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About our Players Group

For me roleplaying started in high school, somewhere early 1986, when Mathijs Tuynman invited me to try Het Oog des Meesters. Other players at that time were Bernard Kleijn and Michiel Geuzinge. We were all new to roleplaying, but got hooked and started playing on a weekly basis. Each Friday after school we would start around 15.00h and play until we had to get home. At first that meant about 22.00h, but after a few months it had become 01.00h and less than a year later we went home at dawn. Yes we were hooked. We played without a regular GM; anyone of us who had an idea for an adventure could lead and the other would play.

About a year after we started, we discovered that a small shop called Compendium had been hidden in town (Amsterdam) for several years already. It was something of a small living room, stacked with games and boxes and miniatures. They seemed to have every game available. We bought a box of Powers and Perils rules there for Mathijs Tuynmans birthday. It came with the message that Avalon Hill had dropped the game and no supplements were expected for it anymore. We continued playing Het Oog des Meesters, interspersed with sessions for other systems, like D&D, AD&D, Bloodbowl, Stormbringer and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. The box of P&P made a great present and was stashed away in some dark cupboard.

It took over six months before that box came out of its hiding place and we started a P&P campaign. At the same time we changed to regular GMs. Mathijs Tuynman started GMing a series of adventures using Powers and Perils, and I started to GM the the Enemy Within campaign in Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay. The regular players group slowly grew from 5 to the 9 players now playing. Sometimes we played other systems, but it became clear that we liked P&P as a system and Mathijs' style of GMing. He started a campaign set in the Forgotten Realms and no other GM or system could compete with that; Powers and Perils became our main system. The campaign lasted over two years, after which we had all gone to university and drifted apart somewhat.

Some four years later we decided to start over again, with new characters and a new campaign. We got Mathijs crazy enough to GM once a month in a new campiagn set in the Forgotton Realms, centered around the town of Scornubel. We had to close a gate between the Upper and Middle World so the demigod Malar would not be able to enter the Middle World, and once that task was accomplished find a magical spear to slay his avatar. Not withstanding our own ever growing list of stupidities we succeeded. GM: "You have to find a willing sacrifice and shout 'Malar' when you kill him with the spear." Player 1: "I will be the sacrifice." Player 2 (raising the spear and killing player 1): "DIE!"

During these years we played we published our own gamezine, Monster, Masters and Magicians (MMM), to keep all the rule changes we made handy during play and distribute background information about the campaign between the players. MMM was edited by me and Mathijs and even had two non-rpging subscribers. It was a big success. From that magazine grew this website.

In 1998 we started a new campaign, our first campaign set in the Perilous Lands. We used to keep an up-to-date description of the campaign and the characters, but it is now extremely outdated. The campaign is centered around the small country Baru. Baru is currently under severe threats from L'pnth and immortal Akhkharu whilst trying to maintain a political balance between the usurper state Maren and the barbarian tribes that surround it.

Currently I GM a campaign set in Katai, starting in the city Kodao. The characters are gang-pressed to find the extremely beautiful daughter of a local Count. She is about to be married to the son of the local Duke, a politically arranged marriage, and should be found before the planned marriage. At the suggestion that known slavers use a certain seedy bar at the docks as their hang-out, the characters rush over to find that a well-known slaver has just left port with a load of slaves. For many of the characters it is the first time they see the sea, but still they decide to confiscate a ship and follow the slaver. They are caught in a terrible storm and are ship-wrecked. They barely survive and swim ashore. Walking outh, they find a small fishing harbour, and once more steal a ship. Once more they are ship-wrecked, but slowly they proceed south, still on the trail of the slaver. After a long trip, they end up in the Kingdom of the East, where they learn the slaves have been sold and transported over land to the north. They follow the slaver caravan, which in the mean time has been mugged by Great Apes, who are now eating the slaves and slavers one by one. Luckily they find the hide out of the Great Apes, led by the customary Great Serpent, and find that a fine looking girl is still alive and kept in a cage. The characters rescue her after a big battle with Apes and Serpent, to fnd that she is an ordinary farm girl sold into slavery, not the Count's daughter they were looking for. They return to Kodao, defeated, and try to find the now cold trail of the Count's missing daughter.

Apart from P&P we sometimes play Paranoia, Risk, Diplomacy, Katan, Roborally. Some of us are weird enough to enjoy Blood Bowl and DragonChess.

Wout Broere

Currently our group consists of 8 irregular players. You can contact most of us by email: