tomorrow, he would age from thirty to one hundred and twenty in ninety minutes.

Jagnul Perfected, Jard MageAGE120SEXMale
MDV38MEL17  EnL156HC80%
Mana Lvl30Casting410Mana Regen14

On achieving this state Jagnul will have two goals.

  1. Destroy the throne of Omael.
  2. Become Emperor of Jard.


Shadow also has a realm. It is found in the ravines and valleys that border Law and Chaos. The home site is a throne of Light and Darkness on a tall spire. Its location varies at the whim of the goddess. Any shadow creature can be found. The divine representation is Lojan Ki.

The Map

The grey spot in the center is the Balance region. The other areas, except for Shadow, are labeled. The area is 20 miles east to west and 10 miles north to south. The reddish dots in each area are the locations of the home sites.

2) The Kor

See the Kor in the Western Lands document.

3) The Pyramid of Eternity


As Vulca shook with earthquakes, and a volcano began rising under his citadel, the greatest of the Law mages knew there could be no victory. He did not accept defeat.

With rites of knowledge, the Great Mage determined that a place with the nature he required existed. Taking only his apprentice and their families, he teleported.

Sadly, the earth was shaking as he cast and he had never been there before. His spell erred; landing them thirty feet above the rocky crag of the vegetation clad hills. The mage and his apprentice were badly hurt.

Of the other nine émigrés, only the apprentice's five year old daughter survived. As fate would have it, she landed in a soft clump of vegetation, rolled well and came up without a scratch.

Neither of the savants woke for ten days. When the eyes of the apprentice finally opened, a twenty year old beauty who called him daddy was tending him. On his shocked inquiry, the girl smiled, "The pond made me bigger. It tingles." Pointing at his bandage, she added, "A little man said to do that. Is it okay?"

The next morning the mage returned to the living. Seconds later, he and his apprentice were both whole and examining the pond. It was the vocal point of the temporal interstice he sought.

With the aid of his apprentice, he raised a palace around it. Over the next five years they forged the rites needed to make the weapon they required and completed the palace. While they did, the girl hunted to keep them alive.

The mage's plan was simple. Once the focus was dedicated, as it must be, he and the apprentice would journey. Arriving in the dim past, they would kill the Chaos leaders who doomed their race.

On the seventh anniversary of their arrival, the men were ready. After casting potent rites to aid and protect the girl, they entered the room to the past they sought. They never returned.

When they do, the girl will be waiting to welcome her daddy. The rites warding the palace, and its guardians, make any other possibility unlikely.


This site is located in a hidden valley in the hill region of the Illionarga lands. The caves one must enter through are covered by vegetation. Few know they exist. Entering over the hills is possible, if dangerous. In addition, the hills are sacred to Illionarga AND the home range of a large Pantera band led by their High Elder.

The site consists of a broad palace between high jungle hills. The walls of the palace are fine alabaster. Its windows are a shifting mosaic of color, made of fine crystal and jade.

The palace has five levels, all above ground. The pool of eternity is at the center of the ground floor. Living quarters, libraries, workrooms, casting rooms and other such areas, surround it.

The other floors contain 1313 rooms, each leading to a different point in time and space. Only some are places in the Middle World. Entering a room places the person in that time and place. If he happens to be a master of time, as the mage was, finding the locus that allows his return is easy. If not, he has a new home.


Imogene, the palace wards, guardians and friends she has made over the last nine hundred years, inhabit the palace. As part of the effort to protect the girl, the mage cast a great rite that allowed life while freezing her in time. She is nearly a thousand years old and has the mind of a twelve year old. She is also a bit more than thirty and gorgeous.

The daughter's friends are:

A Pantera7
Three birds890,306,92
Slave woman from Lamash329
Illionarga warrior171
Lemasan merchant245
Jard Slaver139
Thing (?)344
Woman (?)109

NOTE - The wards protecting the girl impact any being that enters. They are effective within fifty feet of the palace. Should a person protected by them leave that sphere of influence, he returns to his normal place in time.

EXAMPLE - If the slave woman departed she would age a year a minute until she was 329 years older. She would die.

IMPORTANT - Anyone who enters the palace speaks the girl's language as long as he remains. In addition, this place is warded against Chaos. Anyone attempting a Chaos spell adds 25 to his roll. If he tries on the ground floor, he adds fifty. Chaos aligned supernatural creatures that enter draw the guardians. They will be killed.

The Guardians

Two Mushrussu guard each floor above the ground floor. The ground floor is guarded by four Mushrussu (1.5x normal size) and a Labura. The pool is the home of "the little man". He appears now and then, does as he wishes and disappears into the pool. Should those in the room intend an action that threatens HIS pool, he always appears.


Now and then people, creatures and things leave a room. What they are is up to the referee. The girl's ninth and tenth friends are examples of such beings.


Imogene, The GirlAGE32(1002)SEXFemale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

The only skills Imogene had a chance to master were being a good servant and hunting. She has no chance to do the latter any longer, though she enjoys pretending with friends. She is an adolescent child in a woman's body. The wards and guardians of the castle swaddle her completely. What she wants comes. What threatens her is dealt with expeditiously.

Some of her friends are teaching her things. She lets them play at doing so but mostly ignores what they say. Her most insistent "instructor" is Elorgis. She is bored with life but stubborn. Daddy will return. She will be here when he does.

NOTE - Two things happen if Imogene dies. Her killer will be slaughtered. The palace, and everyone in it, disappears. (It will reform on the plains of Ashur in the Upper world.)

Lodie, Slave from LamashAGE25(354)SEXFemale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Lodie escaped from a master and fled west when she was 19. After months of adventure, jungle warriors took her. She was chattel for three years. The warriors sold her to a Lemasan who brokered her to a tavern as a whore.

