Powers and Perils


The High King

The High King is elected for life. When the position is open, any tribal or clan chief can state his willingness to assume the responsibility. This is done by making a formal presentation to the Archdruid of his tribe or the High Druid of Goidan if he has no tribe. (Having an enemy of such a person take steps to keep him from reaching the High Druid before the offering deadline is not unknown in Goidan. Most of the elite of the island prefer that their High King come from one of the free tribes. Candidates without a tribe, or from the Ulstan, sometimes run into obstacles).

Three months are allowed for a man to offer. Once this period ends, the Druid council (the High Druid and all Archdruids) meets to consider the willing. They decide which have the attributes, reputation and experience to be High King. Both their personal opinions and invocation of the gods is used to make the candidate list.

Those they select are invited to the Throne (Sarem) to decide which deserves to wear the royal mantle of Goidan. The election fete must be held within two months after the candidate list is set. Its date is sent to every King of Goidan along with a list of those who are allowed to stand. During the interregnum between High Kings, the Druid Council rules in his stead. Unless an emergency arises, they may not engage in any major action without the unanimous agreement of the tribal kings.

The Election

All candidates and kings are invited. Anyone who is a FAMILY king or higher may vote. The procedure is as follows:

Day One

1)Judge Purification (Dawn)

The judges, the High Druid and all of Goidan's Archdruids, purify themselves. That done, a rite to the gods is cast for each. Any who show sign of taint leaves their blood on the altar (they are sacrificed). They are replaced after the election.

2)Candidate Purification (Noon)

After a sacred rite is performed for all present, the candidates are escorted into the Sanctuary of Sarem. Each is purified and exposed to the sight of the gods. Any who shows taint beyond redemption has their throat slit on the altar.

3)First Meeting (Dusk)

The surviving candidates, and all kings present, have a meal before the vacant throne. This is a party and politicking session.

Day Two

1)Sanctification (Dawn)

Each candidate is blessed at the Sanctuary. When that is done, all kings present stand for a blessing outside the sacred enclosure. A meal follows.

2)The Pronouncement (Mid-morning)

In order of age, youngest to oldest, each candidate speaks of qualifications, deeds, battle honors; telling everyone why he should be High King. This continues until all of the candidates speak. It ends when it ends.

3)Second Meeting (Evening)

A soiree with music, dance, singing, etc. Each candidate is expected to participate as fully as he can. All the kings are invited. Others who wish to be present are also welcome. This is a party and a test of the candidates' skill in gentle arts (music, dancing, storytelling, etc).

Day Three

1)Invocation (Dawn)

With all candidates present, the Druid councils invokes the attention of the gods and asks them to bestow wisdom on the candidates and the electors.

2)Test of Iron (Mid-Morning)

Each candidate shows his competence with weapons and other military arts. Each is allowed a maximum of thirty minutes for his exhibition.

3)Election (Dusk)

The candidates, kings and Druid council meet in the high hall of Sarem before the vacant throne. The Druids read the role of the recognized families, clans and tribes. The recorded King, if present, votes for the man he wants. (If a man is King at three levels, he votes three times. Should a family, clan or tribe's king fail to appear his vote is forfeit.) The candidate who receives the most votes is High King.

4)Coronation (Midnight)

There is a party after the election. The electors give the new High King donations at this time. (It is bad form to vote for the elected High King and NOT give him a donation.) Near midnight the revelers escort him to the Sanctuary. The Druid Council and as many druids as are available wait there. They perform a recitation of the law, a high blessing and a rite of purification. When it ends, the High Druid leads him to the high hall, places the mantle on his shoulders and seats him on the throne. This is timed to occur at dawn of the fourth day.

High King Duties and Rights

  1. The High King is Marshal, General of the host in war and commander of the Champions of the Red Branch in peace and war.
  2. He and his nuclear family dwell in the High Hall of Sarem. All that is there is his to use or add to as he chooses. Everything that comes in during the reign of a High King is the property of the High King. When he dies, his family is not free to take it away with them. (They leave with wealth equal to what they held before the election. Nothing more. This is controlled by the High Druid.)
  3. This king may seek donations from lesser kings and conduct diplomacy. He may NOT compel a donation or engage in peaceful relations with a banned culture, such as the Korchi.
  4. The High King calls a yearly meeting of all clan and tribal kings at Sarem (It is usually held the day before Samhain). Family kings may attend if they choose. They do not have the right to speak at the meeting. Any who violate this are subject to the High Druid's justice. The kings address any concerns they wish. Any decision on what will be done is up to the High King. (He is responsible for providing all amenities and chairing the meeting. On average it costs 600 gold. It is something of a potlatch. The more spectacular, the higher the regard the High King is held in and the better he and Goidan are doing.)
  5. Two rituals occur each year. The first is a fertility rite in the spring. The other is Samhain, which speaks to the gods and the ancestors. The High King performs roles in both at the High Sanctuary at Sarem. Some tribes have rituals during other parts of the year. He may request a place in them if he wishes. It is up to the tribe's druids whether they allow it or send a request for his participation.
  6. The High King has the right to sit at meetings of the Druid Council and has the ear of the High Druid. Before or after the meeting, he is allowed to state his views, seek advice and interact with the Council. He may not speak during the meeting. Only the voices of the sacred may be heard.
  7. The High King advises other kings. He may ask their compliance to policies he arranges diplomatically and otherwise. He does not have the authority to compel obedience but can let all know it is expected.

A successful High King needs the respect of the warrior class. He must also have the wisdom to interact effectively with the sacred. Finally, his ability to understand the drives of those he rules, and engage in effective political interaction, often is the difference between a successful reign and near anarchy.


Sarem is marked by a black square surrounded by white. It is in Connata territory near the Armagh. The site contains the High Hall (a large, ornate palace on a low hill), the Sanctuary (a ritual center) and buildings that are assigned to aides of the High King and leaders of the Red Branch. A wall with ornate carvings that show the nature of Goidanese life surrounds the entire complex. In addition, a small village supports the center. Except for the Sanctuary, the High King is allowed to make any improvement he chooses to this area while he lives. It is his.

The Sanctuary is divided from the rest of the complex by a curtain wall. It is a circle of stones. Around it are a nice manor and eight smaller buildings. The manor is the home of the High Druid (occupied under the same rules as stated for the High King). The other buildings house other druids, serve as a training college and provide for the needs of the sacred present.

The Red Branch

There are 2000 members of the Red Branch. Only some of the 300 who serve as guard of the High King, and some of the great hundred who exceed all others, dwell at Sarem. The rest remain with their families. They are subject to call at any time and must answer, by arriving at the marshaling point, within 72 hours.

NOTE - Under the current King the standing guard at Sarem is 60 of the 300 and 20 of the hundred. They rotate, allowing all members of this elite to be with him each year. The first four rotations serve ten weeks each. The final rotation serves twelve weeks.

Members of the Red Branch must serve the law, obey the High King and keep themselves ready for war. Failure in any regard is a stain on their honor and that of their family. Those who fail in a criminal manner are subject to Druidic justice. When not actively serving the High King they are expected to serve the Kings of their tribe, clan and family when their skills are needed and they feel the call is just. At any time, it is there place to seek the good of the people and the bettering of their skills, reputation, etc.

The Druid Council

Druid organization mirrors society. Each family has a druid. That person is generally a member of the family served. Sometimes the Druid council will accept a recommendation from Kings or other family members as to who the family druid should be. Those ordained druids who are not at least family druids serve as ritual assistants, roving healers, traveling judges, etc. (The effective priest rank of a family druid is five.)

Each clan has a druid. Only family druids of the clan are eligible to become clan druid. They are elected by the druids who serve those families. On his election, a new druid takes his place with the family. The effective priest rank of a clan druid is eight).

Archdruids are the tribal druids of Goidan. They are elected at the tribe's ritual center by the Clan Druids of the tribe. On their election, someone else fills their place as a Clan Druid. Archdruids are the final authority on all things pertaining to the law of their tribe and the faith. With the High Druid, they form the Druid Council. Their effective priest rank is ten.

