Powers and Perils


All facets of life in Clima are ruled by covens of priestesses and religious orders. Most worship the Court of Sammael. Their authority is not open to question and is enforced with the strictest authoritarian discipline.

The ruling coven is called the Ghova Hand. It is organized as follows:

1Immortal GhovaCommand over all facets of Climan life. Her will is law.
2Left GhovaSangu Mah of Sammael. Rules faith, all temples
3Right GhovaReligious Purity Police
4Daughter of the LeftGrand Admiral of the Fleet
5Daughter of the RightMarshal of the Army
6Mistress of SinDirector of Internal Control
7Mistress in BlackHigh Judge
8Mistress of SammaelAdmin of civilian Government
9Mistress of MammonEconomy, Trade, Treasury
10Mistress of BelialDiplomacy, Espionage
11Mistress of RhadamanthusPrisons, Executioners, etc.
12Mistress of TruthAbbess of Ghova
13Mistress of LilithAll other islands, piracy.

The Ghova Hand is a coven of witches who are trained priestesses. All worship Sammael and gods of his court. Given the nature of the Climan faith, many are fanatical and frenetic in their worship. The top five (rank 1-5) are senior members. They have the authority to make necessary decisions, in their area or otherwise, if the Immortal Ghova or the priestess responsible have not already stated another view.

The junior members (rank 6-13) rule in their area of responsibility. They may not make decisions in other areas. When problems arise, and the responsible member is not available to handle things, they must pass and let a senior member deal with it.

1) The Immortal Ghova

The Ghova leads the coven. She is seen as their contact to Sammael and his bride. She has dictatorial authority over Climan life. Any decision she makes is law. Anyone who refuses her command or acts against her orders is a heretic and/or traitor. There are no exceptions. This woman retains her place while she remains infallible. When errors show this is no longer true, a senior coven member sends her to Sammael. This is only done with a major cause supported by the majority of the coven.

When this occurs, a great rite is held at Ho'Daiva. It places the will of Sammael in the selectman. The god chooses his next bride, consummates their union on the altar and places her on the throne. Every member who held a higher rank than hers, before the god's choice, is sacrificed. Those who were lower fill the vacant positions. The new Immortal chooses replacements for the low posts that must be filled and sends messengers to inform the chosen.

EXAMPLE - If the chosen bride is rank 7 she becomes rank 1. The women holding ranks 2-6 are sacrificed. The women at ranks 8-13 fill ranks 2-6. The new Ghova selects women to fill ranks 7-13. Once this is done, the new Immortal Ghova releases Sammael's will to return home by removing the selectman's sex with a sacred athane. As she dines on his gift, the removed parts, his will is freed (the selectman bleeds to death as he watches her eat).

The Immortal Ghova, Bride of Sammael, etc.AGE48SEX Female
MDV26MEL18  EnL104HC29%
Mana Lvl17Casting291Mana Regen10

Once a person ascends to this rank she is known by her titles ONLY (this policy was instituted after the recent run of incompetent Immortal Ghovas). Anyone who uses her former name is guilty of heresy. The current Ghova ascended to the throne 14 years ago. She is a talented ruler with great potential. It is likely she will expand Climan power in the decades to come.


This man is picked from the men of Clima. He must be physically perfect (by Climan standards), devout and eighteen years old. Once chosen, he reigns as selectman for 13 years (if not needed for the Ghova ritual). While in the position, his only name is sainted vessel. On the 14th anniversary of his selection he is sacrificed to Sin and a new selectman is chosen.

Sainted Vessel (Current)AGE18SEX Male
Mana Lvl3CastingNAMana RegenNA

This man dwells on Ho'Daiva in a palatial suite. Junior priestesses and acolytes tend him. They keep him fit, active, happy and drugged (the drugs used insure his sense of physical well being, inure him to pain, depress his mental abilities, give him visions and keep him in an altered state of being). His only duty is to serve as they command and await the need of the coven.

NOTE - A female child fathered by a selectman is admitted to training on Ghova. Males are sacrificed to Moloch or Belzaboul. If there is a multiple birth, the infants are sacrificed to Lilith regardless of their sex.

2) Left Ghova - Sangu Mah of Sammael

This lady rules all temples of Sammael, except Ho'Daiva, Ghova and Lys. She has oversight over temples that serve an approved member of Sammael's court or any approved deity and controls the schedule of public events that are an important part of the nation's worship (city wide orgies and other such things). Unless over ruled by the Immortal Ghova, her word is final in matters of faith. She controls a force of forty men. They serve as her messengers, guards, marshals and property. Anyone who acts against them, when they are on her business, is guilty of treason.

Anira Kousentas - Left GhovaAGE54SEX Female
MDV19MEL13  EnL97HC56%
Mana Lvl12Casting142Mana Regen7

Anira was Mistress of Sin (rank 6) when the Immortal Ghova assumed her place. She moved up to this position as the law requires. She is doing her best to serve. Sadly, combat and a domineering manner are her strengths. She was very good running the police.

The politics of the temple sometimes elude her. When they do, she responds with discipline, as a martinet. The yield of earning her ire is pain. It is just, given her rank, and she enjoys inflicting it (especially on men).

Hands Of The Ghova

The size of this force is set at 40. It is made up of soldiers selected by the Left Ghova. Each submits to a two year training course. Those who succeed become one of her forty hands. The failures spend a year in prison before returning to their life. Each hand is trained in combat, rhetoric, observational skills, reading, erotic arts and any other skills the Left Ghova decides they must master. They are her property. What she does with them, or to them, is her business.

Giorg Kelvo - Captain of the HandsAGE28SEX Male
Mana Lvl3CastingNAMana RegenNA

Kelvo is the Left Ghova's favorite. He is rarely sent anywhere. Most of his time is spent in a special room she has for using him. He is an excellent toy.

3) Right Ghova - Religious Purity Police

The Right Ghova defends the purity of the faith against all enemies, foreign and domestic. She controls a force of police and agents who find and slaughter such threats. They are supplemented, at night, with magic, demons, imps and supernatural weapons. She has no bounds in the pursuit of heretics. Where any form of heresy is concerned, only the Immortal Ghova can overrule her verdict.

Special Agents

The current holder has 12 special agents. Six are wizards. Four are competent assassins. All have training that makes them suitable for missions outside Clima and are female. The Right Ghova has organized them into a coven she leads. All are fanatical followers of Sammael. They stay at a manor in Shimama, owned by the Right Ghova. The amenities there are most definitely elite.

Mari Hulorin - Right GhovaAGE43SEX Female
MDV20MEL14  EnL66HC41%
Mana Lvl13Casting180Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - MEL14/EL6 Pain as a Fanatical Power. She has witch and priestess training. She is also a sorceress and has an imp as a familiar.

Mari sees her life calling to be blessing all men with the glory that is the worship of Sammael. She is tireless in her pursuit of those who threaten its purity. When possible, she captures such "monsters", takes them to the manor and converts them. Most see the light after a few months of torment and reward. Those who don't die horribly. There are far too many people in need of her mercy for her to waste too much time on the irredeemably stupid (as she sees it).

4) Daughter of the Left - Grand Admiral of the Fleet

The daughter of the left commands the Climan war fleet and its marines. She is responsible for training, proper attitude and discipline. She also controls ship construction, supply and all other things required to operate efficiently. Where matters pertaining to the fleet and marines are concerned, only the Immortal Ghova can change her decision.

Sinala Jerokat - Daughter of the LeftAGE40SEX Female
MDV18MEL9  EnL49HC26%
Mana Lvl13Casting102Mana Regen3

Sinala previously ran the civilian government. She greatly prefers her current duty. Jerokat is the daughter of a fisherman. She knows the sea and is a talented admiral. Though Sammael is the great god, as he must be for all, she also has the Immortal Ghova's permission to worship Tiamat. She does so regularly.

