Powers and Perils

National Basic Characteristics, Common Armor and Weapons

NationHeightWeightAncestory / Notes
A'ha'Kacili66"150North African Berbers
A'korchu65"145Dark Haired, Pale, albinos
Aratad Confederacy67"140La'cedi stock, dark haired and complexion, dexterous and agile.
Bai'sani 67"165Nigeria/Morocco.
The Assiran 72"200Scandinavian
Ba'raul 68"170 Zen'da Barbarians & Thalibans Tall, well-built, dark hair and high cheekbones.
Bhamotin 68"165Related to Rizeela/Bai'sani
Caldo 67"165Kazi stock
Empire of Ced 67"140 La'cedi, Dark hair/Complexion Both tend to be agile anddexterous
The Salaqi 60"150 La'cedi, Dark hair/complexion Both tend to be agile anddexterous
The Cerulean Empire 68"175Kin to Patana and Dalya. Kin of Katai, Rogizni, Teos and Bhamotin.
The Dalyaa 68"175Northern Afghans/Turkestan
The Patana 67"175Southern Afghans tribes
Chiros 60"150 La'cedi stock, lighter skin heavier and larger.
Choshai 64"142 Oriental eyes & skin of golden color.
Chunrey 64"135Like Choisai
Clima 66"140 Rogizini stock, islandeer skin, brown hair, agile.
Confederation of Shanda 69"170 Donara with Bhamti, Gomaes, La'cedi, Fomorian & Shandar.
The Shandar 68"170 Basque, Berber & mix of two.
Dawana62125 Good stamina, small and dexterous, light complexion, oriental eyes and light brownor black hair.
Dechat 68"155 Rogizini, dark skined and brown hair, long legged, and agile.
Dirllar 66"125Influenced by Korchi. Likethe Korchi but more robusand flesh toned complexion.
Djasckil 66"165 Lithuanians, Latvians, etc.
Djanesborg 70"195From Empire Del'nord stock.Light haired nad heavy built.
Donara 69"170Mix of Zen'da and La'cedi. Dark hair & average features.
The Salaq 68"150Dexterous and Agile.
The E'lici 68"150Dexterous and agile.
The Xian 68"180 Barbarian stock, robust, heavy-based, red-haired who tend toward stockiness.
The Fierazi Tribes 70"180Gallic (French/Spanish)/Swiss
The Fomorian Empire
Aredan 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Ashudan 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Atler 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
East Kingdom 67"166 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock Also Katai/Lemasa stock.
Island Kingdom 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Fomoria 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Musira 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Port Doman 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Shestar 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Vahear 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
Xan 71"185 Kolari, Shandar, Goidan stock
The Ghazai 69"170Zulus
The Ghiamen 70"195 Light haired & heavily built
Goidan 70"185 Irish, Welsh
Gom (Xiam) 68"155 Rogizini, sun-darkened skin & brown hair. Most are long legged and agile.
The Helva 66"145Turks
The Humagi 66"145 Turks, Ugric peoples of Russia
The Ipanza 64"140Laplanders
Iravoy 68"180 Barbarians who are robust, heavy boned, red-haired people who tend toward stocky.
The Izza 66"160The Ibo and Nigeria
Ja'xon 68"155 Rogizini, sun-dark skin, brown hair, long-legged & agile.