The High Druid of Goidan is the ultimate authority of religion and justice on the island. His ruling on any matter is law. His is the voice of the gods. It is heard when someone asks or the gods wish to speak. He is selected at Sarem by the awakened eye of the gods (a ritual is cast by all the Archdruids of Goidan. The result names one of them High Druid.

The High Druid retains his post until he dies defending Goidan or is not able to perform his duties fully, due to advanced age. His first act sends his ancient predecessor to Figol or celebrates his memory if he is already dead). Once enshrined, the High Druid's person is the most sacred thing on Goidan. Offering him any insult or violence is a high crime. The current High Druid is Eoghan. He is in his 60's. In eight years he will be sent to Figol.

NOTE - When a High Druid reaches an age where he cannot progress for the good of the tribe, or is in obvious physical decline, he gives his blood to Goidan as a final service. His replacement conducts the sacrifice.

The same type of structure exists for Bards. In their case, it is not as stringent or formal. The leader of their council is known as the High Singer of Goidan. The current holder of that rank is Lagin. The High Singer is replaced when he can no longer perform his duties but he is not sacrificed when this occurs. He is allowed to return to his family. Traditionally, he becomes a bard in service to them until he dies of old age.

Zanthus of Fell Swamp (Eoghan) - High Druid of GoidanAGE63SEXMale
MDV20MEL14  EnL95HC39%
Mana Lvl13Casting160Mana Regen8


Druid arts, Rhetoric, Oratory, Singer, Scholar

Zanthus is a friendly man with a great deal of charisma. He is also a powerful druid with a seething hatred of all things Korchi. If he had his way, every man and boy on the island would take up arms and exterminate the plague from the island of Goidan. As it is not his choice, nor the place of a druid to make such choices, he does his duty and waits. He is loved by the people and respected by his peers.

Fergus O'Hara (Mumani) - High Singer of GoidanAGE44SEXMale
MDV21MEL12  EnL108HC38%
Mana Lvl15Casting170Mana Regen8


Archer, Sword, Entertainer, Bard Skills, Horseman, Singer, Scholar (Songs of Power), Healer

Fergus was a hunter and warrior until the age of 17. An event, involving a Faerry lass, a dark forest and Korchi raiders, showed him a different path. He pleaded with the Druids to allow it, despite his nature and advanced age. After some difficulty, he was admitted for training. His power blossomed quickly. He is a tireless traveler who cares nothing about tribal distinctions. If anyone who is Goidanese is in need of a Bard, he is happy to help.

Ancestral Stock

Ui Niell, Ulail Sherlani, Shanda
Connata Sherlani, Gholani
Armagh Émigrés from the Western Continent
Lagin, Mumani, EoghanKolari tribes
Ulstan Sherlani, Gholani, Kolari and Fomorian criminals

Tribal Data

Ui Neill


Population (18,000)

Red Branch members - 500

Clans - 10

Families - 194


The prime goods produced by Ui Niell are timber, tin and naphtha. They have some trade in furs. The people survive with agriculture, hunting and fishing.


Ui Niell tend to be bellicose warriors and practical jokers. They give no ground to those they hate. The hated, especially Korchi, have simple options. Be gone or be dead. With others, they demand fairness, revel in jest and share their bounty as they can. One who earns the friendship of Ui Niell has it forever. The same applies for those who earn enmity, unless that are not Korchi and do something to redeem their error.

Finn mac Neill - High King of Goidan, King of the Ui Neill, King of Clan UimacAGE49SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA


Bastard Sword, Shield, General


Finn is not the most talented leader in Goidan. He is an accomplished warrior, experienced General and always fair. He also has a number of influential supporters (the people who voted for him were primarily Ui Niell, Connata and Ulail). He doesn't care for Djani and detests Korchi. Like all Ui Niell, what he hates he kills if forced to act.

NOTE - Finn recently gave his eldest son Shamus the title of King of family Niell (with the support of the other Ui Niell kings). Shamus is a 24 year old warrior who is doing well.

Alvin * - Arch Druid of Ui Niell AGE52SEXMale
MDV18MEL10  EnL82HC28%
Mana Lvl13Casting119Mana Regen8

* Druids do not use their family name. Alvin is Alvin of Ui Niell. Where that is not a sufficient differentiator, he is Alvin of Starl Pass (the name of the village where he was born).


Scholar, Linguist, Druid Arts

Alvin favors peace when possible. His council is to resist the temptation to go to war and work to build Ui Niell might. He favors strong relations with the Djani and open trade with Fomoria. While he detests the Korchi, he does not favor war against them for many years, if ever. The High King does not favor his beliefs (but no man acts against the sacred).

Ritual Center (Ui Mora)

The Ui Niell ritual center is located on a forested plateau between two high mountains. It is a circle of stone. Outside the sacred area are fourteen stone buildings. They are used by the resident druids, guardsman and for druid/bard training. Stone watchtowers ward the access routes to the center.



Population (16,000)

Red Branch members - 600

Clans - 12

Families - 190


The Connata are noted for mining, skins and furs. Many of the most productive mines in Goidan are in their territory.


Connata prefer to walk their path without obstacles. Given a choice, they stay on their land, do what they wish and let the world move on alone. When forced, they are cunning, vicious warriors who fight without offering any quarter gentler than unconditional surrender. In general, when one angers Connata the battle lasts until only one side can continue.

Alain Conorra - King of Connata, King of Clan CesteraAGE33SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA


Broadsword, Axes, Clubs, Survival, Mining, Sword, Shield

Alain parlayed eight years in the Champions of the Red Branch, and success in a dangerous mission in Korchu for the High King, into the rule of Connata on the death of his uncle in battle. He is a talented warrior with the potential to lead well. He also has a decent grasp of what makes people tick. Finally, he wields the sword of Conor (a magic broadsword of great power).

Lieran - Archdruid of ConnataAGE58SEXMale
MDV17MEL11  EnL47HC33%
Mana Lvl11Casting107Mana Regen4


Druid Arts, Scholar, Healer, Hand to Hand (Wrestling), Archery

Lieran is an intellectual with a minor gift of gab. He is a true student of the law and Goidanese history. There is little about either that he does not know. He was placed with the Druids when he was six. If he had been given the choice, he would have become a warrior. He truly enjoys a good fight, much as that is frowned upon in a proper druid.

Ritual Center

The Connata ritual center is an ornate altar on a tall mountain that overlooks the river. It is reached through a cavern system. The resident druids dwell in the caverns. The guards assigned to them dwell at the entrance to the caverns down by the river. Only druids, bards and those needing their services ascend to the sacred levels.



Population (13,000)

Red Branch members - 300

Clans - 10

Families - 149


Timber, fur and flax are the mainstays of the Ulail economy. Though Djani annoy them, and they have a long standing feud against the Ulstan, they have strong trade ties to Sokkvabbek.


Ulail tend to be gregarious people who love a good party and a great fight. Either is enough to make most of them ecstatic. On a minor note, Ulail warriors tend to be womanizers. An event involving three daughters of an Ulstan king is the reason for the tribal feud that led to Ulstan going behind a Djani shield.

Evan Lorrigan - King of UlailAGE40SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA


Singer, Eroticism, Sword, Club, Oratory

Evan trained to be a Bard in his youth. His low intelligence, and lust for women, doomed his effort. When this became clear, he decided to embrace weapons and become a hero. He was better suited for that task and has done well. However, the task that suits him best is singing and seducing women. He is a master at both. (Evan is not on friendly terms with the Archdruid. He showed Evan he was too stupid to be a Bard. Evan hasn't forgotten how).

Justin - Archdruid of UlailAGE71SEXMale
MDV22MEL16  EnL80HC21%
Mana Lvl14Casting206Mana Regen9


Scholar (Forest, Mountain, Hills), Cosmology, Druid Arts, Wizardry, Jeweler

Justin is the most powerful Druid in Goidan. He is not a "people person". His personality is matter of fact and acerbic. He is known for speaking his mind in a straightforward manner, which tends to hurt people he has no intention to harm, such as Evan. He is not a great teacher. He is a great Druid. If he had a gentler personality he would probably be High Druid.