5) Daughter Of The Right - Marshal of the Army

The daughter commands the regular army non-militia forces in peace and war. When war comes she commands all army forces. Like the daughter of the left, she is responsible for things that pertain to the readiness and needs of her troops. She is also liable should any fail to have a proper Climan attitude. Finally, the daughter is in charge of the maintenance, readiness and construction of fortifications.

Pola Azeriogorkis - Daughter of the RightAGE54SEX Female
MDV20MEL11  EnL84HC11%
Mana Lvl14Casting142Mana Regen10

Pola was born to be Mistress of Mammon. With the elevation of the new Immortal Ghova, that position was lost. She was forced to take command of the Army. She is not happy in that job. It is no place for a born merchant and con woman. Given her distaste, she concentrates on her duties as a priestess. Most of her duties to the army are left in the hands of the General she chose. He has done an adequate job. Should this change, she will choose another after he is sacrificed to the Goddess in Black.

Mol Gerangin - General of the ArmyAGE46SEX Male
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Mol is immune to damage caused by an unarmed strike (i.e. the blow of a hand, foot or paw unless some weapon or claws are used). Anyone who strikes him in this manner has a BL2 chance, with no modifiers allowed, of taking the damage they would have inflicted.

Mol was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Pola first came to look over the army, he was a Colonel in the group that welcomed her. She toured the fort then took him aside. He has been General since that day. While he does her job well he has a fine manor, a new pleasure slave whenever he wants one and a fine income. When he fails, as everyone does sooner or later, he's worse than dead. He knows it.

Any officer who makes the slightest error where Mol can be aware of it is punished severely. Iron discipline is the rule. He expects them to pass it down to their men. If they don't, they will regret it.

6) Mistress of Sin - Director of Internal Control

This priestess controls the police in every city on the home island. She is also in charge of militia readiness and recruiting. It is her duty to catch criminals and turn them over to those who deal with them. In serious cases, she works with Religious Purity to deal with felons.

Where militia is concerned, she is responsible to see that they provide themselves with the minimal equipment they require. She must also indoctrinate any who are lax in proper thought.

Velora YentAGE60SEX Female
MDV14MEL10  EnL77HC29%
Mana Lvl9Casting78Mana Regen8

Velora was not good at her former post (rank 10). She did, however, make profitable contacts. In her new post she has little access to those people. The loss of income annoys her. She intends to rectify it. If god demands that she takes orders from a child, she can at least be rich while she does. Velora is corrupt, vain and amoral. Personal profit is her driving motivation. Since she became Mistress of Sin, more than one criminal has found that out to his joy.

7) Mistress In Black - High Judge

This priestess is in charge of the legal system and all civil courts. Where her verdict requires it, she carries out terminal sentences (executions, curses, etc). She is responsible for testing, training and indoctrinating all judges who serve Clima. Overseeing court operation, other court personnel and any other items that impact the justice system are also part of her authority.

Gia Wazcorian - Mistress in BlackAGE34SEX Female
MDV18MEL9  EnL101HC44%
Mana Lvl13Casting112Mana Regen4

SPECIAL - Anyone who tells a lie while in physical contact with Gia suffers a MEL9/EL3 spell. If affected, they permanently lose d10+6 energy. She gains 25% of their loss (RD). If the loss kills them, her age is reduced by one year.

As a child Gia was often abused because of her size. When she was 12, a priestess shielded her from the nonsense and enrolled her in the temple of Belphegor. She easily mastered witchcraft in her training. With difficulty, she managed to handle the priestly arts also.

At the age of 16 she was ordained and swore obeisance to Sammael. As she was, a corona of fire appeared around her and her special talent blossomed. The fact came to the attention of the coven. Four years later, she was admitted (rank 11) to fill a vacancy. She has served well.

8) Mistress Of Sammael - Admin of Civilian Government

The priestess is in charge of the civilian administration on the home island. Every city and village is under the control of her mayors and governors. All elements required for their efficient operation is hers to administer. In addition, she is responsible for directing the important religious events that are a major feature of Climan society. These include festivals, public orgies and other obligatory events. She is rewarded for excellence in performing these duties and liable for any failures.

The final feature of her job is information gathering. She is required to read the pulse of the people and find out information for other coven members who may need to act on it. Her performance of this duty is especially important to the Right Ghova.

Balima Vericola - Mistress of SammaelAGE47SEX Female
MDV21MEL15  EnL71HC17%
Mana Lvl13Casting179Mana Regen9

In the former regime Balima was Abbess of Ghova. She did an excellent job. As priestess and scholar she has few superiors. Now that she has a new post she is learning what it requires and, as possible, applying the discipline of true faith to those she rules. Her goal is to insure that all Climans are as fanatically dedicated to the worship of Sammael, and all his arts, as she is. Since her ascension, the number of public events has increased twofold. She plans to increase them further (especially the obligatory public orgies).

9) Mistress Of Mammon - Economy, Trade, Treasury, etc.

The Mistress is responsible for the financial health of Clima. She collects taxes, imposes fees, keeps the treasury safe and provides funds, as needed, for operation of the state. She and the Immortal Ghova can enter the Vault of the Immortal Ghova, where the treasury is kept. Others who enter must be in the company of one of the two. If not, the wards, guardians and other dangers will attack. Their chance of survival in this case is not high. If they are a worshipper of the Court of Sammael, they have no chance at all.

Zilar Timus - Mistress of MammonAGE41SEX Female
MDV22MEL8  EnL84HC25%
Mana Lvl18Casting135Mana Regen7

Zilar enjoyed the freedom and adventure of being Mistress of Lilith. Giving pain, humiliation and death to the benighted pleased her. Since she is a dutiful daughter of Sammael, she accepted the call home and took her new responsibilities. She is doing them but they are of little interest to her.

NOTE - Since her arrival the Immortal Ghova has ordered her to improve her skills with magic. She used the arts little as Mistress of Lilith. The Bride demands that she rectify that error.

10) Mistress Of Belial - Diplomacy, Espionage

This Mistress is in charge of all things pertaining to foreign relations (except those that impact the Climan faith). She controls the few Climan ambassadors and a network of envoys. In addition, she administers the Climan espionage system. That system, in general, is used for two purposes. The first is information gathering with nets. The second is sabotage in war or when an enemy is doing something that Clima opposes.

At times, agents may also be used to spread the faith in foreign countries. They have been, to some affect, in the Rogizini Empire. Elsewhere they have had little success in the endeavor. Her command base is an elite manor in Vizan. It has a number of interesting amenities and features that are very valuable for her purpose.

Kotima Endurin - Mistress of BelialAGE33SEX Female
MDV19MEL10  EnL66HC25%
Mana Lvl14Casting130Mana Regen6

When the Immortal Ghova took the throne she chose another woman for this task. That priestess proved annoying. She had an accident last month. Kotima assumed her duties as a result. She is a devoted follower of the current Immortal Ghova and has a knack for this calling. Her one flaw, where it is concerned, is lust for pretty foreign slaves. The Immortal Ghova ignores the weakness. It is proper to be lustful in service to the divine and visiting Kotima is fun (She has been one of the Immortal's lovers for seven years).

11) Mistress Of Rhadamanthus - Prisons, Executioners

The priestess is in charge of Clima's prisons, penal mines and providing slaves to the fleet for rowing duty. She is also responsible for Clima's executioners. All facets of their training are her responsibility. The training academy she oversees is located in Shimama. A number of convicts are sent each year to be used for training. They experience almost daily torture by her trainees for as long as they last. When one dies, a replacement is sent from the prison system.