On her 25th birthday, she fled into the jungle. Nearly dead from the journey, she found the palace and ran inside to escape a pack of hyenas. She has no intention of ever leaving and is terrified of Imogene's "pretty doggie".

If the price of luxury is playing with the crazy woman who owns the place, so be it. She will make her think she is loved and be a princess. It is far better than slavery or the curse. If the gods are good, she will also find a way to get rid of Imogene's thrice damned hyena.

Kaushtal, Illionarga WarriorAGE49(190)SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kaushtal was 17 when he entered. After sixty years, he found an exit, looted some things and started home. Twenty minutes into the journey he began feeling his age. When he made it back into the palace he was 49. He hates the place. He spends most of his time looking into the rooms or speaking with the Pantera.

Elorgis Khalaragen, Lemasan MerchantAGE52(297)SEXMale
MDV15MEL10  EnL77HC40%
Mana Lvl10Casting87Mana Regen5

Elorgis bought a place in the east when he was 34. During his seventeen year career, his business prospered. He came to hear a legend of the eternal palace. At the age of 51 he outfitted a party and went to find immortality. He was the only member of the group who survived.

The wizard knows many of the sigils in the palace. Within HIS palace, he is immortal. He has no further interest in the rest of the world. Let Rahab claim them all. He shall never have Elorgis Khalaragen.

NOTE - His main goals are to study, master his skills and subvert Imogene and Zindierama. Once he is a mage, and they are obedient pleasure sluts, his refuge will be a palace of perfection forever.

Fasnon Talig, Jard SlaverAGE31(170)SEXMale
MDV11MEL4  EnL97HC62%
Mana Lvl9Casting30Mana Regen3

A slave revolt placed Fasnon here. He was thrown inside bound hand and foot. When he spoke a spell to free himself, power hammered his head. He lost four days. Speaking another cost him nine more. This time he woke with his head on Imogene's lap.

He attempted to have his way with the creature and saw she had no idea what he wanted. He tried to persuade her to show him to the door. She refused. In her words, he was to be her "pretty new friend."

After many failed efforts to find egress, and many more lost days, he accepted fate. He enjoys the palace, drinks heavily and is Imogene's pretty friend. When he is encountered there is a 60% chance he is drunk.

C30(+1)  PR3HC20%
SSInter. HerbivoreSIZE1


The "thing" is a dog-faced creature with the basic physiology of a mountain goat. Its wool is shimmering silver and its horns look like fine chrome. He is two feet at the shoulder and two and a half feet long.


Any being who attacks the animal rolls to be affected by MEL3/EL1 Abandon. If he is, he wanders off and forgets his hostility. He will never be able to attack it again for any reason. The thing can, and will, eat anything except hard metal and meat.

Zindierama, Woman (?)AGE16(125)SEXFemale
MDV23MEL10  EnL90HC32%
Mana Lvl18Casting163Mana Regen6


Zin has white hair. Her skin is deep mauve with light blue stripes. Everything about her exudes sensuality. That fact is both her nature and career.


The magic Zindierama wields is equivalent to an Elder Tariti priestess and a Sidh/Neutral wizard. As a wizard, she only casts certain spells. Her philosophy and nature calls slaying another the most heinous fatal sin. No "Soul Healer", as she names herself, would damage another being's flesh. It would be better to die.

NOTE - Her goal is to find her door and go home. Dying is better than a useless life in a strange palace. While she searches, she does what she can for Imogene and puts up with Elorgis. Though his demands increase each time he finds her, it is better than allowing him to be harmed.

Her Spells

NeutralCharisma, Delude Sight, Wisdom, Creation and Life.
SidhFascination, Healing, Speed, Tracking, Dodge/Weave, Invisibility, Luck, Sensory Powers and Regeneration.
GeneralShe may use any of these. She will never use any that may cause harm and cannot use one that requires skill as an armorer or jeweler.

The Palace

As stated previously, the palace is a magic edifice of immense size. Its halls are warded mazes. Viewed from the top, the main corridors of each floor form a different magic sigil that helps maintain the site.

Each floor from 2 through 5 has 1313 rooms. The ground floor has 169 rooms plus the central altar room containing the pool. The edifice is a half mile long by a quarter mile wide. Given the wards and maze, getting lost is likely.

All occupants of the palace, especially Imogene, are provided for by the wards and, to some extent, the prime guardian (the Labura). Any non-animate item they require, in the way of food and amenities, is available. Thinking of having it makes it so, if it is something the powers allow.

NOTE - Food appears near the person. Other items appear in that person's room 1D6 hours after his wish. Nothing animate, aligned or magic is provided. No items that can be enchanted or enhanced are provided to residents capable of doing so. Finally, no direction finding device (compass, etc) or survival gear is provided.

The Labura

As is the nature of his god and his ilk, the Labura guardian enjoys jests and pranks. Their nature varies with that of the individual. Those aimed at Imogene tend to be cute and harmless. The pranks experienced by Elorgis and Fasnon are not as kind.

The Labura GuardianLabbiel
* The () OCV applies against Kotothi enemies.


The Labura is not armed. He is always smiling or laughing. His normal height is eight feet. He can vary it anywhere from four to twelve feet (doing so does not change his stats). He can also alter anything he wishes about his appearance.

EXAMPLE - Thirty years ago Elorgis encountered a nude beauty in the halls. He convinced her to join him in his room. As the seduction reached its peak, the girl became the Labura and yawned, "I'm bored. Be imaginative next time," as he disappeared. Laughter resounded in the halls as Elorgis vomited pink chunks and screamed in rage.


