Powers and Perils

The Vassa

The Vassa are peaceful hunters who have lived in their land since the great migration. Periodically, they are raided by their neighbors. Such raids are always returned with equal fury. They are a vengeful people.


The Vassa tribes are the Pavassa (25,000), the Nivassa (20,000) and the Voloravassa (15,000). Their total population is 60,000. They can field 12,000 warriors.


A barter system operates in this area.


The Vassa are animistic and shamanistic. They give praise to Manu but reserve their greatest devotion for the spirits of the wood and hills.


The Vassa are skilled hunters and warriors. They prefer peace to war and enjoy trade, entertaining festivals and the solitude of the wood. They have a reputation as quick thinkers and generous friends. When angered, they are cunning adversaries who can be tenacious, brave and energetic. As a rule, once angered, they continue to fight their enemy until he ceases his depredations against them and they have been suitably avenged for the original attack. The Vassa are a kind people with a core of steel. They do not interfere in the affairs of others and will not tolerate interference in their lives by outsiders. Trifle with the Vassa at your peril.

Legal System

The Peace Chief of a Vassa clan is its greatest shaman, trader or artisan. He is the mediator of all disputes within the clan. The clan's most renowned warrior or hunter rules during war. He is the absolute master of the clan for the duration. When the war ends, he gives up his power and returns to peaceful pursuits.

The Vassa punish crime with ridicule (minor crimes) and banishment (major crimes). Any crime too serious to be resolved by ridiculing the felon requires that he be banished for ONE year. If he lives past the anniversary of his banishment, he may return. In the eyes of the Vassa, it is not for them to decide a man's fate. If he lives and returns, fate has judged him guiltless or has exonerated him. If he doesn't return, that is fate's affair.

The Vassa are dedicated to peace. Unless they, their possessions or a member of their clan is threatened, they will never raise a violent hand against another person.




The Vassa are raided by their neighbors. They do not consider themselves to be anyone's enemy.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 180lbs

Favored Weapons

Spears, Swords and Bows

Earth Equivalent

Southern Slavs, especially Serbs and Bulgarians.

Other Notes

Warriors favor scalemail. They often use shields and rarely wear helmets. Their common wear is soft fur and leather.

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