Powers and Perils


In the year 1719AK [253SA], A'Korchu conquered the area and forced the natives to build a city for the Korchi and a large group of Trean hostages.

Throughout the Korchi reign (1719 - 1845AK [253-379SA]), the Treans learned civilized ways and resisted the Korchi faith. In the year 1845AK [379SA], with the help of the Elf Sidh, they drove the Korchi out of the land. Under Queen Rea, Mistress of the Wild Wood, they formed a civilized nation with a true monarchy.

In the year 2067AK [601SA], Chirea the Good and Albus the Beneficent, the dual monarchs of Treaus, formulated the Trean Mysteries. Since that time, Treaus has been a kind land with reverence for life and a close tie to the Sidh and other Elder races.

NOTE - The Korchi calendar is only used as a reference point. The actual Trean calendar varies.


The city of Treaus (9,000) is the capital of a nation with 73,000 citizens. Their army is divided into two groups. The Trean Guard has 200 elite footmen (the Queen's Guard), 600 footmen (the King's Guard) and 400 cavalry (the Temple Guard). The army contains 800 footmen and 6,000 militia. They have no fleet.


Trean timber, craft goods and art are prized. The Treans also trade with the Sidh and gain wealth in doing so. Treaus is poor in metal, salt and spices. They import these commodities.


The Treans worship the Elder Gods, especially the Gods of the Sidh. Their religion features secret ceremonies in hidden groves and temples that are only for the eyes of the initiated. Any other person caught witnessing a secret ceremony loses his eyes and his tongue.


Treans are kind, generous and gracious. They go to great lengths to make strangers comfortable, and to convince them to stay in their city. (This is especially true when the Queen is nearing the end of her reign.) When their hospitality is taken advantage of, or a "new friend" tries to leave the city, they are offended. In such cases they are petulant and childish. If attacked or insulted, especially when they have already been offended, they can be very violent.

Visitors who violate the mores of Trean society, or the sanctity of the sacred rites, are treated with merciless hostility. If the visitor sees something that he shouldn't, he suffers the penalty in the Religion section. If he does something more serious, he will be (literally) torn to pieces if the mob catches him.

Legal System

Treaus is a dual monarchy. The Queen is an absolute monarch in peacetime. She controls everything except the King's Guard. During a war, the King rules the army and must be supported by the Queen. In peacetime, he is powerless.

Succession for the Queen is matrilineal. Daughters of the reigning queen are raised by the Priestesses of Treaus and are kept in total seclusion until they take the throne. All Queens ascend the throne between the ages of 16 and 25. Reigning Queens abdicate and "join the gods of the forest" when they begin to undergo menopause. (The Queen, and her King, are sacrificed to the wood.) Daughters older than 25 when this time comes become Priestesses. Male children of the royal couple are given to the Faerry Sidh.

The King is selected by an athletic and literary contest. All men in the city, ages 20 - 30, must compete in the athletic competition. The ten best athletes are tested for their literary talents. The one who wins is the King. (Non - finalists in the athletic competition are free to go. Finalists in the literary competition are sacrificed to the wood to sanctify the new Queen's reign.)

There is no crime in Treaus. No Trean would steal and, by communal agreement, all foreigners are given what they want (within reason). What justice system does exist is administered by popular opinion or the Priestesses. In all cases, only the two punishments listed previously are possible.


None. Treaus has been aided by the Sidh in the past, but they are not allies. They have an agreement with Dirllar for joint defense against the Korchi but neither nation is likely to honor it if only one of them is attacked.


Both A'Korchu and Dirllar want to conquer Treaus. They refrain from attacking because they are unsure of the significance of the Trean Mysteries and are unwilling to risk a war with the Sidh.


Elf Sidh20%
Faerry Sidh20%
The Elder Tongue10%
Elder Water Tongue10%
Dwarf Elder10%
Tongue of Elder Fire10%

Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Swords, Daggers and Bows


The Treans have been strongly influenced by the Korchi, although they are not native Korchi stock. They have the basic appearance of the Korchi except they are more robust and their complexions is more of a flesh tone.

The Culture Book

Population Details

Treaus is supported by 5 towns (average population of 1,860). Total town population is 9,300

There are 238 villages in the land (average population of 230). Total villiage population is 54,700.

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