Ritual Center

The Ulail center is the center point of a sacred grove of ancient trees. The limits of this area are marked with totems. No one may enter without just cause. Anyone who does is subject to Druid discipline, up to and including sacrifice on the altar. The support dwellings that exist here are located outside of the sacred area.



Population (12,000)

Red Branch members - 200

Clans - 5

Families - 250


The Armagh are the sole source of Goideli wine. They also produce all of the trade items listed for Goidan and weave fine linen. They are the wealthiest, most civilized and most Fay tribe in Goidan. Most have a strong love for things Sidh and/or neutral. The god most favor is Cernunnos (60%). All honor the Sidh gods, especially Lugh, as well.


Armagh enjoy beauty, jokes, good meals, the dance, singing, a good battle and interesting games. Reveling in any or all of these while imbibing is a cultural trait. As a people they are highly sensitive about the laws of hospitality. When they offer such to a man, refusing is a sure way to find trouble.

Angus Mac Lier - King of Armagh (See Heroes)
Asterion Elian - Half elf, Wife of Angus, Sister of an Elf Duke, Sidh MagicianAGE30SEXFemale
MDV17MEL9  EnL67HC41%
Mana Lvl12Casting100Mana Regen3


Horseman, Dancer, Sidh Magician, Healer, Two Weapon, Sword, Fighting Dagger, Craft skills, Entertainer, Storyteller

Asterion is a good magician, not great. She is noted for charisma, ability as an entertainer and the fabulous way she has of telling stories. There is no one in the Armagh who has met her that hasn't come away in love. If her man were anyone less than Angus, her presence would have led to more than one death (fighting for her hand). She loves Angus but is a flirt, by human standards. This is not a problem. Angus enjoys pummeling a randy guest.

Donel of Lanar - Archdruid of ArmaghAGE39SEXMale
MDV25MEL13  EnL102HC43%
Mana Lvl18Casting220Mana Regen8


Vintner (Goideli Wine), Druid arts, Forester, Hand to Hand, Scholar, Armorer, Jeweler, Survival, Healer, Herbalist

Donel is embarrassed by the success he has known. He was elected Archdruid at the unheard of age of 34. At times, this makes him self-effacing in the company of his peers. All are elder. Most are more than 15 years older. He hopes to have a chance to serve, without further advancement for decades. Given his talent, and the age of the High Druid, his wish is unlikely to be granted. There is little he has not studied about his art, the law and the wood. When the time of selection comes, the gods will name him High Druid. His closest friend on the Council of Druids is Justin.

Ritual Center

The Armagh center is a sacred grove called Per Lansa (Place of Landing). Sanctifying it, and placing the altar they carried from the west in it, was the first thing the people did. Like the Ulail, the sacred area is marked and its support buildings are outside the center. The only person who is allowed access to the altar is the Archdruid and those he needs to perform his rites. It is not for the eyes, or touch, of anyone else. Defiling the altar in any way is a capital crime.



Population (9,000)

Red Branch members - 100

Clans - 8

Families - 171


The Lagin are a poor tribe. There trade consists of low quality tin, small amounts of other metals, furs and skins. The people subsist by hunting and with minimal agriculture in the hills. They have a number of hide boats and do a bit of piracy when the mood strikes.


Lagin tend to be sullen, by Goidanese standards. They suffered with the arrival of the Korchi, lost some of their most productive lands as a result of Ulail and Connata raping Ulstan (prior to the Djani arrival at Sokkvabbek and the accord that made Ulstan a Djani problem) and believe the other tribes look down on them. Lagin are quick to take insult and often take foolhardy chances to prove their worth. When something impossible needs doing, ask a Lagin. He'll give it a go.

Conn Lagiran - King of LaginAGE59SEXMale
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA


Heavy Swords, Clubs, Seaman, Miner

Conn has been a famed warrior and adventurer for forty years. He has held the crown since he was 41. His wife is a foreigner he picked up on a journey five years ago. She is the most important thing in his life. He has twin four year old sons she gave him and a 37 year old son, Elvin, from his dead wife who is a Hero of the Red Branch (one of the 300 who guard the High King) and king of family Lagiran. Unless someone frees his wife from the Korchi, he will deal with them to save her. He has no choice.

Miriam Lagiran - Wife of the King, RogiziniAGE23SEXFemale
MDV15MEL5  EnL58HC29%
Mana Lvl12Casting49Mana Regen5


Thief, Eroticist, Entertainer, Sword, Survival, Witchcraft, Healer, Herbalist, Throwing Dagger

Miriam is from Musci. As a child she was the property of a noble pedophile. She escaped into the ghetto at the age of eight. An herb woman living there protected her from the searchers. When the search ebbed, she took Miriam as a daughter. She was trained to use her talents and taught the arts of a witch. (Her mother was one of the secret worshippers of Sammael.) When she met Conn, Miriam was on the run for free lancing and because the Empire was, again, trying to eliminate witchcraft. Using a pleasant old man to make her escape seemed reasonable. When she discovered he was a king, she followed him to Goidan happily. Once she saw what he called a palace she was less than pleased. She was also pregnant.

She gave birth and raised the children until they could get by. That done, she started forming a plan to get back to civilization. This led her into a Korchi snare. She is chained in a Korchi dungeon. Now and then, the Governor enjoys letting her try to convince him to free her. It appeals to the sadist in him. He takes what she gives, prods for more and chains her again. Each time she visits, she tries harder to sway him. She is an excellent toy.

Ran of Red Mountain - Archdruid of LaginAGE54SEXMale
MDV15MEL9  EnL82HC31%
Mana Lvl10Casting81Mana Regen7


Druid arts

Ran is sinfully ambitious for a Druid. His family has a blood feud with Ulstan. They also hate Korchi, Djani and Connata. His goal is to arrange great defeats for his enemies that benefit Lagin. He will not defile his faith to achieve those ends. Anything beyond that is no problem. He has divined the plan of the Governor of Baobhanu. He is doing nothing.

When Conn defiles himself, and lets Korchi troops in to ravage Sokkvabbek, he will convince the new king to turn on Baobhanu. Korchi and Djani will suffer. With the might and reputation earned in burning Baobhanu, he can make Connata suffer and save Sokkvabbek. Lagin will own two cities, most of the east coast (including all Ulstan lands) and immense wealth. As Lagin savages Ulstan, his people will become dominant. Ran will be High Druid for the first hereditary Lagin High King.

NOTE - The Governor of Baobhanu is experienced and talented. He will not open himself in the way Ran imagines and will take steps if allowed to pass. His passage will slay many druids, starting with Ran.

Ritual Center

The Lagin ritual center is located in a large cave. The one entrance is sealed by an ornate, iron door made by a dwarven rune master in return for a favor. It can only be opened when a person of power touches it and thinks the correct phrase. Anyone who touches it without thinking that phrase is subject to MEL12/EL6 Petrification. Only Ran and a council of six family druids he selected know the phrase. The sacred center opens for no one else. Support buildings are set at the base of the mountain that the cave is located in.

NOTE - Person of power means someone who casts magic of any kind. The spell does not make a finer distinction. Any magic user who knows the phrase can open the door.



Population (8,000)

Red Branch members - 150

Clans - 8

Families - 138


The mountain area contains an immense deposit of tin. It also has small deposits of copper, gold and silver. Two of the Mumani clans dwell in the mountains and work the mines. The rest get skins, fur, timber and flax in their forest abode. The Mumani are relatively wealthy. They also have trade relations with a Fomorian trader (House Chian).


Mumani are friendly and sociable to strangers who have not given them cause for hate. They shun those who offend them. If pressed by such, and it is clear the person has no interest in atonement, they kill him. Mumani are known for a streak of greed. The mountain area they own was taken from Eoghan when gold was discovered. Those tribes are not the best of friends to this day.