Tira Jenkorus - Mistress of RhadamanthusAGE51SEX Female
MDV17MEL9  EnL91HC37%
Mana Lvl12Casting95Mana Regen7

SPECIAL - Tira received a blessing on reaching puberty. Her appearance doubles from dusk to dawn. Though this gift is from Astaroth, it is considered honorable.

Tira's mother ran afoul of a criminal in Porta while trying to start a coven there. She was raped repeatedly before she managed to escape. The result was Tira. As a half caste, she was disowned and grew up in the gutters. Her life was not a kind one.

At the age of eight she came to the attention of a ranking priestess. She was taken out of the gutters and into that woman's house. Ten years later she entered training as a priestess. She met the current Immortal Ghova while learning her arts. They have been good friends ever since. Tira is a total sadist. She enjoys inflicting pain and has made a detailed study of the science of doing so. She also detests anyone who violates the law or faith of Clima. Prisoners who come to her attention are better off dead. She makes what life they have remaining worse than a living hell.

12) Mistress Of Truth - Abbess of Ghova

The Abbess is in charge of the training academy for the priesthood. Every priestess of the Climan faith learns and masters her art here. It is the duty of the Abbess to insure that acolytes learn properly, are pure in their faith and do nothing to defile the truth that is the Court of Sammael. All students, while in training, are the property of the Abbess. She may take any steps she believes are appropriate to further their advancement.

Ezela Kesteros - Abbess of Ho'DaivaAGE67SEX Female
MDV26MEL19  EnL115HC28%
Mana Lvl16Casting289Mana Regen11

Ezela is a first rate scholar and a mistress of cosmology, sorcery and enchantment. There is little doubt she is the most powerful magic user on Clima. She has held her post since the ascension of the current Immortal Ghova. She concentrates on doing her duty, as she sees fit, and helping the Immortal grow stronger in the arts.

The Abbess has set beliefs. The first is that students must dedicate themselves to study. She is a tireless disciplinarian in this regard. Dawn to dusk study is the norm. Those who cannot stand the pace, and master the arts well, are removed from the academy.

She also believes students must have an emic understanding of the faith. Participation in rites that lead to relations with demons and imps are required. No one earns their witch mark without first hand interaction with at least one demon. Any who are impregnated as a result may ease their course load until the child arrives. When it does, it is the property of the abbey (many guards at the abbey are half demons. She hopes, in time, they all will be).

Finally, she feels priestesses need to be a united sisterhood. Sexual relations between the acolytes, and with their instructors, are required. Now and then, men are brought in for them to share. (Ezela is something of a voyeur. She likes watching the fun.)

13) Mistress Of Lilith - All other islands, Piracy

This priestess controls the administration and defense of all the outer islands. All facets of their lives, except those covered by any special temple on them, is under her control. All fortresses, docks and other facilities are hers to keep in operating condition. After the Daughter of the Left, she is the ranking Admiral of the Climan fleet.

The Mistress is also the chief administrator dealing with Clima sanctioned piracy. She has full authority to deal with all pirates, plan their raids and control their operations. As needed, she is authorized to give pirates access to equipment, repairs and other items that serve the Climan state and keep them functional. She collects Clima's cut from all booty taken in by the pirates and disciplines those who fail to heed the law in regard to piracy.

Martine Demos - Mistress of LilithAGE54(18)SEX Female
MDV19MEL11  EnL85HC34%
Mana Lvl13Casting131Mana Regen8

SPECIAL - As an 18 year old acolyte Martine exceeded herself. She cast a summoning rite. The result led to her gaining expensive advantages from the lord Belial. They are:

  1. She will not age, or show her age, for 13 times 13 years from the date of the pact. When the 169th year comes, her soul belongs to Belial.
  2. She has a +12 Influence Chance when lying.
  3. She may use Hell Powers (EL4) as an Innate Power
  4. Suffers +1 damage from silver

NOTE - The pact required her to spend one year in hell with Belial (five years of Middle World time). While there she bore him a son. She also learned a great deal about the Court of Sammael, both their nature and arts. She is an exceedingly evil and salacious woman.

Martine believes her love, Belial, will make her a Duchess of Hell when he claims her soul. Given that truth, she is certain her dear friend Sammael will name her Immortal Ghova if the current holder falters. She prays for that day. When it comes, her plans to improve Clima will make it hell on earth - a truly perfect "paradise".

Demos dwells in a temple on Khat'u. From that headquarters, she oversees the islands and rules Clima's pirates. She also has a guarded personal manor where she engages in hellish practices and experiments with great rites that haven't been used in ages or that she has devised since her return from hell. Her power is growing. She is very dangerous.

NOTE - Study Belial's nature. If Martine achieves great power and succeeds with her goals, she may have a place as his personal concubine when he claims her. If not, she will be a tortured whore serving the hosts of Sammael for eternity. The fact she expects more from the Lord of Deceit is not Belial's problem, though it does give him a giggle.

Other Climan Areas and Leaders

1) The Covenate of Clima


Total Population - 292,000 (City 58000)


2400 Temple Guard, 6000 Militia


This is the wealthiest Covenate on the island. Its city contains factories that are known for quality production of various goods. The city's elite is wealthy and there is a small middle class of craftsmen and artisans. The rest of the city populace are little more than serfs. The southern mountains in the area have productive mines. The fields to the northwest are intensively farmed and productive. 103 thousand of the covenate's population are serfs working those fields.

Coven Membership

All members of this coven are worshippers of Sammael with Immortal Ghova training at Ho'Daiva. No one is allowed in the coven without the permission of the Immortal Ghova. The 13 members rule the Covenate in all regards. They count as handmaidens to the Ghova. All are powerful, respected and wealthy traditionalists.


The ruling coven stresses the worship of Sammael throughout the Covenate. Small temples to other members of his court are permitted. Only his festivals and events are celebrated in the Covenate. Any worship of gods who are not in the Courts of Sammael, Tiamat or Lilith is heresy.

Jaziel Goro - Elder of the Clima CovenAGE59SEX Female
MDV14MEL8  EnL62HC19%
Mana Lvl10Casting71Mana Regen6

Jaziel is the wealthiest woman in Clima. She owns immense farms and the best factories in the city. She also is a major player in the timber trade. Her fanaticism in the worship of Sammael, and insuring that everyone adheres to the truth of that faith, sets the standard for the Covenate. She has been a member of this coven for 30 years and its leader for six. Her eldest daughter is also a member. On Jaziel's death, her daughter will lead. She has the vow of the Immortal Ghova on that. She is tireless in service to her mistress.

Muja Goro - Coven member, SorceressAGE33SEX Female
MDV17MEL9  EnL48HC26%
Mana Lvl12Casting97Mana Regen4

Muja trained as a priestess at Ghova. She then went for training as a Sorceress on Ba'helos. After six years as an Ashipu in Clima, she was admitted for training at Ho'Daiva. She is competent as both a priestess and a sorceress. Her failings are sadism, greed and a bias against beautiful women. She is excellent at making maximum impact with all three flaws. She currently resides at the fortress in the farming area administering the family farms and seeing to the faith there.

2) The Covenate of Shimama


Total Population - 193,000 (Ccity 30000)


2000 Infantry, 100 Cavalry, 4000 Militia


The Covenate has a small fertile area. It is not enough to support the population. Their prime income comes from mining and a second rate lumber industry. The city is noted for theaters, temples and other elite amenities. As for Clima, the quality of life is good for the elite. For everyone else life is hard.

