Powers and Perils

The Helva

The Helva are active raiders who revel in warfare. Their history is one of violence and bloodshed. Their drive west, after splitting from the Humagi, may have been one of the underlying causes of the migrations that destroyed the Empire del'Nord.


The Helva tribes are the Helsa (20,000), the Kiesa (15,000), the Muresa (13,000), the Kiribasa (10,000) and the Karashaka (8,000). The total population is 66,000. They can levy 13,000 warriors.


A barter system operates here. The most valued trade goods are furs, weapons and animals.


This is a shamanistic society that worships strength, valor and cunning. Some of the forces worshipped are Kotothi.


The Helva judge a man's worth by the beauty of his possessions and the valor of his enemies. They prefer to capture enemies so that they can prove their valor under torture. The more stoicly an enemy withstands torture, the more honor he wins for his captor and himself. (After torture, victims are killed. Those who win honor are killed quickly by a warrior. Others are turned over to the women.) Helva warriors tend to be arrogant, boastful and sadistic. They enjoy inflicting pain. Socially, great warriors are public idols with access to almost anything they want.

Legal System

The Helva are organized into matriarchal clans. Nothing is a crime unless it is done to a member of the same clan. In this case, the women of the clan set a weregild that the felon must pay. He is banished until he does. Day-to-day life is administered by the women. Men concentrate on important activities like hunting and war.

Crimes that are committed by outsiders are resolved by negotiation (if the outsider is from the same Helva tribe) or vendetta. All government above the clan level is in the hands of female mystical societies. No warrior can be compelled to serve another person though, where clan obligations are involved, it can be somewhat gauche to refuse.




All of the Helva's neighbors hate them. The Helva prefer it that way because it gives them more chances to find, and defeat, great enemies.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 145lbs

Favored Weapons

Light Lance, Sword, Bow

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

The Helva use quilted armor and bucklers. They dislike helmets. Their cloth is brightly dyed in purple, yellow and/or red.

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