Powers and Perils


At its height Chunrey controlled southern Katai, including the current lands of the Kingdom of the East and the eastern fifth of the Cerulean Empire (Ba'shan and Samai). In the year 2929KA [129SA] they were conquered by the Katai, their Emperor was executed and his son became Duke of Chunrey.

For the next few centuries they were occupied by Katai forces. In the year 3179KA [379SA] the royal house of Chunrey (House Chunsa) contracted to marry into the royal house of Katai (House Howao). With this marriage (3192KA [392SA]) Chunrey gained full rights as a province of Katai, Katai's troops were withdrawn and Chunrey's ruler became a Grand Duke. From that time, until they backed the wrong side in a dynastic war (3333 - 3353KA [533-553SA]), Chunrey was one of Katai's most powerful provinces.

When House Khatou was victorious in the civil war, Chunrey revolted rather than face their vengeance. After a long struggle and severe losses, Chunrey made an alliance with the Kingdom of the East (3358KA [558SA]). Their combined forces staved off Katai's armies for more than ten years. Finally, in 3371KA [571SA], Chunrey purchased peace by promising Katai a tribute of 10,000 GC per year. Thirty years later Chunrey took an opportunity presented by Coasar's war against the Kingdom of the East and invaded the Fomorian realm. During this war (3401 - 3413KA [601-613SA]), Mokasa and Ita were sacked and the southern hills of Chunrey were lost to the Fomorians. Again Chunrey purchased peace, this time for a tribute of 5,000 GC per year.

Since their last debacle, Chunrey has remained at peace. They survive by playing Katai off against the Kingdom of the East while remaining on friendly terms with both. They are masters at this subtle and dangerous art.


Chunrey is a densely-populated and ancient land. Its capital is the port city of Chunrey (89,000). Its other cities, Ita (33,000) and Mokasa (25,000), are located on two islands east of the mainland. The population of Ita Island is 240,000. Mokasa Island's population is 190,000. The mainland has 570,000 citizens. The total population of the nation is 1,000,000.

Chunrey's forces are divided into two groups. The Imperial Army contains a 400-man Iron guard (Ceremonial troops with great swords and ornate plate armor who are the Emperor's personal guard), 3,200 elite footmen, 400 cavalry and 24,000 militia. The Imperial Fleet consists of 16 warships, 3 of which are triremes, and 5 river patrol barges. The nobles of the realm control 2,000 cavalry, 16,000 footmen and 32,000 militia. They have a combined fleet of 36 warships, including 12 triremes, and 25 river patrol barges.

NOTE - At least 30% of the noble vessels engage in piracy, which is recognized as a good way for a crafty man to make some extra money. Imperial forces do not engage in this practice.


Chunrey is a prosperous nation. They are heavily involved in trade with Katai, the Kingdom of the East and Lemasa. Their hills have fine mines and high-quality stone. The plains, especially the Chunsa River basin, are heavily-exploited agricultural areas.


Chunrey worships storm, sea and earth forces. The majority worship lawful gods with power in these areas. Persecuted minorities worship Chaos and Elder gods of this type. Dawanism is also common in the land. In most areas the elite ignore it as an interesting philosophy of some merit. In others, including all of the cities except Ita, it is persecuted as a dangerous religion.


Nobles of Chunrey are cunning and affluent hedonists. Most of them are, or have been, soldiers. All nobles are the absolute masters of their subjects. When dealing with inferiors, they can be cruel and thoughtless. Chunrey's commoners are passive and superstitious. They fear nobles and seek to mollify them (and earn their protection) by toadyism, conniving and dabbling in the mystical societies that infest the land. Most of these societies have no value whatsoever. Among their own, commoners are kind, friendly, energetic and helpful. When they serve the high-born, they are efficient and stoic servants who are always looking for a way to better their lot.

Legal System

Chunrey is a feudal nation with a weak Emperor and strong nobles. Each noble is the absolute master of his fief, although an inefficient and corrupt Imperial justice system operates in most areas. Village elders can levy fines and corporal punishment for minor crimes committed by non- nobles in their village. Nobles judge all major crimes. Only they can judge another noble. They have the power of life and death. They have the right to exercise their power as they choose and are in no way obligated to grant a suspected felon a trial. When a noble hears a case, the penalty given is entirely at his discretion.


Chunrey is the tributary ally of Katai and the Kingdom of the East. It does as little as possible to honor these alliances.


Chunrey has good relations with its neighbors. Her nobles consider Katai and the Kingdom of the East to be enemies and to be used as necessary to preserve Chunrey. Small factions in Katai and the Kingdom of the East wish to conquer Chunrey to put an end to their conniving. As yet, these factions do not have the power to make their voices heard.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Broad Sword, Spears, Polearms


The Katai peoples are unique. Most have black hair, oriental eyes and skin of a vaguely golden color.

Calendar (Solar)

The Katai calendar is used in Chunrey.

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