Powers and Perils

Donara and the Salaqi States

Donara: Independent Fiefdoms

The Don
5 Principalities
Samma, Xalanara, Pelara, Xian, Xadona
1 Duchy
5 Counties
5, 16, 21, 28 and 38
33 Baronies
The other numbered areas


The worship of Ashur's court is the law in Donara. Worship of other deities is frowned upon. In some areas, it is criminal. Where such rules apply, they will be discussed in the appropriate section. The worship of Ashur, Inanna and Enki are organized on a national basis. That of the other gods is not.


The national law of Donara, as set by the Don, applies throughout the nation EXCEPT where explicit laws allowed by past or current Don edict alter them. On lands owned by the temple of a god in the Court of Ashur, temple law supersedes the Don's law. Citizens of such areas adhere to it first and foremost. Where special laws exist for a given area, they are mentioned where appropriate. The basics of the law are listed in Perilous Lands.


The Don is absolute. Privy advisers he selects and a Council of Peers advise him. The members of this council are the three princes and five Counts of the realm. The Dukes of Xadona and Salaqara do NOT have a voice in the government. They are considered to be clients of the crown.


Donara has a number of political questions. Some of the more important are:

1) The Salaqi Question

Since the rape of Salaq three schools of thought have battled in Donara. The first favors forcing Salaqi to embrace the Donaran culture and forsake their own. It is dominant. The second seeks an accommodation that works Salaqi into the state as equals. The third wishes to forget everything east of the river and let Salaqara go free.

2) Greater Donara

The hawk faction believes it is Donara's destiny, and duty, to extend the glory of their faith and culture to the benighted. They favor war with Aratad, La'Ced, the small Salaqi states and Caldo. They also want to eradicate Clima. The opposition opposes foreign adventures and insists that Donara concentrate on growth and defense.

3) Wild Lands

One faction calls for massive military action to conquer the Wild Lands and the unclaimed areas of the Elder Mountains. Their opposition considers them to be insane and wants no part in such adventures.

4) Faith

The dominant group supports worship of the Court of Ashur only in the realm. Their opposition, sometimes branded as heretics, believe any good faith, whatever its nature, should be tolerated. All agree there is no place for chaos worship in the realm.

5) Clima

A strong minority, heavily supported by Pelara, wants a massive fleet improvement, the invasion of Clima and the eradication of their faith. Others consider that impossible and work to defend the realm against evil.

6) Caldo

The minority faction, supported by the leaders of Vahagn's faith, want to conquer Caldo as the first step toward extending Donaran rule as far as Djanesborg. Since Donara's defeat in the Caldan war, they do not get much support from the mainstream. Most people view conquest of Caldo to be a physical impossibility. They seek a peaceful alliance. Nothing more.


This area is the privy realm of the reigning Don. Nobles within it are his dependents. All citizens are obligated to heed his will, within the limits of the legal code except where church law alters said law.


Donara is the most productive agricultural area in the nation. It also has a number of good ranches producing a number of valuable animals. The hill area in the west has mining. It produces iron, copper and tin in good quantity. The city is the hub of the nation's economy. It is wealthy with well established industries and crafts.


City - 36000, Donaran (180000), E'lici (20000), Salaqi (18000), Xianese (7000) *The native culture of the Pelara area.


As specified in Perilous Lands. 800 foot and 400 cavalry are royal guard forces. They protect the members of the royal family and are under the command of the Don and, when one is of age, Donan of Donara.

Don the XII - Don of Donara AGE39SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Don is a member of the hawk faction who is extremely bigoted where Salaqi are concerned. He is a devoted worshipper of Ashur, a competent administrator, fine knight and nearly pitiful general.

The Principalities



The plains of Xalanara produce some of the finest horses in the known world. Husbandry, orchards and agriculture are the basis of the area's economy.


City - 11000, Donaran - 80000, E'lici - 10000, Salaqi - 2000


The Prince's guard is an 80 man unit of mounted knights who worship the god Vahagn. His heir is a page serving this force.

Xalan Torgest - Prince of Xalanara AGE50SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Xalan revels in his abuse of Salaqi. He rarely misses chances to enjoy it. He greatly favors their death as a people. He also favors extending the sway of Donara through the conquest of Caldo and the East. He is a soldier who has little interest in the opinion of those who do not serve the flag in battle. He has been on a horse since he was 4. He raises his sons to be the same.



