Powers and Perils


Dechat's history is one of illegal practices, immorality and vice. In the last five hundred years, the city of Decha (founded in the year 1072RE [-41SA] by Rogizini rebels and Shazi pirates) has been sacked eight times by Vahear. Since the year 2145RE [1032SA], they have been a protectorate of the Cerulean Empire (under the control of the Satrap of Chohas). Under the terms of this treaty, they allow Cerulean vessels to pass freely and do not attack Rogizini vessels, in exchange for a yearly tribute. They continue to prey on other nation's vessels. Dechat is one of the world's most vicious cities; a den of pirates, cutthroats and deadly assassins.


The capital is the nation is Decha (30,000). Its total population is 140,000. The armed forces of Dechat are divided into three groups. The Emir controls 1,200 footmen and 12 warships. The Cerulean Resident, Admiral Chjaza Mir'yan, controls 1,600 Cerulean footmen and 800 cavalry (based outside of the city) and 3 warships, one of which is a trireme. The various pirate captains of the city control 4,800 sailors and mercenaries and 36 warships. Dechat can field an 8,400 man "army" and 51 warships.

NOTE - The major captains of Dechat are:

CaptainMercsSailors Warships
Noman Kha400 1200 12
Ali Mala200 600 6
Serban100 300 3
Lady Boma100 300 3
9 Others400 1200 12
TOTAL1200 3600 36

Mercs - Trained Soldiers, thieves, brigands and "skilled" employees of the captain

Sailors - Ship crews and other persons associated with the captain's fleet

Warships - Pirate vessels owned or controlled by the captain. They vary in size from small dhows to penteconters.


Dechat's economy is based on slavery, smuggling, trade and piracy. The Emir controls 20% of the nation's net income. The remainder is shared by the pirate captains, with one share per ship that the captain owns or controls.

NOTE - Noman Kha has 12 ships. Because of this he has 12 shares of the national income and controls 26% of the nation's wealth. He is the wealthiest man in Dechat.


Religion is of very little importance in Dechat. Believe or don't at your own peril.


Dechans are untrustworthy and sadistic hedonists who love treachery and seek corruption. Dechan leaders rule our of self-interest. They are amoral, cunning and deadly. Common citizens are conniving, gracious and accommodating men, until they can create an opportunity to gain power or profit. Most citizens are immoral and vicious, when possible.

Legal System

Dechat is ruled by its Emir and a Council of Captains. To become a member of the council, a person must own a warship, be recognized as a noble of Dechat by the Emir and be accepted for membership by a majority vote of the current Council members. Each member has one vote per manned warship that he owns or controls. Currently, there are twelve members of the council, including the Emir. (Ali Mala is not a member. As an enemy of Noman Kha, he has been blackballed by the council.)

NOTE - Noman Kha controls a coalition of captains, including Serban and Lady Boma, who consistently outvote the Emir when their opinions differ. The Emir is ruler in name only. Noman Kha is the true master of Dechat.

Legally, the Emir or his authorized agents adjudicate all criminal cases. Their decision is law, though bribery and personal connections affect the outcome of most trials. The captain of a vessel is its ruler. He can do what he wishes to anyone who is on his vessel at sea. (Never sail with a captain who may have a reason to hate you.)


Dechat is a protectorate of the Cerulean Empire. They have friendly relations with the Rogizini Empire.


Dechat is despised by No'mal, the Bal'boni and Vahear. Without Cerulean protection, they would be hard-pressed to survive.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Scimitar, Dagger, Bows


The Rogizini peoples, in the main, have sun-darkened skin and brown hair. Most are long-legged and agile. Rogizini dancers can be exceptional.

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