The Gakana 63"140Tribes of Eastern Congo
The Kalem 65"145Hottentots of Southwest Africa
The Kameran 73"165Northern Germanic
Katai 64"135 Black hair, oriental eyes & skin of golden color.
The Kazi 67"165 Cossacks, SW Amerinds especially Navajo, Apache and Comanche
Kirazan 68"160 Ro'babza barbrians & A'ha'kacili raiders.
The Kll'maun 69"180The Anu of Hokkaido Island
The Kolari 71"185 Scot, Welsh, Celts of Brittany
Lemasa 62"125 Small, dexterous people with high stamina. Light complexionoriental eyes with light brownor black hair.
L'p'nth 65"145Katai with local Barbarianstock. Elite retain Katailook. Others look like thelocal barbarians.
L'p'nth Tribes 66"160 Syrians, Middle Eastern Arabs
Ma'helas 65"138# Small, dexterous, high stamina light complexion and brown orblack hair.
Marentia 70"170Descended from Thaliba/Zen'da. Tall, well-built, dark hair and high cheekbones. Many have exceptional strength & have aquiline noses.
The Mopazi 68"170 The Ashanti, W African tribes.
Nerid 67"140 La'cedi. Dark Hair & Dark complexions. Dexterous & agile
No'mal 68"155 Rogizini people, sun-darkened skin & brown hair. Long-legged and agile.
Novarask 70"195 Like the Ghiamem, from Empire del'Nord. Light haired & heavilly-built.
Nylasa 68"170 Hausa & Fulani of West Africa
The Omavor 69"175Poles
Regis Baya 64"135 Katai, black hair, oriental eyes & vague golden skin.
The Rhuselska 71"185Great Russian
The Rizeela 68"175 Greek, Southern Italian
The Ro'babza 74"110Sleepers of K'lza'babwe. Dark Complexion & black hair. All have aqeuiline noses, wide faces and square jaws.
Ro'babza Tribes 69"175Northern Bantu stock especiallythe Matabele.
The Robari 67"170 Arabs of East Africa, non-Berber only
The Rogizini Empire 68"155# Sun-darkened skin & brown hair. Long-legged & agile.
The Sarghut 69"170Mongols
Shiben - The Shazir 68"155 Rogizini, see Rogizini
The Salaqi 68"150 La'cedi stock. Dark hair, dark complexion, dexterous & agile
Shurikal The Shurani 66"160#Black Malay stock especiallythe Malagasi of Madagascar.
Taolisa 67"150Kin to LEmasans but largerwith heavier builds.
Teos 60"130 Ancient race, descendents from previous area's empire. Brown skin, fine-honed features, & coal black hair. Like those of Indonesia.
Thaliba 68"150From ancient barbarian stock.Look like thaliban tribes butmore handsomer. Porta is the"mutts melting pot of the area
Thaliban Tribes 68"165 Goths of Northern France & northern italian
Ticasi 68"150La'cedi stock. Same as Lc'cedi but larger, heavier-built & lighter-skinned.
The Timbaza 76"180 Watusi in size, Pygmy in attitude
Treaus 66"145 Influenced by Korchi, but not native Korchi stock. Look like Korchi but more robust & complexion is more flesh toned.
Valheim 70"195Descended from Empire del'Nord Light haired & heavilly built.
The Vassa 70"180 Southern Slavs, especially Serbs and Bulgarians.
Zarun 70"170 From Thaliba & Zen'da stock. Tall, well-built, dark hair, & high cheekbones. Many have equiline noses & exceptional strength. Western Zarun peopleare from La'Cedi blood. Theirappearance is like Donarans
The Zen'da 72"190 American Plains Indians, Cheyenne, Sioux, Blackfoot