Coven Membership

All members acknowledge the primacy of Sammael. Only seven are priestesses of his temples. The other six serve Sin (2), Belial (1), Belzaboul (1), the Goddess in Black (1) and Rhadamanthus (1). Nine of the members have received training at Ho'Daiva. The elder ruling this Covenate, a priestess of Rhadamanthus, is not one of them.


The coven stresses devout worship of the Court of Sammael. They tolerate worshippers of Tiamat because the sea is life. They are strict traditionalists. Worship MUST follow the prescribed pattern. Variations from this truth are punished. Failure to learn and act properly is heresy.

NOTE - There are a number of volcanoes in this Covenate. Legend states that failure to serve the Lord of Volcanoes (Sammael) properly will result in the death of the island, i.e. the volcanic chain will explode and ravage everything. Fear of this is part of the reason this coven is so strict. The other big reason is that the elder of the coven is a true bitch. She wants things done her way and only her way.

Eldira Housentales - Elder of the Shimama CovenateAGE84SEXFemale
MDV15MEL10  EnL70HC23%
Mana Lvl10Casting90Mana Regen7

Eldira is a scholar of the faith, especially where it pertains to Rhadamanthus, and Climan law. She rules the coven, her temple and is the High Judge of Shimama. She allows no leniency where proper law and tradition is concerned. Anyone who violates what she feels is proper is punished. She is not well loved by the people of the Covenate or a strong minority of the members of her own coven. It is likely she will die soon.

Ashima Ten - Member of the Shimama CovenateAGE37SEX Female
MDV17MEL8  EnL84HC35%
Mana Lvl13Casting92Mana Regen7

Ashima is a worshipper of Sammael who earned her place on the coven, despite Eldira's resistance, two years ago. She was assigned duty in the foulest mining region of the Covenate. The reason is Eldira's dislike of her glib tongue and jealousy of her potential. She leads a cabal of four coven members who plan to help Eldira into the next world. When they are ready to act, Eldira will die. In the interim, Ashima is working to win a name for herself so the assassination gives her command of the Covenate. She is a stubborn manipulator with a talent for convincing people she is right. She is also lewd, provocative and dedicated to herself.

3) The Covenate of Melecin


Total Population - 135,000 (City 18000)


1000 Infantry, 200 Cavalry, 3000 Militia Notable there is reformer, road builder, etc.


This Covenate is the most productive agricultural area on the island. It is known for olives, grapes, wine and other such produce. More than two thirds of its people are involved in these industries. Some small mines also exist. The city is clean, well organized and undergoing extensive renovation under the new leader of the Covenate.

Coven Membership

All priestesses in the Covenate are organized into covens. Twelve seats on the ruling coven are filled for two year terms by leaders of these covens (on a rotating basis). This policy became fact when the current coven leader took power (and killed the other coven members). Any coven worshipping a god or goddess of the Court of Sammael has a chance for membership when the new 12 are chosen.


The leader of the Covenate is a priestess of Princess Naamah. The other members worship Sammael (3), Sin (1), Lucifer (2), Belial (1), Belphegor (1), Mammon (1) and Lilith (2). They have ten months left before their term expires.

Onula Kista - Elder of the Melecin CovenateAGE39SEX Female
MDV27MEL11  EnL58HC36%
Mana Lvl16Casting170Mana Regen4

SPECIAL - Onula has Intellectual Power. She is a trained natural magician. She also has +20 appearance at night. To maintain the second gift, she must drink blood from an infant every month.

Onula worked on a farm until she was 23. She married when she was 14. She had three children, all daughters (ages 24, 19 and 17). One night her husband took her to a meeting. The people there were engaged in heresy. On the morning, she went to the temple of Lilith and arranged a plan to capture them. It worked perfectly. Her husband was executed with 18 other people. She was admitted into the Temple of Naamah in Melecin and her children were placed in an orphanage.

Her mental gifts were discovered in training. She was ordained at Ghova and sent to Ba'helos to learn wizardry and sorcery at the age of 26. There she received a gift from her goddess, Princess Naamah. On graduating, Onula went for training at Ho'Daiva. The Immortal Ghova was impressed (and infatuated).

At the age of 32 the Immortal Ghova named her Elder of the Melecin Covenate. On arrival she killed the previous elder on the Immortal Ghova's command. After interviews with the other members, she killed all of them for incompetence. During the next three years she ruled as a dictator, leading a pogrom against the enemies of the faith. When her effort ended, she instituted the current system and began to improve the Covenate.

Onula is making great strides in renovating the city and improving the farms. She has also begun building roads. None qualify as all weather roads yet but she is making the effort, much against Climan tradition. No one in Melecin dares stand against her. She is brilliant, deadly and a lover of the Immortal Ghova. Any effort to slay her would result in horror if it failed (or, unless perfectly concealed, succeeded. The Immortal Ghova would avenge her).

4) The Covenate of Vizan


Total Population - 70,000 (City 14000)


800 Infantry, 100 Cavalry, 1000 Militia


Vizan is known for its mining industry and grain. It is the main producer of weapons on the home island. After Clima, it is the primary receiving port for the western trade (from Affea and Fort Kira). The fort on the northern peninsula (Fort Heirana) is one of Clima's strongest fleet bases. It also has a good port and ship yard open only to the navy. The primary duty of the force there is to watch Aratad.

Coven Membership

This coven uses an ancient form of the faith. Its ritual leader is a male priest. He has NO standing outside of Vizan. Thirteen priestesses form the official coven. Three worship Sammael, five Lucifer, three Sin and two Lilith. Entering this coven requires passage of ancient tests. Those who fail lose their lives, either in the test or on the altar.


Sammael and Lucifer are worshipped as equals in this Covenate. For the law's sake, Sammael retains the higher place in official ritual. All forms of Chaos worship are tolerated here. All other worship forms are heresy.

Ravulian Kesnog - Ritual Leader of the Vizan CovenateAGE58SEX Male
MDV19MEL13  EnL120HC58%
Mana Lvl12Casting143Mana Regen8

Ravulian was born on a pirate ship. He spent the first 24 years of his life as a seaman and pirate. At the age of 24 he had an epiphany of sorts. He spent the next ten years in the Rogizini Empire working as a mercenary. As he did, he studied the scholar's arts and magic.

Three years of adventure brought him back to the sea and Clima. He made the acquaintance of the coven while in Vizan. They "invited" him to remain as ritual leader for the rest of his life. He has been here for 21 years. Though he misses freedom now and then, he enjoys what he has.

Calira Kesnog - Elder of the Vizan CovenateAGE35SEXFemale
MDV17MEL9  EnL88HC33%
Mana Lvl12Casting100Mana Regen7

Calira's family has worshipped Sin and led this Covenate for 192 years. She considers it to be her property. Her lust for Ravulian, when she was a 14 year old priestess, is why he remains in Vizan as ritual leader. He, in her view, is also her property.

Calira is demanding and possessive. She is also one of the most erotic and salacious ladies on the island. Two things color life in this Covenate. The needs of the gods, especially Sin, and Calira's comfort. Her home in the city is the high temple of Sin and is also a palace.

NOTE - The Elder has two children with Ravulian. The eldest is a nineteen year old Sin worshipper who recently joined the coven (Tiesha). The other is a nine year old son (Resnik) who serves at the fleet base.

5) The Covenate of Vinul


Total Population - 18,000 (Fort Vinul 2000)


200 Infantry, 2000 Militia


Vinul is a sparsely populated area of high mountains and wild hills. The most active volcano on the island is located here. It is also the traditional center of a heretic cult the faith has been savaging for centuries. The economy is based on mining, timber, ranching and minimal agriculture. The Immortal Ghova hopes to continue its growth, turn Fort Vinul into a city and, by so doing, eradicate the heretics.