This Ahura is a Prince of Labbiel's court. He is dedicated to opposing the Kotothi. Given his restrictive duty, a worshipper of theirs, Elorgis, is close enough. He uses Law magic at MEL16/EL8. He also has EL15 in Hand-to-Hand and EL8 Immunity to Kotothi cast Elder magic.

Destroying the Place

Three things are required to defile the palace. First, Imogene must be killed. Second, the little man must die. Third, the pool must be tainted with no less than a hundred pounds of salt and nitre dedicated to a Chaos god.

All three of these things must be done in the order specified during the same 24 hour period. If they are not, the palace undoes all AND the guardians hunt the perpetrator.

If the defiling is accomplished, the pool dries up and the walls of the palace begin to tremble. Over the course of the next hour, the top four floors disappear and the rest of the edifice falls. Anyone still inside when that happens is dead.

The Little ManAshur, Yavishta
C100(+4)MEL PR15HC60%


The man is a beardless dwarf dressed in silk garments. His eyes have the glow of flame. If he comes to defend the pool, he is dressed in plate mail and carries a heavy sword (+4WSB). His EL is 6. He tends to be garrulous and is friendly when Imogene is present. He only fights or uses magic when he or the pool are in danger.


The little man is a minor manifestation of Yavishta. He is dedicated to preserving the pool for Ashur. When he uses magic, he is MEL12/EL6 with any spells you feel he can cast.

YavishtaContact Level - 4
The Divine Blacksmith, artisan of the gods, Lord of Terrestrial Fire, teacher of the mechanical arts, Lord of Pleasure, Armorer of the Gods.

NOTE - Anyone who slays the little man faces vengeance. He has a 20% chance, per week, of encountering a Vereghina sent to take him to Ashur. Should someone kill the Labura, he attracts Labbiel's attention. The affect that can have has no limit.

Balance, and a number of evil deities, would love to see the power of this place shattered. The potential gain from accomplishing that feat is high.

4) Gaitora - the Sleeping City


More than a millennia ago the savants divined a revelation. After a plebiscite of the eight thousand citizens, they sent strong warriors into the desert. After more than eight years, thirteen of the hundred sent returned. With them were thousands of bones.

This fit the revelation. For the next eight years the savants worked to fit the bones together. When they finished, an immense skeleton with seven heads filled the central square. They began an eldritch rite to resurrect the being.

As its thirteenth word was uttered, a gentle light filled the city. Laughter and ribald music was heard. Everyone in Gaitora giggled and, twitching with laughter, fell asleep.

NOTE - The skeleton the savants wanted to resurrect, to gain the infinite wealth promised, is Varancha, a Kotothi god. He was killed by Labbiel in Armageddon.


The sleeping city is buried by centuries of rock and sand. The hidden mouth into a cavern system that leads to its walls is located where the Isai Desert meets Death's Home. Labbiel wards the entrance and caverns. Only the wise and powerful have any chance of passing safely.

When you decide on what powers to place as wards, consider the attributes of Labbiel. As possible, the magic he uses to destroy an enemy has a humorous component.

LabbielContact Level - 6
Healer of the Land, regent of the sun, overseer of the evening winds, God of Prayer, Lord of Love and Joy, Master of the Healing Arts, Lord of Science, Prince of Knowledge, bane of Kototh in the heavens, the Scoffing and Jesting Lord, reviler of evil, Patron of Laughter.

In addition to these powers, the caverns have a permanent resident (and his dog). He considers the place to be his and deals with invaders harshly. Should he be overpowered, and reasoned with, he knows a safe route to Gaitora.

Bel, Cavern HermitAGE47SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA
* Bel suffered a wound in battle. If it is healed, increase his A to 18 and earn gratitude. Regeneration or regrowth is required to heal the damage.

NOTE - Bel hates people. To gain assistance he must be overpowered OR his dog must be in danger. If he is overpowered, he will escape unless controlled or the party heals him. If the dog is threatened, he will do what he must. Once it is safe, he hunts the members of the party. He is EL9 with his club and is from Kor.

The dog is a 1.6x normal size war dog (dog III). It is nine years old, obeys only Bel and can respond to eight commands. As a team, dog and master are formidable.


At any given time, one percent of the population is sleep walking. While so engaged, they perform pranks, commit humiliating acts and paint garish art on the walls of the cities' buildings.

All citizens are dressed in flimsy rags and whatever durable goods they wore when Labbiel struck. None has changed the garments he or she wore. The spell prevents bodies from aging or needing sustenance. It does not affect the way time affects goods.

People entering Gaitora see garish art and ludicrous jests on every wall and many streets. To most it will seem a psychotic landscape. Citizens that encounter the party turn their attention to them. The party becomes the butt of every joke played in the city until they leave or break Labbiel's curse.

NOTE - Should anyone kill a citizen of Gaitora, he takes that person's place. He will fall asleep were he stands. No power can wake him while the curse is in affect.

Breaking The Curse

There are two ways to break the curse. The first is to disassemble the skeleton and hide the bones. When that is done, the citizens wake, unaware that any time has passed. They will not be amused with the condition they and their city are in.

The other method is to complete the rite and resurrect Varancha. Two things happen if that succeeds. The party earns the enmity of Labbiel. They also gain every citizen in Gaitora as slaves.

While they receive no gratitude from Varancha, they earn Kototh's favor. As the first sign of that, the wards of Labbiel are shattered and the city rises out of the sand to the surface of the desert. Should they want more, they may ask. Kototh enjoys a good haggling session.

