Powers and Perils

The Humagi

The Humagi are among the most vicious horse barbarians in the world. Their history is a tableau of warfare, raiding and destruction. They are often at war with the Helva, the Sarghut and the Zen'da.


The Humagi tribes are the Srimoga (31,000), the Kaoga (27,000), the Bonoga (24,000) and the Mopoga (23,000). The total population is 105,000. They can mobilize 21,000 warriors.


A barter system operates here. The most valued trade goods are furs, weapons and animals.


This is a shamanistic society that worships strength, valor and cunning. Some of the forces worshipped are Kotothi.


The Humagi (cousins of the Helva) are merciless. They live for war and measure a warrior's status by the number of enemies that he has slain. When possible they take heads from defeated enemies to display on their lodge pole. They also practice ritual cannibalism, as specified for the Fierazi, and ritual torture, as specified for the Helva. They are cruel and stoic men who know little of kindness and show only slightly more warmth to their own people than they do to outsiders.

Legal System

The basic social unit among the Humagi is the family. Within each family the greatest warrior (in age and reputation) is the family's elder.

Groups of related families are organized into clans, ruled by a council of elders. During a war, clans are ruled by their war chief. These chiefs are selected by the elders of the clan. They select a paramount chief who commands the entire tribe in war. All warriors who follow a chief into war must obey his orders. Failure to do so calls for a steep weregild, banishment or death. The justice system of the Humagi is as specified for the Helva except, in this society, old warriors serve as judges.

NOTE - The Humagi and the Helva split centuries ago because the Helva do not honor old warriors and they give meaningful status to non-warriors and females. The Humagi are a patriarchal society, the Helva are a matriarchy. The Humagi despise the Helva because they are controlled by their women and, thus, are worthless "half-men."




All of their neighbors, especially the Zen'da. They often make special trips to raid the Helva, who do them the same favor.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 145lbs

Favored Weapons

Scimitar, Bows and Swords

Earth Equivalent

Turks, Ugric peoples of Russia

Other Notes

The Humagi prefer leather armor, leather helmets and bucklers. They are usually armed and armored. If not armored they wear a loincloth or other light garment.

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