Coven Membership

The members of this group were picked by the Immortal Ghova. All are stubborn women with combat experience. They are committed to the Immortal Ghova's goal. Success is the only way they get out of Vinul. None are happy to be here.

Xara Tesjul - Elder of the Vinul CovenateAGE40SEX Female
MDV13MEL7  EnL107HC58%
Mana Lvl9Casting52Mana Regen7

Xara spent twenty years as a priestess with the high seas fleet. She loved it. In her last posting, she angered a member of the Ghova Hand. A month later she was Elder of Vinul. She will remain until heresy is stifled, the fort becomes a city and the population of the Covenate exceeds forty thousand. Needless to say, she will be here for a while.

The Elder is a physical person with minimal talent as a priestess. As a warrior she is one of the most dangerous people on the island. There are very few people who can stand against her on the battlefield, especially when she is using her magic chainmail and magic battle axe. Her personality is blustery, arrogant and can be annoying. She is used to being a man among men. Her lifestyle and manner reflect that fact.

6) Affea


Covenate Population - 20000, City 5000


2000 militia


Affea is wealthy. As the major supplier of ship timber, it is also critical to Clima. The Covenate also produces herbs, furs and other items that are prized on the home island. An efficient slave trade operates here. The primary source of merchandise is the Kolar peninsula. The people of Affea are detested by the Kolaro.

Coven Membership

The members of this coven are the descendants of the original coven sent to found the colony. They rule all facets of life and control more than 80% of the Covenate's wealth. Each owns a mercenary force. It obeys her command. Together the 13 companies are the sole defense of Affea until the militia can be levied. Their total strength is 250. Not all of them are men (or human).


Tiamat and Sammael are equal in Affea. Both have large temples. The minor gods of their courts receive some worship but nothing major. A minority fringe worships the Court of Lilith. The sect is discouraged but not outlawed. All other faiths are heresy. In the current coven, six members worship Tiamat, five Sammael, one Belphegor and one Lucifer.

Joi Heranalor - Elder of the Affea CovenateAGE72SEX Female
MDV18MEL14  EnL87HC28%
Mana Lvl11Casting140Mana Regen8

Joi has been elder for 41 years. She is descended from the original elder so it is her place to lead. She has done so well and is tired. Within the next three years she plans to turn the Covenate over to one of her daughters (she has four). Whichever one shows she deserves, and wants, the role most will rule. The others will die.

NOTE - The Heranalor Company is the largest in Affea. It consists of 40 infantry and 20 cavalry. Joi is a taciturn and cold woman. She shows nothing of her feelings, unless given cause for rage or hate. Those who get a rise out of her generally regret the day they were born.

NOTE - None of Joi's daughters like her. When she hands over power, the first act of the winner will be to kill her mother. Joi expects that. Being sent to hell by a daughter she raised is as good a way to begin eternity as any.

7) Fort Kira


Covenate Population - 6000, fort 2000


200 Infantry, 600 Militia


The basis of this Covenate's wealth is timber, fishing and slavery. They make a strong effort to cage as many Sidh beings as they can. They deal in anything that can be marketed for sale.

Coven Membership

This Covenate was founded by a coven dedicated to Lilith. It retains that worship. Members of the ruling coven must be priestesses of a god or goddess in Lilith's court. The Elder is always the highest ranking priestess of Lilith at the fort.


The general faith of Clima is practiced. In addition, sacred rites for Lilith and the main gods of her court are held. The most popular gods are Lilith, Princess Naamah, Lemashtu and Moloch.

NOTE - On a cliff eight miles east of the fort is a tower surrounded by a ruined village. It is a major site that serves Lilith and vampirism. The priestesses there are all "insanely" dedicated to vampires, lamias and the gods who rule them.

Meladin Tringoras - Elder of the Kira CovenateAGE41SEX Female
MDV18MEL11  EnL55HC39%
Mana Lvl12Casting121Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - Meladin uses MEL11/EL6 Fascination as a fanatical power. The gift is derived from Lilith. She is certain that when she dies she will become a vampire if her service is without stain. This makes her a risk taker (in seeking valiant death before she does anything to stain her faith and cost her eternal life as a Lamia).

Meladin is the ranking priestess of the fort. She rules the coven with a light hand. She also spends a great deal of time slaving in the Wild Forest. She is a vain woman in love with her physical ability and beauty. She is also dangerous magically.

Since Meladin is also a member of the Coven of Blood, she heeds the will of her Abbess. The only reason she is not the true ruler of Fort Kira is because the Abbess has little interest in the mundane affairs of "bloodsacks". When the blessed need something, she gives Meladin an order. Beyond that, she has little to do with the affairs of Fort Kira.

Atin - Abbess of the Coven of BloodAGE91(36)SEX Female
MDV27MEL21  EnL108HC29%
Mana Lvl16Casting321Mana Regen11

SPECIAL - When she founded the abbey Atin was given a sacred rite by Lilith. It allows her to live without aging. All her age is passed to the person used in the dedication rite. As long as no harm befalls that person, Atin lives on and never ages. If the person dies of old age, the age begins to return at the rate of one year per day. If the person is killed, it all returns at the next full moon, or in thirty days, whichever is longer. Should the person be killed in the correct manner, the age returns at once. The result is fatal.

NOTE - The woman who is taking Atin's age is confined in the tower under heavy guard. She must be killed by driving a laurel stake through her heart as her head is removed with a sexton's spade. Doing this is not possible for one man.

Atin lives to serve the blessed, vampires and lamia. She and all the "nuns" of her abbey worship the undead. They are expert at making undead of those who are sent for blessing. Atin is a total fanatic. She is honored to be the immortal servant of the true gods and their glorious mother Lilith.

8) Ho'Daiva


Abbey Population - 4800, ARMY - 400 Temple Guard

NOTE - The temple of the Immortal Ghova is on this island. It is run by a group of nuns and ruled by its Abbess. To earn senior rank and be considered for the Ghova Hand a priestess must pass the course here. Those who try, and fail, are never given a second chance.


The island is the peak of an ancient, extinct volcano. The temple is built in the natural tunnels of the volcano. It is the main business of the island. There is also a large iron mine that employs 1200 of the citizens. Beyond these enterprises, people get by with fishing and orchards.

Abbey Rules

The order of the Immortal rules the island and runs the Abbey. Its leader is selected by the Immortal Ghova from the senior members of the order. Becoming a member requires a woman to finish in the top 10% of her class at Ghova and pass the secret admission tests here.


The abbey is dedicated to Sammael. Only his worship is practiced. Failure to comply with this while on the island can lead to immense problems, up to and including a heresy conviction.

Gai Yestilor - Abbess of the ImmortalAGE55SEX Female
MDV19MEL12  EnL76HC19%
Mana Lvl13Casting147Mana Regen8

Gai was appointed to this post on the ascension of the current Immortal Ghova 14 years ago. She is a talented priestess and scholar. She also did a great deal to help the Immortal when she came to the island for training. Finally, she is very dedicated to the more salacious rites of Sammael's faith. She and the Immortal Ghova were very good friends back in the day.

9) Ghova


Abbey Population - 7000


800 Temple Guard

NOTE - This island is the training center of the priesthood. Women must pass training here in order to be a priestess of the faith.


Half the population of the island is the order of the sainted eye, acolytes of the faith and the temple guard who protect them. Another 500 are slaves and convicts who are used at the temple in various ways. The rest of the population work a small port, mine, fish and hunt. Their life is not an easy one.

Coven Membership

Entrance into this coven is by invitation only. The membership is fixed at 1183. 338 of these are full priestesses. The rest serve the "nuns" in various capacities and administer the island. The Abbess of the order is the woman who is deemed most powerful and wise by her sisters. The testing in this regard is done every five years.