Kevin Muman - King of Mumani, King of Clan Muma, King of Family MumanAGE48SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - When Kevin was 14 he came across a gorgeous woman trapped in a snare. So gorgeous was she that the thought of taking her came to mind. Being a good lad he did not. He freed the lass and tended her wound. She smiled, said bless you and disappeared, accompanied by the sound of songbirds. Since that day, Kevin has been able to understand the tongue of anyone who speaks to him, be it rat, dog or man. He is blessed by Rhiannon.


Archer, Shield, Horseman, Dancer


Kevin is a good natured man who enjoys socializing with others, especially when a chance to party and dance is involved. Fighting is never a preferred option with him. If he must take it, he attacks with speed, cleverness and ends the mess, as he calls it, as fast as fate allows. He is not the smartest man but his ability to read others, and guess their motives, is often dazzling to behold.

Ghoram - Archdruid of MumaniAGE65SEXMale
MDV16MEL11  EnL53HC26%
Mana Lvl10Casting98Mana Regen4

Ghoram was taken by Korchi two years after becoming Archdruid. In the weeks they held him, the abuse he suffered was horrible. Thankfully, he was rescued before he reached his ultimate destination (the palace of the God Emperor). The trial left his mind and body weakened. It also gave him a seething hatred for Korchi. He supports those who wish to levy the island for war and exterminate Baobhanu.

Ritual Center

The Mumani ritual center is a circle of trees marked with the runes of Figol. Only druids and bards may enter safely. Anyone else who seeks to do so is taken by the wards or the guardians. Unless the entrance was an accident, or forgivable (like the act of a curious child), the punishment for entering without permission is sacrifice on the altar.



Population (7,000)

Red Branch members - 50

Clans - 4

Families - 203


The Eoghan have small mines in their hills. Their main business is peat, naphtha and fishing. A few "energetic" members of the tribe also engage in a bit of piracy.


The Eoghan have the nature of a cornered animal, in many ways. They see themselves as fighting for their lives against the Korchi. They also have a debt to repay where the Mumani are concerned. Should fate let them be done with the white pigs, they will see to their honor in the forests and reclaim their mountains. Eoghan are sensitive. They accept no slights. One often finds a fist in their face before he realizes the depths of his error in etiquette when dealing with them.

Davod Eolla - King of Eoghan, King of Clan Eogh, King of Family EollaAGE55SEXMale
Mana Lvl13CastingNAMana RegenNA


Scholar, Read and Write, Club, Swampman, Hillman, Mountaineer, Miner, Seaman, Navigator, Heavy Swords, Healer

Davod wanted to be a druid when he was a boy. He worked on his studies and tried to learn. Then puberty came and he grew a foot in a single year and kept growing. It soon became clear he was going to be immense. He accepted fate's will and became a warrior. In the decades since, many an Eoghan still live because he did. He appears to be a boulder given flesh. In fact, he is a brilliant man who loves his people and is nearly unstoppable in battle. The Korchi have a bounty of 200 gold on his head. Seven times men have attempted to earn it. None are still breathing. Davod killed three. His people did a thorough job of slaughtering the others. They love their king.

Morris of Silas Fen - Archdruid of EoghanAGE57SEXMale
MDV21MEL12  EnL98HC21%
Mana Lvl15Casting169Mana Regen9


Druid Arts, Herbalist, Singer, Scholar

Morris is an expert on the law. He is descended from three men who were High Druids in their lives. His goal is to be the next High Druid. When that day comes, he plans to suggest the removal of all foreigners from the holy island and the islands surrounding it. He will also DEMAND the High King make the Mumani return the stolen mountains and pay a weregild for them. Until then, he does his duty and defends his people from the Korchi taint.

Morris is a talented, stubborn man who is supremely confident in his own ability. He is certain that his vision of Goidan's future must come to pass. After all, he alone has the training and intellect to chart its course.

Ritual Center

The Eoghan center is located in a forested valley. Lines of hills run to north and south of it. The center is a large stone building with a basement. A curtain wall made of the best oak surrounds the complex. Inside, with the sacred building, are a training center and a barracks for the 30 guards who are always there. The Archdruid lives in the sacred center. By Eoghan tradition, he is the soul of Eoghan. He must be in the structure that contains the altar whenever possible. When he is absent, the warriors of Eoghan are weakened by the lack of his power.

Non-Affiliated Clans and Families


Population (5,000)

Red Branch members - 100

Clans - 6

Families - 195


These clans and families are people who have chosen to leave their tribes, been driven out of them or serve a leader whose reputation is so outstanding he was allowed freedom from the tribal structure. Some own mines or have good resources. Most get by as they can and have to deal with trouble from the tribes around their lands. Those who are too weak to hold what they have oft as not end up as gypsies or bandits.


These people tend to be cunning and unscrupulous. Those who have a respected leader, or defensible resources that grant some stability, are less prone to this trait. In their case, their nature will be akin to that of the leader or the tribe they split off from.

NOTE - This applies for the non-affiliated among the tribes of Goidan and those in Sokkvabbek also. There are three notable leaders that deserve listing in this document. They are:

Ella Flynn - Sorceress, WarriorAGE35SEXFemale
MDV21MEL15  EnL96HC29%
Mana Lvl13Casting204Mana Regen9


Sorceress, Scholar, Jeweler, Miner, Archer, Dancer

Ella is the only female family leader in Goidan. She earned the right in battle, when her magic and ability played a major part in defeating a Korchi incursion. The High King and the King of the Armagh gave her the island in the river and told her relatives that any could follow if they wished. Fifty went, to their surprise. In the seven years since, 12 children have swelled the number. Her place is growing well.

NOTE - Ella worships the neutral goddess Miryan. Her consort is a member of the True Sidhe. Her palace is sanctified so his true appearance is his to wear when he is in it. She has born him a daughter they named Miral. Her nature tends to be capricious, erotic and exuberant with those she has no cause to hate. Where enemies are concerned, she is death. She reflects the nature of her goddess well.

Original Tribe


Family Size



A small island in the southern river in Eoghan territory. It contains a large deposit of silver she harvests and protects.

Lobar Marcom - Warrior, PirateAGE47SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Lobar is famed for raids on the Korchi home island. He is a talented admiral, skilled warrior and intelligent planner. He is also charismatic enough to keep his clan with him, enjoying the spoils. The flaw in his character, which led to his departure from Ulstan, is the joy he takes in humiliating Korchi women. He never kills one in a raid. He chains the best, brings them back and works on them until they beg to be camp whores. His heir (23) is a bastard from such a woman. Most other places, he would have been killed on birth to shield him from the pain of his tainted blood. Saving him, and others, is why Lobar is no longer Ulstan.

Original Tribe


Clan Size

803 (13 families)


The north shore bay east of the city of Sokkvabbek (where the S is)


1 Longboat, 4 Hide Boat raiders

Ulric Ironhand - WarriorAGE35SEXMale
MDV8MEL6  EnL90HC50%
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Ulric has the ability to change his right hand into usable iron. When he uses it to strike it has the impact of a +3 WSB Mace with a +6 chance to hit. The spell lasts one hour each time it is used. The EnL cost to cast it is 10. It takes Ulric 3 phases to do so and always succeeds.

Ulric has a tin mine on HIS mountain. When he found the vein, he moved his wife, two children and the family of his two brothers onto the mountain and staked a claim. Because Ulric has a reputation as a warrior, and was a Champion of the Red Branch, the King of Connata allowed it. Ulric is a decent, friendly man as long as no one tries to take what he considers to be his. If theft is attempted, he kills. If needed, he hunts the thief for months to see him dead. The last man who stole from him died at his hands in Tomanu.

NOTE - Ulric's father was a Djani Viking. His mother was a Lagin herbalist. The Korchi took his father before Ulric was born. His mother was left without a clan for having a foreigner's child out of wedlock. He grew up hard while she scraped herself to death making a living for the family. On the way, necessity brought her two more bastard sons. He vowed on her grave that such a fate would never find him or his.

Original Tribe


Family Size



On the mountain between the river and its feeder lake on the Connata - Lagin border.