NOTE - The slavery of the citizens is total. They view every member as divine. They will do anything one asks, without limit. To maintain that hold, the members must be present to accept worship. If they do not remain, the people go on with their lives, hoping the gods' return. The savants arrange their death if they do.

The People

The people of Gaitora are vibrant, aggressive and fatalistic. All accept the superiority of the divine and revel in their place under its heel.

Any force or person they see as divine is worshipped. Others are untermensch born to accept their place behind the children of Gaitora, who are the prime slaves of the divine. Other men are theirs to show the light and command.

Gaitorans are handsome, relatively intelligent and large. The average man is more than six feet in height. Most women are at least five and a half feet tall. Most have pale reddish skin and dark red hair.


Xijap, High SavantAGE59SEXMale
MDV18MEL14  EnL96HC29%
Mana Lvl11Casting138Mana Regen10

Xijap is an Urigallu priest, trained wizard (Kotothi oriented elder spells) and megalomaniac. His wants true divinity. He will do what it takes to get it. As the ranking divine presence, he is the consort of the High Dancer. He loses that position when a party wakes the city. They will have a higher rank. Whatever they say or do, he will be their enemy.

Dalira, High Dancer, QueenAGE27SEXFemale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

The myths say the first gift was lifting humanity from the mud that is their nature, forming them in the divine image and granting movement. They honor this truth by accepting the most perfect female dancer as Queen and Whore of the Divine. She holds her rank while fertile. At menopause, she is sacrificed to Kotarl and all the dancers in the city compete for the throne.

Dalira won her rank two years before sleep came. She is a marvelous dancer who revels in being consort and sex slave to the ranking divine presence. As he is closest to the divine, and speaks for them, it is his place to use her in their name. He may do so in any way he wishes.

5) Club Daoma (Pasqul)


Duke Wilorian Daoma ruled seven hundred and thirteen years ago. He was a historian, cosmologist and vintner. He was also a man born to the magical arts (natural magician) who reveled in the pursuit of power. His studies allowed him to uncover a legend. For eighteen years he searched, squandering nearly all of his wealth.

On his 66th birthday his stubborn resolve was rewarded. His diggers uncovered a door marked with the sigil he sought. He killed all ten on the spot. Only he could know where the entrance was.

That night, spade in hand, he opened the door and started down the narrow shaft. On his seventh step the door sealed behind him. He lit a lantern and continued forward. More than once he thought he saw red eyes. He persevered.

After hours, his path stopped at a narrow ledge. Below was a stalagmite covered plain with rivers of fire. In the center was a black manor house. It was what the legend spoke of. Exhausted, he laid out his bedroll and slept. He was in no shape to make the climb down without rest.

Wilorian woke seated in an obsidian chair at a long, alabaster table. On the other end sat a pale man in black robes. The man asked, "Will you please or feed?"

MolochContact Level - 4
Lord of the Incubi, Master of Damnation, quester in darkness, Patron of Perverse Evils, God of Human Sacrifice, Defiler of Infants, Lord of Black Knowledge.

The fragments of what he uncovered about the legend whirled in Daoma's mind. Many fled his grasp in doing so. Seeing the man start to rise, he stuttered, "I seek to learn, serve and prosper."

The man relaxed back in his chair, smiling, "You are prepared to name me?"

Wilorian beamed. His research showed who this man must be. The manor was his construction. He stated, "You are the archmage Ilvasian Tolarigo."

The man sneered, "The name worn by an insolent pup who compels a fraction of my being to reside here is not one I ever wear. You are food."

Daoma paled as the man levitated into the air, fangs bare, and floated toward him. He considered using magic to defend himself. He chose otherwise. If he succeeded, his spell would destroy the worth of the legend. On failure the creature would torment him mercilessly for his effrontery.

He threw himself prostrate in the dust and pleaded. The man chuckled, "Life you shall have," and, as he locked his fangs on Wilorian's throat, granted his wish.

Wilorian returned from the shaft thirty years younger and paler than a sheet. With power granted by the man, he built a copy of the manor to conceal the shaft. Using a rite that man taught, he made this place similar to that which it copied, sacrificing three infants to power the effort. With the man's other gift, because he had no choice, he raped their mothers and consumed them.

As the final chant ended, the man appeared. He smiled, "You have earned your place. Kneel to your master." Wilorian fell to his knees. The man purred, "Remember what must be and all is yours. Fail and I revel." Daoma noted, "I never fail, Lord Moloch." Thus Club Daoma was founded.


The club is in rocky hills south of Jasnira. It fills a narrow pass that was rarely used before the edifice was built. The west wall butts against the hillside. Clearance exists between the east wall and the other side. Men can pass there walking single file. Draft animals larger than a donkey and wagons cannot.

The outside of the six story club is weathered black stone. Here and there its black windows are cracked or shattered. Dark ivy grows in many places, obscuring most of the windows on the first and second floor.

Inside the walls are luxuries beyond description. Most amenities man has ever dreamed of having are here. The above ground floors contain massive suites, feast halls, libraries, a gigantic kitchen and a plethora of rooms. On the west wall of the greatest library is a lever that opens a secret passage. The shaft there leads to the manor below. Full members hold their monthly meetings there.


The Club has two classes of members. Full members (16) are servants of Moloch driven by a lust for power, wealth and worldly goods. There is nothing they will not do to gain these things. Each strives for himself and yearns to earn inner circle status.

The inner circle (5) rules the club. They are men who have become incubi or been possessed by them. The Grand Master is Wilorian. He was possessed by the manifestation of Moloch two hundred years ago. He is perverse, powerful and deadly. The total number of inner circle members is 22. When they are not on a mission they live at the club.

