Powers and Perils

The Ghazai

The Ghazai are raiders and slavers. Six centuries past, the Night of the Serpent (an event that occurs once every twenty to thirty years) led to the deification of their royal line. Since then they have become the most vicious, brutal and militaristic tribe in the region. They date their Empire from the rise of Che'zeira the Chosen; the first Great Chief and the man who unified the Ghazai clans 632 years ago (468SA).


The 36,000 Ghazai are organized into 22 clans under the rule of their Great Chief. They can levy 12,000 trained warriors (including youth and women's regiments). Their standing army consists of 800 footmen who serve the Great Chief as a fanatical personal guard.


The Ghazai consider their Great Chief to be a living god (the adopted son of the jungle serpent). The worship of Kototh and Nebeth is stressed. Human sacrifice and cannibalism dominate their religious festivals.


The Ghazai have vicious tempers. Personal pleasure and service to the Great Chief is the centerpoint of their lives. They revel in cruelty and prey on their neighbors. Men of this culture are hedonistic and evil. They are also cunning fighters with strong military discipline. In this land, a man who is not a warrior is not a man. Women in this land are disciplined but rarely have the violent temper or sadism of the men.

Legal System

The Ghazai are ruled by their Great Chief. Under him are 22 Clan Chiefs. Each is the hereditary ruler of his clan. All crimes are resolved by the local chief. The Great Chief can, at his discretion, override any decision or choose to hear a case himself. If he does, his decision is law. If he doesn't, the decision of the Clan Chief stands.

The penalty for major crimes is torture for two days followed by impalement. Violation of the will of a chief, sacrilege and desertion (from combat or training) are the only major crimes. Other crimes required the felon to pay his victim a weregild. If he can't, he becomes the victim's slave.

Any foreigner who commits a crime in this land is enslaved without the option of paying a weregild. Some exceptions are made if the foreigner is wealthy or eloquent. No exception is ever made if the foreigner is a beautiful woman.


None. The Ghazai have trade ties with smugglers and Gomese traders.


The Timbaza, Mopazi and A'masta despise and fear the Ghazai.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 170lbs

Favored Weapons

Spear, Javelin and Fighting Dagger

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

The Ghazai carry a shield, spear and at least two javelins into battle. They rarely use armor or helmets. As a culture, they make minimal use of clothing. What clothing is used is made of fur or leather.

Calendar (Seasonal)

According to legend the unity of the Ghazai is the gift of the Jungle Serpent (Kototh). In the form of a jungle asp, he came upon the warrior Barinda and laid him low with a bite that did not slay. Under the spell of the serpent, Barinda took to his wives and fathered a son-the first king of the Ghazai and the royal son of the jungle serpent. It is the 632nd year since this king unified the Ghazai. Since his birth through venom, it has become a tradition for Ghazai kings to only lie with their wives when sacred venom flows in their veins. (Needless to say, over the years, the Ghazai royal line has developed a powerful resistance to the effects of snake venom. Most of them are also expert snake handlers.)

The Culture Book

Population Details

There are 411 family groups (average population of 90) in Ghazai lands.

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