Elman Stoutheart - Brother of Ulric AGE24SEXMale
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA

Elman has a wife and a daughter. He is a seaman, Viking and miner. Leaving the sea and the city behind was no problem for him.

Loric Erickson - Brother of UlricAge19SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Loric has EL1 Mental Invulnerability.

Loric's father was commander of the fortress at Noatun. He had a fling with his mother when visiting the slum in Sokkvabbek. When he discovered he fathered a son, he gave Loric a name. Before he could do more, he was killed in a Korchi attack. Loric is a quiet, studious man who does what he must to survive. He is at the mine because he loves his family not because it is what he wants. His wife Ilsa is a 17 year old Djani woman, the daughter of a freeholder from Novholm. She does not care for life at the mine. Family duty keeps her there. Her father gave her to Loric. It is her place to remain with him, whatever she feels about the life they are leading.



Population (9000, 7 clans, 185 families, Eastern Sokkvabbek)


The Ulstan provide timber and skins to the Djani. The people survive with orchards, some agriculture and hunting. They also hire out as mercenaries and engage in piracy.


This tribe is generally equitable, friendly and able. When they feel a wrong has been done, they ask for recompense. When the felon asks to talk about it, they will negotiate. If it is denied out of hand, they demand what they believe is just. Continuing on the vein until justice is done, or the guilty dies, is normal for an Ulstan warrior. The people enjoy crafts, art, entertainment arts and a good party. They fight when survival or the right demands action. Most are talented in both peace and war.

NOTE - An ancient wrong placed the Ulstan under Djani control. A Ulail King was a lecher. He impregnated all three daughters of a notable Ulstan warrior. When the Ulstan King asked for a weregild, the Ulail replied, "The owner of sows pays the boar owner for settling his stock. Expect nothing." That response led to tribal war. Finally, the Connata offered to be mediaries. The Ulstan made their demand and would not budge from it. Both the Ulail and the Connata went to war on them. As they were pressed back toward their sacred lands, the Lagin struck also. As they defeated a Lagin host, and took their forest, the Djani landed. A deal was made giving them what was left of the Ulstan lands. It has been so ever since.

Terence Coleman - King of UlstanAGE40SEXMale
MDV17MEL10  EnL92HC28%
Mana Lvl13Casting117Mana Regen7

SPECIAL - Terence has the concealment skills of an Elf. He is also capable of Mana Reading. He has Sleep Mist as an innate power (MEL10/EL6).


Archer, Sidh Magic, Singer, Herbalist

Terence is a half-elf and a trained Sidh magician. His mother raised Terence until he was 12. As he approached puberty, she gave him to his father. He learned human arts for eight years then returned to his mother for two to learn magic. When he returned he was a warrior wizard well versed in Elven ways. He lives by them, as best he can within the laws of the Ulstan. He will do nothing against the Golden Sunburst League. Until a weregild is paid to the descendants of the defiled, their cause is just (as he sees it). His relations with Djani are not great. Their actions often run counter to what he feel is proper.

Malcolm of Dell Forest - Archdruid of UlstanAGE50SEXMale
MDV17MEL10  EnL104
Mana Lvl12Casting107Mana Regen8


Druid arts, Scholar, Herbalist, Cosmology

Malcolm is something of a heretic for a druid. He believes it is his place to foster all that is good, whatever its alignment, and oppose all evil. He is dedicated to this belief. Anything good has his hand in support if needed. Anything else faces his might in a battle to the death. In his mind, you are good or you are enemy. There is no middle ground. He considers the blackened scarlet to be delusional. He also holds that many are vile criminals. Any caught in his land face his justice. (Secretly, he supports the Golden Sunburst League.)

Ritual Center

The Ulstan center is a circle of ancient trees surrounding an even more ancient altar. It is the oldest ritual center on the island. According to legend, the first Ulstan druid was allowed to take possession by the Elves after he passed a number of supernatural challenges. Even then, the place was ancient. Only the Archdruid of Ulstan may touch the central altar. Anyone else who does is subject to a curse.

What the curse does is the referee's choice. The power is MEL24/EL12. Its affect varies, depending on the time of day and the person who touches it. The person struck is thrown out of the center and cursed. As that means he or she flies through the air for a distance of 60 feet and lands hard, assign damage for the fall as well.

Other Details

The total population of the free tribes is 88,000. Goidan can levy 10,000 warriors for war. When the call goes to Sokkvabbek another 3,000 warriors can be raised. How many come depends on how popular the war is. Kings are asked to answer. They are not obligated to do so. Neither are family warriors required to heed their king.

The High King has a standing army composed of 2,000 elite footmen called the Champions of the Red Branch (When the High King calls other kings to war he sends a Red Branch inscribed with runes a druid can read to learn where the forces are to meet. The people in the unit are additional to the levies that can be raised). Earning membership in this body is an honor for Goidan's warriors. Only the finest can win a high place. Many die trying.

There are three levels in the Champions. 1600 are elite foot. They pass the tests to earn the right to wear the sash. 300 are heroes. They take much more dangerous tests. In war, they serve as the High King's personal guard. A warrior must serve at least one year at sash level before he is allowed to try for Hero rank. There are never more than 300 (see below).

The final hundred are called Lords of the Red Branch. The tests they must master are nearly supernatural in difficulty. A man must serve as a Hero for two years before he is allowed to seek Lord status. They are the High King's champions and the leaders of the Red Branch in war. No warriors are held in higher reverence than Lords of the Red Branch. There is never more than one hundred. If the roles are filled, the only way to earn the rank is to face a member in a duel and defeat him (or wait for someone to die).

The High King can utilize the Goidanese citizens of Sokkvabbek when he wishes. There are 24,000 of these people. They are Ulstan (9000, 7 clans, 185 families), emigrants from tribes Ui Niell, Connata and Ulail that are not included in the numbers above (8000, 7 clans, 153 families) and non-affiliated clans and families (7000, 6 clans, 131 families).


Tribal politics is a fact of everyday life in Goidan. Some tribes like some of their neighbors and dislike others. The chart below rates this on a scale of 1 - 10. On this scale, 1 is hatred, 10 is strong friendship. The mean, 5 and 6, equals equanimity with no favor shown.

6)Ui Niell(35)37545X74

The order of the tribes, by popularity, is Armagh, Mumani, Ulail, Ui Niell, Connata, Eoghan, Lagin and Ulstan. The meaning can come into play for a character when he travels. For example, if he is Armagh the character will be welcome in Mumani and Ulstan lands. He may run into trouble when he visits Ui Niell, Ulail or Lagin areas. Ui Niell would be favored when visiting Connata. With Armagh and Ulstan he may find trouble. The number in parentheses totals the tribe's attitude to others. It reflects the openness of their society where non-members are concerned. The order there is Mumani, Armagh, Connata, Ui Niell, Eoghan, Ulstan, Ulail and Lagin.


Celtic knotwork was introduced to Goidanese society by the Armagh. Each tribe has a pattern that defines it. Each clan and family adds to that pattern to define themselves. Those who earn honor and rank are allowed further additions. The result, especially among the wealthy or elite, is embroidered on hems, cuffs and collars letting anyone who understands the system know the place of the person in the tribal framework. The markers are also found on lingams on roadways and outside villages.

NOTE - As part of their dedication, Druids and Bards forego the family knot. Druids wear simple robes with no marking as a general rule.

Secret Societies

The Society of the Knowe

This group battles the Korchi and protects the Sidh from their depredations. They are known for raiding A'Korchu to slaughter Korchi and rescue Sidh who are taken as slaves. They are secret as a protection against Korchi vengeance. They have no agenda that in any way threatens Goidanese society. Most consider them to be "insane" heroes.

A council of five leads the society. The home base, at this time, is a tiny island in the river in Ui Niell lands whose beginning is near the Ui Niell ritual center. The former King of Ui Niell gave this place to them forty years ago. It serves their needs well. The current membership is 37. All are excellent at what they do.


