Powers and Perils

The Kll'maun

The Kll'maun are fanatics, skilled fighters and deadly trackers. As enemies, they are dedicated and tenacious. In their lands, war is a way of life.


The tribes of the Kll'maun are divided into four groups by their religions.

The SHAMANIC tribes are the Asiramaya (18,000), the Pomaya (14,000), the Riakaya (12,000) and the Risilya (11,000). They have a total population of 55,000 with 11,000 warriors.

The CHAOTIC tribes, followers of the Sorceress of the Dark Lands, are the Araun (16,000), the Mourun (15,000) and the Soraun (14,000). Their total population is 45,000. They can field 9,000 warriors.

The LAWFUL tribe of the forest is the Kll'auna (30,000). They gave 6,000 warriors.

Two tribes in the forest follow the lawful faith of Regis Baya. They are the Sri'yaun (19,000) and the Banayaun (16,000). Their total population is 35,000 with 7,000 warriors.

The total population of the Kll'maun is 165,000 with a total of 33,000 warriors.


A simple barter system operates in the forest. Where money is accepted, it is of limited value.


Religion is all important in this area. If you do not follow the same type of faith, you are an enemy. The Kll'maun worship their gods fanatically.


If a person follows a similar faith, and does not violate local taboos, he is treated as a brother. Toward brothers, the Kll'maun are kind, understanding and helpful. Persons who are not brothers are enemies. Enemies are killed. (Atheism is viewed as a strange faith in these lands. All of the tribes hate those who believe in no gods at all.)

Legal System

The tribes are theocratic. Their priests or shamans rule serving as judge, jury and executioner in all criminal proceedings. They also lead the faithful when they war on non-believers. The greatest crime for a Kll'maun warrior is to allow a priest or shaman of his faith to be harmed when he can prevent it. This crime is punishable by death. Other than major crimes (which carry a death penalty) all crimes are punished by mutilation. All heretics, blasphemers and taboo-breakers are executed by ritual sacrifice to the local gods.




The tribes near the Sarghut often fight them. The tribes near Choshai are the enemies of that nation and spend a great deal of time raiding that land.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 180lbs

Favored Weapons

Spear, Broadsword and Axe

Earth Equivalent

The Anu of Hokkaido Island

Other Notes

The Kll'maun use bucklers and leather armor in battle. For everyday wear they prefer hardened leather and fur.

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