Powers and Perils


The Chiran revolt from the Empire of the Ced (421SA) caused a war between Salaq and that Empire. After this war, Chiros became a Salaqi protectorate. In the year 639SA, they revolted, slaying 400 Salaqi citizens. In response the Salaqi royal Army entered Chiros, smashed the rebellion and annexed the land to the crown (640SA). Chiros remained a royal duchy until the year 812, when Salaq X (807-820SA) returned it to local rule. The new duke swore eternal fealty.

In the year 998SA, Chiros made a secret alliance with Donara and revolted. With the Salaqi Royal Army busy in Chiros, the Donarans attacked Salaq (214DO [999SA]) and conquered them within 30 days. Chiros gained its independence, and the fragments of Salaq's Royal Army drifted into exile in the Empire of the Ced, Aratad and Shiben.

NOTE - The current Duke of Chiros, Mabor IV (294DO [1079SA] - present) is the puppet of Duke Salin of Pelara. Salin rules the land because the Duke owes him a massive debt and Salin controls most of the nation's wealth.


The capital of the Duchy is the city of Chiros (10,000). Its total population is 60,000. The Duke of Chiros controls 200 footmen and 2 warships. At the insistence of Duke Salin, he has hired 800 mercenary footmen, 400 cavalry and 16 warships (12 of whom are pirates) from associates of Duke Salin. Salin controls these forces.


Chiros has rich mines and fine craftsmen. The mines are owned by a cartel controlled by Duke Salin. (Salin won 70% ownership from the Duke of Chiros on a horserace.) The nation is poor, dependent on sea trade and indebted to Salin.


The god of Chiros is Dionysius. Most Chirans are devoted to the more hedonistic rites of his faith. Few support the dangerous cults, such as the Maenads, which are associated with him.


Chirans are treacherous, hedonistic liars. Under compulsion, they can be industrious and productive. Otherwise they are a lazy and effete people who love to gamble. No crime is more gauche to a Chiran than failure to pay a gambling debt. In general, they are a conniving and cowardly nation.

NOTE - Duke Mabor owes Duke Salin 40,000 GC, equivalent to six years income for his Duchy. Until his debt is paid, an unlikely event, he must remain a pawn of Salin.

Legal System

The Duke and his Council of Advisors rule the Duchy. Their decisions are law. Currently, 80% of the advisor's are Salin's agents. He controls the government.

Criminal penalties in Chiros vary at the whim of the judge. They can be unfair, especially when the person being tried is an enemy of Duke Salin. (One enemy of Salin was executed for spitting on a public street.) Any penalty is possible in this land and a great deal of corruption exists.


Chiros has close ties to Donara


Ticasi and Shiben despise Chiros. The Salaqi consider them to be base traitors who have earned death. They are hated by the Empire of the Ced and fear the power of Clima.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 150lbs

Common Weapons

Dirk, Broad Sword, Spear


These peoples are of La'Cedi stock. They follow the characteristics of that group but are a bit larger, heavier built and lighter skinned.

The Culture Book

Population Details

Chiros is supported by 6 towns (average population of 1,700). Total town population is 10,200

There are 227 villages in the land (average population of 175). Total village population is 39,800.

Burton Choinski

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