Marvin Tuman - Wizard, Half-Elf UlstanAGE65SEXMale
MDV25MEL17  EnL61HC21%
Mana Lvl16Casting211Mana Regen7

SPECIAL - MEL17/EL8 Lower World Travel as innate power, Elf Sidh, Faerry Sidh


Wizardry, Scholar, Herbalist, Armorer

His father, a mercenary serving the Djani, raised Marvin. Throughout his life his mother visited yearly. When he was 26 she did not come. Interrupting his studies, he went to the Lower World to find her. He discovered Korchi took her on her way to him. When he found her, a year later, all that was left was her tanned skin hanging on a wall. He escaped with it, and his life. Since then he has dedicated himself to slaying Korchi and saving the Sidh. He was admitted to the society when he was 36 and is now its Elder.

Aloysius Connor - Bard trained, Sidh Magician, ConnataAGE53SEXMale
MDV19MEL11  EnL64HC20%
Mana Lvl13Casting129Mana Regen6


Bard skills, Archer, Troubadour, Healer, Rhetoric

When he was 30 Aloysius joined the crew of a vessel seeking to trade with the Kolari. On that trip, they helped Kolari raid a Korchi camp. In it were eight Faerries. The level of abuse inflicted on them was indescribable. He healed them as best he could then set out with all eight on a mercy mission to Avalon. He reached it a year later, after severe trials. He was rewarded. He also met Elan, a Faerry noblewoman. She often visits Connor. They have been very good friends for more than twenty years. His son by her is being raised at Avalon. His name is Artur. He is 12. (Aloysius has been a member of the society for 13 years).

Sean Armidge - Armagh WarriorAGE42SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA


Swords, Shield, Horseman, Dancer, Hand to Hand

Sean learned about the society when he was 24. He searched out their base and asked to be a member. They set him a mission to prove himself. It took him two years to succeed. He has been a member for 16 years.

Elvin Lagiran - Hero of the Red Branch, King of LagiranAGE37SEXMale
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA


Club, Heavy Swords, Seaman, Miner

Elvin is a powerful warrior. Like many Lagin, he is desperate to prove his worth. Serving the society, and the Red Branch, meets this need. His hope it to replace his father as King of Lagin when the time comes. He has heard of the current situation at home. He will not risk a fingernail for his mother in law. He detests the woman and thinks his father is better off without her.

Elaine - Salaqi, Half-Mir, Sorceress, Warrior AGE26SEXFemale
MDV20MEL10  EnL52HC24%
Mana Lvl15Casting139Mana Regen5

SPECIAL - Elaine has the capricious nature of her Mir father. Her hair is raven and her form perfect. She can fly without wings and has +2 talent using a dagger in any way or with the two weapon skill. Her father loves his mortal daughter. He has been known to appear in her defense.

NOTE - More than a few members of the society want Elaine. She enjoys that. Flirting and sex are fun. Using her charisma to stop cute fights is good practice. Despite the fact that she drives them nuts, most members of this society would risk death to save her. (As she is more than able to defend herself, given her gifts, she thinks that is also cute. She likes her boys.)


Throwing Dagger, Archer, Swords, Fighting Dagger, Wizardry, Healer, Herbalist, Armorer, Dancer, Artist, Eroticism, Acrobat

The Lords of the Blasted Heath

After Fomoria defeated the Firbolg, they decided to make Goidan a prison colony to house enemies displaced by their expansion into Shanda and the Kolar peninsula. During the first years of this policy there were constant revolts. These ended with Fomoria's victory in battle at Winsell Heath (in what is now Armagh land). The seven ringleaders of the revolt were taken in battle and executed on the field.

A bit more than a hundred years ago a wizard, who styled himself as the direct descendant of the greatest of the sacred seven, began making contact with others of the blood. When enough were convinced, they founded this group and began to lay plans.

The leaders of this group consider themselves to be blood descendants of the fallen seven. The one with the strongest blood tie to each of the sacred seven, as they call the executed men, holds his place on the council. The one who sits for the greatest is King of the Council. He rules the society with the advice of the others. The other members also have a blood tie or, for various reasons, are willing to serve the goals of this group.

NOTE - The people of Goidan call this group the Blackened Scarlet. They are liked by 5% and feared by 20%. Those who like them are active supporters. The frightened do as they are told in hopes of being left alone more often than not.


The Lords feel they should rule Goidan. It is their right as the heirs of the original lords of the people who were forced to dwell here. They detest all things Fomorian and, when they have the power, will avenge the sacred seven. Their goal is to gain dictatorial control of Goidan. They will use that power to slaughter Fomorians and gain footholds in both the Kolar and Shanda by conquering the Fomorian kingdoms there.


There is a black inverted cross with a red border near a river in Connata land. The secret base of the group is there.


Now and then the society engages in kidnapping and assassination to weaken the wrongful holders of power. In the main, they operate as bandits and thieves. More than one village has woken to find itself occupied. The group stays in such places, taking what they wish, however they wish, until they are forced to leave. At such times, theft, rape, murder and sacrilege are common events. When forced to leave, they take goods, wealth and women with them and burn the village to the ground.

The Blackened Scarlet has assailed every tribe in Goidan. Most are considered to be brigands. There are a number of places where they will be killed on sight if an opportunity to do so presents itself. In other areas, fear gives them a measure of support. Anyone who shattered this group, or turned it away from evil, would earn a great reward.

Fergus Hord - King of the SocietyAGE39SEXMale
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA


Club, Mace, Miner

Fergus is the grandson of the wizard who founded the group. He is the most notorious brigand and bully in Goidan. He has no ability to read others and no will when it comes to his interests. What he wants he takes. What his prime adviser suggests, he just about always does. That man, the 3rd ranking member, is the true King of the Council.

NOTE - Three years ago Fergus killed his wife in a fit of rage. He had a daughter (10) and a son (4) by her. His adviser is raising them. The King of the Heath has no time to diaper infants. He has also fathered three bastard children. Nothing could mean less to him than they do. He is a sadistic drunkard and lecher.

Marcus Shalain - Treasure Master of the SocietyAGE48SEXMale
MDV13MEL9  EnL52HC24%
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - MEL9/EL4 Camouflage as an Innate Power

Marcus was born in Sokkvabbek. He spent the first 27 years of his life gaining a notorious reputation as a thief. Were it not for his innate power, he would have been caught on a monthly basis. He is not good at it.

At the age of 27 he was approached by the society. When he learned what position was his by right, he joined. Keeping track of the society's wealth is the duty of the one he sits for. He enjoys the job. The manor he owns is very plush. The captive women chained in its hidden basement more than sweet. He is very happy.

NOTE - As Treasure Master Marcus makes a yearly accounting of the society's wealth and property to the King. He is also expected to oversee the job the Castaleine is doing warding everything.

Jonas O'Flynn - Castaleine of the SocietyAGE40(93)SEXMale
MDV20MEL13  EnL89HC25%
Mana Lvl13Casting154Mana Regen8


Wizardry, Swords, Throwing Dagger, Assassin, Executioner, Scholar (Torture, Conditioning, Goidan)

Jonas O'Flynn assumed this rank at the age of 22. While leading a raid in Lagin territory, at the age of 26, he ran afoul of Korchi. He died on the altar of the Governor of Baobhanu. As a part of that sacrifice, a Morzug Major assumed his appearance. He was feted for his heroism when he escaped from the Korchi and made his way home.

NOTE - The spell on the Major can only be negated in a set manner. It was cast as a curse. To dispel his appearance as Jonas, his head must be shaved as he bathes in Goideli wine. Nothing else has any impact.

Since he arrived, Jonas has nudged the society into darker actions. He is also, very subtly, making the more amoral see the Korchi are the only hope to gain victory. He has Fergus himself considering the truth of this.

His mission is to take control of the society, make it a Korchi puppet force and destroy the leadership of Goidan. He is working toward those ends. If they are not accomplished sooner, Fergus will have an accident in 14 years. His son, then 18, will lead as Jonas commands.

NOTE - As Castaleine Jonas is in charge of securing the base of the society. It is his duty to protect its treasure and control the people they take as slaves. No one is aware of his ability as a wizard.

