Powers and Perils

The Aratad Confederacy

The nations of the Confederacy were part of the Empire of the Ced until the year 1213LA [830SA]. In that year the Don Host entered their lands and, for nine years, pillaged them incessantly. In 1222LA [839SA] the Duke of Rhozad formed a coalition with Eured and Aratad. With their combined forces, and aid from the Empire, he drove the Don Host into Salaq. After this victory Silar, Duke of Rhozad, was proclaimed King of the Three Nations. When asked, he refused to rejoin the Empire. During his reign (1614 - 1271LA [848-888SA]) he built the nation's power and thwarted Ced's efforts to reclaim the nations. Under his son and grandson (1271 - 1299LA [888-916SA]) his policies continued and the nation prospered.

In the year 1299LA [916SA], Silar IV, called the Foolish, took the throne and attacked Clima. In the war that followed (1299 - 1302LA [916-919SA]) his forces were annihilated and Clima occupied the nations. For over 100 years they remained in Climan hands.

NOTE - Silar ended his days as a blind slave in the court of the Immortal Ghova. He died in the year 1314LA [931SA].

In Aratad, Climan rule was harsh. Many people died on the Climan cross. Under the leadership of Aratad's Duke, the Society of the White Fist was formed in Aratad (1377LA [994SA]). For generations they engaged in terrorism against Clima and worked to win supporters in Eured and Rhozad. In the year 1423LA [1040SA], Duke Phiros I, called the Great, began the War of Liberation (1423 - 1434LA [1040-1051SA]). After many brilliant victories, his forces drove the Climans out of the area. Following his great victory, he published the Articles of Confederation. At the first meeting of its new council, he was elected Autocrat by acclamation (1435LA [1052SA]).

On his death (1441LA [1058SA]), Phiros was succeeded as Duke and Autocrat by his son Agnar III, called the Invincible. During his reign (1441LA [1058SA] - present) Agnar has beaten the Empire of the Ced, Iravoy, Donara and Climan raiding fleets. Diplomatically, he has allied with Zarun (1476LA [1093SA]) and married his heir into Clan Irava in Iravoy (1480LA [1097SA]). In a major coup, led by his son, he also occupied Khoba (1467LA [1084SA]), cleared a major nest of pirates that was there and took the title "Protector of Thaliba."

At 74 Agnar the Invincible is still robust and active. His son, Phiros the Navigator, commands the fleet with daring and brilliance. At the age of 37 he has shown that he will be a fine Autocrat when he gets his chance.


The Confederacy contains three, semi-independent duchies. Their capitals are Aratad (33,000), Rhozad (25,000) and Eured (17,000). The population of the duchies is 200,000, 110,000 and 146,000, respectively. The Autocrat owns the islands of Thesovia (2,300), Khoba (1,000), and Rhida (700). The Capital of the Confederacy, for historical reasons, is Rhozad. The total population of the nation is 460,000. The army has two major groups. The army of the Confederacy has 6,000 footmen and 400 elite cavalry. Its fleet has 60 ships, including 15 triremes. The armies of the duchies vary in strength. Aratad fields 2,000 footmen, 800 noble militia and 4,000 militia, Its fleet has 25 warships with 10 triremes. Rhozad fields 1,200 footmen, 400 noble militia and 4,000 militia. It has 15 warships with 5 triremes. Eured has no fleet. Their army has 400 footmen, 400 cavalry and 4,400 militia. The total strength of the Confederacy is 24,000 men-at-arms and 100 warships with 30 triremes.


The cities are mercantile centers. Their economy is based on agriculture and trade. There are mines in the western hills and fine horses are raised in the valley of Eured. The heart of the economy is its sea trade, which is dominated by Aratad. The seamen of the Confederacy are fearless navigators who will travel far to find a fair profit.


The peoples of the Confederacy worship the forces of Elder Water. They respect the Elf Sidh. It is a crime to attack an Elf in this nation.


Citizens of the Confederacy are hard, uncompromising and militant. They are friendly toward those who abide by their wishes, or from whom they may profit, and anxious to hurt enemies and the friends of enemies. Vengeance, vendetta and stubborn hatred are traditional in this land. The people are loyal to their Autocrat because they have all been geniuses. It is unlikely that an average man could hold this position without destroying the unity of the nation. His lack of genius would be unforgivable.

Legal System

The Confederacy is governed by a seven-member council. The members are the Autocrat, the other two dukes, the High Priest of Dylan (from the Autocrat's nation) and three elected nobles (one from each duchy's senate). Elected nobles serve a one year term. The High Priest serves as long as the Autocrat lives. The Dukes serve for life. During a war the Autocrat is the supreme ruler. At all other times a majority vote of the council decides issues of national importance. Each duchy is independently administered by its Duke and its Senate. (Each senate is composed of the heads of the Duchy's noble families. It has an advisory role. Its younger members lead the local army in war.)

The legal code of the Confederacy applies in all three duchies. It sets fixed penalties for all crimes. Regardless of a felon's station or wealth, he suffers the set penalty for his crime. The court system strives to insure that only the guilty are punished. When guilt is determined, the sentence is executed immediately. Criminal punishments are severe in the Confederacy. The primary penalties are corporal punishment and death. In general, the penalty fits the crime in an ironic way and insures that that felon can never commit that crime again, e.g., pickpockets lose their hands, rapists are blinded and castrated, arsonists are burned alive, etc.

The Confederacy does not allow slavery, torture or forced servitude of any kind. Their prisons are only used to hold people until their trial. All suspects are treated well until a verdict is reached.


Zarun and Clan Irava of Iravoy have alliances with the Confederacy. The Autocrat claims the title "Protector of Thaliba" although no alliance exists between these nations.


The people of the Confederacy resent Donara, despise Clima and have little love for the Empire of the Ced. They war on these nations at the slightest provocation.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Medium Spear, Sling, Broad Sword


The people of the Aratad are of La'Cedi stock. Most have dark hair and dark complexions. They tend to be dexterous and agile.

Calendar (Solar)

This calendar, used by the Empire of the Ced, the Confederacy of Aratad, Xian, Iravoy and Nerid, dates from the foundation of the Empire of the Ced. It is the year 1483 as they reckon time.

The Culture Book

Population Details

Aratad is supported by 17 towns, Rhozad by 14 towns and Eured by 8 towns (average population of 1,990). Total town population is 83,100.

There are 1,635 villages distributed about the land (average population of 185). Total villiage population is 301,900.

The confederacy has 3 fortress towns (average population of 1,830 - included in total above)

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