Powers and Perils


When Shazizan fell to the Rogizini (351SA), many of its pirates and other citizens fled to escape Rogizini justice. Many of them landed in Salaq (352SA), as invaders, and met defeat. Aghast at their plight, and desiring a stronger buffer in the east, the King of Salaq allowed them to settle in Shiben.

In return, the Shazi swore fealty to him and his heirs until "the sun rises black in the morning." Over the next ten years, the Shazi population in the hills quintupled as more of the homeless came to the new homeland. In the year 368SA, a new King was crowned in Salaq. During his reign, he took a Shazi wife and proclaimed the leader of the Shazi to be the Duke of Shiben. His actions set the alliance of these cultures in stone.

In the year 1000SA, after the "Rape of Salaq," the Donarans entered Shiben. Their invasion began a guerilla war that lasted until the year 1039SA. In that year, the Donarans accepted a small yearly tribute from Shiben and withdrew their army, except for 400 footmen that the treaty allowed them to keep in the city. Since the peace, Shiben has served Donara hesitantly (anti - Donaran riots are a common occurrence). The people retain a quiet reverence for their old masters, the royal house of Salaq.


The capital of the duchy is Shiben (6,000). The total population is 80,000. The armed forces in the duchy are a 200 - man Ducal Guard (made up of Shiben's best warriors), a 400 - man Donaran garrison (footmen) and 8,000 militia the Duke can call when he needs them. The quality of the militia varies from poor to excellent. All are good hill fighters.


Shiben's economy is based on mining iron, copper and silver. They produce high quality wool and import finished goods, food and textiles from Donara and the Confederacy.


Shiben worships the Elder Gods, especially Manannan and Dvalinn.


The Shazi are boisterous, exuberant and violent. They make no effort to hide their true feelings about anything. Their hatreds and loves are deeply felt and rarely forgotten. The Shazi are a fiery people who are friendly, generous, charming and loyal to those that they like. When they have cause to hate, they are devils who can, and will, strike without warning. (When a Donaran thinks of hell, Shiben could well come to mind.)

NOTE - There is a sizable Salaqi minority in this Duchy.

Legal System

Shiben is ruled by its Duke and the Donaran Resident. The Resident, except when Donaran property is threatened, leaves the government to the Duke, who is the absolute ruler of the land. The Resident is an adviser whose opinion is backed by 400 footmen.

Officially, Shiben is subject to Donaran law. In fact, their code of family justice, as modified by the Code of Salaq, remains the law of the land. Felons must repay the harm that they do to their victims. If they don't, they are subject to trial. A fine is set if they are found guilty. If the felon cannot pay the fine, he is enslaved until his work clears the debt. Flight from this slavery, regardless of the severity of the original crime, is punishable by death. Fugitives who are caught are buried alive.


Shiben is the undependable ally of Donara. They are fond of the Salaqi and help them when they can. They have trade ties with the Confederacy and close toes to many citizens of the Duchy of Eured. They are also on friendly terms with Ticasi.


The Shazi hate the Rogizini Empire. They resent the Donarans and detest the people of Chiros. Any citizen of Chiros found in this land is a dead man.



*There is a large Salaqi community in Shiben. Its total population is 15,000, 2,000 of whom live in the city. They are descended from the original inhabitants of the area and Salaqi refugees.

The Shazir Of Shiben

Basic Characteristics

Weight 155lbs

Common Weapons

Scimitars, Daggers and Bows


The Rogizini peoples, in the main, have sun - darkened skin and brown hair. Most are long - legged and agile. Rogizini dancers can be exceptional.

The Salaqi

Basic Characteristics

Weight 150lbs

Common Weapons

Fighting Dagger, Sword, Spear


These people are of La'Cedi stock. Most have dark hair and dark complexions, but lighter than those of the Confederacy. They tend to be dexterous and agile.

Calendar (Lunar)

The Salaqi calendar dates from the finding of the Sea - star, a powerful special item that was the gift of Manannan to the Salaqi kings. It is used in Salaqara, Ticasi and Shiben. By its reckoning, it is the year 1100.

The Culture Book

Population Details

Shiben is supported by 4 towns (average population of 1,630). Total town population is 6,500

There are 346 villages in the land (average population of 195). Total villiage population is 67,500.

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