Samma is known for its wine. Some of the most exceptional vintages in the world come from this area. It is also a source for timber and has some mining.


city - 13000, Donaran - 72000, E'lici - 30000, Salaqi - 3000


The realm has a 100 man unit of elf-hunters who also serve as guardsmen for the prince. 60 are foot archers. The other 40 are cavalry.

Horace Samolina - Prince of SammaAGE29SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Horace has little interest in warfare. He does enough to maintain the respect of his peers and the support of his people, nothing more. His interest is in wine, women and wealth (what he calls the three W's). If you happen to be wealthy, he is very friendly and approachable. If not, don't bother him unless you happen to be a pretty woman. He is more than a bit amoral in his dealings with those who are beneath him, in his view.


E'liciad was an ancient culture when the Donaran's arrived. In time, the war leader Pel conquered their 19th dynasty. Given the fatalistic nature of their culture, they accepted fate. In secret, they view the Donarans as the 20th dynasty. They too shall pass.


Pelara is the nation's largest city. It is one of the best ports on the Sea of Tears. The city is noted for its craft goods. The forests and mountains produce high quality timber, stone and metals. In all ways, it is a wealthy land.


City - 42000, Donaran 38000, E'lici 45000, Salaqi 25000

Prince Pel - Prince of Pelara AGE56SEXMale
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -1 for obesity

Pel was once a soldier with some talent. That is no longer the case. He is now a selfish glutton with no interest in anything that doesn't impact him personally. He had two sons and a daughter. The last died two years ago. His brothers, Actin (49) and Salin (31), rule Pelara in all ways that matter. Actin accepts this and plans to put his son Pel (22) on the throne when the time comes. Salin plans to kill Pel, Actin and all of Actin's sons. He will then assume the throne as his first step in taking control of Donara. He is a chaos wizard and sociopath. Actin is an honorable knight and talented admiral.


The Salaqi city of Xad was conquered when the Donaran's burst out of E'liciad into the plains. None of its rulers survived the conquest. It has been in Donaran hands since the 2nd Salaqi war.


Xadona is a clean city with a small university. It is productive. Some of the lands finest weapons and armor are made here. Rural Xadona has fine orchards and fertile land. It isn't a wealthy place but its people survive with relative ease at most times.


City - 19000, Donaran - 40000, E'lici - 5000, Xianese - 3000, Salaqi - 62000

Trent Xadora - Prince of Xadona AGE44SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

Trent is somewhat ostracized by the Donaran ruling elite. His grandmother was Salaqi. This makes him a noble in name only to many, especially the Prince of Xalanara. This fact means little to him. His concern is the principality and people he rules. He does not enforce the Salaqi laws as written. Despite his influence with the church, he has twice been challenged to duels because of this. He killed both men. He is one of the few Donaran nobles that has any following among the Salaqi. Despite the preponderance of those people in his realm, his lands are relatively peaceful.

Amara Xadora - Ashipu'lama of Inanna - Donara AGE47SEXFemale
MDV21MEL11  EnL116HC31%
Mana Lvl15Casting152Mana Regen10

Amara is one of the most influential and famed Ashipu priestesses in the nation. Her word carries real weight in the councils of Inanna and is heard by the servants of Ashur. She loves her brother and supports a lessening of the burden that is being placed on the Salaqi. Were this not true, she would be the nation's Sangu Mah of Inanna by now.

NOTE - The monastery she runs in Donara is suspected of offering sanctuary to Salaqi on the run. The charge has never been proven. It is true.



Hunting, furs and mining make up the bulk of the income for this principality. It is a land of gruff hillmen and shopkeepers.


City - 16000, Donaran - 2000, Xianese - 90000, Salaqi - 1000


There is a 200 man guard unit that serves the Prince. It is well trained for fighting in the hills and mountains.

Bora Gastoran - Prince of XianAGE61SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Bora has been hunting and killing since he was a boy of eight. There is little he doesn't know about the art, especially when it involves a war hammer. He retains his place as a Prince of Donara because his kind is honor bound to do so. Should that change, he would happily be done with them. In his view, far too many are arrogant and the way they deal with the Salaqi is sinful.