When a new Abbess is selected, she sacrifices her predecessor to Sammael as her first act. She also accepts obeisance from the other members of the order. Should she feel any are laggard or insincere, she has the right to sacrifice them as well. In general, the selection of a new Abbess results in a purge of the order. (The order's Abbess is second in command after the Ghova Hand member who is responsible for this island).


All approved religions are practiced and tolerated on Ghova. This includes the courts of Sammael, Lilith and Tiamat. Other chaos faiths are looked down on but are not proscribed.

Bertin Elinor - Abbess of the Sainted EyeAGE62SEX Female
MDV20MEL13  EnL82HC39%
Mana Lvl13Casting152Mana Regen8

Bertin has been Abbess for 23 years. She is a good priestess and talented scholar. However, she is pitiful with the witchcraft of Clima's faith. She minimizes this lack by overpowering opponents with priestly skills before a test of witchcraft can be called. She is tireless and studious, but also timid. In the next test, she will be replaced. Her preferred god is Belphegor.

Latitia Kin - Senior Priestess of the OrderAGE34SEX Female
MDV23MEL11  EnL93HC30%
Mana Lvl17Casting178Mana Regen8

SPECIAL - Upper World Travel (MEL11/EL4) as an innate power

Latitia is the fastest rising priestess in the order. She earned a place as a Senior Priestess at the age of 25. When she was 29 she became the senior instructor in witchcraft and earned a high place teaching Ashipu arts.

The priestess is extremely charismatic. She has many friends in, and outside of, the order. Her ability and potential has been noted as high as the throne. There is little doubt she will be the new Abbess. Her priestly skills will not be batted aside by Bertin. This will call for a test of witchcraft, in which Latitia will humiliate her predecessor.

Latitia is a lewd woman. She revels in salacious activity, owns some nice toys but does not let lust interfere with her growth. It is something she uses for relaxation. It does not rule her life. Her god of choice is Sammael. She also devotes attention to Lucifer. (If rumor is given credence, she has visited that god in the upper world more than once.)

10) Ba'helos


Abbey Population - 300


50 Temple Guard

NOTE - The temple on Ba'helos is devoted to demon worship. It is also a sorcery college for the priesthood. The entire population of the island is devoted to the temple.


The order of legion owns the island. Everyone on it works at or for the temple. There is no other business.

Order Membership

To qualify a woman must be a Climan priestess, specialize in demon worship and pass a rigorous test in sorcery. By order law, the Abbess is the woman with an unbreakable tie to the most powerful demon or devil (or combination of said beings).

NOTE - There are no limits to what this order does in the way of worship and/or sorcery. It is a small, powerful and depraved group. The current membership is 33. Most (26) dwell on the island.


The order worships gods who command hosts of demons and devils most fervently. Beyond that, they are familiar with all chaos faiths and use those that further their pursuit of power.

Azgula - Abbess of LegionAGE113(37)SEX Female
MDV25MEL19  EnL67HC25%
Mana Lvl15Casting271Mana Regen7

SPECIAL - The Abbess made a pact with Belphegor when she was 32. Since that time, her appearance has risen one point per year. The cost was her soul. She is his when she dies. At the age of fifty she made an inviolable pact with Sammael, giving her access to any demon of the host. It also allows her to age by his time (one year for every three that pass). The cost is one constitution point and one life per year she ages (she will die in 91 years if no one kills her sooner). She has also made pacts to reduce her apparent age. It is now 37. She will sacrifice lives until it is 20.

Azgula is a powerful megalomaniac with extreme vanity and a licentious nature. She is also a devoted sadist and Clima's greatest practioner of sorcery and demon worship. Given her nature, that makes her terribly dangerous and unpredictable.

11) Lys


Abbey Population - 300


150 Temple Guard

NOTE - The home of the most sacred temple of Sammael. It concentrates on special features of his worship (mystic practices, vengeance rites, etc).


The only business of the island is the temple. All of its inhabitants are members of the order of the master.

Coven Membership

All the members of this coven are descendants of a coven that was blessed by Sammael a few hundred years ago. Only priestesses of the blood may join. 77 are full priestesses. The eldest of them is Abbess. The rest are assistants, acolytes and servants.


Only Sammael is worshipped on this island. Violation of this stricture is punishable by death.

Ijai Helenorgas - Abbess of LysAGE69SEX Female
MDV15MEL10  EnL100HC31%
Mana Lvl10Casting92Mana Regen8

Ijai is well liked by the other elder priestesses. She is also healthy, spry and dangerous. She is likely to be Abbess for at least another ten years.

Remaining Islands

The remaining islands Clima owns are subject to the oversight of the Mistress of Lilith. She allocates a force of 200 temple guards to defend all five. Except in time of war, her command center is on Khat'u. All of these islands are poor. They get by with fishing, minimal mining, and in some cases, light agriculture.

12) Mera


Population - 700


50 Temple Guard

NOTE - Mera is the location of an ancient temple of Tiamat. The immense building has the shape of a serpent. A rear area, its womb, opens into a sea cavern. A powerful casting area and altar are located here.

Coven Membership

Priestesses who wish to join the Order of the Sea spend 24 hours in the womb of Tiamat (alone). If they are alive and sane when this period ends, they are admitted. If not, they are dead (the insane are drowned in the womb as sacrifices to Tiamat).


Only the worship of the Court of Tiamat is permitted on this island. This is an ancient exclusion. Legend has it that efforts were made in the past to build other temples. None survived a year.

Jilain Jaskorus - Abbess of the SeaAGE35SEX Female
MDV17MEL9  EnL72HC26%
Mana Lvl12Casting100Mana Regen5

SPECIAL - Jilain is the daughter of a Mer noblewoman. She has innate power in Seduction and Fascination (MEL9/EL1). She is also able to speak to the Mer and breathe underwater.

Jilain came to the land at the age of 15. She appeared in the womb during a high rite of Tiamat. She was placed into training at once. When she completed it, at the age of 23, she became Abbess of the Sea. Her nature is more Mer than human in many ways. She has good relations with her mother's people and, secretly, believes it is a sin that a sea nation like Clima does not devote itself completely to Tiamat.

13) Khat'u


Population - 1000


100 Temple Guard, 100 Militia

Khat'u is a mountainous, volcanic island. It is a source of precious gems and various metals. Two fortresses are in place on the island. The first (1) is Fort Massa. It was built during the reign of Massa the Wise at the narrows separating the southern third of the island from the northern two thirds. The fort is a naval base with a garrison of 50 temple guard. It is also the command center of the Mistress of Lilith. The other fort, Fort Impana, has a small port, a prison and factories for processing metal. The garrison is 30 temple guard and whatever marines happen to be there. The remaining 20 temple guards serve as guards in the mines and patrol the island.

Coven Membership

Khat'u is administered by its coven. When present, the Mistress of Lilith is given place as leader. At other times their true leader rules. All coven members are worshippers of Sammael who are noted for their hate of Aratad and Zarun.


Sammael is the god of this island. All other worships are looked down on and/or persecuted.

Ada Tinvoria - Elder of the Khat'u CovenAGE39SEXFemale
MDV13MEL7  EnL73HC38%
Mana Lvl9Casting52Mana Regen5

Ada is the daughter of the former elder, a great witch who died on a ship sunk by the Aratad fleet. She is not the talent her mother was. She rules because her hatred of Aratad is palpable and the reputation of her line is immense.

