Powers and Perils

Regis Baya

The Bayan temple was founded by a mystical society that was expelled from Katai in the year 3007KA [207SA]. Over the years a city has grown up around it and a great wall has been completed to defend the faith from its enemies. With the support and conversion of Kll'maun tribesmen to the north, the nation has prospered. It is currently a center of culture in the north.

NOTE - Prior to its expulsion, the cult had many followers in the provinces of Li'jian, Ci'jian and Jiuquo.


The city of Regis Baya (9,000) is the capital and a holy shrine to true believers. The civilized population of the nation, within the wall, is 50,000. Outside the wall, 25,000 barbarian believers are camped in semi - permanent villages.

The Interior Army (inside the wall) consists of 800 footmen, 400 cavalry and 4,800 militia. The Exterior Army (barbarian warriors) fields 5,000 Sarghut and Kll'maun warriors.


Regis Baya is an agricultural and religious center. Most of its citizens live on the subsistence level, devoting all of their extra wealth and finest goods to the temple. Bayan craft work and art is good, but not exceptional.


The Bayan faith is fanatically lawful. It demands adherence to dogma and approves of the violent conversion of non - believers. There is little room for imagination in this society.


Bayans are a staid and moral group. They are devout, uncompromising and dogmatic people who make no allowance for ignorance. They are frenetically active in all areas associated with, or that benefit, the faith. Fellow believers are treated with passionless camaraderie. Those who refuse to convert are often beaten severely or killed.

Legal System

The nation is ruled by the High Priest of the Bayan Temple. The priests are the creators, judges and enforcers of the law. Their decision is always based on religious dogma and is not subject to appeal at any time.

In this society, no crime committed against a non - believer (read animal) is criminal. Any criminal act (defined as any action that is forbidden by religious dogma) is punishable by death. There are no exceptions to either rule.


The Banayaun and Sri'yaun are believers. They will defend the nation of Regis Baya against any attacker.


The Sarghut regard Regis Baya as a festering boil whose presence pollutes the plains and corrupts the young. Katai and Choshai consider the Bayans to be dangerous fanatics. Neither nation has much to do with Regis Baya. Legally, their citizens are forbidden from trading with them, though some citizens do anyway.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Swords, Spears, Polearms


The Katai peoples are unique. Most have black hair, oriental eyes and skin of a vaguely golden color.

Calendar (Solar)

The Katai calendar is used in Regis Baya.

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