The Salaqi Laws

  1. No Salaqi may wear armor, ride a horse, use a bow or own a dog.
  2. All Salaqi must show deference to any Donaran at all times.
  3. On the anniversary of Donara's glory, all Salaqi women must present themselves at dawn, in the square of the city or village in which they reside. They shall be nude when doing so. They will freely accept the advances of any Donaran from dawn to dusk of that day.
  4. Any Salaqi who inflicts physical harm on a Donaran is guilty of treason. The penalty is death. On the choice of the harmed, the penalty can be commuted to slavery or imprisonment for life.
  5. Salaqi who own property must have a written warrant entitling them to do so. Any who do not are guilty of theft. The tax on warrant holding property owners is 50% of any profits from said property.
  6. No Salaqi may be admitted for instruction at any institution of higher learning. Salaqi who are shown to be literate pay a tax of one gold per year for the privilege. Any who fail to pay face ten years in the mines.
  7. Donaran nobles may add to these laws, as the situation in their realm requires. Regardless of their sex, the power of any noble over Salaqi clients is absolute.
  8. Salaqi are required to bow before passing a temple of Ashur. Any who fail to do so are guilty of heresy and will be burned at the stake (unless the principal at the temple chooses slavery or imprisonment for them instead).
  9. The worship of ancient gods of no value, Manannan, E'pona and Morrigan is forbidden. Any Salaqi who engages in foul practices is guilty of heresy. Any who keeps icons or symbols of said valueless beings shall be assumed to be guilty of worshipping them. The punishment is mutilation and slavery. (The felon's tongue is removed. If he is already without a tongue, both thumbs and both eyes are lost. If there is a third offense, the felon is flayed.)
  10. No Salaqi may own a blade longer than four inches or a hammer weighing more than one pound without a recorded warrant of authorization from their Duke. Said warrant shall only apply when the holder is actively serving in the guard of said Duke. Any Salaqi found to be in position of an item that can be deemed a weapon at any other time is guilty of treason. The penalty is death by slow torture.


Salaqara has a fine harbor. It is noted for fish and recreation. The city is productive and the fields are fertile. However, the people are horribly impoverished and abused by Donaran rule. The climate of resentment and hatred that exists here is palpable. It will lead to rebellion. The only question is when it happens.


City - 25000, Donaran - 8000, Salaqi - 109000, E'lici - 11000, Other* - 2000

*A mixed bag of people from the Salaqi states, Aratad and La'Ced.


The Duke fields a force of 400. Accepting the advise of the Donaran Count who serves as his "advisor" (actually overseer) they are comprised of the following units.

1)20 trained soldiers armed with pole arms in padded uniforms
2)80 militia armed with daggers wearing a brief loincloth
3)100 boys dressed in brief silk clothing who have no weapons
4)100 young women, barely dressed with no weapons
5)100 girls as a training unit for 4 above

The most common service of the women and children is use as entertainers and whores by visiting and resident Donarans. Their inclusion in "the guard" is part of the concerted effort to demean all Salaqi and break their spirit.

Nalod Salar - Duke of Salaqara AGE30SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Nalod was taken to Donara at the age of 14 when his father was executed. He returned six years later, after exhaustive "training" to teach him his place in the state. They are not lessons he will ever risk experiencing again. Neither does he care to die like the six Dukes before him. He is dedicated to teaching his people to accept Donaran dominance, forsake the past and move on. Whatever price they must pay, so be it. Survival is what matters.

NOTE - His younger sister Tina was taken as a slave when he was chained. Vobal was beaten unconscious. He and his infant sister Mara were left with a local Donaran noble.

Vobal Salar - Dancer, Fop, Rebel AGE24SEXMale
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA
+2 for Acrobat skill

SPECIAL - Supernatural Dexterity, +3 talent with Fighting Dagger, +2 talent as Dancer, -1 talent Survival

One of Vobal's first memories was the gang rape of his mother by three Donarans. It was followed by being unable to stop the abuse of his sister, being helpless when his parents were killed, being beaten unconscious at eight when he tried to save his brother and sister and two years of torment in the home he and his infant sister were placed into.