The common members of the club are members of the elite from NW Pasqul and northern Zandilor. They have no idea about the nature of the organization. What they know is their dues buy them access to the best food, wine, women and amenities to be had.

Some also revel in the fact that they can do whatever they wish. If someone's joy goes too far, there is never a problem. He pays a service fee and the evidence of his error disappears. There are 115 common members. Each pays 50 gold per year and 10 gold per week when he visits.

The club has a large staff. Forty trained soldiers led by a former Colonel from Pasqon form the guard staff. That officer is aware of the full members' nature. As long as he gets his perks and a hundred gold a year, he doesn't care. His force guards the manor and controls the slaves.

The serving staff consists of 150 individuals. They are cooks, various types of servants, artisans and others whose gifts insure perfect service. All are paid twice as much as they can make elsewhere. This is needed since, now and then, one of them disappears in the night.

The final component of the staff is made up of slaves. There are 420 slaves (300 female, 80 male and 40 children). All are trained for pleasure and conditioned to accept perversity. Some have other skills of value as well. None are older than 35. In general, 1D6+6 disappear or die every month. Bringing in useful flesh is a duty full members perform.

NOTE - The slaves are housed and trained on the sixth floor. They are only allowed garments when they are serving. Then, of course, the members select any clothing they have.

Flesh Gathering

Full members travel in teams of three, generally hiring mercenaries to support them (2D10 members). They raid isolated villages, farms and other locales. They never raid a settlement within 200 miles of the club.

In order of priority, the gatherers seek newborns, beautiful women, young girls and young boys. Infants go to the manor below immediately. The rest go to the slave floor to begin training.

NOTE - Wilorian consumes the infants. He and the inner circle members NEVER leave the club. Common members know the club pays for any viable prospect they deliver, no questions asked. This fact has eased the load on the full members, especially where beautiful women are concerned.


Wilorian Daoma, Once Duke, IncubiAGE745SEXMale
MDV29MEL22  EnL42HC24%
Mana Lvl18Casting300Mana Regen5

Daoma is a natural magician possessed by Moloch. He can cast any chaos or Kotothi oriented Elder spell at 1/2 the normal casting cost (RD). If the result is zero, it costs him nothing. The spell happens with a wave of his hand.

The Grand Master can take incubic form. When he does, he is seven feet tall and has an NAV of 4. He always takes this form when consummating a seduction. Wilorian is required to seduce one woman a month and eat one infant a month. If he fails to do either, Moloch consumes his soul.

As far as the Grand Master is concerned, every person in his club is property. They exist to tend him and obey his will. When they fail to do so, they learn why Moloch is called a god of perverse evil.

Lorien Paskin, Pasqon ColonelAGE46SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Lorien was cashiered from Pasqon service, despite being the second cousin of the Senator. His cousin could not tolerate the corruption Lorien allowed or the vile practices he engaged in. With the King's support, Lorien was banished from the nation for life seven years ago.

After six months he came to the attention of a common member. Six months later, money in hand, he was at the club seeking membership. After an altercation with the former guard commander, he got a new job instead.

The Colonel is a sadistic man. He is driven by greed. He also revels in a perversity toward women that he can practice here whenever he chooses. While he is paid, and can have his jollies, he lets nothing interfere with the safety of the club. What the things do below means nothing as long as he gets what he wants.

Saolip Daoma, Senator of JasniraAGE22SEXMale
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA

When Wilorian "died" his people rose up, driving the Daoma line from the throne. On the invasion by Pasqul, Wilorian's heir led a force of "loyalists" in support of the invaders. On victory he received the ducal throne and rank as a Senator in exchange for his service. He put both at the feet of his ancestor, and owner.

Since that day Wilorian has owned the Senators of Jasnira. Every male in the line comes to the club when he reaches puberty. Those who accept training, and their master, do not have fatal accidents.

Saolip has been Senator for ten months and the willing slave of Wilorian since he was fourteen. He hopes to earn a place as Wilorian's immortal slave. He rarely attends the senate. His duty to Wilorian is more important than trivia.

Marianne Daoma, DuchessAGE24SEXFemale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Marianne is the only child of an Armani scholar. She met the Duke five years ago when her father was visiting to research native plants (he is a botanist). The night after the meeting, she had a dream. She felt herself outside a black building and walked inside.

When she woke, she was battered and in love with Saolip. Before the week ended, she was his wife and her father had an escort out of the district. Nine months later she bore a son.

Wilorian's seduction compels Marianne to adore Saolip. It also makes her remember nothing when others visit. In five years as Duchess, she has given birth to a son and three daughters. None belong to Saolip. The son is Wilorian's. In the last few years, Saolip has watched as she was used. He has little interest in taking her himself.

Diem Sace, Full MemberAGE38SEXMale
MDV21MEL5  EnL64HC12%
Mana Lvl18Casting80Mana Regen6

Diem is an escaped felon from Tolneg. When he joined nine years ago he could barely afford the price. It was allowed because Moloch, through Wilorian, ordered it. Six years ago he was initiated as a full member. Since that time he has been the club's best gatherer.

This man's goal is to gain immortality, health and power. He has no concern about the cost. If thousands must die, he will happily arrange their demise. While he waits, he does his job and revels in humiliating women (his favorite diversion).

NOTE - Moloch allowed Diem to enter for one reason. He can be made into a serviceable replacement for Wilorian when his mount fails (when not if). The animal is also likely to plead to be ridden. If he does, the containment ward cracks. Moloch will be able to leave the club riding Diem. That would make losing Wilorian palatable.

Moloch Diem Sace, Grand MasterAGE38+SEXMale
MDV37MEL15  EnL140HC30%
Mana Lvl29Casting370Mana Regen13

He will cast magic at 1/2 cost (RD). If the result is zero, he does it at no cost.

