Powers and Perils

Brothers Of The Sand Claw


The members of this society plan to rebuild and reunite the power of Seth in the desert. That done, their goal is to forge an immense empire making him the God of all Men. The sacred capital of this empire, as the plan unfolds, will be Kirazan. The Brothers will accept no other place for the black throne.


The brothers are based out of an ancient temple in Ki'sana lands. It is located in the side of a desert rift. Its passages lead to an ancient complex of rooms and tunnels deep beneath the desert. The precise position is some 30 miles north of the road and 10-12 miles southwest of the A'hammali border.


None. The only humans aware of its existence are members, slaves of members or future sacrifices. Scorpion people support them now and then. They are also (in my game) fostered by the people of Seret. Its citizens are a race of human/serpent women halfbreeds descended from Abnaric Elgar and his first wife (a powerful serpent woman that Nergal, Seth and Murmur bonded in marriage to him to facillitate the birth of the born lich Nergas. The "people" of Seret descend from the siblings of Nergas). Various merchants make a profit on members. None know they aid the Sand Claw in doing so.

Current Forces

Four hundred Kirazan refugees, about a hundred Ki'sana warriors and the remnants of the Ki'sanq tribe (some three hundred men, women and children), twelve priests and acolytes directly serving the Ancient one whose name is Eshtarmorel. The leading priest is Aba Harra. His apparent age is 39. Actually he is 117.

Modus Operandi

The society gathers wealth, needed sacrifices and other gains through calculated raiding. Through proper human sacrifices and major rituals, they plan to reopen a portal for the forces of Seth in the hidden temple. Gathering set items and a sufficient number of lives will make that possible, with the help of the Ancient One.


Aba Harra

Aba Harra - Ki'sanq, once Mullah, Lord of the Claw, Master of the Powers
S20(+1)St33(+2)D60(+3)A17(+1)C 30
I84W80E3Em42Ap 2


Base Kacili skills plus EL80 Chaos Cosmology, Desert Chaos Cosmology, Sand Claw History and Sand Claw Tongue. Also EL40 Slaver and Executioner, Combat EL's 0.

Familiar Key

Controls Apopodar (a 1.5 times normal size Heliophobic Demon) No other magical items of note in his possession.


Eshtarmorel is a revenant of an Elder Law demon lord who battled Inanna and others in Armageddon and was laid low by Daenn's ambush. Believed responsible for the corruption of at least one of Inanna's relatives.

Eshtarmorel - Ancient Demon of the Elder Law. Both Monster and Human forms.
Human FormAge - at least 5000 years old
S100(+4)St80(+4)D40(+2)A60(+3)C 40(+2)
†Whatever figures out to, is 30


Middling competence all desert skills, some knowledge many scholarly arts especially history and things dealing with Chaos. EL18 with Flail, EL 14 Hand to Hand. Casts all Chaos Magic as a Natural Magician.

NOTE - Always initially encountered in Human form. If touched by ANY non- chaos power, immediately reverts to DEMON form. Touch of any spell, person or influence will suffice to make this so.

Demon Form
S300(+9)St240(+7)D20(+1)A60(+3)C 80
MDV 10


EL8 Immunity to all magics EXCEPT Sidh Magic. Erupting sores on body spew poisonous acid (MEL12/EL6). Effect is Disintegration or Soul Taint at BL12. (If success, roll. BL12 Success is Disintegration. Any other result is Soul Taint to Chaos)

Acidic Pus

The chance of effect by this is determined with the MEL12/El6 roll whenever a target is within ten feet of the demon. If the person is wearing solid armor (plate armor) the armor takes 3 damage. If plate mail, the armor has a 50% chance of taking three damage. If it does, the pus does not reach the skin of the target. No other armor that is not magical has any chance of blocking the acid.


Thirteen tentacles, three heads and six legs with a bulbous reptilian body. Heads have hooked, barbed, metal horns harder than steel. Tentacles have barbed suckers along lengths. A disgusting creature. He is sixteen feet long and his body mass is six feet high. He weighs two tons give or take a few hundred pounds.


One of the few remaining great demons of the Elder Law. If slain, turns to sand for 101 years. May chop up to 20 times per combat round. Will not attack any one target more than four times in a round. Will always attack as many targets as possible each round.


No single mortal has ANY chance of defeating this demon. It is a test for gods in its full aspect and more than a test for humans as it stands now. If you don't have a well run, cohesive party, you will be minced.

Richard L. Snider

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