At the age of ten he rebelled against the pain and killed his first Donaran. No one discovered he was to blame. He watched as another man was executed for the crime. Twice in the next three years he tried to run. As he could not do so without taking Mara, his efforts failed. He was punished horribly each time. He also killed in his efforts, but never in a manner that was traced to him. His brother returned to Salaq when Vobal was 14. When he saw what his hero now was, he considered killing him. A month later, after his brother made him perform for a pair of Donaran dowagers, he planned fratricide. The night before he was going to act, he was in the ruins hunting Donarans. He had a dream. He saw himself following a raven to the ruined royal palace. It said "be my warrior if you would heal the wound."

Whatever the truth of the vision, i.e. true sending or the dementia of a psychotic mind, Vobal embraced it. He dedicated himself to Salaq, its future and all of its people. He no longer acted on his own hate. He acted to bring justice and freedom to his people. His brother's life was saved, until the day justice claimed it.

Over the next few years, Vobal learned about the Sea Star Society and proved he could be trusted. Soon after, he stood as a Codari assassin. At the age of 22, he became leader of the society and the Codari. He will find the tokens a king needs and bring freedom to Salaq.

Vobal is known as a gambler, dancer, drunk and gigolo. He is often assigned to Donaran associates as a whore by his brother. Salaqi who know the truth see him as their future King and the deadliest blade in the realm. Slaying a Donaran means less to him than swatting a fly does another man.

NOTE - The tokens in question are a special dagger that bears the might of Morrigan and the Sea Star. The blade will come into his possession within two years. When it does, he will begin searching for the Sea Star. Once he has both, his brother will be tried by the Codari and executed. After this is fact, Vobal will be King of Salaq. The revolt will begin.

Jas Colbar - Count of Salaqara AGE51SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

The Colbar family has held this fiefdom and commanded the Eastern Legion since the rape. Jas is the 4th Count of the line. He has ruled for 22 years, since the assassination of his father. His main duties are overseeing the Count, enforcing the Salaqi laws and stifling insurrection in the Duchy. He does all three with a heavy hand. After the Duke, he is the most hated man in Salaqara. His prime talents are lechery and humiliating Salaqi. Donara's elite view him as the true ruler of the land.

Alcin Borat - Criminal, Codari General AGE43SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Borat is the most wanted felon in Salaqara. He has been for fifteen years. The current reward, if he is brought in alive, is 25 gold. The chance that any Salaqi would support an effort to collect it is close to nil. Most view him as a national hero.

He is the leader of the Codari, their General and has strong contacts with Salaqi émigrés in other lands (Shiben, Ticasi and especially Chiros). He has been killing Donarans since he was 15. He is a thief, pirate and smuggler.

Other Fiefdoms

The population of these areas is primarily Donaran. Those Salaqi who dwell in these lands are serfs and slaves, primarily. The total population of all 38 areas is sixty three thousand. The fiefdoms are:

5 Counties
(5, 16, 21, 28 and 38)
33 Baronies
The other numbered areas
2TenoraMining, Fishing
3EloraOwned by temple of Enki
4UsaraFish, River trade, Elf hunting
5Eldama (County)Military. Mining, hunting, anti-elf
6NaoraMines, husbandry
7BastiraHunting, herbs
8VaharaOwned by temple of Vahagn
9SidoraFishing, horticulture
10JasiraFish, mines
11YaviraOwned by temple of Yavishta
12ClaraHorticulture, herbs
13XanoraRiver trade, horticulture
14HelimaMines, hunting
16Mordara (County)Largest iron mine in known world
17GranaraMines, hunting, orchards
18MaoraSource of fine marble
19CedoraOwned by temple of Cedalion
20TaraOwned by temple of Taritu
21Inora (County)Owned by temple of Inanna
22AdoraOwned by temple of Adonis
24IvaraAgriculture, river trade
25VeroraAgriculture, river trade
26TisonaAgriculture, husbandry, orchards
27MorinaAgriculture, fish, trade
28Besara (County)Eastern Legion command center
29KioraFish, river trade
30ParonaAgriculture, fish
31NelinaAgriculture, husbandry
33MusharaOwned by temple of Mushru
34AmaraFishing, illicit shipping
35SalinaAgriculture, fishing
37Asara (County)Owned by temple of Ashur
If the name is normal weight the population is almost entirely Donaran. If it is bold, at least 25% is Salaqi. If italic, at least 25% is E'lici. If it is Bold Italic, at least 20% is Salaqi AND 20% is E'lici.
*This barony has a large prison and more than one penal mine. The vast majority of its Salaqi population is found in these places.

