Powers and Perils

Musira (The Fomorian Empire)

Musira was founded in the year 33FO [234SA]. It has fought many bloody wars with the Shandan tribes, especially the Sherlani. Currently, they are at peace with these tribes although they are still raided off and on (independent warriors and families seeking adventure and profit).


The capital of the kingdom is Musira (14,000). Its total population is 65,000. The army contains 1,600 footmen and 800 cavalry. The fleet has 12 warships, 2 of which are triremes.


Musira is an agricultural area. It exports food and timber and imports stone, metal and other goods. It is among the poorest of the Fomorian kingdoms and, as such, believes that the others should share their wealth.


The chief god of the Kingdom of the Islands is Enki. They also worship Ashur, Vahagn and Inanna.


Fomorians are a proud people, due to their mastery of the seas and the personal blessing that their god bestowed on them. They can be arrogant, domineering and stubborn toward non-Fomorians. This is especially true when the foreigner violates Fomorian law or tradition.

All Fomorians are devoted to honor, truth and lawful obedience. Once a Fomorian gives his word his promise is sacred to him. Fomorians do not lie and become violently upset if it is suggested that they have done so. As long as a foreigner comports himself with honest dignity, and respects Fomorian customs, he is treated fairly by the Fomorians.

Musirans are suspicious of strangers. The slightest misstep by a foreigner can make them hostile toward him. As a rule, they have less pride than most Fomorians and are jealous of more prosperous kingdoms, especially Xan.

Legal System

The King of Musira is an absolute ruler. Fomoria's justice system relies on evidence collected by its royal constables, without torture, and magical interrogation by the presiding judge (a priest of Enki).


Musira has strong ties with the Kings of the Islands and Atler. They have little to do with the Kingdom of the East or Port Doman. They have no relations with the Kolaro or the Sherlani. They have poor relations with the Confederation of Shanda and the Kingdom of Xan.


The great enemy is A'Korchu. Musira is dedicated to containing this "cancerous" nation. They dislike the Kolari and the Goidanese, both of whom have revolted from, or refused to serve, Fomoria in the past.

Musira is often raided by the Sherlani. Radical Musirans believe that the other kings are using Musira as a sacrificial offering to safeguard Xan.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 185lbs

Common Weapons

Swords, Spears, Polearms


The Fomorians are of the same stock as the Kolari, Shandar and Goidanese. Their appearance is a composite of these groups.

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