6) Gartun's Children (Ili'horasca)


Seventeen years ago Mogas returned to the tribe. At his side was a host of warriors and a strange robed man. In a matter of months he ruled Ili'horasca and the only true god was Gartun.

With his ascension, the robed man disappeared into the wood with ten of the most deadly warriors. All know he will return, an event to be feared, if Mogas is threatened. Now and then people disappear. The losses are blamed on the robed man. The fact that he has been seen in the jungle on rare occasions makes this fact.


The children have a hidden temple near the border with areas 7 and 8. The central altar is an ancient carving located inside a damp cave. It is a representation of the god Gartun.

This cave is reached by using a long downward shaft with a number of side alcoves and tunnels. The approach is guarded and festooned with traps, some of which are magic. Next to the great cave are two side caves. The one to the left is used for storage and treasure. The other is the Mage's gallery.


The ruler of this cult is a Kotothi Mage. Their races call him the Overlord of the Jungle. His task is to coordinate the powers of Gartun and Nebeth and cleanse the jungle of non-Kotothi taint.

Ten foreign mercenaries and thirteen Ili'horasca warriors support him. He also calls Kotothi beings from the jungle when they are needed.

All of the warriors serving the Mage use poison bearing weapons and/or poison darts. Their goal is to capture opponents and bring them to the cave. Once this is done, the Mage decides how the captives will be used.

The majority of the victims are given to Kotothi or eaten alive (members of this cult are cannibals). Those who have utility, as workers, entertainment, etc, are slaves. Enemies who are impressive, deadly or otherwise notable are added to gallery. By far, the luckiest victims are those who are eaten alive.

At the current time there are sixteen slaves. Ten are women used for cooking and sex. Three are men used as workers. Three are children. The cult members treat all slaves with unspeakable cruelty. Any who are caught escaping are sacrificed to Gartun in a long and painful ritual that all other slaves must watch.

NOTE - The Mage has received two commands. First, he must hone a successor for Mogas and place him on the throne of Ili'horasca. Second, he must break the Illionarga, kill their sacred tree and slay all Pantera in the jungle. He is working to achieve the first goal. When he has, and his strength increases, he will begin the second.

The Gallery

The gallery consists of a collection of notable enemies or beautiful "art pieces". All are posed by Black Robe with his magic then held by Marjac until they are paralyzed.

The resulting exhibits are permanently paralyzed. While in this state they feel anything that happens to them or is done to them and can do nothing.

Black Robe enjoys tormenting and humiliating his gallery on a regular basis. Those he truly detests are healed now and then to keep them alive. They live out their lives as tormented statues. The others generally die with D100 months after being affected.

NOTE - With the aid of the gods, Black Robe created potions that allow him to feed and water his gallery without releasing them from paralysis. He has Lanira perform this task and clean the exhibits on a daily basis. None of the animals in his collection can starve to death.


Black Robe, Kotothi MageAGE41SEXMale
MDV24MEL18  EnL87HC52%
Mana Lvl15Casting226Mana Regen6
* He has Nebeth's blessing and has worked to increase his resistance to all poisons. He is immune to any non-magical poison with BL5 or less.

The Mage's name is unknown. The jungle knows him as Black Robe. The man is a native of Lemasa who came east twenty four years ago. His quest for power brought him to the vile lands. After training and adventure, he received his task and went to subvert Mogas. He succeeded.

Black Robe cares about two things. They are power and satisfying his gods, which results in safety and more power. He has no interest in humans. In fact, he barely considers himself to be one.

His personal room is outfitted as befits a Daoine Sidhe prince. In all but body, that is who he believes he is. When he achieves his goals, he will be Daoine Sidhe in body. He has Gartun and Nebeth's vow that it will be so.

Marjac, Heir to MogasAGE20SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Eighteen years ago Black Robe cast a potent rite at the cost of five lives. It showed an infant Iluvenda bouncing in the arms of his mother as she ran from slavers. He went to the scene, took the child and left the paralyzed mother for the slavers.

Since that time he has raised Marjac as the son of Gartun. More than a few magic rites and challenges have honed the tie and the boy's might. He is nearly ready to slaughter Mogas and take the tribe.

Though he knows he is divine and infallible, Marjac fears Black Robe. He expects worship from all people and gives obeisance to his "father". When he is certain of his control of the tribe, that may change (if a cunning way to make it so comes to him).

NOTE - Marjac is immune to poison and has controllable battle fury when facing a Sidh enemy or a person who humiliates him. When he chooses, his touch is MEL6/EL6 Paralysis or Negate Paralysis. Anyone affected remains paralyzed until Marjac releases him.

Jas, Jard MercenaryAGE35SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jas was an outrider for the army that traveled to the Caldera. He got lost in the desert on the rout home. After a year of wandering, he found the vile lands and was sent to Black Robe. It wasn't long before he stood as Captain of the Mage's mercenaries.

Jas is an amoral hedonist whose only religion is the church of Jas' desire. At the moment, his biggest desire is to make sure the Mage has no cause to harm him. After that comes lust for women, greed and a host of other interests, including a fascination for torture.

His plan is to ride Black Robe until he is wealthy then, given the opportunity, make his way home to Jadora. He will live out his life as a wealthy hedonist. If his opportunity to escape is truly prime, he will have Lanira on his rack as he revels in his mansion.