Important Leaders Of The Counties And Baronies

NOTE - The Count of Mordara is not on this list. See book five to learn more about Mordara.

Asnar Ken - Sangu Mah of Enki (Area 3) AGE64SEXMale
MDV17MEL10  EnL80HC16%
Mana Lvl12Casting103Mana Regen9

Asnar is a rabid supporter of the nobles who want to build up the fleet and start a war aimed at the eradication of Clima. He detests everything about that nation. Because of his feeling, he also favors a drive into the Wild Forest. Conquest there would allow Donara to destroy Affea and Fort Kira. Except for his "hot button" where Clima is concerned, Asnar is a quite man and noted scholar. His eldest daughter is the wife of Jasnor Dell, Count of Eldama. She has two sons (16 and 8) and a daughter (11) by him.

Jasnor Dell - Count of Eldama (Area 5), General of Donara AGE43SEXMale
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jasnor is not a bright man, though he is a talented warrior. He sees himself as the great general who will take Donaran arms to the western sea, eradicating the hold of elder races on the forest and hills. He often raids across the river. As yet, no one has supported his plan for a grand invasion. It is unlikely they ever will. He isn't too bright.

Irdal Pentharus - Baron of Clara (12), Wizard AGE32SEXMale
MDV20MEL8  EnL58HC20%
Mana Lvl16Casting119Mana Regen5

Irdal spends a great deal of his time at the temple of Yavishta. He is a law wizard who is fascinated by the arts of Arathron and Yavishta. Fellow nobles have a low opinion of "the lunatic". He is a kind, intelligent man who has no time for silly politics. If his people of his plans are harmed, he acts. If not, he lets the world pass on alone.

Robair Xalora - Baron of Torama (15) AGE49SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Robair is a sadist and lecher who hates Salaqi. He is also the cousin of the Prince of Xalanara. The lot of Salaqi sentenced to his care is not pleasant, and tends to be short. With his contacts, he manages to have a number of female convicts sent to him each year. His use of them is in no way moral or pleasant. The best of them are housed in a hidden brothel he keeps in the hills. Many members of the "death to Salaq" faction are visitors there.

Macom Horen - Baron of Maora (18) AGE44SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Total immunity to Poison

Macom is an experienced soldier and former General. He is also a vocal opponent of the Salaqi policy and the various plans hawkish elements in the nation are proposing. His beliefs made the Don his enemy. He is restricted to his lands by royal command. He will remain there until he recants his words, which will never happen.

Lauren Tinora - Sangu Mah of Taritu (20)AGE40SEXFemale
MDV20MEL11  EnL106HC53%
Mana Lvl14Casting142Mana Regen8

Lauren is the bastard daughter of the Baron of Tenora. She has been a priestess for 32 years. It has been more than 20 years since she last saw her family. She plans to insure there is never a reunion. Her father's use and abuse of E'lici, which led to her birth, offends her. She supports equal treatment for all people of the land and war against evil, both Chaos and Kotothi. No repressive laws are enforced on the lands owned by her faith.

The Sangu Mah is considered to be the most beautiful woman in Donara. She also makes every effort to live as a reflection of her goddess. The chance of any man slaking his lust on her is very small.

Sara Yelvin - Sangu Mah of Inanna (21)AGE51SEXFemale
MDV24MEL15  EnL110HC38%
Mana Lvl16Casting229Mana Regen11

Sara has led Inanna's faith in Donara for the last twelve years. She is the most powerful priestess in the nation. She favors efforts to end worship of gods who are not part of the Court of Ashur. She does not favor the Salaqi laws the nobles are using to help achieve the goal.

Sara supports those who wish to attack Aratad, bringing the glory of Donaran culture to them, and eradicate Clima. She is a Donaran patriot, as she sees it. Bigotry against people plays no part in her choices. Hatred of false gods does.

Bens Iltar - Baron of Ivara (24)AGE41SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

Iltar entered the service of the former Baron when he was 13. After twenty years of superb service, he was adopted. Six years later the old baron died. It took six months for him to have his inheritance recognized by the Don. Since, he has dedicated himself to proving he is as noble as anyone. He does so by supporting the hawks and pressing the ruler of Verora for her hand. Given her graphic refusals, their baronies are engaged in a clandestine war. It will end when he owns both baronies and the "bitch" is bedded.

