Powers and Perils


No'mal's early history revolved around piracy. They were allies of Dechat at this time. When the fight of Dechat's fleet allowed Vahear to sack No'mal (1752RE [639SA]) the people of No'mal began a blood feud with the Dechans. To this day, their ships only prey on Dechan vessels. Only Dechat's connection to the Cerulean Empire stops No'mal from invading Dechat.


The city of No'mal (19,000) controls a nation with 80,000 citizens. The Emir's army has a 400 man Iron Guard (cavalry in chainmail), 3,600 footmen and 4,000 militia. His fleet has 20 warships, three of which are triremes.


The economy is based on the sale of spices and ceramics. No'mal is a cultured city with an undercurrent of violent emotion and barbarism. It trades for metal and other raw materials.


Religion is of very little importance in No'mal. Believe or don't at your own peril.


The people of No'mal are quiet and reticent with others. Beneath this calm veneer they are a passionate people with inexhaustible tempers. Once angered by a crime, especially one of cowardice, their fury becomes an ageless vendetta that carries through the generations until it is resolved. They are a generous, kind and aloof people, except when they are on vendetta.

Legal System

The Emir is an absolute monarch. All crimes are resolved in his court, if the felon reaches trial without being killed by friends of his victim. The standard penalties for crimes serious enough for the Emir to judge are mutilation, slavery and death.

NOTE - No'mal's current Emir is young, energetic and competent. He has formed close ties with Vahear, to balance the Cerulean presence in Dechat, and favors war in the near future. He is a talented general, with experience on the sea, who has lost his left arm (It was amputated to save his life after an assassin hit him with a poisoned dart. There are those in Dechat who want him dead.)


No'mal has a defensive alliance with Vahear allowing either to use the other's ports in time of war. They have strong relations with the Bal'boni and could enlist their aid in a war. (In 1096, the Emir married the sister of a Bal'boni chief. He is now a relative of the Bal'boni.)


No'mal dislikes the Cerulean because of their support of Dechat. They hate Dechat. No Dechan is safe in No'mal.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 155lbs

Common Weapons

Scimitars, Daggers and Bows


The Rogizini peoples, in the main, have sun - darkened skin and brown hair. Most are long - legged and agile. Rogizini dancers can be exceptional.

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