Jonas is raising the children of Fergus. He is training the son to believe what he wants, using torture, persuasion and magic. He uses the daughter as his whore. She is under a spell that forbids her to do anything that in any way makes the truth known. Since she is terrified, she rarely risks defying him. When her blood comes, he plans to sell her and tell Fergus she died. He will have no trouble getting another pretty child to enjoy. (The buyer will be Marcus. Once the transaction is done, he will own the Treasure Master).

He has a deal with Marcus. The Treasurer gets to pilfer treasure and take his pick of new whores. In exchange, he supports anything Jonas does. He is also disposed to side with his program. Nothing means more to Marcus than his wealth and comfort. The Korchi who is now Jonas is far worse than despicable. He is a total monster.

Alain Redhand - Viking, General of the SocietyAGE31SEXMale
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Alain is immune to any form of curse. He also has +1 talent as an Archer and +2 with Shields.


Heavy Swords, Axes, Maces, Swords, Shield, Archer, Seaman

Alain was raped into his mother while his father, the former General, was visiting Noatun. When he was four, she ran afoul of a vampire and was never seen again. He was left alone. A Viking took pity and gave him a berth on his ship. He spent the next 20 years reaving. He earned the name Redhand in battle.

His father approached him while his ship was celebrating a victory. Alain shared Goideli wine with the man as he listened. When there was nothing more to learn, he killed him. A month later he was at the base claiming his due rank. He has held it for the last seven years. The notoriety of the society has increased as a result.

NOTE - The General is responsible for all major actions of the society's armed forces. He is the trainer, planner and leader. By society law, the first ten per cent of any profit is his. A guard of five extremely vicious Vikings, from his former ship, accompanies Alain. They insure his safety. He insures their wealth and comfort.

Alain does not like the way Fergus is leaning, hates Marcus and does not trust Jonas. As long as they stay out of his area, he lets the matter rest. If they press him, the traditional hierarchy will have holes. He resolves problems by killing the cause.

Alcin O'Mara - Chaplain of the SocietyAGE60SEXMale
MDV19MEL10  EnL98HC32%
Mana Lvl14Casting125Mana Regen8
* -1 for obesity


Priest (Urigallu), Scholar, Herbalist, Rhetoric, Linguist

Alcin was born to the society. He succeeded his father as Chaplain 18 years ago. He is a methodical man who never acts precipitously. He is also a bit of a glutton. His entire life has been spent learning the arts of his craft and studying things pertaining to it. He is wise and an excellent judge of people. He suspects something is not right with Jonas. In a year or three, when he is certain, he may act on his suspicion.

NOTE - The Chaplain performs various rites. He is also responsible for keeping the lineage records and updating them as new births are discovered.

Linus Derry - Executioner of the SocietyAGE38SEXMale
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

The executioner is responsible for arresting and/or killing enemies of the society, internal or external, on the decision of the council or King. It is also his place to monitor the actions of members to insure that secrets remain secret and no one defiles the honor of the society.

Linus has held this position since he was 17. He takes it very seriously. As a rule, he is a cold, emotionless man who goes out of his way to avoid having relationships with other members. He does not want to place himself in a position to show favoritism to anyone.

NOTE - Linus suspects Jonas. He also knows acting against him threatens the life of his wife, three children and himself. He is seeking more evidence and a way to act that secures the safety of his family.

Martin Moody - Craftmaster of the SocietyAGE22SEXMale
MDV22MEL6  EnL65HC31%
Mana Lvl19Casting103Mana Regen5

SPECIAL - Total Immunity to Illusion powers, MEL6/EL9 Speed as an Innate Power

Martin has lived his life in the society. It is all he knows. His father only began training him for this position a bit more than a year ago. Before that he learned crafts and scholarly arts.

Before his father could do much more than make a wizard of him, he died of a hideous disease (sent by Jonas). Martin was forced to take his place before his time. Given the time to learn and mature, he will be a great wizard and Craftmaster. The chance he is allowed that time is negligible. Having magical competition does not fit Jonas' plan. His potential has few limits (one of which is alcohol abuse).

NOTE - The Craftmaster has three duties. He keeps the history of the society, protects it from magical attack and, as needed, makes things that are needed by members. He must be a scribe, scholar, magician and artisan to do his job properly.

NOTE - If nothing changes, Jonas achieves control of Fergus in five years. Within a year after that, Marvin and Alcin die. Soon after, he gains a hold on the Derry children and makes Linus obey his commands. The society steps up its actions and grows powerful in the next nine years. At that time, the son of Fergus becomes King. Jonas rules through him. The society begins systematic assassinations that shatter the leadership of the tribes. When this is accomplished, a Korchi invasion sweeps the island.

The Golden Sunburst League

The rape of the three sisters, as the Ulstan call it, led to tribal war. In that conflict, Ulstan lost half of its territory to Ulail and Connata (much of it after a Lagin attack threatened the ritual center and forced them to cut the western defense to almost nothing By the time they routed the Lagin, the lands were lost). They were also forced to become subjects of the Djani who founded Sokkvabbek.

The goal of this society is to defend all sons and daughters of Ulstan and redeem the losses the tribe suffered in pursuit of justice. They seek agreement with the Djani for Ulstan freedom in the wood, a weregild to the descendants of the sisters and the return of the property seized from their ancestors. They will accept nothing less.

No member recognizes the authority of the High King or heeds any command that comes from an Ulail or Connata. They do accept the place of the High Druid, except where his word opposes the goals of the society.

Seventy percent of the Ulstan population supports the league. Many have strong ties with the Sidh who dwell in the area (who don't much care for Odin worshippers). Only ten percent of the Ulstan oppose them. Most of those people live in Sokkvabbek or on Noatun. Acting against the society in the forests of Ulstan is a nearly pointless endeavor.


The hidden Knowe of the league is located ten miles due east of the Ulstan ritual center. It is a large Faerry hill occupied by the league and a tribe of 70 Faerry. A short distance away is a sizable village that supports them to a man. Finally, one of their strongest secret supporters is the Archdruid of Ulstan. Ambushing them in their stronghold is as close to impossible as anything could be.


The society has an organization that is seeking to achieve the goals peacefully. The bulk of its members, the blood wing, are more proactive. They engage in banditry against Ulail and sometimes kidnap Ulail, Connata and Djani for ransom. The also serve to help Ulstan in trouble and avenge those who suffer from injustice. For most Ulstan, earning the sunburst is something exceptional. Few would turn down the chance.


The peace wing, the Doves, of the league has 23 members (2 Wizards, 6 Bards, 3 Warriors and 12 others). They seek justice without bloodshed by showing reason to the damned. All have the support of the blood wing. If one is harmed performing his duty, vengeance is swift.

The Blood wing seeks to force justice. They have 190 members (100 warriors, 7 Wizards, 2 Bards and 81 others). The rule of the society restricts their size to 100 warriors and 90 others. If they allowed more, they could easily have five times as many. All members are famed for ability in whatever skills earned them their place. Most are warriors but the full spectrum of man's arts is covered by the membership. The one exception to this is evil magic. They have no truck with chaos or Kotothi arts or creatures. Those who do find no safety with the golden sunburst.

Macomb O'Hoolihan - Family King, Master of the DoveAGE54SEXMale
MDV21MEL8  EnL87HC27%
Mana Lvl17Casting121Mana Regen7


Wizardry, Scholar, Mace

Macomb is a descendant of the youngest of the defiled sisters. When he was 15 he was captured by slavers and placed on a ship for A'Korchu. Before it arrived, a Fomorian ship took the vessel. He was taken to Hoda and, from there, to Bolgidan. He lived among the Fomorians until he was 28. When he left, he was an experienced soldier and a trained wizard.

He made his way home to Ulstan when he was 30. A few notable years later, he was offered a chance to test. He accepted and became a member. Five years later, he convinced the Master of the Sunburst to let him seek the goals peacefully. He has led that effort ever since. To date he has had no success.