Imola Tanores - Regent Baroness of Verora (25)AGE29SEXFemale
MDV14MEL7  EnL72HC36%
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL7/EL3 Liberate Spirit as innate power

Imola is the daughter of the Baron of Naora. Her family is one of the oldest noble houses in Donara. She was married to the Baron of Verora when she was 15. She gave him a son three years later. A year after that, the Baron died of a heart attack (while with her in bed). She was granted regency for her son, who is now 11. In seven years he will take the title in his own right. Until then, she does her best to protect it for him.

Whatever her neighbor may desire, there is no way Imola will bed a peasant giant. She made that point more than once, in graphic and demeaning terms. She has answered his violent response in kind and is worked to seize control of all river trade, cutting people from his Barony.

Var Kadel - Baron of Morina (27)AGE57SEXMale
MDV14MEL9  EnL58HC16%
Mana Lvl9Casting69Mana Regen5
* -1 for obesity

Var was the third son of his knightly father. He was a great disappointment. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to a merchant and forgotten. During the next ten years, he traveled, learned his trade and got wealthy. In those same years, his two elder brothers and father died in battle. He returned from Eured and became Baron. With him was his wife and infant son.

Unknown to anyone, his wife is of Salaqi descent AND a member of the Survivor cult (a priestess of Morrigan). Publicly Morina is a rabid adherent to the Salaqi laws and eastern expansion. Behind the scenes, Var's wife aids the Codari and helps criminals escape into Aratad.

Var is one of the wealthiest men in Donara. He controls road trade and rules a rich barony. He is aware of his wife's activities. He will do nothing to stop them, or harm her. He sees no reason why his knowledge of law magic and her status as an elder priestess should mean more than their love.

Alira Sendar - Baroness of Morina, Priestess of MorriganAGE31SEXFemale
MDV20MEL8  EnL124HC47%
Mana Lvl16Casting113Mana Regen8

Alira is a native of Shiben. She met Var in Eured and liked him. She also saw a use for his position to help the cause. In the years since they were married, she has given him two children. She has also led a ring that actively aids the Codari and rescues Salaqi who flee Donaran justice. Because she now loves her husband, she does her best to keep him out of her business. She is aware that he knows what she is doing and does nothing. That, as much as anything, is why she now loves him. When the time of liberation comes, she will see he finds a home in free Salaq at her side.

Dasnel Torkus - Count of Besara (28), Donaran GeneralAGE47SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

Dasnel is a prime leader of the anti-Salaq faction in Donara. He detests them. As the field commander of the Eastern Legion he does everything in his power to humiliate and demean Salaqi. He favors a major invasion of Aratad. One objective of the campaign would be eradicating the Salaqi émigrés in Shiben, Ticasi, Chiros, Nerid and Aratad. Another would be the final destruction of their culture. He has stated, on more than one occasion, that Salaqi are a race of born whores. Few men are more roundly detested in the lands of Salaqara.

Vincel Dorin - Baron of Kiora (29)AGE60SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

The Baron has no love for Salaqi. His abuse of them is public and notable. He does, however, love money. Behind the scenes he is more than willing to take a bribe and look the other way. His avarice has aided Codari operations, and escaping criminals, more than once. He is wealthy and hated.

NOTE - Vincel is one of the most talented healers in the land. In the past, he was the personal physician of the current Don's father.

Farol Nelman - Baron of NelinaAGE23SEXMale
MDV13MEL4  EnL82HC39%
Mana Lvl11Casting37Mana Regen3

Farol began his first service with the army in the west when he was 19. He disappeared one night after three months patrolling the river. His father gathered a group of adventurers and led them into the Wild Forest to find his son. In that effort, a year later, he was "rescued" and his father was killed. He became Baron, as much out of guilt for his father's loss as any other reason. The Baron fits in society as he can. He does not favor the goals of its leaders. He also has two dark secrets. First, he is a Sidh magician, a skill he learned during his year with the elves. Second, he has a lover who is an elf woman. His charisma and persuasiveness have kept him out of chains. The day may come when they aren't enough to steer him to safety.

