Powers and Perils

The Kazi

The Kaz (the area where these tribes live) is a hard land. The Kazi are harder men. They are among the most blood-thirsty warriors on the continent.

Due to blood ties, and the efforts of the Caldans, they are allied to Caldo. Throughout their history, they have lived as quick-striking and deadly raiders. By reputation, they are a people who do not know the meaning of compassion, mercy or fear.


The eight Kazi tribes are the Shamira (20,000), the Kado (16,000), the Meirido (15,000), the Riora (15,000), the Gazdo (12,000), the Haido (11,000), the Kirra (11,000) and the Shara (10,000). Their total population is 110,000. They can field 22,000 warriors, including 800 warriors who belong to the Society of the Dagger.

NOTE - The Society of the Dagger is open to any Kazi warrior who has killed at least three men in battle and who succeeds in defeating a society member in a dagger duel. These duels are conducted with formal ritual. The first warrior to be unable (or unwilling) to continue, due to his wounds, loses. The winner becomes, or remains, a member. The loser returns to his tribe when he is healed.

The leader of the Society is the Kazi warrior with the greatest reputation as a fighter and chief. The current leader, Walain a'Gilyan, has killed 142 men in battle and defeated 13 challengers in duels since he became leader of the Society. He is one of the deadliest men in the world.


A barter system is standard among the Kazi. The people survive by hunting and gathering. Much of their support is derived from successful raids on each other and enemy tribes. In this harsh land, there is little margin for error if a man wishes to stay well-fed and healthy.


Kazi religion is shamanistic. It seeks to placate the hostile forces of the badlands (Chaos and the Kotothi) and to worship, and seek protection from, the beneficent forces. They are fond of Dwarves and other humanoid races who do not interfere in the lives of men.


To a Kazi the only occupations fit for a man are fighting, hunting and husbandry. Other tasks are performed by women, children and slaves.

Toward other men, i.e., proven warriors, the Kazi are generous, hospitable and kind. Toward enemies and non-warriors, they are domineering, merciless and obstinate. If they have personal cause to hate someone, they are deadly and vicious.

The Kazi torture captive warriors. Only captives who show themselves to be warrior, by fighting well before they are captured, are honored by torture and death. Others are enslaved. Life as a Kazi slave is a short and painful existence.

Legal System

The culture's unifying force is the Society of the Dagger. Its members lead the tribes in war. At all other times, warriors obey their tribal chiefs.

Warriors who do not belong to the Society of the Dagger consider themselves to be members of their tribe first and Kazi second. Society members are Kazi first.

Crime against men or the taboos of the Kaz are punished by tribal Shamans and the Society of the Dagger. Other crimes are adjudicated by a tribal consensus of opinion. The majority decides on a penalty and it is imposed in the felon at the first opportunity. When a major crime is committed, and the felon is not immediately apprehended, vendetta is the rule. A single warrior from the Society of the Dagger is set to hunt the felon down and kill him. A warrior on vendetta hunts his quarry until he or the felon is dead.


The Kazi are allies of Caldo. They respect those who show courage in the face of death.


The Kazi dislike the tribes around them, especially the Zen'da. They hate Kotothi creatures. When possible, they kill either on sight.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 165lbs

Favored Weapons

Broad Sword, Bows and Dirk

Earth Equivalent

Cossacks, SW Amerinds especially Navajo, Apache and Comanche

Other Notes

The Kazi favor leather armor, scalemail, bucklers and leather helmets. Most warriors are armed with all of the weapons listed above. For normal wear they prefer leather and fur.

The Culture Book

Population Details

There are 263 family groups (average population of 75) in Shamira lands, 201 family groups (average population of 80) in Kado lands, 192 family groups in Meirido lands, 204 family groups (average population 75) in Riora lands, 181 family groups (average population 65) in Gazdo lands, 132 family groups (average population 85) in Haido lands, 146 family groups (average population 75) in Kirra lands 176 family groups (average population 55) in Shara lands.

NOTE - Warriors per family group everages at 20%. Thus you will find, on average, 16 warriors in any family group of the Kado tribe.

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