Lanira, Ensorcelled Elf WomanAGE26(267)SEXFemale
MDV17MEL11  EnL44HC25%
Mana Lvl11Casting115Mana Regen3

Lanira is Black Robe's whore and servant. He abuses her often. She detests him, and all around him, but can do nothing. While affected, his word is her law and she cannot cast magic. Should the curse controlling her be broken, her I, W, E and casting ability double. Her first action will be to slay Black Robe in that case.

Breaking The Curse

The curse is broken if she bathes in jasmine scented water before being led on a leash around her home (the manor) and being stabbed with a copper dagger at the rising of the sun.

7) The Cage


A special child was born in the gutters of Oltiera three hundred and thirteen years ago. Priests of Ahriman saw omens of the coming. None showed the place well enough to allow action until she was born.

When her existence was fact, the temple guard descended on the gutters of Oltiera. Every newborn girl was chained and carried to the temple. All died on the altar of Moloch. During the riot this action caused, one woman left her home in the sewer and fled the city. She carried an infant girl in her arms.

The mother was harried east by daivas and soldiers in service to the Sangu Mah of Oltiera. During a five month flight she barely managed to survive the peril. As she reached the edge of the Isai desert, the last of her strength left her. She died with her six month old daughter at her breast.

That morning Balgan the Reaver came upon the woman's camp at the head of his bandits. As he neared, the child stood and met his gaze. As one of his men grinned, "The baby will sell well," he dismounted and walked over sword in hand. The girl did not waver.

When his man added a disgusting comment to the one he spoke before, Balgan took his head and placed the girl in his saddle. The gaze he gave the rest of the bandits made her fate clear. She was the child of Balgan the Reaver. Death waited for any who offered her harm.

Balgan named the girl Shelam. He raised as both son and daughter for the next fourteen years. On the day of the fifteenth anniversary of her discovery, three lieutenants entered her tent. After letting her know Balgan was dead, they took turns raping her. She was left nude in chains on the desert sand as they broke camp and departed.

Cold rage burned in Shelam as she woke to discover her situation. She did not consider her current condition. All that concerned her was justice. The murders of Balgan, and her rapists, must be punished. Whatever the cost, she would see to it.

As she made this vow Shelam saw a sliver of metal in the sand. She picked the locks of her shackles and began following the criminals. After a week the sun was pealing skin from her back. She turned east to the mountains. Vengeance must stand second to survival.

When her dangerous journey across the desert brought her to the mountains, Shelam discovered a new problem. Blood did not come to her as normal. She was pregnant. Though she most have vengeance on the sires, she had no hate for the miracle she carried. It would be her joy.

A month later Shelam stumbled over a rock in the high mountains. As she caught herself, she saw a narrow aperture behind a boulder. It would make the perfect home for her. She slipped inside and began to explore.

Days later she reached an immense cavern. She was starving and badly in need of water. With a desperate sigh, she found a cave deep inside and laid down. Her breath rattled with death as her consciousness fled.

Shelam found herself wrapped in a warm cloak when she woke. Looking, she saw a tall man standing at the mouth of the cave. He soothed, "The earth has succored you, holy mother. I do what I may to help it be so."

In the weeks that followed Shelam learned that the man was a priest from a far land called Zandilor. He traveled west in search for the truth of a great omen. In his mind, she was that truth.

Though she could not believe him, he was a nice man and she desperately needed aid. As she neared her time, they became close friends. It was then that he asked his favor. He wished her to allow him to cast a great rite as she gave birth to her child. In doing so, her truth would be revealed. She would be as she must be.

Shelam could not see how prayers could harm her. She also worried that her refusal would cost her the only friend she had. With voice cracking, she acceded to his wishes. As her water broke, he placed her on an altar of earth and began his chant.

As the words ripped through her, Shelam saw a voluptuous woman standing with her. Their eyes met and locked together. As an infant of living mud suckled the woman's bare breast, she smiled, "I bore you to be my true daughter. Is it to be so?"

Shelam sighed. She felt a warm kinship with the strange matron. As her child left her body, she asked to know who she was. The lady replied, "You must know that without asking, child."

When her son's yearning lips touched her nipple, Shelam became one with the dream and the chant. Stroking the bloody infant, she smiled, "We are Gaea." The woman answered, "And shall ever be, my daughter."

GaeaContact Level - 7
The ancient earth, Mistress of Prosperity, Consort of Goibniu, Patroness of Just Vengeance, the essence of fertility, Goddess of Wealth, Mistress of Life, Nemesis of Tiamat.

NOTE - The brothers of the cage worship the immortal avatar Shelam. They protect the earth and give of just vengeance to those who defile life, fertility and the sacred lands.


This site is located in the mountain range east of the Isai Desert. High on a tall mountain is the entrance to a narrow shaft. By following that dangerous route down the interior of the mountain, a large cavern is reached.

The site is deep in the recesses of that cavern. It is made up of eighteen small caves, a central grotto and a cave that has been elegantly converted into a fashionable boudoir. Of all the rooms, it alone has a door. That portal is covered with gold, jewels and is also magically warded.

Organization and Operation

A triad rules the cult. They are Shelam, as immortal Avatar and High Priestess, the heir of the priest who befriended her and the heir of the son she bore when she received Gaea's blessing.

Shelam leads a coven of priestesses who serve in the cavern. The Priest's heir is in charge of those who secure the cavern, see to the needs of the priestesses and perform the needed acts on those who are brought for justice.

Her son's heir commands the force of avengers who serve the cult. It is their duty to go forth, when Shelam orders it to be so, and deal with those who savage that which must be kept pure and sacred. When possible, the felon is brought to the cavern for just vengeance. If that cannot be, he is killed where he is found.