Baldwin Horen - Baron of Amara (34)AGE39SEXMale
MDV18MEL9  EnL63HC32%
Mana Lvl13Casting108Mana Regen3

Baldwin is the cousin of Macom Horen, Baron of Maora. He publicly decried his relative's treachery and earned notice for his service with the fleet. Behind the scenes, he is more dangerous to Donara than Macom ever dreamed of being. His barony is a haven for pirates, smugglers and criminals. He pursues wealth, power and the destruction of Donara's faith. He supports those who bring either of the first two or he knows act to the detriment of the last. None of those he aids, in any way, tie him to the aid they receive. He is a talented liar, clever and trained in the dark arts. NOTE - Baldwin has a mistress. She is an agent for Clima. They have been lovers for eight years. His daughter by her is at the temple on Ghova.

Jerundel Tel - Sangu Mah of Ashur, Count of AsaraAGE56SEXMale
MDV23MEL16  EnL124HC43%
Mana Lvl15Casting219Mana Regen11

SPECIAL - Creature tie to Blancara

Jerundel was an adventurer, soldier and rake until the age of 23. He had an epiphany in the wild at that age and entered the priesthood. After 27 years of service, he was named Sangu Mah. On his appointment, he opened his county to the temple of Ashur, naming the faith as his sole heir. Needless to say, his pious act did not win him the love of his three sons.

Where Ashur is concerned Jerundel is an utter fanatic. He supports anything he considers to be in the interests of his god. Anything that in any way harms the faith, or diminishes it in the slightest, is fervently opposed. He is a prime spokesman for those who want conquest of neighboring lands. Spreading Donara's culture and faith is good for his god.

The Salaqi States

Ticasi, Shiben, Chiros and Nerid, collectively, are referred to by Donarans as the Salaqi states. All are independent nations who, to a degree, depend of Donara. They have their own laws and are not subject to Donaran rule. All have Salaqi émigrés as part of their population. The largest and strongest such group is located in Shiben. In order, the others are Chiros, Ticasi and Nerid. The total strength of these groups is 42 thousand people.

Marlyn Descal - Sangu Mah of Morrigan, Queen of the Survivors - Location - ShibenAGE26SEXFemale
MDV19MEL10  EnL90HC36%
Mana Lvl14Casting129Mana Regen8

Marlyn began training for her role at the age of two. Last year, she assumed the mantle of Queen on the death of her mother. She leads the Survivors, the remnants of the Salaqi priestesses of Morrigan. Their goal is liberation, their return to Salaq and the rebirth of the Dark Riders. Marlyn is new and unsure but she is dedicated.

Evan Torns - Mayor of Saltor - Location - ShibenAGE51SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Saltor is a village in the Shiben hills. It has a population of 800. 90% of its citizens are Salaqi. Most are descended from soldiers who fled Salaq when all was lost. The leader of their emigration was a Colonel of the royal guard, Evan's grandfather.

Except for six years working as a mercenary in Aratad Evan has spent his entire life in Saltor. He is a master with the sword (EL12) and learned in the art of training soldiers. His duty as Mayor is to see to the welfare of the village and command its militia. All 80 of these men are trained soldiers waiting for the day they return to Salaq to slaughter Donarans. Saltor is not a safe place for Donarans to visit.

NOTE - The high temple of the Survivors is located near this village. Evan's wife is Ashipu'lama there.

Jacon Cordamus - Professor, Archivist - Location - TicasiAGE48SEXMale
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jacon's father is a Baron of Aratad. His mother is a Salaqi entertainer descended from the keeper of the royal archives in old Salaq. She arranged his marriage, 26 years ago, to Ileria. Sixteen years ago he became a professor in Ticasi (History, Legal History, etc) and keeper of the Salaqi archives. He is a noted scholar. As the safety of what he is charged to protect allows, he does what he can for the cause.

Ileria Cordamus - Entertainer, Assassin - Location - TicasiAGE42SEXFemale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Ileria met the Baroness when she fled from Salaq, after killing a Donaran who watched as five of his friends raped her. That event left her pregnant and angry. Her experience, and the journey to safety, made her a hardened killer. Since her marriage, she has dedicated herself to learning the assassin's arts and practiced them well, when the cause asks her to do so.

Other than that she is a devoted wife, mother of four and noted entertainer. She has performed in the royal courts of Aratad and La'Ced. Once in a while, when Donaran officials can't find out, she teaches dancing at the university in Ticasi.