Common Weapons and Armor

Nation Common Weapons Common Armor / Clothing
A'ha'kacili Lance, Scimitar, Bow Peaked Helmets, Flowing Robes, Leather/Scalemail Buckler shields
A'korchu Short Sword, Bow, Dirk
Aratad Confederacy Medium Spear, Sling, Broadsword
Ba'sani Bow, Spear, Sword Scalemail. Dislike helmets/shields.
The Assiran Axes, Swords, and Medium Spear. Prefer fur & leather. Dislike helmets. Favor use of heavy shields. Fur Covered boots.
Ba'raul Scimitar, Dirk, bows
Bhamotin Falchion, Pike, Short Sword
Caldo PIke, Short Sword, Javelin
Empire of Ced Short Sword, Spear, Crossbows
The Salaqi Dirk, Broad Sword, Medium Spear
The Cerulean Empire Scimitar, Spear, Light or Medium Bow
The Dayla Scimitar, Spear, Light Bow Use bucklers, leather armor, Leather helmets, Soft leather, fur, and woolen vests (common).
The Patana Scimitar, Lance, Dirk Leather, buckers, scalemail and helmets. Finely-embroidered cloth in robes/capes (common)
Chiros Dirk, Broad Sword, Spear
Choshai Broad Sword, Spears, Polearms
Chunrey Broad Sword, Spears, Polearms
Clima Spear, Sling, Mace
Confederation of Shanda Swords, Maces, Bows Dislike helmets & shields. Leather armor and rarely use missile weapons.
The Shandar Battle Axe, Broad Sword and Spear
Dawana Javelin, Short Sword, Dagger
Dechat Scimitar, Dagger, Bows
Dirllar Swords, Daggers, Bows
Djaschil Spear, Short Sword, Bow Tend to only wear shields, helmsts and armor during war. Otherwise prefer to wear furs, soft leather and homespun cloth. In war they wear leather and banded armors.
Djanesborg Axes, Heavy Swords, Spears
Donara Swords, Maces, Bows
The Salaqi Fighting Dagger, Sword, Spear
The E'lici Fighting Dagger, Sword, Spear
The Xian Bows, Axes, Spears
The Fierazi Tribes Longbow, Heavy Axe and Spear Rarely use armor, shields or helmets. They favor soft buckskin and highly colored capes with fine jewelry when not in battle.
The Fomroian Empires
Aredan Swords, Spears, Polearms
Ashudan Swords, Spears, Polearms
Atler Swords, Spears, Polearms
East Kingdom Swords, Spears, Polearms
Fomoria Swords, Spears, Polearms
The Islands Swords, Spears, Polearms
Musira Swords, Spears, Polearms
Port Doman Swords, Spears, Polearms
Shestar Swords, Spears, Polearms
Vahear Swords, Spears, Polearms
Xan Swords, Spears, Polearms
The Ghazai Spear, Javelin and Fighting Dagger Carry shield, spear and at least 3 javelins into battle. They rarely use armor or helmets. Use minimal clothing, made of Fur/lether.
Thei Ghiamen Axes, Heavy Swords, Polearms
Goidan Spear, Broad Sword and Hammers Carry shields in battle and often wear helmets. Ring mail and Leather are common. Not in war they wear woven cloth and lether sandals.
Gom (Xiam) Scimitars, Daggers, Bows
The Helva Light Lance, Sword, Bow Use quilted armor and bucklers. Dislike helms. Cloth is brightly dyed in purple, yellow and/or red.
The Humagi Scimitar, Bows and Swords Prefer leather armor, leather helmets & bucklers. Usually armed and armored. If not armorerd they wear a loincloth or other light garment.
The Ipanza Spear, Javelin and Bow Do not use armor, shields or helmets. Prefer soft fur and leather as clothing. Make heavy use of sleds and trained dogs. Masters of survival in tundra.
Iravoy Longbows, Axes, Spears
The Izza Spear, Dirk, Club Dislike helmets and shields. Wear scalemail on raids & in battle. For clothing (if they wear any) prefer furs and Fomorian cloth.
Ja'xon Scimitars, Daggers, Bows
The Kakana Daggers, Javelin and Bows Never use armor, fur or cloth loin clothes. Clothing is minimal mong the Kakana
The Kalem Bow, Spear and Club Commonly wear g-strings. Never use armor and make minimal use of clothing.
The Kameran Most common equipment is scalemail, metal helms, banded shield and bastard sword. Great swords restricted to respected warriors adn chiefs. Young warriors use axs. For everyday they wear leather & woven cloth. Elite are armored in chainmail.
The Kakana Heavy Swords and Heavy Axes
Katai Swords, Spears, Polearms
