Powers and Perils

The Island of Lys

The island of Lys [Clima-334] is a small volcanic island along the climan chain. It is not populated and fairly barren -- that last eruption 23 years ago covered it with ash and lava and even now only taller grasses have reclaimed the slopes.

There are several shallow coves that make excellent mooring places for ships, and there are at least 3 that are nearly invisible from the ocean, making them great spots for pirates to lie awaiting or make repairs.

The Caldera is about 10 hours of hard overland travel and rises about 1,340 feet above the sea. The only possible encounters here are with Earth or Fire elementals and those creatures that can withstand high heat or fire. The Caldera itself is plugged, with only a few cracks in the rock where hot gas and steam shrieks out (nearly deafening at the top, from the sea it is heard as a low variable roar). The environment on the plug is quite hostile (all characters loose 1 energy point per minute exploring the Caldera -- at 0EP they collapse from gas inhalation and start to perish, losing 1HP per minute. Once removed from the area they will recover 1d6 EP per hour.)

Along the north-east face of the volcano is a small lava-tunnel. The environment here is similar to that of the Caladra top. Every 5 minutes an Average Underground Survival task must be made to go forward -- at least 3 successful rolls must be made to reach the end (take EP damage as above).

NOTE - Any sort of spell that provides protection from heat can be cast at TRIPLE cost to provide protection from heat and these dangerous gases.

The tube leads to a small blockage which can be removed in a few minutes (roll total SB in d6 for "damage", must do 50 points to remove blockage for a man-sized hole. Maces and clubs allow full damage, the use of other rocks cuts damage done in half.

Once through, you will be inside the Volcano, below the rock plug. It is VERY hot and some sort of heat protection is needed. A set of obsidian stairs leads down to the lava pool, into a patch that is especially bright. Following the steps down and into the patch will lead the characters under the lava and out of a waterfall of flame, onto the elemental plane of fire. Walking back into the "waterfall" will lead you back to the steps.

NOTE - This route is EXCEEDINGLY hazardous and protection from heat and fire is required to survive.

Burton Choinski

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