The cult has 13 priestesses, including Shelam, and 39 female acolytes. The guardians of the cage number sixty men. Eight are priests, scholars and/or magicians. Three are dwarves. Their families reside on the mountain and number two hundred and fifty. The total population of the mountain people who adhere to the precepts of Shelam is 1100. Only priestesses, guardians and avengers know how to safely reach the cavern.

There are forty members of the avenger force. Twenty are descended from children of Shelam and between the ages of 16 and 40. The other twenty are warriors from dwarf cities in the mountains. They honor Shelam and serve for the sake of their god Goibniu, the consort of Gaea.

Those who serve well are allowed to honor the earth. Those who do so over a twenty year career are allowed to become guardians and wed if they wish. Those who do not earn this honor accept that it is their place to become one with the earth. They are sacrificed to Gaea.

The Cage

Eleven of the small caves and the main cavern are used for the needs of the cult. The other small caves are cages. They are used to imprison and punish defilers. Each is designed to inflict a different punishment on the damned. All suffer until they see the truth of their sin or die.

When they see truth, Shelam decides their fate. If she feels there is worth to be had, they are allowed to serve and undo the damage they caused. Otherwise, they are given to the earth. Her instinct in judging such cases has yet to err. She is the earth. The earth knows the truth of her children.

NOTE - Shelam is a fully blossomed Avatar of the goddess Gaea. As such, she is the earth. She also has extreme fertility, a talent for insuring prosperity and an ability to garner wealth, among other things. If there is something of the earth that her people need, she can tell them where it can be found. That applies to any earth, metal or stone that she wishes them to have.

In her name, all members of the cult honor the earth children (dwarves and gnomes). She has a fondness for these beings and is treated as a sacred being by them.

To dwarves, Gaea is the fount of life and source of prosperity. They worship Gaea, in Goibniu's name, as the sacred mother. This being so, they also revere her avatar.


Shelam, Avatar of GaeaAGE313SEXFemale
MDV35MEL21  EnL184*HC102%
Mana Lvl24Casting463Mana Regen13*
*Shelam rarely sleeps (unless badly damaged or stressed, she needs to sleep for one eight hour period once a week). When she does, she rests on purified loam. On waking, any losses to EnL, Mana and HPV are fully recovered. Her nature as an avatar grants effective immortality. She appears to be 32 years old. She has since she reached that age.


Shelam is the cult's High Priestess. She has the powers and knowledge associated with an Urigallu, Baru, Ashipu and Tariti priestess. She is EL10 with any spells or rites they cast. Her consort, a dwarf she met 168 years ago, is the King of a dwarf city some 300 miles north of the cage. He visits when she calls or he wishes.

The Avatar is also strongly tied to the Earth. She has Fanatical Power for summoning Earth elementals and using Earth Powers. Her levels with these skills are MEL21/EL9. If she summons an intelligent earth elemental it arrives in 1D2* phases.

Shelam's primary duty to her mother and the cult is to protect the lands from defilers. She seeks those who harm what is sacred. When she finds true felons, the avengers are alerted. A party is sent to take the enemy in hand or kill him if he cannot be taken. Her tie to the earth and ability as a Baru make this task more than possible. (When the earth suffers, she feels pain. As a Baru, she can divine what is causing it.)

NOTE - Shelam is affected by damage as specified for an earth elemental. Any power of the earth used against her fails automatically. Air oriented powers do normal damage. Fire and metal weapons do 1/2 damage (RD). Water oriented powers score double damage on success.

Knar e'Shelam, Lord of the AvengersAGE36SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Knar is the grandson of Shelam. His father and grandfather were both dwarves. He reflects this in his nature and PR. He is a taciturn stoic who loves a good story, a rich mine and honorable battle. He has served well in the avengers. Shelam will soon allow him to become a guardian (she has selected the 18 year old acolyte he will fall in love with and marry).

Triisiam Dilten, Lord of the GuardiansAGE69SEXMale
MDV21MEL14  EnL63HC24%
Mana Lvl14Casting159Mana Regen5

Like his fathers before him Triisiam is dedicated to the worship of Gaea and passionately in love with her avatar. There is nothing he will not do to insure the safety pf the cage AND her happiness within it. He has mementos of the three times he was allowed to honor the earth. He prays to them nightly.

In addition to being Urigallu and Ashipu, Triisiam is competent in more than one field (Cosmology, Metallurgy, History and Art). He uses his knowledge to benefit the avatar and her people. He does not have a selfish bone in his body, whatever his obsession with Shelam.

Gada Jelaram, Priestess of GaeaAGE33SEXFemale
MDV18MEL9  EnL88HC38%
Mana Lvl13Casting115Mana Regen5

Seventeen years ago the avengers sought a felon from Jadora. With him at the time of his capture was a drugged whore. They brought her also. Shelam's touch cured her of the taint. Three months later, after the felon was given to the earth, Shelam offered the girl a place as an acolyte. When it was accepted, she gave the girl her name and sent her to be trained.

Gada is fanatical. She believes it is the sacred duty of Shelam's children to eradicate Jard, returning the lands they hold to the rightful goddess, Gaea. She works to press for such a campaign and does what she can to harm them.

NOTE - Thirteen years ago she accepted Shelam's advice and married a widower, Albin Jelaram. He is a 79 year old elementalist from Esqula who serves as librarian. He is potent with Air and Water. Her somewhat vociferous nature prompts him to call her "my little gadfly". They have a son and two daughters.

Slaying Shelam

The Avatar draws strength from the earth. She recovers from any damage, even if it is fatal, if she is in contact with it. To kill her permanently, fill her mouth with salt, bury her body in seawater and keep her out of contact with the earth for one month. If she contacts any form of earth during that time, she recovers. If not, she is truly dead.

Richard L. Snider