The Kazi Broad Sword, Bows and Dirk Favor leather armor, scalemail, bucklers, & leather helmets. Most armed with all of the weapons listed above. For normal wear they prefer leather and furs.
Kirazan Lance, Scimitar, Bows
The Kll'maun Spear, Broadsword and Axe Bucklers and leather armor in battle. For everyday prefer hardened leather & fur.
The Kolari Broad Sword, Hammers and Axes Use leather armor & scalemail. They always carry a shield in battle if not fighting as an archer. Everyday garments are fur or leather. Among Kolaro Fomorian cloth is used.
Lemasa Javelins, Short Sword, Daggers
L'p'nth Maces, Spears, Javelins
L'p'nth Tribes Lance, Swords and Daggers Leather armor bucklers in battle. Rarely use helmets. Common wear is flowing robes with concealing face cloths, dyed in yellow or brown.
Ma'helas Javelins, Short Sword, Daggers
Marentia Broad Sword, Swords, Spears
The Mopazi Club, Javelin, Spear Carry small bucklers & never use armor. Most warriors fight in the nude. Clothing is little used in this culture and if they do wear some they prefer woven cloth.
Nerid Short Sword, Spear, Crossbows
No'mal Scimitars, Daggers and Bows
Novarask Axes, Heavy Swords, Polearms
Nylasa Spear, Sword and Javelin Use shields in battle. Elite fight in tiger skins, while other warriors wear different furs. Except for battle or ceremonial events they rarely wear clothing. Never wear armor or helmets.
The Omavor Sling, Bows and Spears Wear woven cloth & soft leather. Rarely use shields, armor or helmets.
Regis Baya Swords, Spears, Polearms
The Rhuselska Axe, Mace or Club and Polearms Use shields, leather armor & helmets. In war use of banded ring and scalemail is common. Not in armor they wear homespun cloth & furs
The Rizeela Bastard Sword, Sword and Bow Carry shields in battle. Many are skilled archers. Rarely use helmets and often wear leather armor or ring mail in battle. Common wear is woven cloth and leather.
Ro'babza Swords, Spears, Javelins
Ro'babza Tribes Spear, Club and Javelin Prefer fur and leather clothing. They carry shields & war leather vests in battle. Elite warriors use scalemail. Most warriors wear fur-covered helmets and gauntlets in battle.
The Robari Poleaxe, Broadsword and Spear Use leather armor, helmets & shields in war. For common wear favor simple robes with full face coerings and cowls.
The Rogizini Empire Scimitar, Daggers and Bows
The Sarghut Scimitar, Bows and Lance Leather armor, scalemail, helmets & bucklers are often used in battle. Most carry all of their favored weapons listed above. For common wear they prefer leather armor and furs.
Shiben The Shazir Scimitars, Daggers and Bows
The Salaqi Fighting Dagger, Sword, Spear
Shurikal The Shurani Club, Fighting Dagger and Spear Rarely use armor. Wear very little clothing in summer & furs in winter. Prefer woven cloth and other civilized niceties. The civilized non-barbarians are same but better clothing.
Taolisa Sword, Daggers, Polearms
Teos Javelins, Bows and Daggers
Thaliba Thaliba Swords, Polearms, Heavy Crossbows & Arbalests
Porta Daggers, Clubs, Swords
Thaliban Tribes Swords, Longbows and Polearms (usually Spears) Most fight in leather armor, carry a buckler & take 2 of the 3 favored weapons into battle. They dislike cumbersome armor & helmets because they are "civilized" evils. Common wear is buckskin and soft leather.
Ticasi Dirk, Swords, Polearms
The Timbaza Spears, Bows and Darts Wear quilted vest into battle. Helmets & shields aren't common. Common wear is cloth g-strings when any clothing is worn.
Treaus Swords, Daggers and Bows
Valheim Axes,Heavy Sw. (Falchions,Bastard,Great), Spears
The Vassa Spears, Swords and Bows Warriors favor scalemail. Often use shields but rarely wear helmets. Common wear is soft fur and leather.
Zarun Broadsword, Swords, Spears
The Zen'da Bows, Scimitar and Lance Most warriors carry bucklers & rarely use armor. When they are armored use leather or banded ring. They dislike helmets. They prefer to have maximum mobility & unrestricted vision.

