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Vahear (The Fomorian Empire)

Vahear was founded in the year 80FO [281SA] after a short and violent war with the Rogizini Empire. In the Great Lemasan War (141-154FO [342-355SA]), Vahear played a pivotal role in the destruction of three Lemasan fleets and the conquest of Lemasa's colonies on the continent (Matan and Olphar).

After the great war Vahear was the undisputed master of the southern sea for more than 600 years. In the recent past (800FO [1001SA] - present), there has been an upsurgence in pirate activity, the naval power of the Rogizini and Cerulean Empires has increased and the rulers of Vahear have become decadent. They are no longer the masters of the sea but are still the greatest naval power in the area.


This kingdom's cities are Vahear (43,000), the capital, and Inannadan (12,000), on the main island, and Olphar (23,000), the capital of their continental province (population 120,000). Its islands are Vahear (230,000), Mossal (3,000), Undisan (1,000), Bista (800) and Rey Deu (200). The total population of the kingdom is 355,000.

Vahear's army has 4,000 footmen on the islands and 4,000 footmen and 2,000 cavalry in Olphar. Olphar also has a trained militia force of 6,000 footmen. Vahear's fleet contains 120 warships, 40 trireme size or larger. Twenty of these vessels, including 5 triremes, are based at Olphar.


Except for the agricultural region of Olphar, the kingdom's economy is based on mining and the sea. The nation's wealth is derived from trade, tariffs, fishing and the mines of Vahear.


The major god of Vahear is Enki. Lately the nobility have started to worship Bes as well. The peasantry has always worshipped Vahagn as well as Enki.


Vahearians are the most arrogant and hedonistic of the Fomorians. They make no allowance for foreign customs. Foreigners who deal with Vahear must accommodate themselves to Fomorian custom or they court trouble. The people of Vahear have a reputation for being tenacious and competent soldiers. They seldom accept defeat and never surrender while an enemy threatens their homeland. Common citizens still have these virtues, the nobility has lost them. (The price of mastering the hedonistic practices that have become popular among the noble class.)

Legal System

The King of Vahear is an absolute ruler. Fomoria's justice system relies on evidence collected by its royal constables, without torture, and magical interrogation by the presiding judge (a priest of Enki).


Vahear has good relations with Bhamotin and is allied with Teos and No'mal. They are supported by Ashudan and are the only kingdom that still has reliable ties to the Kingdom of the East.


The Rogizini and Cerulean Empires are dedicated to the conquest of Vahear. The Dechans despise them because Vahear interferes with Dechat's most profitable business (piracy).

NOTE - In the near future a war may break out. The participants will be Vahear, Bhamotin, the Rizeela, No'mal and the Bal'sani, on one side, and the Rogizini Empire, the Cerulean Empire and Dechat on the other. (The main battlefields in the war are likely to be Dechat, Olphar, Bhamotin and the seas.)



Basic Characteristics

Weight 185lbs

Common Weapons

Swords, Spears, Polearms


The Fomorians are of the same stock as the Kolari, Shandar and Goidanese. Their appearance is a composite of these groups.

The Culture Book

Population Detail

The nation of Vahear is comprised of 355,000 citizens broken into several islands and one continental colony.

The main island of Vahear has a total population of 230,000, of which 43,000 reside in the city of Vahear and 12,000 reside in the city of Inannadan. Vahear is supported by 9 towns:

Rennisar [Vahear]1,160
Ossadar [Vahear]1,400
Lossa [Vahear]1,510
Vannar [Vahear-2]1,650
Ennadal [Vahear-1]1,880
Inal [Vahear-3]1,410
Geundistar [Vahear-4]1,620
Adahean [Vahear-6]2,130
Dennistar [Vahear-5]1,990

Inannadan is supported by 2 towns:

Gennar [Inannadan-32]1,630

There are five fortress towns on the island:

Ft. Vada[Vahear-34]1,420
Ft. Fean[Vahear-12]1,120
Ft. Reahey[Inannadan-3]2,220
Ft. Var[Inannadan-16]2,100
Ft. Isal[Inannadan-111]1,960

The remaining population is spread out over 435 villages of with an average size of 340 people.

The island of Mossal has a population of 3,000 and has one fortress town: Ft. Mossal 1,320). The remaining population is spread out over 5 villages with an average size of 310 people.

The island of Undisan is populated by 1000 people, spread out over 3 villages.

The island of Bista is populated by 800 people, spread out over 2 villages.

The island of Rey Deu is populated by 200 people comprising a single village.

The mainland has a population of 120,000, of which 23,000 reside in the city of Olphar. Olphar is supported by 5 towns:

Innar [Olphar]960
Vennis [Olphar-12]1,850
Loraheal [Olphar-5]1,950
Gephin [Olphar-56]1,550
Fendar [Olphar-5655]1,840

Also on the mainland is a single fortress town guarding the passes out of the Desert of Sighs:

Ft. Fesar [Olphar-6655]1,730

The remaining population is spread out over 264 villages with an average of 330 people per village. The villages tend to be clustered along the roads and along the coastline...there are none in the desert areas.

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