Jason Tarkus - PirateAGE40SEX Male
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Jason is a native of Aratad. His father was a spy for Clima. He moved to Vizan, at the age of 11, when the King of Aratad executed his father. After ten years serving the fleet, he deserted and became a pirate. Another decade brought him fame as a reaver of Aratad's shipping and follower of truth. He was pardoned for desertion and allowed to base his ship on Khat'u. He is, without doubt, Clima's most notable and dangerous pirate. He is a sadistic lecher who is driven by fanatical hatred of the rulers of Aratad.

14) Chala


Population - 400


25 Temple Guard, 40 Militia

Chala is a fertile island that was taken from La'Ced in a past war. During that campaign, 90% of its population died from a plague of disease demons that was loosed on the island. The rest were enslaved when Clima took the island. The population of 400 is the Climans on the island and pirates who base there. There are 2200 slaves who toil for them. It is a plantation culture for Climans and pure hell for slaves.

Coven Membership

Membership in this coven is hereditary. The eldest daughter of the line that stems from the Admiral who took the island rules the coven. Others heed her will or regret their error.


The worship preferred by the reigning elder is always the prime faith of the island. All other chaos forms are tolerated. The current faith of the island is the worship of the Goddess in Black.

Zentora Asdal - Elder of the Chala covenAGE42SEX Female
MDV16MEL10  EnL104HC27%
Mana Lvl11Casting99Mana Regen9
* -2 for obesity

SPECIAL - Zentora has a "creature tie" to ghosts. She is able to sense spirits and speak to them. She will never be attacked by a ghost or poltergeist.

Zentora took over the coven when she was 23. Since that time, she has ruled from her plantation. She sees herself, privately, as the Queen of Chala. Most of her time is spent enjoying luxury, tormenting her harem of men and insuring that no one does anything that threatens her hold on the island. She is a salacious glutton who is utterly amoral.

15) Covenate of the South


Murani - Population - 300

Merin - Population - 200


Murani- 15 Temple Guard, 30 Militia

Merin- 10 Temple Guard, 20 Militia


5 small warships

Coven Membership

A coven of military chaplains was formed to administer both islands when they were conquered. It retains its martial bent. Members of this coven are trained priestesses of Sammael with no less than six years experience serving the army or navy. They work to build the production of both islands and defend against raiders (Bhamotin and Shazi pirates primarily).


The coven worships the court of Sammael. Worship of Lilith and Tiamat is permitted. Other chaos worship is tolerated. Any other form of worship results in death by slow torture or sacrifice on the high altar. No exceptions are ever made.

NOTE - A small area of Murani is called the valley of the Devils. It is a forbidden realm. Any person who enters it, and survives, is executed.

Tia Balinot - Elder of the SouthAGE44SEX Female
MDV15MEL7  EnL63HC22%
Mana Lvl11Casting69Mana Regen4

Tia is a good scholar, intelligent general and adequate priestess. Despite her intelligence, Tia is sometimes naïve and can be misled. Her lover often does so, when she feels the need.

She enjoys showing off her strength. Humiliating men in wrestling matches is pleasant for her. When not dressed as her duties require, she wears clothing that exhibit her physique. Her body, and her lover, are her life.

Regin - Tia's loverAGE26SEX Female
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Regin has Wild Power at MEL2/EL2. She also has the talent Charisma at level 4.

Regin is a native of Rogh'sa. She fled that city at the age of 16 after an accident led to a fire at the house of a noble who refused to pay for her services after she sated him. (She tried to compel him to pay and got a fireball instead.) Her flight led her to Musci. At the age of 19 she came to the attention of a coven of Sammael worshippers and was sent to Merin. On Merin, she met Tia and became her lover.

Regin is a manipulative woman who seeks what is good for her always. She likes Tia. She also likes the other lovers she has, without Tia's knowledge. As far as loving anyone, she considers it to be a silly word with no meaning. In fact, her one love is herself. Her suite is festooned with mirrors, including more than one strategically placed above her bed.

Achmeir el Faranam - Shazi PirateAGE30SEX Male
Mana Lvl4CastingNAMana RegenNA

Achmeir is the Captain of a small pirate sloop. It has a crew of six. He works the straits between Merin and Shazi about three months out of the year. During that time, he stops by to visit Regin, give her presents and use her.

Abald Torus - Gomese MerchantAGE57SEX Male
Mana Lvl12CastingNAMana RegenNA

Abald trades from Gom to Rogh'sa. He also engages in illicit trade with Clima. He makes two runs to the home island each year. On his way, in general, he stops to see Regin. She is very nice when he is generous on his visit. (In essence, he gives what she wants and does what she wants. If he doesn't, he gets teased unmercifully and is sent on his way.)

NOTE - Regin is casting her net for a prettier merchant. When she finds one, Abald gets introduced to Tia (who will be told he forced himself on Regin. She will enjoy watching Tia break her lover in half).

Secret Societies

1) Marel Sialla (Servants of the Sea)

The members of this sect accept the truth that Clima is and always will be dependent on the sea. They believe that her people must discard Sammael. It is their plan to bring the Court of Tiamat into the forefront throughout Climan society. Worship of the one true goddess, and devotion to her servants, both divine and mortal, will be life for all Climans. Other gods must be relegated to the secondary, and barely relevant, place they deserve.


The servants place their main emphasis on converting those whose work is dependent on the sea. This includes merchant seaman, fisherman, pirates and members of the fleet. It also includes ship makers, port workers and people who support the naval effort. Their strongest following, at this time, is among merchant seaman and pirates. About 10% of these are members or favorable to them. They are working carefully to expand their hold. If it takes a century, Clima will be the land of Tiamat. The day of Sammael must end.


The secret base of the society is located in an underwater cavern near the island of Mera. The only access to the cavern is by diving 200 feet or through a secret tunnel that leads from the temple of Tiamat on Mera. Since Mer people and the priestesses at the base defend it, the only safe access is through the tunnel.


The society has 14000 members throughout the Climan realm. 80 are priestesses, witches and sorceresses. Only they have access to the base.

Uvanda Koralimas - Queen of the CultAGE41SEX Female
MDV17MEL8  EnL38HC41%
Mana Lvl13Casting91Mana Regen3

When Uvanda was 20 she tried to become a priestess. She mastered witchcraft but failed to apply herself as a priestess. She was removed from the program. A year later, she became a chaplain on a merchant vessel. When it sunk, she found herself floating on driftwood in the middle of the Sea of Tears. She had an epiphany when a merman took her to his home, raped her and made her serve his will. She came to see it was the just place of humans who used the sea to serve its wants.

After three years, Uvanda was released on a desert island. Six months of deprivation later, she was found and taken to Shimama. When she expounded her beliefs, she was jailed and sent to Khat'u. On the way there, she escaped with the aid of a cult member. She went to Mera and joined. Two years ago she became its leader.

Uvanda is a true fanatic. She is also insane. As much as her humanity allows she lives as a Mer woman. This includes taking lovers and, when bored, dining on them. She has had her teeth filed to points and dyed her skin to improve her likeness to Mer. Her inner circle follows her lead, where dining on men is concerned. Once her rule is consolidated, it will become the law for all leaders of the faith.

Ai Dasgorna - Sorceress (Chala)AGE34SEX Female
MDV21MEL12  EnL61HC15%
Mana Lvl15Casting170Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - MEL12/EL7 Invulnerability as innate power

Ai is a landowner on Chala. She advises four coven members there and has a reputation for talent in magic. In her youth, she was a sacred dancer. Since taking up magic, at the age of 22, she has become a recluse. Her time is spent helping friends, studying her art and being with her husband. As possible, she helps the cult recruit. When she becomes aware of the program Uvanda intends, she is likely to become more active. It is a threat to the life she prefers and would doom her husband.