Alain Tolar - Bartender, Thug - Location - TicasiAGE28SEXMale
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA

The Tolar family is descended from the Steward of the royal court of Old Salaq. They hide a number of essential items for the liberation. These include ancient legal records, the King's archives and the crown jewels.

Alain is the result of his mother's infatuation with an immense barbarian who visited Ticasi. The man used her until she got pregnant and was never seen again. As a result, she was thrown into the streets. Alain grew up hard there, as she struggled to provide for him.

At the age of 13, Alain and his mother were "forgiven". The fact that Donarans killed all of her siblings in the interim is the reason. She accepted the family duty and made Alain promise to do the same. He did, for her. For himself, none of it means a thing. If her people don't have the balls to stand up and fight, they don't deserve freedom (as far as he is concerned).

When the liberation comes, he'll turn over the property and be done with them all. Working the bar, trashing people who screw off in the common room and screwing its whores is life enough for him.

Donar Adamnu - Pirate - Location - ChirosAGE35SEXMale
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

The pirate is the 4th in a line who have adopted his name. It was first used by an émigré Captain of the Salaqi fleet. Put the a with the first name and you get the gist.

Donar first shipped out with his father when he was four. He took command of the ship, and the name, at the age of 24, on his father's death. Like all the Donar's before him, he spends his time raiding Donaran shipping and humiliating Donaran nobles. He is very much a wanted felon. The current reward is 20 gold.

Donar's wife and three children live in a manor in rural Chiros. He has a son (9) who is usually with him at sea and two daughters (6 and 4).

NOTE - Donar's vessel is an old style bireme. Despite its age, it is in top condition and very seaworthy. It is outfitted with a flame weapon he stole from Bhamotin and Climan navigational tools (other nations where he is wanted). Like him, his crew is descended from members of the old Salaqi fleet. They are trained seaman with excellent discipline in battle and an intense hatred of Donarans.

Mervin Jesar - Merchant - Location - NeridAGE41SEXMale
MDV17MEL7  EnL94HC26%
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL7/EL6 Luck as Innate Power

Positive Talents - Moneylender (+14) and Rhetoric (+4) Negative Talents - Sword (-5) and Deftness (-4)

NOTE - This means he uses a sword at EL -5. Needless to say, he doesn't carry one. With his deftness, he might cut himself if he did.

Mervin runs shops and an emporium in Nerid. His cabal controls the sale of weapons, ship equipment and alcohol in the city. He employs a company of talented mercenaries who insure that his monopoly is not contested.

He also owns a shipping line that trades with Marentia, Zarun and the Rogizini Empire. Another asset is a luxurious cruise ship that stops in Pelara and Salaqara. Wealthy Donarans who have booked space on it for a journey east sometimes find themselves in the hands of pirates, through no fault of the ship. (Mervin gets a 30% cut of the ransom paid).

Mervin is an amoral businessman. Despite this, he is dedicated to the Salaqi cause. His mother was Salaqi. She was probably the only person he ever loved. He makes space on his liner for Salaqi who want to flee Salaq or get smuggled into it. Should the liberation come in his lifetime, he will make a sizable donation in money and weapons.

NOTE - Mervin's wife adores him. She is the favorite daughter of the most powerful pirate captain in the city. The pirates don't screw with his shops or ships if there is any way word of who did it can get out. (Given the nature of Nerid, someone on the crew would take a bribe and rat out everyone else).

Van Toresque - Priest of Manannan - Location - NeridAGE71SEXMale
MDV21MEL14  EnL118HC31%
Mana Lvl14Casting183Mana Regen10

Van is the grandson of the Sangu Mah of Manannan from Old Salaq. He has ruled the remnants of that faith for the last thirty years from his manor outside Nerid. When his eldest living son (35) is ready, he will turn over the faith to him. Until then, he prays and does what he can for the people.

Arman Toresque - Priest of Manannan - Location - NeridAGE35SEXMale
MDV20MEL9  EnL116HC32%
Mana Lvl15Casting128Mana Regen8

Arman became an acolyte at the age of seven. He has served as his father's aide and apprentice for the last fifteen years. He is patient. When the liberation comes, of its own accord, he will bring the faith home. Until that day, he helps the oppressed as he can and learns his art.

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