Seamus Ulsmar - Master of the Sunburst, Half Alfar, WarriorAGE38SEXMale
MDV13MEL6  EnL48HC45%
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Seamus is half-alfar (his father is the son of Criedne). The Sidh count him as a Baron of the Elf Sidh. He honors them in every way his position allows. He has the armor and weapons common for an Alfar and is afflicted by iron. He is also able to use Interworld Travel (MEL6/EL2) and Dodge/Weave (MEL6/EL4) as an innate power.


Sword, Shield, Archer, Dancer, Rhetoric, Storyteller, Forester, Healer

Seamus is a fair, even-tempered man whose goal is to see that justice is done with as little pain as possible. He never seeks battle. If it comes, he relishes the fun. His attitude in this regard is entirely Elven.

Once the goal is achieved, Seamus plans to return to the Upper World. He enjoys humans well enough but, in his heart, he is Alfar. He has led the sunburst for nine years.

NOTE - The Master of the Sunburst is elected by all of its members. He rules for life or until he steps down. On his passing, a gathering is held to choose his successor. That meeting is chaired by the wise (Bards, Druids and Wizards) of the group.

Lillian LaFay - Healer, Herbalist, WitchAGE35SEXFemale
MDV24MEL11  EnL65HC16%
Mana Lvl18Casting184Mana Regen8


Witchcraft, Herbalist, Healer, Scholar, Crafts

Lillian likes to tell everyone her mother is a Faerry Duchess. She isn't. Her mother was a ship's whore of the Djani who dumped her as an infant on the coast of Ulstan. They have never met and never will. A forester found her. His wife raised her as a daughter and witch (worshipping Morrigan).

When she was 26 her fame as a healer won the notice of the sunburst. She easily passed the test, though she nearly failed to survive the physical component. A few months after she was admitted her husband died in the forest. She was left with a five year old daughter (Mary). Since, she has been an invaluable member, especially when working with her new husband (Finian O'Hara). His might complements her brilliance well.

Finian O'Hara - Warrior, Blacksmith, SeamanAGE33SEXMale
Mana Lvl3CastingNAMana RegenNA


Seaman, Blacksmith, Climbing, Swimming, Club

Finian could be the strongest man on the island. He has a good reputation as a warrior. However, his skills as a blacksmith were more notable to the sunburst. Four years ago he saved a man by lifting a tree off him. He got his invitation (a personal invite from Lillian). When the month that took ended, he followed her for testing. He has been in the society, and at her side, ever since. She can do no wrong in his eyes. Anyone who says otherwise, where he can hear, had best be a swift runner.

Finian's weapon of choice is an immense, iron banded club. Strength of at least 20 is required to pick it up. Strength of 60 or more is needed to use it in battle. The WSB, due to the mass of it, is +3.

Evander Ullman - Clan King, Family King, Dove, ArtisanAGE41SEXMale
Mana Lvl11CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Evander was born with exceptional talent as a weaver. His EL in that skill is +8. His linens are the finest cloth Goidan produces. He dwells in Sokkvabbek and owns a large shop there. He is quite wealthy.


Weaver, Merchant, Rhetoric, Archer, Throwing Axe, Scholar (things relating to cloth), Gambler

Evander's weaving talent earned him his place. He is an excellent archer but has little to do with the warrior's art, except when clan honor demands he stand with them. His time is spent producing and selling linen. In doing so, he furthers the cause with those who buy his wares. All of the elite of Sokkvabbek have bought from him. Most of the elite of Goidan have also. Because of the sin, he will not sell to Ulail (and generally lectures Connata).

Finally, Evander has something of a reputation as a gambler (EL10). He is successful practicing the art. He will play anyone. When the person he plays is Ulail he generally wins. He is a practiced and artful cheat against them.

NOTE - Evander has a wife (age 34) and seven children (5 sons, 2 daughters). The eldest is 16. His personal wealth is more than six thousand gold. His buyers come from as far away as Fomoria. Because of his devout nature, he provides all the linen used by the High Druid and the Archdruid of Ulstan at no charge.

Lorain Colenshaw - EntertainerAGE29SEXFemale
MDV24MEL5  EnL102HC53%
Mana Lvl18CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Empathic Power (+8). Her communing range is 64. She has little interest in learning magic but, as a Natural Magician, is capable of using Sidh Magic at will. She has done so now and then.


Entertainer, Actress, Dancer, Eroticist, Singer, Survival, Fighting Dagger, Sword, Archer, Flute

Lorain's father is an Ulail family king. Between the ages of 9 and 13 he, and friends of his, raped her often. On reaching puberty she left home. After a year in the wood she found her way to Sokkvabbek. A tavern owner taught her the arts of an entertainer, in exchange for perks. When she learned all he could teach, she left and made her reputation in the courts of Goidan.

Lorain acknowledges the Ulail debt to Ulstan. A tenth of her income goes to the society in payment on that sum. That, her talent and her potential, is why she was allowed to don the sunburst. She is a member of the Dove faction. Her greatest talents as an entertainer are singing and playing the flute. She is also a skilled dancer and eroticist.

NOTE - Lorain has no hate for men who use her. When they are more than she cares to stand, or she is done with them, she leaves. Sexual interaction is something she relishes and controls. She could be an Avatar of Nuada. To have a chance to reach that position, she must be a trained Sidh Magician, marry the right man and bear her husband's child. Unless something changes, she is unlikely to do any of those things. She enjoys her freedom and has no interest in magical training. Additionally, getting stretch marks from childbirth would annoy her. She is quite vain.

"Mother Jean" - Elder of the Sunburst, SpecialAGE97(38)SEXFemale
MDV20MEL10  EnL99HC33%
Mana Lvl15CastingNAMana RegenNA
* -2 for age

SPECIAL - Jean has had an eventful life. During its progress, she has gained the following attributes:

  1. She ages one year for every five (beginning at 23). Her actual age is 97. Her apparent age is 38.
  2. Peace MEL10/EL4 as Innate Power
  3. All Sound Powers (MEL10/EL4) as Innate Power
  4. +2 talent with the Lute, +1 talent as a healer, +5 as an Herbalist
  5. She has a scar running down her right cheek and the mark of a lute on her left. This reduces her appearance to 40.

Jean is the daughter of the son the Ulail king sired on the eldest sister. When she was 9 Viking raiders stole her. The ordeal she faced is covered in the Story of Jean.

Finn Ulster - King of Clan Ulster, Warrior, Jean's sonAGE39SEXMale
Mana Lvl14CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Talent as a Singer (+2 EL)


Singer, Forester, Dancer, Archer, Fighting Dagger, Herbalist

Finn's life is his village and his mother. He has a wife and four children. In his youth, he sired a daughter with an Elf woman. He has not seen mother or daughter since the birth. There is a room in his home should the girl visit. Beyond that there is naught he can do. Duty demands his presence where he is. Finn is a friend of the King of Ulstan, a fervent supporter of the sunburst and a dedicated follower of the faith.

Rhian Ulster - Half-elf, Daughter of FinnAGE23SEXFemale
MDV16MEL7  EnL50HC33%
Mana Lvl12Casting72Mana Regen3

SPECIAL - Rhian has all skills normal for an Elf. She can use Transmutaion (MEL7/EL6) as an Innate Power.


Sword, Healer, Sidh Magic, Herbalist, Jeweler

The day will come when Rhian seeks out her father and grandmother. There are those among the Sidh who insist she do so. Up to the referee when that day will be and how it impacts things. Her mindset is entirely Elven. Good humans are tolerated. Others are punished or killed.

Cu Ularan - Hillman, Forester, WarriorAge30SEXMale
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - +2 talent with Swords (not usable when suffering from other attribute). Uncontrollable Battle Fury when insulted or wounded in battle. While affected his SB doubles. He may not roll to control himself until the person he feels is responsible dies.


Sword, Spear, Club, Chariot, Horseman, Dog Husbandry

Cu met a washerwoman at a stream after his first battle (when he was 14). He has been a wild man ever since. Few men have any chance of standing against him in battle, whether his fury is on him or not. He is often found in the area where Lorain entertains. He loves her.

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