Lobar Tel - Pirate (Chala), Husband of AiAGE37SEX Male
Mana Lvl10CastingNAMana RegenNA

SPECIAL - Amulet - Total Immunity to Iron weapons. Amulet - Toadstone, no vessel he is on can sink.

Lobar met Ai when she was 25. They married at the temple of Tiamat three years later. A year after that, he recruited her into the cult. He is rabidly dedicated to it and his wife. He sees her power and his ability paving the way for their seven year old daughter to sit as Tiamat's Queen of Clima.

2) The Eld Circle

Before the rise of Heirana Ghova Clima's cities and villages were independent, each free to worship who they chose. The Council of Eld loosely governed the myriad hodgepodge of city states, as advisors and trade administrators. What wealth came to the land came through the free ports (which are now her cities).

Ghova's rise ended that freedom. She launched a pogrom against all other faiths and organized the home island into a nation dedicated to Sammael. The Council of Eld was sacrificed on his altar, one by one, while the rulers of the land watched.

In the decades that followed every rebellion against the new order was disorganized and local. Each faction worked independently, distrusting other factions almost as much as they hated Ghova. All were quashed mercilessly.

Finally, the remaining defenders of the old truth went underground. Arrangements were made to work together, at last. Though they no longer have a strong following, they are known to most and active to this day.


The circle, as much as possible, maintains the integrity of the past. It is ruled by five Elds. Each serves a different faction. All work together for the day when Sammael's adherents pay the price for their greed and evil. What power they have is primarily felt on the western end of the island (Vizan and Melecin).


The ritual center for the circle is located in the mountains of Vinul. It is an ancient vault, sacred to Domiel, in an extinct volcano. Only the Eld and its guardian know where it is and how to safely enter. The main base is also located in these mountains.


Most members (85%) are mountaineers and hillmen from Vizan and Melecin. The cult seeks to bring truth to others as well. They do so with great care. Destroying them is a priority for the Ghova hand.

The Eld and Others

Giorgio - Miner, Vizan, High Eld (Domiel)AGE49SEX Male
MDV16MEL9  EnL70HC29%
Mana Lvl11Casting87Mana Regen4

Giorgio is descended from the line that ruled the Freeport of Vizan. His great grandfather was one of the Eld the Ghova sacrificed to Sammael. His father also died on the altar. The Ghova Hand has ordered the eradication of his line. He hides in the high mountains of Vinul, at the main base, directing the progress of the circle as best he can.

The High Eld is an elementalist. What power he wields comes from his relations to the elementals of fire and earth. The sophistication and range of a trained wizard is beyond his capability. He learned arts passed from father to son. Nothing more.

Evandal - Farmer, Eld (Arathron)AGE36SEX Male
Mana Lvl7CastingNAMana RegenNA

Evandal inherited his robe last year. He has little interest in the position. He prefers to scratch out his meager living on the land and await the day when evil dies. As needed, he attends Eld functions. When he can do so, without exposing himself, he helps people who are under attack by the evil that rules the land. His farm is located in the hills of Vizan.

Gira - Tavern Wench, Eld (Gaea)AGE33SEX Female
Mana Lvl9CastingNAMana RegenNA

Gira works as a waitress and whore in a village tavern in Vinul. The people she leads work against the government. They have been responsible for murders, vandalism and other things the Ghova hand view as atrocities. She passes her orders through one of four people. They are the only ones, outside the Eld, who know her import to the circle. She is a charismatic woman who uses her position to gather information.

Bas - Merchant (Bacchus)AGE54SEX Male
MDV13MEL6  EnL86HC32%
Mana Lvl10Casting51Mana Regen7
* -1 for obesity

Bas is a wine merchant in the city of Melecin. His business is not overly notable but it is enough to keep him comfortable. Most of his effort for the Eld is spent recruiting members and saving people who run afoul of the government. He does little to draw attention to himself or his people. He has training as a priest of Bacchus from his dead father.

Miriam - Herbalist (Mimir)AGE62SEX Female
MDV21MEL11  EnL75HC29%
Mana Lvl16Casting163Mana Regen6

Miriam runs a herb shop in the mountains of Melecin. Her main customers are hunters, miners and the state mines. She is the most knowledgeable and dangerous member of the Eld. She spent more than 15 years living outside of Clima. During that time, she learned magic and a number of other skills. She returned at the age of 39, after the death of her family, and took her place with the Eld. She runs a strong gang that assails the government, runs safe houses and recruits as she can.

Joba Korn - Mountaineer, Guardian (Domiel)AGE39SEX Male
Mana Lvl8CastingNAMana RegenNA

Joba dwells in an isolated cabin in the mountains of Vinul. He makes his living hunting, gathering and growing what he can. His main business is protecting the vault. Anyone who tries entering it who doesn't belong there face Joba's axe.

NOTE - Joba is a deserter from the Climan army. His daughter Cer, age 8, was born on the altar in the vault, at his dead wife's insistence. She is a very special child. (His wife died giving her life.)

Cer Korn - currentAGE8SEX Female
Mana Lvl5CastingNAMana RegenNA

Cer was born on the vault altar. She bears the mark of Domiel over her heart. At the very least, she is blessed by the elements. Should the covens become aware of her, she will be sacrificed to Sammael.

Cer Korn - futureAGE32SEX Female
MDV16MEL7  EnL100HC62%
Mana Lvl12Casting77Mana Regen6

SPECIAL - Cer has elemental powers with all four elements. She can call, speak to and use any elemental. She also has a strong tie to the earth. Whenever she is damaged, she rolls to heal as normal. If the result shows she heals, she recovers completely at the cost of 8 energy. If she fails to heal, she heals as normal for a human being. If an abysmal results, her enhanced healing ability may not be used until the next full moon.

SPECIAL - Cer may use all spells tied to the elements as innate powers (MEL7/EL2). She is also a trained elder witch. Finally, she has +2 talent with Swords, +8 as a Miner and -3 as an entertainer.

If Cer survives to be the person above she will take her father's place as Guardian of the vault. After a few years in that position, its full power will embrace her. Should this occur she will become a deadly adversary for the followers of Sammael and greatly increase the might of the circle.

NOTE - The powers begin exhibiting themselves when Cer is 12 (on her reaching puberty). Her appearance blossoms between the ages of 16 and 18.


Harandel Ironagoras - Half-demonAGE30SEX Male
MDV10MEL7  EnL97HC62%
Mana Lvl6CastingNAMana RegenNANAV2

SPECIAL - Appearance wise, Harandel takes after his Nergali father. He is repulsive and has leathery skin. He is capable of using all Hell Powers at MEL7/EL3. In sunlight he fights with a -2 affliction. The sun is oppressive to him.

Harandel was born on Ghova. At the age of 9 he revolted from the rule of women and smuggled himself onto a ship. He made his way to the forests of Affea by the age of 13. Once there, he found a hidden cavern and made it his home.

He believes the way of truth is male rule. Four men have joined him in that belief. They work as bandits in the forest. As opportunities arise, they kidnap women to serve them. Whenever possible, the women taken are those who have a hand in the inappropriate rule of females in Clima. There are nine women serving as slaves in his cavern. Two were once minor priestesses. They have three children. One is Harandel's son.

Harandel is not sane. His goal is to take Affea. Once the women there are his slaves, and those men who do not support truth die, he will expand to Fort Kira and conquer the Wild Forest. Once this is fact, he will sit with a harem of Elven slaves and order his host to begin the conquest of the world.

NOTE - His supporters are two bandits, a criminal from Pelara and a hedge wizard from Caldo. He has a way to go before it is time to unleash his host. The leaders of Affea are barely aware of his existence.

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