Cultural Attitudes towards Magic and Slavery

Nation Magic Non-Humans Slavery Outsiders
The A'ha'kacili N N Y N
A'korchu N N T N
The Aratad Confederacy T T H N
The Bai'sani N T H H
The Assiran T N N Y
Ba'raul N N N N
Bhamotin T N N N
Caldo T T(H) N Y
Empire of Ced T T N N
The Cerulean Empire NF NF N N
Chiros N N N N
Choshai N N Y S
Chunrey N NS N N
Confederation of Shanda T N N F
Dawana N T N N
Dechat N N Y N
Dirllar HF NF N NS
The Djakschil T N N N
Djanesborg N N Y N
Donara NF H N N
The Fomorian Empire
Aredan N N N NS
Ashudan N N N N
Atler N N N N
Kingdom of East N NH T HS
Fomoria Y N N NS
Kingdom of Islands N N N N
Musira N N N NS
Port Doman N NH Y NS
Shestar N N H* NS
Vahear N H N H
Xan N N Y N
The Fierazi Tribes T N N H
The Ghazai T N Y N
The Ghiamen Y N N N
Goidan N TF N N
Gom N N Y N
The Helva T N N N
The Humagi T N N N
The Ipanza N NFS T NF
Iravoy N N N NS
The Izza T N Y N
Ja'xon N N H N
The Kakana N N N N
The Kalem N N N N
The Kameran NF** N N N
Katai H HSF*** N NSF
The Kazi Y T Y N
Kirazan NF N Y N
The Kll'Maun T N N N
The Kolari N N N N
Lemasa T N Y N
Ma'helas T N N N
Marentia N N N N
The Mopazi N N N N
Nerid N N N N
No'mal N N Y N
Novarask T N N N
Nylasa T N Y N
The Omavor T N N NF
Regis Baya N N N N
The Rhuselska HF NS Y N
The Rizeela T N N NF
The Ro'babza N N N N
The Robari N NSF N NSF
The Rogizini Empire N N Y N
The Sarghut T N N N
Shiben N N Y N
Shurikal N N N N
Taolisa N N Y N
Teos N N Y N
Thaliba Thaliba Prope r T H Y H
Proper N N Y N
Thaliban Tribes HF N Y HF
Ticasi T T H T
The Timbaza T N Y N
Treaus N N N N
Valheim T N N N
The Vassa T N N N
The Zen'da T N N N


FFearfulN Neutral / Unsure / Unknown
TTolerateH Non-tolerate / Hatred
YYes (Like does slavery) S Suspicious/Aloof/Not-trusted initially


If the nation tolerates or allows magic in public society
If nation allows non-human races in common areas
If nation allows or condones/participates in slavery
If a nation deals well with strangers or fears them

Special Notes

Abolished Slavery but does it for crime punishment
Kameran women use magic others fear it.
No Use of Magic leans to suspicion & fear of non-humans since they tend to cast magic in some fashion. Also for Katai if a foriegner is not Katai he is barbarian thus tolerated but with little station in daily life.
Caldo, hates Trolls and Giants

EXAMPLE - Clima : Magic is TSF. They tolerate and see magic used by Priestess in everyday rituals but are suspicious and fearful of it at the same time. They are neutral to non-humans yet fearful on average since they are isolated do not see non-humans as most nations. They do have alvery and to outsiders are neutral but suspicious.

EXAMPLE - Dirllar : Magic is HF. This means due to Nilgeranthrib they both hate and fear magic in public. Use of magic in public can be dangerous here. Because of this they are neutral yet fearful of non-humans. Since non-humans tend to do magic (innately) they tend to be fearful of them. They are neutral to slavery as far as I could see and are neutral to strangers but are suspicious of them.

Scott Adams